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I got about 4 emails this week and to put it in the words of one of those emails, “this has been a hellish week”.

I started writing this study yesterday, and wham!!! Everything in my “natural life” seemed to fall apart today! I AM a survivor, so I will survive. Now, I have 2 choices, sit and feel sorry for myself, OR see all of the happenings, in the Eyes of the FINISHED WORK. I choose the latter. So, I will start this out the way I was receiving it yesterday.

As we have come into the consciousness of our True Identity, we have been thrilled to know that we are One with I AM. It has been sweet to our thinking. It has made us strong. All of these things are part of the nature of I AM.

Since we are just beginning to bring this consciousness into being, I AM sure we will be learning a lot more than just the REVELATON of our Being, our True Identity. In fact, much of what a lot of people are experiencing this week, I AM sure, is for our learning, our practicing that nature that really truly IS ours.

I was talking with a person who spoke some words that opened me up. Wide open. As this person and I were talking, he said, “with our words, we are creating a new culture.” And that really sounded good to me. I mean really good. I read and reread these words, the more times I read them, the better I liked them because they were speaking of ME and something that I wanted. My heart was deep in these words.

So, I began this study, based on those words. I was first led to the Song of Solomon.  Song of Solomon 1:2, “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth; for thy love is better than wine.”

As I was led to this verse, I started reading it in the natural. My FIRST MISTAKE!! I thought how heavenly it is to search for the one we love. That’s what this sister was doing, here in Song of Solomon. She knew who she loves, and now she was hunting for him. She was searching for her love.

You, who have been with me for any time at all, know that I am a romantic. I love touchy, feely, hugging acts. I love, LOVE! Like this sister in S of S, I have been searching for my LOVE! In reality, I found that Love several years ago when I found my true Identity.

Now, I don’t know how this sister knew who she loved, and wanted to know where he was; because we usually keep pretty much aware of where our loved one is; but this is what we are told here in S of S.   So, as I went on I began seeing things here in this verse.

As you read, in the last article that I sent out, “Receiving”, I received the words, in my Spirit, “call forth the MANIFESTATION” of the FINISHED WORK OF GOD.”

Well, I AM still receiving on those words that I heard, in that last study. The understanding that I AM receiving says this: John 1:3-4, “ALL things were made by him and without him was not ANYTHING made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.”

I have been teaching for some years, that we are creators (and we are because we came forth from God, in His Image), but, I must confess, I was teaching wrong about WHAT we are to create). So, please forgive me, I’m still remembering along with the rest of you. We ARE creators, but not creators of what already IS. We are creators of the MANIFESTATION of what HE created in the beginning, as we know it.

Duet. 32:4, “He is the Rock, His work is perfect; for all his ways are judgment; a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he.”

ALL of His work IS PERFECT! And after this work, He rested from His work. (Gen 2: 3). But, His work was perfect. IF His work was perfect, it still is perfect, regardless of how we see that work, with these natural eyes and the natural way of thinking.

We have learned that that word “judgment” IS NOT as we were taught in the church system. “Judgment” simply means, to correct what is incorrect. Simple isn’t it? It is not that dread that we use to carry around with us. I like this “judgment”. It gives me a chance to walk in an opposite direction that I may have been walking in. It gives me a chance to return to Him, as His Being, by simply going in the other direction that I may have been going in.

I am not talking about works, I am talking about our HIS LIFE that He gave us and what we do with it. Like the sister in S of S, we are constantly searching for our love. And all the while, we have Him. We ARE Him and He is us. But, there is a problem that I know for myself that I have to deal with and that is keeping my consciousness where LIFE is. When I allow my consciousness to drop back down, I experience problems. Does He send these problems to me? NO!! I bring them upon myself, and HOPEFULLY LEARN FROM THEM. Sometimes when this happens, we get lost in self pity or unworthiness and sort of give up. Some never regain that consciousness and pass on into the invisible realm, that many call death. I call forth and summon the strength that would keep me from doing this. I love LIFE and I love being Who I AM, when my consciousness is in its correct place or maybe I should say, PERSON.

So, as my “hell” began this week, I just calmed myself, after a bit of anger and hurt and self pity, and raised my consciousness back to where there is no “hell”. As I did, a peace came up from within me and I began to look at the WHOLE PICTURE. As I did, I realized that the “hell” was in wanting something that was in MY PLAN, NOT HIS. It’s really easy to take “religious sounding” words and try to make them work for something we want. I realized that’s what I had done.

