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So…. in the last few years… my heart and my mind have been going back, I want to know what’s in the beginning because if you know what’s in the beginning, then you understand what’s in the end. What’s our beginning at this “This Place of Ours”? Well, Sue, Carolynne and I were looking… we were looking and then we gave up. Real estate quit calling, overnight, we agreed to quit…. the real estate quit calling…. in cooperation. Some kind of a divine affirmation here…. some kind of a wonderful sign. So we went for several months after that, a couple months. And then we were directed to this property and on this property Jesus came and Carolynne had her experience with Jesus singing that song, they were singing it how would you describe it? [Carolynne] “He was singing through me.” He was singing through you, so you were singing it totally in sync, that means that you were balanced out, male and female. Yeah, beautiful and that gave us, along with some other speakings, a beginning concept to begin to form a different kind of reality.


Reality has to be formed through a conception in you. It has to be a conception in you of truth out of which you create reality. And so that was the beginning for “This Place of Ours”. Well, most everything you know has some kind of beginning. You feel that you have a beginning when you hatched out of your mother. When you were born and took your first breath and everybody cheered and got so happy, you know. That’s such a tremendous awesome time when that baby comes from the womb and the convulsions…. the mother, the rejection is going on here…. pushing and the baby makes it forth and something happens in the brain of the baby so he or she doesn’t have to remember how she got expelled and rejected from this warm cozy place.


The beginning of your physical incarnation is an awesome time. The heart…the lungs open up and the blood does a miracle and changes course…And now the blood begins to run through the lungs now and you begin to

breathe your own air instead of getting oxygenated blood through your mothers system, you have to oxygenate

your own blood. And YOU begin! Your heart begins to pump, you are validity now; you are in your body, right, it’s pretty awesome. Awesome beginning. So there are many different beginnings.


So I want to know what lies in the very, very beginning and this is where my thoughts went. I don’t know that these are God’s absolute truth. I don’t know that. I don’t know whether there is some place else this is also written, somebody else heard this too. I have found little snidbits here and there, in the Kabala I read some things that really coincide with what I am beginning to hear. What I am beginning hear…. is that in a beginning, before there was a beginning….there was God and God was all and He was one. There wasn’t anything but God. There wasn’t anything but one reality and all that He was, was the one that He is and always has been and that has never changed. That is ultimate reality. Ultimate reality is what we call God. We don’t have any other word for it. Some of us it the Presence, some of us call it the One, we call it the All, the Source different….different terms. We’re trying to describe, each of these terms has a different kind of a feeling to it….and each feeling has some kind of validity. The idea of the source….the river….the salmon going back up to the source where it was spawned…to spawn itself again. The cyclic nature of things. Everything coming from the one, always in the one and returning to the one. We have heard a lot about that, kind of…. So then how does it begin? There is no way for us to know! Because our minds and our language and our words are all created within time. So all our concepts, all our ideas have to do with time things. And that One I am talking about began time… is before time. Both of those statements are really meaningless because how can there be anything before time when there is no time…. then how can you say it was before? So our minds then…. come to a dead stop, there is no way to go back there it seems but yet there is! There is a way back because you are the projection of what that source is. Therefore in you… and in your experience… not just you individually but collectively… is a signal, if you like. Is a knowing…everything unfolds out of that greater reality and everything that you look at is a way to understand the original reality. That’s a step of faith… to say that.


Scriptures say that, the things that are seen…. we understand the things that are not seen…. through the things

that are visible. The invisible things through the visible, Paul talked about. But still it’s a leap of faith…. it’s a step you have make. And all of Academia, all of Academia, all the schools and the students… they all stopped right there…. because you can’t prove it. Whatever assertions you make you have to be able to prove it…. while these things lie somewhere beyond that kind of truth. It takes something else, it takes a projection of you, a statement of faith, a knowing that comes into your heart and you just know deep within yourself you know that there is a source from which all things came.


Now for me, when I left on our journey, Carylonne and I left from where we spent much of our lives and our time. We started a four-year journey around the United States and as we did I had an experience. Hello! I had an experience…and in that experience I saw the Living Light. I saw the Light, I was brought to the Light, I spoke to the Light and the Light intuited into me or the Light let me know certain things. It didn’t say it, it didn’t use language, I just knew it. And one of things that the Light let me know is that it totally, absolutely, completely, without any kind of equivocation, understood me. The Light understood me…. and then I realized that that’s what I had wanted all my life… is someone to understand me. The reason I wanted someone to understand me is because I knew I didn’t understand myself. This place that I was in was so wonderful because whatever this Light was it totally understood me. I mean there is no way for me say it, to give you the intensity of the feeling I had about it understanding me. And that fear in me was…was put to rest forever. I know that I am understood; I know the Light knows me. I know the Light, the Source, the Beginning, I experienced Him and it is filling me. And I am simply what IT is as ME. I am not something that came out of it and is separate from it. I came out from it in my consciousness but I still remain to be the substance of what it is, I never changed, I am still that, always was that. But I was lowered in my awareness in order that I could become something separate from the Light.


So… that’s where my thought…this is where my thought begins, in a whole new way of us thinking about the world that we live in, about each other, about the cosmos, it has to begin with the fact that the Light itself had a desire.


That’s really strange…. But Sara Jane, you know Sara Jane, she lives in the trailer here? She had this awesome experience that you know about. She was driving to work and this large….luminous…. being consisting of many entities in it, walked along beside her…. began to sing to it. One of things that she said: “our Father’s prayer, oh, oh, yeah.” “Together we create, a brand new place. The thing that we came for, the thing that we’re made for, our Father’s prayer.”


Okay, the Father has a prayer. Who is He going to pray to? Well, it depends upon what you mean by “prayer” doesn’t it? If you think prayer is asking for something from someone, then no God cannot have a prayer. But…. if you realize that your prayer in you is the sincere desire of the essence of your being, that’s your prayer.


So there was a desire in the One. How could there be a desire in the One….? Because He was complete, so how could He desire anybody? I can’t add that up in my mind but that’s still the way it comes to me that the One in the beginning had a desire. And this was His desire, the desire of the One, BEING love…was… that it might totally EXPERIENCE love. That’s what Carolynne was saying here a little earlier. That it might experience love. It wanted to experience love. Well, you know, what the natural corollary to that is, the only way it can truly experience love if there would be another for it to love and for another to love it back. So that thought, within itself… the desire for another…. the desire itself…. began a creative process. That creative process brought into being something within itself separate from itself, yet a part of itself. Something separate from itself but yet a part of itself. Right, One more time please. Something within itself, separate from itself but still a part of itself.


Now that’s hard to conceive…. but sometimes we have experiences with each other where we experience awesome oneness. We just bleed into each other, we just know each other’s thoughts, each other’s feelings we become, and we merge. Really even in the physical experience of ourselves the ultimate of the physical experience is when two loving beings reach a connectedness and a togetherness that’s way beyond their minds but their whole beings is involved, their whole emotional beings…. the whole essence of their selves…. they give to each other to experience each other as themselves. I become you and you become me and together we are something more then us separate and apart. That…that’s what everybody lives for, that’s what everybody reaches, desires, that is why people get married and spend years, and years and years together. So it’s a picture, it’s a picture of the desire of the Father’s heart. Wherever there is love truly expressed, that’s the Father’s desire. He is experiencing that, guess what….we’re way down road from a desire. When you truly experience love for another and you learn slowly to understand what that love is and what it is not.


Nobody can tell you, you can read books; see movies do all of it.


You have some kind of impression yes but to really know, to really enter into yourself and your being come to know love and experience it, that’s God….and listen to the way I am describing it now…. it’s God having an experience as you….not IN you separate from you, no, AS you. That’s God having an experience. You look at you and say I wish you could do that; no He is you having an experience that He wanted. That’s what He wanted in the beginning. We’re already here, it’s happening, we’re part of it but we are way down the line from where I am speaking, way, way down the line. Maybe millions of years or billion of years I don’t know but here’s the difficult thought, we can hardly think of God having a beginning or us having a beginning because then we have to ask the question what happened immediately before the beginning and we just cannot do that.


So, the scriptures talk about this in the first book of John. It says in the beginning was the word and the word WAS God and the word was WITH God. The word was with God and the word was God. Now it doesn’t mean in the beginning as in time, a year earlier and another year earlier, it doesn’t mean linear time there, even though it seems to say that. It says…. if we have to have a beginning, in our conscious minds we need to think of a beginning….then this is the beginning for your thought processes to begin to take hold. If you want to conceive God and His purpose in your mind and you have to… if you want to live in this plain and this reality… you have to make a conception of Him in your mind. You have to create a conception in your mind of what God is and what His purpose is. Hopefully, you’ll do that by the Holy Spirit. Yeah, you don’t want to just do it out of logical reasoning because we’ve seen what that does for centuries.


With men … man trying to take somebody else’s experience and deduce from it what God is like, like we’ve done to Jesus for two thousands years. We took His experiences and His words and we tried to understand who He really was. We made up our doctrines and our dogmas and we’ve split into smithereens ever since and it’s okay it was meant to be because it had to exhaust itself. The effort of our mental understanding to try and apprehend a consciousness of what God is, had to come to an absolute end and its done so. Look what’s happened in the Roman Catholic Church, it collapsed.


All right. So… “I go over and give her a real sincere hug, God’s loving her through me?” Absolutely, God is loving her as you…not just through you. Through you is beautiful, when you feel the love of God…fheeew…come through you, all of us know what that feels like. It’s so supernal, it’s so ecstatic… it’s so beyond anything you’ve ever experienced you want to say: “It was God through me but it wasn’t me.” Well…it’s only not you in your conscious mind. “And we get to share isn’t that something?” Isn’t that awesome…. yeah it is beautiful. It is beyond our comprehension.


We had a lady come in here one time sat in our meetings some years ago and we were talking about the oneness that we are and she went home and she laid down on the bed and said, ‘ Oh God I am so One with You”.


She was trying to get this mental attitude, you know. She was really trying to comprehend this and all at once….from her mid section, not from her brain up here but from here…. a voice spoke and said: “I am much closer to you than you think”. That is…. your thinking process alone cannot achieve this awareness of oneness. It takes a little bit more than thinking about it. Oh you do have to think about it; yes thinking about it is wonderful.


As you’re talking about this, the experience I had of dancing with Jesus comes back to my mind…At thanksgiving time…We played the Song: “If I can only imagine.” Do you remember that song? Oh yes…And You guys were all in a circle and singing that and I was out here dancing, and I was saying to myself: “Jesus, dance with me.” And then everybody kind of left the room, and there wasn’t hardly anyone here and they I don’t know if it was the tape whatever…if we weren’t singing it was on the tape…and Sarah Jane came… well Sarah and her sister they were hugging and I kind of snuggled in between them. And…Sarah Jane grabbed me and she said…and they were playing that song… and the part that says: “Would He dance with you? Would He put a wreath around your neck?” And on that part that says: You know: “Would He dance with you?” I said: “Jesus dance with me!” and on that part…when it came to that part… Sarah Jane said to me…..she looked me right in the eye and said: “Ginny dance with me!” She was so sincere. And it was like I was looking into Jesus’ eyes and He was saying “Ginny dance with me!” And she was dancing with me and it came to that part again…it was so sincere and so deep …and I could just feel Jesus’ love…it was deeper than I ever imagined it….it was so sincere and so deep…all that I could do was just bawl!