The words that sounded so good to me, “we are creating a new culture” sounded sweet, but in reality, there is NO CULTURE that has not been created ALREADY. For you see, there is ONLY ONE CULTURE, just as there is ONLY ONE SPIRIT, and that is HIS CULTURE AND HIS SPIRIT. It is already created as is everything IN HIS PLAN and it’s the only one that is PERFECT. It was from the beginning, even before what we know as the beginning. I soon learned that what had sounded so sweet to me, had soured. Why? Because I was trying to create something that I wanted. We tend to think that things that seem sweet and loving IS HIM AND HIS PLAN and that isn’t always true. The difference is seen in where our thinking is coming from. And we need to seek to find out how we know the difference in plans.

The word “kiss” in S of S means this: fashening up; a mode of attachment; to equip with weapons.

We have those weapons. Weapons that help us to RENEW OUR MIND.

John 1: 16, “…of His FULLNESS have we all received”.

We have ALL that He is. We have discernment; we have the capability to know from what spirit (attitude) something is coming from. (We need to KNOW that there IS ONLY ONE SPIRIT and that is HIS. What comes out of a person is not a spirit; it is an attitude of the carnal.) But there comes times in the life of even the wisest of us, when we get wrapped up in something and let our consciousness slip back down to the carnal or natural thinking. Usually, it is when we want something that we are looking at, through the carnal or natural mind. And we allow that discernment to fly right out of the window. Don’t think that anyone hasn’t or won’t allow this to happen, because it DOES happen. But, the important thing is to “JUDGE” that thing. CORRECT IT and get on with the consciousness that is TRULY us. The consciousness that calls into being, the MANIFESTATION of what HE has already finished.

How do we do this? First, after we allow ourselves to wallow a little in selfpity, rise up from the pig sty and come to yourself (like the Prodigal son did.) So, let’s look at what Solomon tells us about lifting that consciousness back to where it belongs.

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth”.

We have already seen what “kiss” means. Now, let’s look at what “mouth” means.

The mouth as the means of blowing: particularly speech: specifically edge, portion or side; according to appointment, assent, collar, commandment; in mind, mouth, part, portion, say, sentence, sound, speech, talk; to puff, blow away, scatter into corners.

Now, when we receive the revelation that we are ONE WITH GOD, sometimes people get the idea that we can do anything we want and it is of God. We CAN do anything we want, but that doesn’t mean it is going to help us ascend as our consciousness does. We can do anything; lie, steal, present a false image, almost anything you can think of. Yes, we can do all of this. But, it doesn’t mean that it is of God (even though we see it, as HIM doing it). Remember in Duet 32, we are told there is no iniquity in God. And yes, all sins have been nailed to the cross. So, what we perceive that it is God doing something that is DEFINITELY NOT HIS NATURE, what we are doing is HIDING THE MANIFESTATION OF HIM to be seen through us.

His nature doesn’t hurt anyone. His nature is honest and true. His nature is not getting, His nature is giving. The giving of Himself.

So when we do something that is opposite of His nature, we slide back down to that realm of the carnal or the natural. We may LOOK religious, but that’s all it is, looks like. But, we don’t want religion, we want our true identity to come forth and manifest.

Kissing and the mouth. Kissing or fastening up our focus on HIM and His Nature, with the weapons, or equipment He has provided us with, discernment, love, honesty, compassion, His Truth, and then blowing or speaking and scattering our/His words into all the corners of OUR EARTH (within us) we are lifted into the consciousness that brings forth HIS WILL.

When we look or discern what is NOT IN HIM, and do it anyway, thinking that it is HIM DOING IT, we are very much in error. All that is in Him is love and life. Anything that we do, that does NOT bring forth an offspring of His Nature, is not HIM doing it. We can fool ourselves by believing it is Him, (although with His Fullness that we have received, we don’t really believe something is of Him when it isn’t, we just use words to make our mistake LOOK like it might be Him). Just like the situation that I went through, there was that inner voice saying, “Linda, this isn’t real. It isn’t Him. It does not and cannot produce the off spring of love and life”, and we go with it anyway because it’s something that the carnal mind wants us to BELIEVE that it is Him in order to make us feel better about the thing we do. But, that inner voice is always right on. And if we don’t listen to it, then God doesn’t punish us for it, WE BRING ON OURSELVES THE CONSCEQUENCES that we will suffer. And there are consequences to everything.

And hopefully we regroup and correct things. We lift our consciousness back into the realm of the Spirit. Being concerned with ANYTHING of this natural realm shows where our dependence is, and how we are NOT looking at the Finished work. We aren’t looking at the WHOLE PICTURE as He is. If we don’t see as HE sees, we are not and cannot call forth the manifestation of His Finished works.

I hope this helps some of you that I talked with. It has helped me tremendously. See it FINISHED and then we will RECEIVE the MANIFESTATION OF HIM.


In the first part of the article, I talked about things that some of us have been going through. I received the following part in the Spirit, last night as I was meditating on my True Identity.

Many times, in my years of learning and still doing so, I was taught many things about WHAT we should be; HOW we should act; and WHY we react as we do to things that come our way. But, those teaching me never quite came to the part of HOW TO DO THESE THINGS.

It is easy to say, “just follow the leading of the Spirit”, but as I said in part 1, at this present time, we are not ALWAYS walking in that realm of ALWAYS walking and thinking and speaking in that beautiful, peaceful and loving realm. We are learning to keep our focus and our consciousness where it HAS to be, in order to stay in that realm of BEING. The plan of God does manifest in its true Being, when our new mind is stayed on Him/Her.

As I was reading last night, I was drawn to Jonah. We all know the story of Jonah. His disregarding of what God told him to do. He was to go to a place that was foreign to him. The place he was told to go to was Nineveh, a place of great wickedness in God’s sight. We’ve all been to our Ninevehs, whether it be a literal place or a place lying within us. Jonah made up HIS MIND to NOT go to this place; he decided NOT to be obedient to what God wanted of him.

Jonah 1:2, “Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city, and cry against it; for their wickedness is come up before me.”

Now before we go any further, let’s keep our mind in that realm of our True Being. Let’s not look at wickedness, as we have been taught wickedness means. OK? Let’s look at this as a type and shadow of what is being said to US, TODAY, AND THE MANIFESTATION THAT IS APPEARING.

In Jonah, fear took hold of him. And as we know, fear is NOT of God.

ALSO, keep in mind what we read in part 1, “we HAVE RECEIVED the FULLNESS OF HIM”.

IF we have our consciousness where it should be, we will follow the example of the flesh man, Jesus. We are in the earth, but, our MIND is in the heavenlies (Spirit). In that place, the only thing that can manifest is the will of God. As I said, we are LEARNING this, how to Be Who we are. We are still having times when we do not stay aware, and let ourselves slip back down into the lower thinking of the flesh. And that’s ok, remember, we are learning. We are practicing. Some are further along than others, but we will all come together exactly as the Plan was laid. So, don’t feel bad about any mistakes, just get up and keep on going and know that the mistake was a learning of something.

What we see of Jonah, is that he DID HEAR FROM GOD!! But, he allowed that old mind to tell him about all the danger of following God’s instruction, and what COULD happen to him. He had dropped back down to natural or carnal HEARING. And you know, BOTH types of HEARING can be and are very strong thoughts that lead us to whatever action we choose to take.

Excitement can cause us to lower our thinking. A new love, a new home, a new child, an experience that is VERY exciting, and many times excitement will bring us to allowing the slipping of discernment. We must learn that it is our REACTIONS to something that decides what voice we will hear. And the act that we take on what we hear.

The word Nineveh tells us much. Nineveh was the capital city of Assyria. And the meaning of Assyria, shows us a picture of exactly what Nineveh was: it means; fire, burning, firey, fire, flaming, hot. I am not going to go into the history of Nineveh, but this definition gives us an idea of what God was sending Jonah into. But, what Jonah didn’t understand is that wherever we are sent to, His protection and PRESENCE is with us, because we are ONE with Him. Sometimes in all our knowledge we seem to forget this. But, it is all for a learning of the

I think that is what is being said to many of us who are going through our “hellish week”. That Voice, in all the hell, is constantly speaking, “STAY AWARE!” Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t and if we don’t then we learn from the consequences WILL follow. But, as I said, it is learning. A VITAL LEARNING. Once this happens, we usually ARE more aware of where we allow our mind to go.

But, notice the first thing that God told Jonah to do; “ARISE”. Jonah, had he listened and done this first step, would have, I believe without a doubt, been obedient to what God told him to do.

FIRST and ALWAYS we must “ARISE”. This is the mind that I am speaking of. 24/7!! When we are in that RISEN state of Being, NOTHING can penetrate the mind, except LOVE and the LIFE that love produces.