Yes, you laugh and you cry and your emotional being is cleansed and made whole and you…all at once every thing is right and everything is beautiful. What that is when Jesus allows you or you allow Jesus to experience oneness for a moment it’s a memory of the greater purpose where the great substance of life and light the essence of all things, allows you to proceed from itself and sent you off in order to create a paradigm in which you have illusionary thoughts about separation in order for you to create a feeling. Create an experience, create a longing for oneness and ask for it: “Oh I want so much to dance with you”….and then you hear him come to you,


“Oh Ginny dance with me”. See…? What is that? It’s a manifestation of what I am talking about. It’s at a certain level, it’s a projection of the greater thought of the substance of the divine, the essence, the source of all things

allowing separation to come in it’s own being in order that it could become two. And that TWO could experience love in the way that one cannot experience love. So then it says and the scriptures confirm this, in the beginning, and that’s not a beginning now of time, as I said, it’s the beginning for your thought processes. It’s the beginning for you consciousness; it’s the beginning for you to begin to hold of a thought. A thought that you need in your mind in order to create your reality at this level. You have to be delivered from so many of the fears that have beset us and they are all come out of distortions of thought. Fears are all the results of distortions of thought. And …the only way to remove distortions of thought is to have essence… truth….come to you. Essence-Truth…Beginning Truth.


So the essence is….We call it a beginning…Or…the essence is: “In the beginning the word was with God and the word was God” It calls it the WORD. The word is really an expressed thought.


So I am telling you the Father had a thought, the Light had a thought, a desire and the desire was more than a mind thought it had a heart thought. It had an intense desire that there might be TWO so that it could experience love in the way its never experienced it. That’s a projection, that’s an analogy, that’s how we feel. I don’t know how well that goes…. all the way back but it’s the best you can do…. to me. It’s the best you can do…. is to allow yourself the feelings, that help you understand what it was that motivated…. whatever it was that did …things….that made the beginning…. to help to feel it…. you have to go beyond your logical processes.

And as your emotional body …cleansed from fear, from guilt and from shame…. and dare to believe that, that was actually Jesus that came right through Sara Jane’s eyes into your heart. No matter if anybody else believes that.


Later…a couple of weeks later, I went to tell Sarah Jane what happened because…you know… she heard something from Carolynne but really did not grasp all of it. And I had told her and she was: “Wow…that was Jesus that came to you. He used me as a vehicle to come to you”. And when I first said: “Dance with me”. She was kind of like…yeah I remember that…or she was embarrassed or why did I do such a silly thing. Then when I told her… you know… that what I was asking was for Jesus to dance with me….. She realized that she was the vehicle.” Hallelujah!


Esther knows this; we were in meeting in Detroit. She moved up to stand behind a man and I believe, I know, she can speak for herself butthe presence of Jesus became her and ministered to that man. When you have a touch like that you go way beyond belief systems, there’s no doctrine you make up about this and it will keep you searching forever for that reality that you experienced in just a moment of time.


So, going on, in the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was God, that beginning or that prime thought or that original desire or the…my Father’s prayer, THAT is our beginning. It’s our beginning; it’s our way to understanding ourselves. It’s a way for us begun to think about who we are. So that word was a singular whole that existed within God and yet was with God. So here for the first time, if you like, there are now TWO. There is that which is with God but is still God. So there is a thought of two and the first time the thought “TWO” begins in our experience it goes back there. So our beginning is the beginning of duality. Duality is our beginning. For there to be TWO….. is the process of our beginning to think about ourselves. And if you have an innate resistance to duality, and we all do, you are resisting your own beginnings.


Now that One that became the second, that became the WORD, it itself re-experienced the same. It too formed within itself….TWO… and then those two became…. four and those four became…. eight and those eight became…. 32, 128, 256 five hundred and….that’s as far as I know 1012 I think is the next one.


What is that? What am I talking about? What’s that talking about? What is…what is that 2, 4, 8…… it ought to really jar yourself when I talk about it. What is that? It’s the genetic formation of your body. That’s how, by cell division.


The cell, the zygote and the …what do they call that? Nurse? The Sperm and the egg, by the way …for case you women…you can’t help, the egg is about 2,000 times bigger than the sperm. Don’tdon’t let a guy ever put you down….. his contribution….. Hey, the genetic packages are equal…but the woman...the woman provides the womb. The women provides the… she becomes that, she becomes very vulnerable because of that. The feminine is very vulnerable because of that. What are we in relation to our eternal source, we’re that woman, we’re the womb, we’re the feminine. In His heart…we’re the objects of His desire. Yeah, that’s why there’s been such a horrendous war in the male/female thing all through ages, is because we haven’t understood our own beginnings. We’ve warred with our own beginnings.


See…So the “Word” then began the experience of…, and this is a magical word now a days… everybody understands this one… the Word began the process of separation. The l-o-n-g journey, right? You’ve heard that phrase? “The long journey”? The Joy is in the…. journey, right? Jesus told a parable and in this parable He said a certain man planted a vineyard. Now why does a man plant a vineyard? Clearly because he wants to have an experience. What’s the experience he wants? He wants to drink some wine, why else would a man plant a vineyard? Right? He wants an experience, does that fit in with my theme? Yeah, a man planted a vineyard, he put a tower and a hedge and then he lent it out to servants listen to this...and He went into a …FAR COUNTRY, for a….do you know the other phrase? Long Time, Long Time…. He went into a far country for a long time. What I’m talking about Jesus understood and He told this parable that’s been around two thousands years and people had said, oh yeah He was telling us how He got killed. No, He wasn’t telling us how He got killed. He’s telling you how you got killed. No, He wasn’t talking about how He began He was talking about how you began. He told a parable because He wanted it hidden. Why did he want it hidden? Because there was nobody on the planet ready emotionally to understand it…that’s why He hid it in parables! He just didn’t hide it so that the Pharisees couldn’t understand. He hid it so that the whole religious world wouldn’t understand, including most of His disciples, now He talked to them privately.


So… there was a man who wanted an experience and then it says: “He went into a far country for a long time.”

Now how can God go into a far country? Where would He go? Where’s a far country that God would go… there is no far country …He is all things. There is no far country for God and there isn’t any long time for God. He doesn’t believe in time, doesn’t have time…doesn’t know time …doesn’t experience time except in us… in this particular realm He experiences time. But He’s beyond time, He’s greater than time…includes time so He can’t go to a far country for a long time. Then why does it say it there? Guess, what…. it’s because YOU were the one that was God that went to a far country for a long time, that’s what you are. You are God that went to a far country for a long time……. Hello! Hello! YOU…went to a far country; it’s called the journey of separation. It’s called the Experience. It’s called now…..where we are at… this part of it….is called the THREE DIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE. Right? Length, width and height or whatever equates the three. Time, distance and mass… scientifically there are three…three…three things that determine this physical reality. You have to know the time, you have to know the distance and you have to know the mass and then you can define everything in this space …three dimensions. Hallelujah!


So He went into a far country for a long time, it says there right in the parable and guess what…. the way God did that… is…He allowed separation to come within His own being so that those that He separated…now ….instead of being just THE WORD… were a myriad of entities, a myriad of beings. Not just a thousand or a million but myriads of them, uncountable numbers and then He blessed them. I saw this one time. I was in Sarnia Ontario and they’ve got a lot of maple trees over there. I was standing on a porch, on the veranda of a second story of an apartment building and the wind was blowing, gusting with heaves of….strong gusts of wind. And outside the …outside the building was a big maple tree and this gusts of wind came and Wfeew…


I saw this whole host of maple keys… have you ever seen them? Maple keys…. They’ve got a seed and a single wing. And when you throw them as children …when you throw them… they look like little helicopters. Right? Why do they have a little helicopter? So they can….fly! I believe I can fly. Right? I want to go on a journey and I watched as these myriads of seeds blew. What did they all have in them, what was that seed in them? That seed in them was God Himself or the genetics of God in every seed. Well it wasn’t something like God, it was not something that was going to become God. It was the God seed…the essence of you, the truth of you. Yeah, you’ve always been that you’re not going to become that when you get holy and get it right. When you find the right woman and then you begin to find out about it though. You discover some things about your seed God that you didn’t know when you run into the right women or the right man and you have an experience and you find out that you’re capable of love that you’ve only heard about.


Well then…So…I saw all of these seeds get just blown into the sky and some of them dropped right there…. and some of them went twenty feet. Some of them went one hundred feet and some of them went on the wind’s current and I think they went forever, forever. And I think that that tree…. I could feel, almost feel that tree…I could feel that tree leaving it’s own essence, sending it out… as genetic seeds of itself and I could feel the attitude that God had towards those seeds. How all His love, all His love was totally giving and blessing and totally wanting these seeds to create an experience. Go….create… create an experience… there wasn’t any good or bad to decide at that point. Nobody knew what good was, nobody knew what bad was it hadn’t been created yet. He didn’t say go create a good experience… go create a bad experience…because there wasn’t such a thought. That kind of thought hadn’t been conceived yet. It was all good, that’s why the bible says over and over again, “And God said it was…. good”. But it didn’t mean good as opposed to bad. That’s just all there was, everything was good because everything was God. There was no word of opposites like we use “good” today. That’s just the way to describe it, the best way we can say it. There wasn’t any thought that it could be bad, what could it be but what it was? God can’t be good or bad He is just what He is and there’s nobody to tell Him He’s good or bad because He’s all there is.


So ….the thoughts of good and bad that we’ve created don’t go back there but they sure work here! Ejah! Good or bad work really good if you’re living on the street with all the Jones’s and they all have what 80,000 dollar homes…. 130,000 dollar homes and your lawn has dandelions in it. That’s bad, that’s bad. You don’t want all of your neighbors driving by saying: “Well look at him he doesn’t take care of his lawn.” How did he get into our neighborhood? That’s bad, Yeah you don’t want to think there isn’t good or bad, of course there is good and bad it just doesn’t define who YOU are because you came from a place that there wasn’t any good or bad you just “IS”. Right? Yea! So we need to go back… go back to those thoughts.


So thenso then all of those myriads of seeds of God began to create an experience and everything that’s been created from that point came from those seeds. Those seeds created everything…worlds…experiences…millions of years…Animals…solar systems…star systems...came much later down the road…much later down the road. Before there was any matter, This is.. This is…There’s no matter at this point, we can now begin to think about time because our clock got started time space began. Right? Somewhere down the road this whole universe was created, was formed. Guess who created it? Those seeds created it all, to create an experience, for whom? For the Source! They love that Source. Right? Then…maybe I should quit at this point…pick up…


This is the story, the story I want to tell, the story that needs to be told, the story that we haven’t known, that we haven’t remembered, we haven’t understood. We’ve filled our hearts with sin and with sin consciousness and we’ve been so afraid of it. We’ve been so afraid that God wouldn’t look at us that God couldn’t look at us ….so He had to punish Jesus… so He was just dying to punish us….but He couldn’t so…. He just vented His anger on Jesus who was really this tough guy and he could take it. So then we didn’t have to get punished…that’s a story we made up. You know why we made up that story? We made it up… well no I didn’t make it up! Those religious people over there made it up! Well guess what those religious people over there are you. You are equally capable with all you do in your relationship with your wife, with you children all the time. So we created a story! Why? Because we had to try and find a way to live with this guilt that we’ve created. Well if you didn’t create it where did it come from? Who created guilt? Who created sin if it wasn’t those seeds? Those seeds created all things. All things in the beginning were created by the WORD. The WORD brought all things into existence by the WORD God created all things and the WORD is those seeds.