As I was writing this up, a precious sister called me. She and I are so ONE that some of the things we share is just a part of what the other one is experiencing. But, she told me that what she heard in the Spirit is that heaven (Spirit) and earth (us) ARE coming together. She, also, said that what she heard was the words, “we must stay in that consciousness of Who we are, 24/7”. I feel that these words are being heard all over the land today, to those who are called to manifest the First Fruit Company – God.

So, Jonah was told to “ARISE”. Jonah did not do this. This was his first mistake. THEN, he was told to “go to Nineveh“. He was told to go to that place that was HOT, FIREY, and FLAMING.

We know how easy it is, when we are listening to something about someone else, to think of how WE would have reacted. With me, the first thought that came to me as I read the definition of Assyria, was, “well why didn’t Jonah remember that the written word tells us that “our God is a consuming fire”. But, we must remember that Jonah did not have the Spirit reactivated in him, the way we do. So it is easy for us to think, what we think when it is someone else’s experience that they are going through.

We should KNOW what someone is going through. We are all ONE, even if some aren’t aware of this truth yet. When one of us hurt, we should feel it, know it, and call forth the FINISHED WORK of that situation that they are going through. The manifestation of that Finished Work that God sees as FINISHED.

When we are hurting, it’s sometimes hard to remember the Finished Work of what we are going through; but, when we ARISE in our consciousness the hurting and the pain leaves and STRENGTH takes the place of those reactions to the physical things we are going through, and we step back UP to the consciousness that He has placed in us. AMEN! That consciousness is a release of all the cares of the WORLD and our awareness is sharpened. AMEN!

So, we know the decision that Jonah made. AND we know the CONSIQUENCE OF HIS ACTIONS. We must KNOW that there are consequences to everything we do. So, let’s skip down to where Jonah was on the ship and the men knew that it was Jonah that was causing the sea to be so rough and turbulent.

The word “sea” refers to PEOPLE. Most of the time, our hellish week either involves people, whether it is us listening to THEM, instead of that Inner Voice or whether it is simply us not being where we should be in our consciousness. Usually, people are involved, BUT it is up to US, what we CHOOSE to hear and act on. We can blame no one, except to know, that WE made a choice and that there will be consequences to go through.

Jonah 1:13, “Nevertheless the men rowed hard to bring it to the land; but they could not; for the sea wrought and was tempestuous against them.”

There are many, today, who have received the revelation of their True Identity, but are not allowing it to come into manifestation. I know that what they say, they do mean in faith; but there is a process to manifesting. YES, IT IS FINISHED, but, we must create the manifestation of the Finished work. And it’s not done with words alone. It has to become a way of LIFE.

We have all “rowed hard to bring it to the land (our body)”, only to learn that it cannot be done without the living in the Being that we are, every minute of every day. And as we live it, we kiss (blow) and speak (mouth) into the corners of our being, as we are.

I have seen some that are in gross error. Because they have received the fact that we are ONE with God, they think that they can do ANYTHING that they please and it is GOD DOING it. Friends THIS IS A TRICK OF THE CARNAL MIND! Let’s look at some things.

1) God does not LIE. God CANNOT lie.

2) God is not deceitful and does not deceive.

3) God is not hurtful, but loving

4) God is not non-compassionate, but is conscious of all

5) God does not use His Own name to deceive others, His name is Love, not deceit

6) God cares about ALL

7) God does not steal, destroy lives

There are many, today, that are doing all of these things and claiming that they are God and it is God Who is doing these things. They are under a STRONG DELUSION. God does not do something that He is not.

Haven’t you heard preachers say, “God told me that you are to…?” Look at the above and test his/her words. Use the DISCERNMENT that is within you. And even if you choose to go against what that discernment tells you, THINK AGAIN. RISE UP and THINK. Either way you choose, you will see a consequence that has to be accepted as YOUR CHOICE. And know that we will have a consequence to our action and decision.

When we are provided with the means to go somewhere, or to speak a word, or to be a part of something, make sure that that provision is cared for with the consciousness of God. If we do this, the consequences turn out to be a sort of reward for Being Who we are, that reward being, the manifestation of more of Him. Roots will take place and an offspring will come forth. If we choose the other road, there too, will be consequences that we will go through. Look at Jonah. He is proof.

But, after going through our consequences, the big picture shows us what God’s Finished work looks like. And it is glorious to behold. Once we go through this learning, we are to call forth or create the manifestation of that Finished work.

I am doing just that. I am creating the manifestation of the Finished work of what I have just gone through and learned. And for the privilege of learning, I thank and love everyone that was involved in it in any way. It was for my own good. Amen.



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