You are those seed, you are that word that creates and are you still creating. When you say: “Oh no I am not a

creative word,” you just created it right there. You just done it, right there you said I am not a creative word, you just created that space of reality for yourself to try and explore. Well it’s not a very big box to walk in you and come to the edges real quick and you’ve got a lot of pain and then you say: “Oh, maybe that wasn’t right. Let me try this again Lord.” Yeah, then you start over, but YOU are responsible to create your reality and nobody is ever going to do it for you, you have to do it.


You want that responsibility? You’ve got it. It’s not a matter of if you want it; it’s a matter of if you want to acknowledge it. Not only are you creating the world that is to come for you, you’ve already created the world you’re in! “No, I didn’t do that! Because my dad…he abused me or my mother ….she didn’t really love me!” Yeah, of course you did, an experience, but guess what…there was a script for you before you came here and you read it and you said: “Yeah I will experience that because I know that if I will experience that I will help make a breakthrough for all those seeds.” That’s why you came, so …. we’re so far down the line from what we’re talking about, we’re so down the program we’re at a totally different place of that program. A whole lot of stuff has already been created. The tree of good and evil is well planted. You don’t have to create it, you get a chance to create it in you children if you want to and you do, you can’t help it, you need to teach them morality and how can you teach them morality if you don’t tell them that some things are “No-No”. So, yeah you have to create sin consciousness for them. You have to create a tree of good and evil and then you hope and you believe and you pray that eventually you can also help them eat of the tree of life, which goes beyond the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And you do all of that with your own children, you just repeat the whole program, in your own family you become God. And you go three quarters of the way through it and you think you didn’t do it right and you get pain and Oh it hurts so bad. And then God can come to you because He can explain to you while you are having the experience: “That’s the way I feel.” God… you can’t feel this… there is no way you can feel this way God because you do it all right you never make mistakes!


“Yes I do, I make mistakes in you. In you I make mistakes. In you I fall short, in you I get to experience fear, in you I get to experience pain and suffering I could not experience it without you. I could never go there without you but you’ve gone, you’re a part of me. I am you and you are me and where you go I go and what you experience I experience and what you feel I feel but I couldn’t feel it until you were willing to become. Until you were willing to take on the body until you were ready to experience… I couldn’t experience it.


And that is the other half of you, talking to the half that YOU are. It’s the great Source who without you is incomplete but with you is totally complete talking to you about the experience that the two of you are having together. How do you explain that? How do you make a theology about that? How do you write a book that tells people about this…. it’s not possible! It has to be experienced.


So let me take one more step. I like to do this because I can’t do this in front of a computer, you understand that? I have to do it with you…because you’re here and you’re real, you’re flesh and blood. You’re having this

experience I am talking about. You’re feeding me to say this, I know this because I read your book while I’m saying it, I can feel you. Your not a mystery….you were a mystery …but your not a mystery, you’re what I am. Hallelujah!


This ends the first address. The second address reviews the main thoughts of the first and continues to present the theme: “The cleansing of the emotional body.”




I want to reiterate a scripture in the book of John. In the beginning….was the Word…and the Word was God…and the Word was with God. We “fall off” that word “Beginning.” Many…many…many times have I considered this scripture: “Beginning.” Because in our frame of reference this word “Beginning” means something that starts and that wasn’t before. A relationship can begin…and we’re finding out that it can end…thank you Jesus…thank you that they are not all permanent. Right? So… in our world, things have beginning and end and all our mental processes are linear, our thinking is linear and is…has the idea in it of beginning and end because everything we experience, everything we see has…at the core has the thought of a beginning and end. Immediately when we read this word” Beginning” we think of linear time and we think of something that started and can end. But I don’t really think that that is what this scripture is trying to tell us. I don’t think it’s talking about something that started but wasn’t before. It’s…to me… and I want to suggest this to you…not as some kind of an absolute truth…but as something you can try on…try it all on…take it home…try it on. If it fits, let me know about it. If it doesn’t fit let me know about it and see if it will release you and will release me from limitations. I want to suggest to you that this word beginning has to do with consciousness. That is…that this thought…contained in the scriptures is a way for you to begin thinking about yourself. You think it could be that personal? [absolutely] Do you think that God is so interested in an individual? Absolutely! But that’s what the universe is about…it’s about creating an experience. It’s what it was formed for. You remember we talked about that. That the essence and the heart of everything that is began…we have to use that word because it is so deep in our thinking….began with a Heart Desire that God had so that He could not only BE love but that He could EXPERIENCE love…….And that is…that there would have to be another that could be the object of His love. I know how fragile that…all that is. I know how difficult it is for us to try and wrap our thinking around….and to try and think that such a human thought as that.


Because… which of us have not experienced the desire to love? And which of us has not experienced the desire to be love? And how many of us have had a relationship, which never became love? [Ehuh …Yup, we know what that’s like!] Was it love? It worked tremendous contrasts that created us…. in our being…. that when we did meet love, love happened to us, it just happened. You were told all about love and you saw it in the movies and dreamed about the white knight and then one day it happened to you and it wasn’t really….it was sort of like everything you always heard about but it was so unique for you that you could have never have imagined it. Yeah!


So love is …is experience…. in individuals…. and each individual is a wrapping up, or a manifestation, if you like, of the original intent of the Father to experience love.


Each one of us are acting out that original desire. We can know it, you can know what was the heart intent of God by listening to the vibration in your own heart-mind. You can know Him….but the wonderful thing about it is you can’t know Him if you don’t believe. Believing really doesn’t cause you to know Him. Believing opens the door for you to know Him and you have to believe that God is that essence of you. And then when you believe that….experiences are created for you and all at once what you experienced before you couldn’t see but now you can see, all at once you can see… yes that’s true, yes. What happened? Faith entered your heart, that’s how it’s described right? But it’s really believing that the essence of you is a part of God.


Now you are told to believe in Jesus. Oh yeah… but why? Because Jesus is that truth. He is the truth that tells you that God is in you, that’s why you need to believe in him. You can believe all of that you’re supposed to do that, great go for it I don’t have any problem, Yeah that’s why He came. He came to break the paradigm and enable you, to give you a focus, through which you could enter into a different reality but that reality isn’t somewhere, it’s in you and always was in you and you were always a part of God. “Behold now we are the Sons of God”, guess what, you’ve always been that but there came time in time-space when it awakened in you and that’s the moment you celebrate; and you can get stuck in that moment like many do. You get stuck on that moment and try to get it to repeat itself over and over in others and in yourself and you refuse to go on into greater worlds.


So, that Beginning, in the Beginning was a heart-desire in God that wanted His self to experience love so….He

allowed the thought in Him that there could be another beside Him. Now that seems like such an extreme…strange, thought. Really it is, it is a strange and difficult thought, just to allow the thought that God might have a thought…. that would say…. well yeah ….there could be another. Because immediately that other would have to be, at some level, illusionary ….because there is only the one. Wow….


So we are beginning a creative process but it’s not a creative process without purpose and meaning. It’s wonderfully meaningful because at the back of it and at the source of it, lay a desire in the divine mind. Now why am I am saying all this. It’s to give you...I believe…that we need a theology, we really do. You may say we don’t need doctrine, we don’t need teaching, we don’t need theology, yes you do! You need something to wrap your mind around… to give it substance…. but you must be careful to realize that you are greater than whatever you wrap your mind up with. You need to wear a certain hat but you’re more than that hat. And the core and essence of you is truth itself, not some philosophy or not some concept or some idea. Nevertheless…. having said all that, I believe that you do need true ideas, right ideas and how do you judge them to be right? If they connect you and harmonize you with that essence in yourself and that source that is all things then that’s the right idea for you! But we need them and we need to dispel a lot of thoughts that we’ve had that are not productive in our lives that will not help us and will not take us on.


And Bob gave such a powerful illustration to me, he saw his dad wrapped in a black cloak laying in a black box and he was reminded and told by the priest that this boy is going to hell and you’ll go the same way. Now that’s a pretty black thought and that black thought can produce a fear in your emotional being that can stop you from hearing your own heart thoughts,[that’s right] it does [amen]. And that’s exactly how it is and that’s exactly the bondage that lay on all humanity that has to be broken.


But it can only be broken by Divine Thought, by life thought by true thought. All right! But in the beginning and I

want to show you this again. Maybe I won’t get any farther that this today because it’s such an important simple thought. Really, a person could spend a month on this, a week on this, a year on this one simple thought. Here it is, in the beginning was the Word, now this is a beginning place for you consciousness, it’s a beginning place for you to begin thinking about yourself and what is the thought that it gives you? It gives you this thought and the word, and the word really means: “a thought expression.” We could substitute the word “Word” with: “Thought Expression”. In the beginning was the thought expression and that thought expression here… was God but it also goes on to say it was “with God”. So there …there are two aspects to this thought expression. In order for it to be WITH God it has to have the beginning thought of separation FROM God. It can be something different from God. There’s two, the idea of two…the idea of two. Let me just put it like this, THE IDEA OF TWO. In the beginning was the word, all there was in the beginning is the One. All there is truly today is the One all there will ever be is the One but the One conceived the thought in itself that there could be two and that very thought creation, created all this reality, it was the beginning of YOU. That’s the beginning of you.


Now why is it so important that you allow that seed thought to penetrate deep into your soul? It’s because, since that seed thought has come, it has been allowed to multiply itself in millions of, myriads different ways and has created…because two is a possibility… every thought can create it’s opposite. Science knows this now, they talk about that for every piece…. some theorize this… that for every piece of matter there is a piece of anti-matter [yea], and that the two of them together don’t have any existence but that the matter needs the anti-matter in order to exist. For the thought of duality is formed by science about material worlds but it was already in this scripture a long time before any scientist thought of that idea.


But the wonder about this….. Ginny, the wonder about this thought is…. that the essence and the beginning of

you lay in the Divine Thought. A divine thought or thought expression is the beginning of you. Well, Whoa, because guess what…. what you are essentially is what you are in beginning. What you are in the ending or the final form of you is determined by the essence of it’s beginning. You cannot be anything that you aren’t in the beginning. You can only be that which you are in the beginning. You can find many ways of expressing it, many ways of multiplying but you can’t change the original substance of it, you can’t transmute it into something else. It is this in our thought worlds right? So why is that so important? Because…. in the worlds that we’ve created… [Shirley], “You can’t be something you weren’t in the beginning?”. [David] “Seed hypostasis. That’s a hypothasis. “You can seed the hypostasis?”. “But you are what your seed beginning was”. What you’ve always been. What you’ve always been. You are What you’ve always been. “Thus the seed will always reproduce itself, again and again and again”.


So, once we know that duality or the idea of two, didn’t have it’s beginning in anything evil….. and you accept that… way down at a deep level, then the only thing that evil, whatever it is, can ever be, is to serve that original thought expression. Anything that happened from this point on down, came to serve this original thought expression, the desire in God to have an object to love and to experience love. [Yeah] Everything that came out of that goes back to serve that original desire. It can’t help it because it came out of that desire so it must serve that desire.


Now, you can say over and over again: “There is no evil. I don’t believe in evil.” and then you walk down the street and you see somebody get murdered or you see a child get molested and if that isn’t good enough maybe it will happen in your own family and then you get some really strong feelings of anger and pain and then it’s no longer a theological idea any more but when it happens to YOU, then you have to know. You won’t stop until you know. You have to know. And so then… in order to know… you have to ask. You begin to ask and it is no longer reading a philosophy by some great philosopher or some great theologian ….you become the search. You have to have the answers, you become part of the great question and you become part of the great answer.


You begin to serve, for only when you allow it to become real in your life. When you shut it out you say: “Well that didn’t happen to me.” And you put a big old tarp over it and pretend it didn’t happen and that pain didn’t happen to me… I don’t need… I don’t believe in pain, I don’t believe in sorrow, I don’t believe in death, I don’t believe in any of that stuff, I cover it up and I go on.


You’re not living, your not real, you’re not part of the question and you’re not part of the answer. If you don’t free your emotional body, to experience everything that’s in you life, you can’t participate in the great quest to understand. [Hallelujah] You still serve because there’s+ thousands out there that do that and they still serve because the mass of humanity will still be swayed…. this way and that way…. and serve the greater purpose but some of us, and I think we’re called to this purpose, once we discover that there is an opportunity here for you to participate in this great tremendous quest that was in the beginning. In the beginning there was a Heart-Desire. My Father had a passion. He had a purpose and He created a plan and I want to be part of that. And the way to become a part of that is to let yourself feel you life. You’ve got to do that. How do you do that?


Well I hope…Bob hasn’t said he minded, and I brought it up the other day and I am going to do it again. [Oh oh] [Chuckels] Because I’ve known Bob for a number of years and I don’t know everything he walked through but I saw some of the tremendous pain he walked through. And I saw a strong tendency in Bob to shut those experiences out, he’d just go on… and he had to do that. He told me some of the experiences of a child that he

had as a boy and how his mother came to him a dream to help him…help him understand some of that. And then, the other day, we had…he had some goats out here behind the fence and a dog got in there and killed one of those goats. And I saw Bob, I saw him really cry, I mean I saw him, he really…he really grieved over that goat. And I said: “Well Lord what’s going on here?” Why is this hurting Bob so much, it’s just an animal! You know there are more goats in the world. Well, I think that… that goat…. you know, became like…. the reason people killed animals in the Old Testament?.. You know they became sacrificial lambs and sacrificial goats and the goats died for people. See?


Why did that goat have to die for Bob? Jesus already died for him why do we need a goat to die for him? Well …but….what did it do for Bob? It let him…He allowed himself to feel that pain in his emotional body and we were around…. Sue was right there. He had a loving relationship with another person and he knew that Sue was not gonna get upset with him or think anything less of him if he cried about that goat, I knew he knew that.


Sue would have done the same thing about a dog…. she would do exactly the same thing. So Bob…and I think…forgive me if I use you for an example… because I’m really talking about much more than that. But when Bob became free to let himself feel emotionally the death of that goat…. he also created an opening for every time that he experienced loss in his life when he wasn’t able to let himself feel it…. he created an opening for all that to be healed, all the way down through his life. [Hallelujah. I can receive that! Yes, we all do that!]


What’s it about…. it’s about freeing the emotional body. Why is it so important to free the emotional body? Because the…the emotional body is the way that your being at this level of experience… connects with the divine substance. It allows you to feel… thoughts without feeling are not complete. They’re not… they’re not. They don’t do it…. they don’t do it. They don’t ring….Why? Because thoughts without feelings don’t create the original Divine Intent. The original Divine Intent was a thought expression that desired that love could be experienced. To fully experience Love there has to be an object for your love and the emotional body has to be free to experience everything that it takes to have love. To have love doesn’t just mean to experience happiness. To have love does not mean just to experience joy. To have love means the experience being betrayed. To have love means the experience of being rejected. To have love means the experience of suffering disappointment. To have the experience of Love you have to be able to experience aloneness. [Amen]. Love needs all the emotions of the body in order to be experienced. [Hallelujah, hallelujah!] So… in order for the divine intent….. of a thought expression…. that began consciousness and is a beginning point for you to think about yourself. Why is it a beginning point? Because it gives you a point of origin. You know who you are by where we came from. Genetically speaking, people are lost all their lives because they don’t know who their mom and dad were, right?


Joan, mother of my first five children had a child when we were married. (before you were married) She gave it up for adoption.(Before you were married). She had a child that was already born, that was several months old; she was struggling with the thought of what to do with the child, to give it up for adoption. She refused to have it aborted but she felt she should give it up for adoption because as a child ….she couldn’t feel at that time…. this was about what, forty or thirty…forty years ago? Everyday of her life specially at Christmas time, because his birthday I think was Christmas, (New Years Eve.)… New Years Eve……Every day of her life that she lived with me, I could feel some of her pain. She never really told me a lot about it, I could feel her pain because she didn’t know that child. And that child was somewhere longing to know ….Who was my mother? Really? I mean I was adopted, happily adopted, right? So then a few years, a couple of years ago …. she had already…Joan had reported her name with the agency in Canada. [just this year, last January] Last January he decided because his adopted parents had both passed away and he wanted to know if there was any danger of him having a heart attack. He wanted for medical reasons… he thought…. he wanted to know who his Mom was , who his parents were and she would be able to tell him who the Father was. So he put his name in…. after Linda prayed here on New Years Eve, prayed for this to happen because her mother had told her about this, she prayed for this to happen. Right after that it happened…he reported…. and bam, bam some interesting things happened…they got together.


And you know…after all those years of loneliness…. of longing in a mothers heart… and confusion…really ….in a boys mind…all that was resolved. You know that…What is that? What is …what’s the significance of all that? It’s just that something happened because we did something wrong? Somewhere? Because we screwed up? Somewhere… way back there? Did something wrong, were disobedient? No! That’s not what that is! That’s the out acting of Divine Principle. It’s saying that in order to feel Oneness… you have experience aloneness. In order to know what’s part of you… you have to know what’s not a part of you. So….she is acting out, her life is acting out Define Drama.


You can see it in the context simply of human experience, if you want to. You can see your whole life simply in

terms of do’s and don’ts….. if I have not done that…. that wouldn’t have happened to me… I deserve the result….Karma and all the rest of it. Yeah… you can live there and explain your life and probably have great happiness… I don’t know ….all the wonders.


But there is a thought that goes way beyond our limited experiences and consciousness. It goes way back to the beginning and focuses on the thought that God Himself had a desire, had a longing and passion to fulfill and we can see it in our experiences. I think it’s giving a much larger and broader context to define the human experience. The human experience can only be what you allow it to be in consciousness. What you create in consciousness for humanity to be….that’s all it can be…. but if you enlarge that….. if you conceive a greater thought ….a larger place…. then humanity can redefine itself. Humanity CAN BE redefined. Human consciousness CAN grow, CAN change.[Amen] Who is man? Why did the prophet say who is man that thou art mindful of him and the Son of man that …… Why would he ask that question? Because that’s the great quest! That’s the question that must be asked. It’s the question that demands an answer, it requires an answer to fill the original need of God’s own heart. And I want to be and I’m willing more than ever to be a part ….. and I know… I found out….the way to do that is to allow your emotional body to be cleansed. We had a couple experiences right in our own fellowship here. I remember Carolynne one time….Donna was here and Donna wasn’t used to prophesying like this, she wasn’t. She came over to Carolynne, caught up in the spirit and she said: “God’s going to claim that which He’s lost in you!” and I said “amen” and she said “and that’s your emotions” and I’m emotions?


I’m coming to claim that which I’ve lost in you. Lost in You! You mean God has lost something? Apparently! What’s he lost in you? He has an experience in you of the loss of something, yeah. He couldn’t have had that without you. He couldn’t have had that without the journey of separation. He couldn’t have had that without the thought of duality and the thought of loss in you! And what was that? Your emotions! Your emotions! How did the emotions get lost?


And I remember sitting in Sue’s living room one time and somebody came by and said: “I see your emotional body but it’s along way away.” Yeah, she separated herself from her emotional body. We all do that to a degree. So Carolynne had done that. We’ve done that through religion, through pain, through misunderstanding, for not understanding. Why did we do it…. why did we do it? I think we need know WHY we do things. If you know WHY…it creates an atmosphere of acceptance ….and without acceptance there can be no resolution. Without embracing there can be no understanding, there can be no healing, there can be no fulfillment of becoming ….without that.


So the question WHY? Is required for the acceptance. So then the question has to be: “Why did I experience separation from my emotional body?” “Why did my emotional body become traumatized and limited and separated?” If I can’t answer that question then my emotional body can’t be healed.And I think that the answer WHY goes back to the original intent. The emotional body had to suffer trauma in order that separation could become a reality. Right? Separation had to become real. In order for separation to become real you must have fear. Separation is not painful, is not destructive, and doesn’t really need anything without fear. If I know that I am connected…. alone with God… I can have no fear. It is not possible to be afraid. So… in order for separation to be real there has to be fear. And I think that’s the thing we have never done, that’s what religion has never allowed us to do and has made us heretics for asking questions. I set you free to question everything that does not have a witness. That’s what David….has been the passion of his soul….that’s where he’s given his life…is to question everything. Right… it has to be.


So…I want to take this….I don’t know if I ever got anywhere but…[yeah you did…very good...I enjoyed it]. Here’s the question then…Last Sunday, if you remember, we talked about how the One source of All became the Word and the Word began the process of cell division. The way that your body is formed… is the same way as this body of light or consciousness; or the body of consciousness. This is the logos, the word or it’s the body of consciousness, it began to divide … ven as It’s experience of separation from the source…. so it itself continued that process until there were millions ….of God-Seeds. Right? We talked about that and all these God-Seeds were released, whoa, whoa. They were released from the divine Source but they still remained in the Source because there was no place to go…. but in their consciousness… they left. In their minds, in their thoughts, they separated and went into a far country for a long time…remember we talked about that? So these God seeds began and said: “I bless you to create…. to create….” These are creator seeds and what are they creating? Consciousness. They’re creating consciousness! What else is there to create? Consciousness…in the realm of duality.


So the parable goes on to say: “There was a…A man planted a vineyard and he put a hedge around it and set a tower in it and he gave it over to servants and then He went into a far county for a long time”. And we mentioned the fact that it wasn’t God that went… it was us that went into the far country for a long time. Time space is the far country for a long time. It’s time space, that’s where we ended up finally …in time space. We weren’t in time space when we began but we ended up there… we were really the Logos. We were really the Word. We were with God and in God and we ended up in the journey.and it said that He planted a vineyard. Now why would a an plant a vineyard? A man would plant a vineyard because he wanted to drink wine. it’s really simple and wine symbolizes consciousness. So the divine plan is to develop consciousness of duality of two-ness… so that duality…. or that consciousness can be a place to create experience. And the experience is meant to fill up the heart desire of the Father, to fill up the heart-mind desire, the heart-mind desire of the Father. That that’s the great overall delineation of the purpose of the program. Are we happy with that? I wish I could just review everything, I am so glad you’re here, we had such a wonderful meeting. So… what I want to…if I have time…I quess I think I do…What I want to do…


Carolynne, “Can I ask a question?” Yes please questions now. “Something that I am really wanting to know. When we talked about our emotional being and how you use Robert as an example and me really, okay. We go along and then have some major trauma happen. With me it was when my two children were taken and I think at that time (they just went to live with their dad) but at the time I took that emotional experience and in my mind I probably went through a certain amount of denial but I could just not believe that this was actually happening to me, Okay, or like with Bob with his father. And so, I mean it’s all for a purpose but if I would go back to that experience, then how would I do it differently now? Would I take experience, that emotional experience that I encountered and would I just talk about it? I mean how would I find a place so I wouldn’t be fragmented emotionally for years to where Donna would have to come back and prophesy to me about that? I mean can I ask that or is that derailing you?” No it’s a perfect question. What you would do is exactly the same thing but you would process it in a moment, instead of twenty years of your life.


Anna, “I would like to say something too. I think that through trauma in our lives and whatever circumstances, when something hits us that hard, that fear sets in and it locks itself somehow where we can’t deal with it so we

stuff it…somewhere. ” Yes, good. And…and…”Now we’ve been given the tools to work with it differently than we handled it before. The first thing we say is “What are You trying to show me?” And…I don’t have it all yet but I know that about my experience with my son. I didn’t know what to do for the kid. I was beside myself when I came here and Rokus held me, I cried like a baby. I cried like a little child, I mean that came from deep within my…the pit of my stomach and I realized when I did that….I was….When I looked at my Son I was seeing myself…having lived like he’s living .When you held me and I cried and I got that out and had that understanding, I was able to deal with it and able to release it. And I think that…through what God is showing you Rokus, is that He is giving us the tools that will set creation free. I mean… To have these tools so that we can grab a hold of them and say: “Hey what are doing with me? What are you trying to show me?”……to get rid out of our temple right away. I don’t know it all and I don’t pretend to know it all but you are giving us the tools to know how to deal with those situations. What we are doing right now, we are getting rid of all of this luggage and baggage we’ve carried for you know however long we are on the face of this earth. But now we know what’s happening to us.”


Let me adjust just a little bit. Because…. where we are presently… in our development….we’re still very much wanting to fix everything, that’s okay… that’s how we feel…. or to prevent things from happening. I don’t want to

go through that again….. if I had only been different I wouldn’t have experienced that and so on. Those are very much part of our worth and it’s okay because we are like the infant; we, humanity, is just coming out of its infancy into its teenage years. We’re just… we’re just now only coming to a level of maturity of divine thought where we can actually begin to look at the human experience… as a whole. And we’re doing that by looking at our own personal experience. And our willingness, Carolynne’s willingness, to go back and to feel what she felt

when those children were taken from her and not to just push that away but to actually go back and let herself feel that and ask: ” Father why did I have to experience all that?” To do that is the indication that humanity as a whole is willing to do that and is doing it in you. It is now happening. Mankind is now beginning to…to appropriate its maturity. We are coming into a place where we are able to posses our humanity. We are able to be human. We are able to accept every part of what it means to be human without rebelling against it.


Anna, Does that mean because we are experiencing this that this is making a crack in humanity on the face of this earth that they will get this?”


Only if it’s a crack like an eggshell cracking, only if its like that kind of a crack would I use the term “crack” because it’s the life within that’s wanting to break forth, that’s the real reason for the change, if there have been

forces or powers that have held man in lower places of vibration and control it’s only to keep them there during

their place of immaturity. And the only thing that’s going to release them from it is not when they’re willing to let

a man go… it’s when man demands his freedom from the inside. When man realizes that he is more than that,

then all that power gets broken. So it’s awakening that’s causing the change. Awakening!


So I want to go back… remember this…. remember my original thought. I don’t think we can go back to it often enough. The original thought was that in the heart-mind of the Father a desire came to experience Love. In order to experience love there had to be Another. That Other would be the object of the Father’s love and it would create a way to experience love that wouldn’t be possible any other way and that was the beginning of everything that you see and everything we are.


And it’s the beginning point for you thinking about you as consciousness. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word was with God, now that heart-desire is what you need to focus in your life. You need to hold on to it, you need to ask the Father to let you feel it, you say; “Father let me feel what was it that you wanted in the beginning, what was your desire?” And the Father will create an experience in your life to help you understand it. He will make you experience love for a child that would be so impossible and so deep and so great that you might know how He feels about you, that you might know how He feels about His creation because it’s impossible to explain it, it can’t be explained. Theology will never cut it …so…. you have to have such intense love for a child and how will you know that intense love? Well we have a mother….we have Carolynne here….and we have you …and we have you. And we always ask: “Why does it have to be like that?” Because there is no other way to experience love! Love has to …in this realm has to create opposites…. in order to be experienced… and I’ve said it before Carolynne didn’t know she had to experience what love was not before she could experience what love is ….with me… see? That was …that was very real in my life…it was not theology.


So our heart’s strength, our soul strength, comes by a revelation in our hearts of the Father’s heart and desire. Does that line up with what you’ve heard all your life…. spiritually? Yeah, it’s the revealing of the Father that begins the awakening that’s in you. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! What does that require? The only way to have those

kinds of feelings is to embrace the experiences of your life. You may not like them, you’r not asked to like them

but it is absolutely essential to embrace them or you can’t have them…They won’t be yours, they will be like….

along your roadside, like packages covered with all kinds of drapes until you walk far enough in your life, until

you gain enough responsibility of acceptance…. of your emotionally body, that you are willing to say:


“Okay Lord I am ready now… take me back and let me experience my whole life, let me be complete, let me be whole, heal my emotional body.” [It’s like a life review…you don’t have to wait till you die!] See? With all the arguments…I remember…. I was talking like this someplace just a few weeks ago… and somebody said: “What does Jesus have to do with this?” I just have to say something…. what’s Jesus got to do? ….Everything! What’s

Jesus got to with it…everything. What’s He got to do with it? Well He acted out for you… all the trauma of the emotional body. The pain… by the thorns in His head, the trauma of being…not being able to do for your child or for you husband or for your wife, you know what’s that called? It’s powerlessness, right? Fear… the pricking of fear… the powerlessness… Right?… the rejection…. Abandonment…of the stripes on His back. He experienced everything for you, not so that you wouldn’t have to experience it. Religion takes you on a side trip that never seems to end. If there ever was a red herring, it’s the thought that Jesus experienced it so you wouldn’t have to. No Jesus experienced all that just so that you could be empowered through your experiences with Him, in your own life, not His life …… not on His cross but in your own human experience you could become emotionally so capable and so powerful in your own emotional body that you could experience your whole life. Hallelujah! Like a lamb…. could experience it like a lamb….. totally accepting. Totally accepting!


So this powerful symbol of healing for the emotional bodythe medical profession has taken it on, do you know that? They’ve taken on the symbol… snake around the pole ….it’s not really not a pole…. it’s the cross…. because it’s mentioned in the wilderness….the children Israel were bitten by snakes and if they would look upon that tree they would be …. They would be healed. Hallelujah!


This is the conclusion of the second address.


There are two major mis-understandings in our theology that have hindered us from realizing the full impact of the Cross of Christ. The first of these is the understanding that all things have proceeded from a desire in God as has been presented. The second understanding has to do with concept of sin. Since the cross deals with sin we must understand the true nature of sin. The scripture speak of the sin of the world when John states: “Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.” The word “world” here is the Greek word “cosmos”. The scriptures also speak of the sin as the transgression of the law meaning the law given on Mount Sinai. The last address deals with the issue of sin and then finally, with our intent and purpose from the beginning, an understanding, a true understanding of the cross of Jesus and the cross of Christ.




Carolynne and I had this strange experience, if you follow…. I’ll say this much and then I want to give you this tothink about because I got into the middle of this meeting over in Knoxville and somebody aid, “Well…..if this all true what…what’s about Jesus, what’s He got to do with all this”? Well, if you know anything of Jesus in the traditional way that you’ve been taught He’s got real little to do with it because what you’ve been taught is a very incomplete picture, it’s not untrue…. it is true, it is true. Jesus did come to do everything that He said that He did and that you experienced. He did take upon Himself all that you couldn’t bear, He did, He did forgive you, yes He taught you the role of forgiveness. He didn’t just tell you how to forgive, He allowed you to experience His forgiveness so you could feel forgiveness. It’s not good enough to know about forgiveness, so you can feel forgiveness and He allowed you to have a cleansing of sin and guilt so that you would know what it was like but guess what that’s only the minor picture of why He came that’s just the beginnings of why He came. And you were s-o-o glad to get rid of that sin. You were so happy that Jesus took that sin away from you.


It never occurred to you to ask: “Oh where did that sin come from in the first place? You weren’t ready to ask that question. You certainly weren’t ready to acknowledge that maybe YOU were the one that created it in the first place. That thought never entered your cranium.


So, Carolynne and I were thinking about this, Carolynne particularly was thinking about her children and she said to God. She said: “God I did this for you….. I did this for you”. I still remember the feeling as she was telling me. She was so emotional about it, she was so powerful in her love: “I did this for you.” And the Lord said “No” what did He say to you? [Carolynne] He said: “No….YOU needed this experience”. YOU needed this experience. (Laughter…Carolynne:) “No, not so, not so, no I’ve been trying to walk in you”… “You needed to feel like you were approved of me, but I always approved of you”.


And then…. that same Sunday….. right after that we were in a Sunday meeting here …and a lady came from Springfield, MO. She’d been at Bill Britton’s church, Paula Smith…. Harmon and she…. came and she said: “Oh, you know”…. she said … “I went to church this morning and the preacher was preaching about sin”. “So I asked the Lord”… she said…. “Well, what do you think about sin?”


Well ……..that never occurred to me all my life! It never occurred to ask Jesus what He thought about sin. The question would be so obvious, obvious that He didn’t like it. You know that would be…. well it just never occur to us to ask Jesus: “Jesus what do you think about sin?” But she did…and she happened to arrive on the Sunday that just after Carolynne had been experiencing this God sort of put this back on her and said well you’re the one that needed this experience and so guess what the Lord said to her? He said: “Oh…. He said….. (I am just repeating what Paula said)…. Oh that’s just something that YOU created.


That’s a tough one…. that’s a tough one……You know I was stuck on that for a couple of years. I don’t know how long this might be it might have been two three years ago. For two or three years I’m just stuck on this thought of: “Oh that’s just something that you created.” Well I thought: “My God I wish I hadn’t done that.” (laughter…) How do I undo this, you know?


I think the first principle that…. that we need to…… what I want to talk to you about today I want to talk about the Cross ….it’s an issue. The Cross is an issue amongst the people that think and feel like us…. that have experiences like we… across this land…..the purpose for the cross is a big issue. Many different opinions are being expressed concerning it and it’s an issue in our lives and in our hearts so….. I want to do this in conjunction with the previous Sundays. And the first thought…. before I get to your question…..the first thought

…..I do believe that our experiences that we create in this dimension and the purpose for this dimension is to illuminate. Experiences that we have help to bring us understanding. I am not even talking about understanding you need to live in this dimension, yes, to live here on this planet in this time space realm in the experiences of the soul and the flesh you need to learn… need to be teachable yes but I am not even talking about that, I am talking about your eternal being……that is progressing through the ages of time and beyond time and evolving into greater glories of consciousness and knowing….. that being wants to understand wants to know. It came here specifically for that purpose. Not only to create understanding for yourself but for the cosmos. So that the great eternal plan of the Father….. in creating consciousness might evolve and might become.


So, knowing that…… when I allude to certain experiences……like watching a great maple tree and a wind come

and take all those seeds and scattered them. Some of them miles and miles and some of them falling right there at tree ….the great journey of each God-Seed. And then I use that to help us understand how God felt in the beginning when He released us from His being. (Aha..Ahem…) I could feel that tree but I really wasn’t feeling the tree, I was feeling the Heart of God….. that tree was used in my experience.


And even sitting here today when…when Carolynne’s talking about ….and Brenda’s talking about …..certain experiences of our lives, yes, they do help us understand our life experience and help us to evolve and take the next step but they are great cosmic perceptions ….being illuminated in the earth for the angels to behold (That’s true…that’s true) and to see and for the greater worlds that are stuck. You don’t think you can be stuck in the greater worlds? Guess what….. if you can get stuck in this realm it’s because ….its showing how you can get stuck in greater realms and how great hosts of beings on the great path of evolution into the greater worlds, the greater experiences have got stuck and then because of that…..a plan was conceived so that those beings could find redemption by looking at what happens on this little planet. In this little time space capsule, this little

miniature, if you have seen…eh… “Men in Black” or a… is it “Men in Black”? or is it ….yeah it’s “Men in Black” there is a pussycat. The pussycat has Orion on his belt and this is a great mystery. How can Orion be on a belt? Orion has a belt and the guy said it almost like a prophecy and this person could not understand it, how could this be “Orion on a belt”? Then there is the cat named Orion…. and he has a belt… around his neck and on it was a tiny little globe, a glass globe but when you look at it you see a whole galaxy ….in that movie, if you haven’t seen it.


So there are beings of light and understanding that live in incomprehensible realms. Incomprehensible to us…that are looking into like a little glass ball and when they look in it…they see planet earth. When they look more carefully they see Ginny, they see Ginny’s life and they see what Ginny is feeling and what Ginny feels trapped in and what………and then they say “Whoa…. she’s experiencing what we’re experiencing. I wonder how it will resolve in her life?” (That’s true…)And they are being empowered (beautiful..) through watching you, (ahum) Linda…walking out your life ….and finding release and freedom……the cosmic knowing that wants to know that ….is very interested. And that’s what they’re really looking at is the cross of Christ. When they look at your life they are looking at the cross of Christ.


The cross of Christ isn’t just something that happened 2,000 years ago to a man on the shores of Galilee. The cross of Christ is an eternal experience out of a greater world as projected into this time space dimension in your life. You are the enactment of the cross of Christ. That’s why it’s written in the bible when it says: “Crucified from the foundation of the world.” It wasn’t just Jesus that was crucified from the foundation of the world….. YOU were crucified with him from the foundation of the world that is ….in your greater awareness….. in the greatness of who you are in the Light….. you agreed to come….and be condensed ….and be confined… and be limited and be….ah…almost become stupid (chuckles…yea…true ) … so that you could create an experience and the purpose for this experience is the redemption of the cosmos. Well why does the cosmos need redemption? That’s the question! How… There’s nothing wrong with God! Well why does….does God need fixing? Huh? Right?


So ….all we’ve been able see for 2,000 years about the cross and we’ve seen it mostly in the experience of Jesus….hardly in our own. But in His experience….all we seen is the remedial consciousness. We’ve seen that Jesus came to fix things….. to deliver us from sin, from oppression, from quilt, from shame all those things that we felt had trapped us. And it’s true. I mean …I did experience that, I experienced release from quilt, from shame through the cross of Jesus of Christ (yes), release from sin. I do not disparage that; I do not make that less for any man….. in fact I would magnify it and make it greater…..but what I am telling you is that’s only looking at the Cross from downside up. We need to look at the Cross from the upside down. We need to look at the cross from the purpose of eternity…… instead of from the purpose of humanity.


So…our perception from the experience of humanity has not been wrong…but it has been very limited because the experience of humanity has been very limited. So consequently our understanding of the Cross is been very limited. (Yea….Right.) Of course the cross includes sin, so our perception of sin has been very limited and imperfect too. And that’s a big issue too today…. amongst the brethren that we fellowship……the understanding. .And many are reaching out and they’re grasping at a thought and often those thoughts are not

very well balanced, some of my thoughts presently and in the past have not been well balanced but that’s okay

it’s better to reach and be unbalanced than not to reach at all and settle for perceptions that are 2,000 years old and haven’t worked very well. Now they’ve worked wonderfully to a certain level or realm but where we’re going they will not…..and are not productive. We need that greater knowing that wants to come in our hearts. That great release…… “I will show you a place where you may dwell there you will show my people a whole new way of living.” What’s a whole new way living? It’s first of all a whole new way of thinking.


It’s a whole new way of perceiving. It’s a whole revolution in our attitude and heart-mind concerning who and what God and His heart are and secondly who we are and what our hearts are about. Both of those two things are very, very important.


So there are two that I emphasized last Sunday and previously that I want to just reiterate. One is…..that we were released from the great essence of what God is; we were released in great hope and desire. You are the child of desire, you didn’t know that, you’re not child of… a mistake, you’re not the child of…a…a…of whatever you thought you were the child of, of somebody’s error some where. No……you are the child of intense and great desire and it’s in your bosom…..whether you acknowledge it or not, it’s there. When you harmonize with it, when you let yourself feel it and quite trying to shun it and quit try escape from it and let yourself feel that intense desire for love that’s in… that great desire to be and to experience love is…..because…..that’s the essence of you, you are that……you came from that….you carry that with you.


The desire in the beginning….of the great eternal realms….of the great eternal Father was…..that He might experience the love that He already is, that’s the purpose…..for allowing separation to come. Because He full well knew that when He took your being and began the possibility of the separation….it said: In the beginning was Word and the Word was God and the Word was with God”. This is the first glimmer….of separation began; the first thought of separation began in the great Heart-Mind of the Father….as the Word….and from the Word all things were created…..that are created. There are many, many aspects in lives that were never created, they just are but all that was created came out of that first thought and desire that He might experience love and He called that the Word. It’s not only Jesus that’s the Word made manifest. Right? Not only Him…. but the company that came with Him that is that Word made flesh.


And our desire to become flesh…..came in the beginning to fulfill the heart desire of God….to experience love… made it as your desire as the God seed and then the God seed needed to cloth itself with flesh in order to become the living word in flesh experience. That’s your root beginning…. that’s the understanding of who you are that needs to become the foundation of your thinking about yourself. You need to revolutionize and change your theological thinking about who you are and you need to change it with some concisions appreciation of thoughts that you materialize in your mind… some way or another…..however God enables you to do it….but you have to change your thinking… have to embrace thoughts that are truly right…… (Yes…) for the place that you’re in.


Now some of the thoughts that you have were good when they were conceived but they are now…..they’ve have been there so long….they’ve got stuck inside of you and they really need to be expelled….and it’s hard for you to let them go. You are eh…eh…. (Watch that thought!…) bunged up! (chuckles)…. Watch it he says…. be careful how you say that… Yes. So we need a letting-go experience (Hallelujah) a really…. a releasing experience….. of thought forms and consciousness that served us and no longer serves the body, needs to leave the body and it needs to be a free flow in you. It’s not just letting go once and then holding everything else…. no, you need to continually receive and let go….. it becomes a way of life and you learn how to do that….in an acceptable social manner! Right? Hallelujah!


So the first thought then is that you are the child of desire. Not just somebody’s desire but the Great Source. It’s desire…. you are that child. What a wonderful privilege to be the child of that Father’s desire and to….begin to live in harmony with that desire….let it be…. let it live in you…. give it room in you…. serve it. Give your consciousness to it ….say: “Father I came to hold your desire.” That’s a commitment and dedication of will that Eva was singing about ….see…. it’s not just giving Him your all so God can do something good for you, yes that’s a wonderful place. “God use me to save somebody else!”…. that is perfect, that’s a beginning ….but there’s has to come a greater place that is: ….. “God and let me embrace your Heart-Mind so that you could have an expression ……of purpose… your Heart-Desire can be can be fulfilled”.


The second is…. once the journey of separation began ……and again I am talking about ……What …what do we need to know in order to have a truer understanding of the Cross?…… We need to understand the purpose of the cross….then you need to understand the conditions for which the cross came…… The purpose of the cross has to do with a condition that prevails……that needs to be ministered to……..through the cross. And if your perception of those conditions has a twist in it then your understanding of the Cross will have a twist in it. And the way to fix it is… go back…..and that’s what I want us to do….. I want us to go back and understand the beginning of things.


The second beginning we need to understand is: …In this journey of separation ….that was the choice of the Father…. and not for any other reason. In that journey…. as we were clothed, and began to cloth ourselves increasingly with awareness of SELF….. before we ever became physical now…. then there’s nothing about having a body yet. This is about you creating a sense of being in yourself ….separate from the source…. the Father! Allowing that to happen and facing your fear of that happening…. because with it comes a fear… strangely enough…. with it come a fear…. and one of the…one of the first feelings, I believe the first feeling that came with it…. was a sense in us of our inability…. to meet …..the expectation…. that we felt the Father must have of us.


So ….in the other Sunday I defined sin as: “The awareness of the…. or the awareness….or the thought that I cannot meet your expectation.”….. You’ll just have to let yourself feel that for a while. I have to let myself feel that thought.


Sin is the awareness or the thought that I am unable to meet you expectation.


Well…. other people have said things…. what give you the right to come up with a definition for sin? Sin is something that’s universally talked and thought about and everybody has an idea of it and nobody can really discard it…. they try to discard it they say well sin is a….one of the definitions that I’ve tried on and I think has some significance is the idea that it’s is a… “Mistaken identity.” When you don’t know who you are. Or sin in its simplest form is simply…“Wrong doing”.


When Clinton went and talked to all the preachers…. he said: “I have sinned.” He apparently knew what he meant by that he had a drama using the word sin when it came to the preachers. Now…when he stood before the Judge ….of the land, before the law, he was more careful about what he said you know because he could be incriminated. So yes…. he says: “I have sinned.”


So …..everybody has an idea about sin and the basic thing about sin is wrong doings mostly…. but we know that acts come from thoughts. The source of things is never the act, the source is the thought behind the act and the emotion that you clothed the thought with. There’s a thought comes…. you cloth it with emotion and then it creates an action and you call that sin but really the or…origin and the source of the sin is really a thought and I believe that sin first began to happen to us when we conceived a thought that we would be unable to meet our Father’s expectation of us. Now the first thing to be aware about that is out of the thought we conceived, God did not conceive that for us and try it out on us. He didn’t have such a thought that thought could only be created in separation. There had to be two parties….. one that could conceive a thought but does he really think of me or what does he really expect of me. Only separation can create that kind of a thought.


So sin can only exist on the journey of separation and guess what, we talked about this, sin came into being to help us create a journey of separation, to make the separation more real….. but guess what, whatever it is….where it is in the beginning what was it? Was it a truth? No! It was a lie! Somebody conceived a lie in the beginning…. Yeah…. it had to be conceived, it was necessary in order to make separation which wasn’t real to become real or to seem real. Because really……. how can you ever separate yourself from God? Where would you go to separate yourself? There isn’t any place you can go where He’s not…..because is the only ultimate reality. So of necessity reality or separation has to be illusionary in nature and be capable of lies! Whoa…..!Whoa!


And now when I talk about sin in that manner…. that it was something that was conceived in us…..and really truly conceived by us….within us, then we begin to understand that sin needs to be dealt with but not in the way we have been trying to deal with it. That is….if we see it as something that is terrible, wrong and needs to be eradicated we have a problem. Because you are trying to eradicate something that has no eternal existence at all…! Really! It doesn’t have a substantial reality to it….it’s like…. the darkness! Right? The darkness….it has no reality to it itself, it’s just a way of describing ….when the lights go off. You say the light’s off you don’t say, “Hey the lights off in here!” I’ve never heard anybody walk into the dark say: “Hey the lights off!” “Yeah it’s dark in here.” Well….how do we give such substantial reality to something that isn’t? We can do that in this realm of separation of opposites…. we can do that here. Darkness can be a real thing to us and you can have agents of darkness. You can have spirits of darkness… see? But ultimately we know that darkness is only the absence of

light….(Right)…. that’s all! Hallelujah!


So it helps us…. to understand this…. so these two things then help us to try and understand what really happened at the Cross of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago and what’s really happening on the Cross of your lives,

huh! It’s not just good to understand what happened on His cross, if understanding His Cross doesn’t really help you understand your part in it…..or your Cross….your Crucifixion.….then you haven’t received the light that He came to bring. So…there’s where we are….Hallelujah!


SO…now…. in…in this kind of an awareness that I am now talking about I can understand it when Paula came here some three or four years ago and said that Jesus told her ……on the question: “She says…well …Lord what do you think about sin?” and His response to her…..and I am quoting what she said…her…His response to her was: “Oh, well that’s something that you’ve created”. That’s just something that you’ve created! I couldn’t

understand!…..Why?….that was something I never heard, never understood, never read about anywhere. No one ever said that about sin before and I could receive it… first. I tried it out and it felt good but I couldn’t receive it because it leads to the next question. The next question of course is: “If we created it…. then why did we create it?” And of course the answer to that, like I said before, the purpose for sin is to make the journey of separation real.


And the purpose of the journey of separation is that the eternal source wanted to experience Love ….that He is.

He repeated that over and over and over again to us because they are two primary thoughts. Without them you will be lost in the wilderness of your experience and in the wilderness of you theological comprehension…..will not make sense because it is all anchored on those two thoughts and they are very important because of that. And as I said….they bear out scripturally both of them. I don’t want to go into that all over again but they do bear out scripturally….we can, and if we need to we can spend more time to do that but I want to go on. The Cross….The Cross….Jesus Christ crucified from the foundation of the world… and Him crucified for a purpose. Hallelujah! And the purpose has to do with sin…. there’s no question about that All through the scriptures sin and the Cross are put together. God so loved the cosmos, God so loved the world and everything in it, His perfect wonderful arrangement His beginning of it, the journey of separation, all those spiritual entities from Him self sent on a great journey.


Lost…some of them lost and trapped…..some of them with great energy on levels……all choosing, all creating out of the energy that He gives them…. continually creating and creating and creating, creating what? Creating realms of consciousness … create an expression! Hallelujah!


So….the awareness that we as children….a child has no understanding of what’s happening to it, that’s what makes it a child, that’s what’s wonderful about the childhood experience, you are so innocent… innocent!. And so….We as children, children to what, children to the journey of separation, children to physical embodiment, way on down the line we needed to take on physical bodies so that separation could become ultimately real. Could become real in a way we never anticipated, right here in this realm…this is…whoa…This is the place that we longed for all through the ages of unfolding we wanted to be here. This is the place where it can all happen. This is the place were we can see things. This is where we can create the experience and immediately receive the results of that experience more than any other of the seven realm that are surrounding us in this time space dimension where we are. This particular, one where we are, this three dimensional realm was greatly desired and is greatly desired by the higher spirituals and by the greater worlds.


So…In this realm…. we became children. When you took on a body…. and that’s what the book of Genesis talks about when you took on body and began to feel the thought in away you never felt it before, when you got in a body and participated in the tree of knowledge of opposites of good and evil and you began to experience condemnation, you never felt like it this before…. doesn’t mean it didn’t exist before….but you never felt it like you did it in a body! You never knew what it was like for you to have a body, to have a nervous system to experience all this and the first feeling was: “Whoa…. I am unable to meet the expectations of my Father, I am doing something wrong or I am ashamed, I am embarrassed and then whoa, down you went into the physical experience. That’s how it happened.


So sin lies at the very root of your physical experience. That’s why the Roman Catholic Church calls it original sin, they know that original sin has to do with coming into the body but they think there is something wrong that

happened….they’re right and they are wrong. They are right by placing original sin in the garden but they are wrong with the thought that number one that’s where it began and number two that it’s something wrong. They are wrong on both of those accounts. It began along time before the garden, it began at the very inception of our beingness but….when we took on bodies, sin took a whole other ….aura…. to it. It became the driving motive of you physicalness. The feeling of shame that came with it: “I cannot meet my Father’s expectations, how come? There must be something wrong with me…. I must have done something wrong! Eh… How did I get here into the physical body? But this whole experience is …….Whoa what did I do? I’m ashamed and I’m embarrassed about it. You ever have felt shame? Yeah! You know what shame is like! (Amen) When you got some real shame you don’t tell anybody. That’s what makes it real, you hide it, you do everything you can to hide it. That became one of our first experiences of becoming physical.


So… your present life experience from the time you were a child you have to experience some shame somewhere …..Why? So that you can get a hold of the physicalness. You need something….. maybe your Mom and Dad did something to you that they shouldn’t have done or you did something to somebody you shouldn’t have…. somebody did something they shouldn’t have done should done by everything that’s good and right!


Whoa… your ashamed! Well that feeling of shame, that’s only something your experiencing in this physical dimension but what….it’s an opportunity for you to begin to feel here of shame that existed in the greater worlds that brought us here in the first place. So they are gifts, they are gifts. There’s enough control around us so that you don’t get totally trapped in it, some people do get trapped in shame for 20, 30, 40, 50 years of their lives. (“And beyond.”) And beyond, some of them never get released from shame. They go on the other side and they are still trapped in shame…. like that being that Carolynne met and she had to sing deliverance to Him, she said at the Cross…. The Cross is forgiveness for you. You don’t have to be ashamed to go to the Light. What keeps beings from going to the Light is their shame, the Light doesn’t refuse them! (It created them) They…they have shame… says: “I’m not worthy.” So they clothe their selves in darkness so they can hide from the Light. On…whether its on this side of the veil or on the other side of the veil. You know that! (Amen!)


So it’s those feelings of shame, which is the emotion that comes with sin. Sin is the thought element of it, shame is the emotional experience of it and they’re connected…. they’re always together. That shame and that sin that we couldn’t understand…..trapped us. So then council was taken in the higher worlds and they said the Cross, the Cross that you are ….and I’ll get to that to explain that more perfectly…..but the Cross you are …..had to be manifested in time and space so that you could SEE the Cross and the Cross came to deal with sin. It was a sin that you didn’t understand, you didn’t understand that that sin was rooted in a lie, that it wasn’t real. You thought it WAS real, that’s why it trapped you. Once you understand that sin is not real it cannot trap you ever again. You don’t have to say it doesn’t exist; you don’t have to say that sin isn’t real.


If you’ve ever been married you know that sin is real. You know that you can disappoint each other. You can walk around for days wondering what your mate is thinking. You’re scared to ask…..because they might tell you. You’re hoping they’ll forget. (“No chance.” “Memory like an elephant.”) A dozen roses, two dozen, a hundred dozen, some times it is impossible ……..and the relationship breaks and Love seems lost. I tell you what, Love is never lost! Hallelujah! I could get distracted here. I could get distracted by the thought that Love is never lost! Hallelujah!


Love never loses, Love never dissipates, Love cannot be lost. Yeah it can be covered by shame, by nakedness it can be covered by disappointment but feelings of betrayal….yes, by feelings of discard ness yes, but Love itself is eternal and ……has no opposites, it can never be destroyed. Hallelujah! Beautiful! In our experiences you can have a touch…. just ONE touch of love in you life…. it can throw you into deepest despair but ultimately it will reveal you to the highest degree! Hallelujah!


So…… knowing, knowing this then….. that we were made subject to sin not out of some evil desire but in hope…in…in hope for the Father’s plan we became subject to sin. Something that we created… help our journey of separation but then….. after having created…. of course we did not understand it..or it would not have been effective. Like….I was talking to somebody the other day and….this person I love so much…. they had an experience in their life….that made them feel….really…..a lot of unworth! Huh….Ever met anybody who had some unworth in them? (“Naah…I think we all do.”) We all have layers of it but some of us are crazy enough to look at it… the spirit….and to feel it….. and others keep pretending it ain’t there. They build bigger house….to get a nicer car….uh…..marry a more beautiful women or whatever you got to do to fix these feelings that you’re really not any good…..but we all have feelings of unworth! They lie at the root of the creative purpose of your physical body….you needed those feelings to really come here. They’re not really something awful and terrible, they just FEEL awful and terrible! Hallelujah! But they’re untrue and I knew….I wanted to say this to this person so much….I wanted to tell Him: “Hey, you’re believing a lie.”….but I couldn’t, all I could do…. was try to tell them how beautiful they are and I kept telling them how much I loved them and try to describe they are beautiful but they looked at me a little bit and said: “Well, I don’t know… just say that about everybody.” So….While it just happens to be true about everybody but……but all at once one day I don’t know what happened……the grace of God came into this person’s heart and they told me….that they had felt ….discarded. Oh…. I can’t tell you what that meant to me, how deep that went…..because when we OWN our experience, when we are willing to SAY it, that means we’re willing to FEEL it….and when your willing to own your emotional body…..just because it’s tremendously painful to you…..but you still own it, that’s wholeness.


Wholeness isn’t when you’re all fixed….wholeness is when you own your emotional body. Wholeness is when you integrate your being. Wholeness is when you give thanks for your physical experience……those are the beginning steps of wholeness….wherever they lead. But it made me so aware that some of us are trapped for…..a couple of years, some of us are trapped for 35 years…..because of inability to connect with the emotional body and to own a certain experience. Well guess what…..why…why…why is that so….it’s because in the great ages………..there are thousands of beings, billions of them trapped for just a month or a week but trapped in ages and in realms trapped….. in thoughts of unforgiveness and unworth, trapped in consciousness of sin and redemption is desired. Not to fix….but to create an on going evolution in the great desire of the Father! Right?


So…..a plan was conceived to help us understand and make real a feeling that really was based on a lie. The lie was: “You are not worthy!”…. The lie was: “You are guilty!”…. The lie was: “You done something wrong!”…. That was the lie! The FEELING was? CONDEMNATION! The feeling was real even if it was a lie and we didn’t know what to do with condemnation. So a plan was conceived and it said: “Abraham….I need you…..of course it was planned before the ages were but in time it looked like He called Abraham. “Abraham looked at the stars!”……I need your seed; I need to evolve a purpose in your seed. I need a body of people to receive a purpose in. Hallelujah! I remember how I preached that for some years… was so awesome to me….. It was so beautiful ….the purpose of God in Abraham….It sort of feed an elitist spirit in me, I think for a while, a few years. I got over that after while, some purposes…..some events….were arranged in my life to help me get over an elitist spirit. Have any of those things happened to you yet? Hello! (We all have) When you just think you can do it because you’re the chosen of God! All right! But….nevertheless God called Abraham, because He wanted a seed and He looked up at the stars, He says: “Abraham I know your going to think these are your flesh children but these are star seeds!” These are beings out of the greater worlds that are coming through your seed line for a purpose, you think you’ll own them and you’ll get elitist about them and you’ll create a lot of stuff around but that’s okay…..the purpose is still through these are those that come from the stars that want embodiment to conceive a purpose on the planet…..that I want conceived.


So there came twelve tribes, twelve boys and just read the story on how they got here, whoa what a trip! Right? Eleven of them tried to kill one of them…. they deceived their dad to do it…. so if you’re so honored about being among them that’s great. (Chuckles, laughter). Yes, I am honored to among them! Because I am a star seed! Yes and the wrong things had to be there to make it real. The wrong things were part of the purpose and the plan in the first generation they had, those twelve boys became twelve tribes, those twelve tribes were sent into bondage.


What was that bondage….they went into…..the bondage was by the Pharaoh in Egypt but what was it acting out? It was acting out in the cosmic scheme of things, there is a bondage to material consciousness, there are untold beings locked into the thought that I’m material, I’m physical form, I’m lost, I’m trapped…I’m a slave to material consciousness, I’m…I think that’s my only reality I don’t know if I am any more than that! Right? That’s the Pharaoh…..but it needed to be acted out, somebody needed to see it, so the Pharaoh needed to be the Pharaoh.


Did you ever wonder why God put…harrowed…harrowed…Hardened Pharaoh’s heart? So that it could be a true picture…..of how it already exists in greater worlds. It’s an out acting of what is in the greater worlds. Cosmic, it’s a cosmic picture and so they were sent 400 years in severe bondage and then He called them forth and what did He do? He brought them to Mt. Sinai and he married them and He conceived a purpose in them and He said: “This is what I need you for.” He said: “I am going to lay the Law on you…. if you’re willing to take it.” And they stood up: “Yes we will!” He says: “These are the blessings and these are the curses, if you’ll obey the law you will be blessed, if you don’t obey the law you’ll be cursed and you’ll be condemned.”


“Okay, well do it!” Boy they were a courageous lot! Right? So what happened? So they were clothed…they alone of all the people in the earth were subjected to the law of God ….willingly! Right? Fifteen hundred years of Moses and what happened? They were unable to meet the expectations of the Law! What is that? When you’re unable to meet or feel you’re unable to meet expectations we call that: “SIN”! (Transgression of the Law) Sin, transgression of the law….. but guess what, that was a legal covenant made with the people. It was the legal definition of sin, you know, you hire a lawyer and you say, well I was just doing that and he says yeah but that’s not the legal definition. When it says mortgage and there’s a specific legal definition of what a mortgage is…when you say bankrupt there’s a specific legal definition of what it means to go bankrupt! Owner has a specific def…there is a legal sin…..was created on Mt. Sinai and it was obedience to the law, that was the definition given to it.


Was it real or was it not? It was real because it was a contract. You make a contract…’s real, as real as the agreement. And then…..they found they unable to meet the conditions of the contract, so by the law they were…..condemned. The law is the ministry of condemnation…..Paul calls it that. The law was given so that children of Israel could feel condemned. Not only condemned but they couldn’t say: “It’s a lie!” Why couldn’t they say it was a lie? Because they agreed to the terms! …..Right? Because they agreed to the terms the condemnation was real, guilt prevailed and punishment according to the contract had to be met out which was DEATH. All in terms now…… of a legal contract made on Mt. Sinai 1500 years before Jesus Christ! Right? And then He says….it’s written in your prophetic history….. “He was wounded for our transgressions”. Mel Gibson’s movie starts out with that scripture! “He was bruised for our iniquities. Surely He has bore our sorrows.” What’s their sorrow….their sorrows were their inabilities to meet the expectations of the law that they had agreed to! Their iniquities were that…as a people. “And by your strips we are healed”…That’s a nation of people, what that scripture is about. Jesus came and He became….oh….. 1500 years they killed lambs to help them understand what was required to release the quilt. No… lamb ever could do that it had to be something eternal that would do that. Something eternal had to die, something eternal had to change, see.


So then Jesus came and became the sacrificial Lamb to meet the conditions of a legal contract of sin made in Mt. Sinai and He fully met all the expectations. He didn’t say: “I am not able to meet the expectations.” He fully met all the expectations. The contract was met and fulfilled for every Israelite that ever made that agreement. And it was canceled out with Him. The legal definition that was made in Mt. Sinai was totally satisfied on Mt. Calvary.


The legal definition of sin given to the children of Israel on Mt. Sinai was totally fulfilled and contracted by the sacrifice made on Calvary, it was cancelled out, done away and does not exist. But guess what…. sin was not created on Mt. Sinai. A legal definition of sin was created on Mt. Sinai as the experience of a people that could become…What was the purpose?


The purpose was so that these people could see and feel the condemnation of…..understand what caused it. And tell all the cosmos that condemnation comes from meeting contract and not being able to fulfill it.


Well, why was it necessary? The reason it was necessary is so that you could look at your feelings of condemnation and sin that were created in the beginning and that were reiterated when you became a physical being and look at them and ask: “Where was the contract”? You have a right… need to ask: “Where was the contract that makes me guilty…..where was the contract that puts me under sin”? And the answer is: “There isn’t any.” The answer is: “I never held you….. I never condemned you….. I never held you guilt, I never held your shame and made it as something real.” That’s the great news.


Oh, what love is really like and to experience it, is the end result that I’m experiencing in you. I am experiencing

my Heart’s desire….in you, you are my great love, you are the ultimate desire of my love made real. That’s the day that we’re standing in, we’re not standing at the beginning now, we’re standing at the end where we can understand everything concerning our journey, we can understand that certain lies had to come into our being, we can understand that the lie of sin had to come…..for the evolution of separation, for separation to be real. For me to think of something as separate from God……having awareness of self….that I could make own….even using it to separate myself from the source that is my life and that I really am….to make that allusion real….could be my choice and many of us made us that choice.


Great realms were created in the universe, where great groups of entities even lost emotional connection with themselves, how deep the separation became, how much they are trapped. And what will release those beings to continue on their journey is understanding. Understanding of what? Of themselves! Understanding means acceptance, understanding of yourself means…is necessity…is necessary for acceptance of self. Accepting yourself is the only way to complete the journey. Validating yourself is the only way to complete the journey. Having integrity of being, moral and emotional responsibility are steps in the journey to complete the journey, they are essential. Responsibility for your body, making this YOUR body and knowing that you helped to create it for the Divine Purpose is part of the evolution of your purpose. It’s a step absolutely essential in this day. No longer can we shift the responsibility of our being to anyone or to anything. We have to and are becoming responsible as individuals for what? Primarily for your consciousness… need become responsible.


You need to be willing to define yourself…..To say I am a Light being…. and in the moment you begin to say that you can hear the Father whisper in you like He did to us and He says, He says, “Well Father I feel so close to you”, He says, “I am much closer to you than you think”. “I am the very cells of your body.” Does it mean you physical body? Yes! Does it mean your Light body? Yes! Your emotional body? Yes. Any kind of a body that you clothe yourself with is Him. You come from Him, it is His substance , it’s never separate from Him. Then He said this…the Word of the Lord it came from….He said: “Your consciousness is all that there is”. Think about it; for you….can you think of anything beyond your consciousness? Of course not. And then He said this: “And I am your consciousness”.


Can you imagine such complete understanding of your being? No…. you cannot! Because you’re still in some phase of the operation of separation. But the truth of it can be like a wonderful girding of your being any time you feel like: “Yea though I walk through this valley of separation, I will fear no Evil because I know you are always with me. You cannot…not be with me because I am a living part of you and have always been a living part of you.” We are the first to be able to say that. David spoke it… the Psalms thousands of years ago and it gets quoted at every funeral you ever go to , “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death”. What it really means: “The valley of the shadow of the separation of our experience.” Yea though I walk through this valley….where I can’t see, in the valley you can’t see, the mountains are around you, you can’t see. Why?…..You’re limited in your perceptions and your perspective, you’re earth bound in your knowing of self. You think that this is what you are…..this physical body… what you are. You think that the thoughts that you have are real and true. Well…. some of them are and some of them aren’t.


Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadows….the shadows are SEEMING realities. Right? A shadow doesn’t have any substance. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadows of reality…. this separate experience…. I will not fear evil. It’s a decision on your part, I am not going to fear, yes I see evil, all kinds of it around but I’ll not fear it because it has no substance and no reality, why? Because….. truly the whole journey of separation is an experience that I’ve created to fulfill your Heart. But it cannot separate me ever….. even though I don’t experience that, I can’t feel it, I don’t feel like I am connected. But I know I cannot be separated from you because I am who you are, you are who I am.


That great profound truth….that connects us….that connects US together… the antidote to the pain of separation but guess what that doesn’t deliver you from the journey, it helps you to walk the journey. You don’t want to be delivered from the journey of separation folks, let me promise you don’t. That’s what you came here to experience and walk out. You want to walk that baby out totally to its completion. You want to embrace it, you want to be thankful for it but the only way you can…if…if you truly know deep down, in your heart knowing, not from some mental comprehension but in a heart knowing, you know that you are more than the journey. You are more than the consciousness that you now have.


“Well you’re more than you kno-o-w, you’re more than what you see, your bigger than this flesh your in and all that’s in between. Oh, yes you’re great and your wonderful, all things under feet. Now walk this knowing and never claim defeat.” Well, I didn’t know what that song was about when I first heard it, yes I did know a little bit. But I didn’t know the broad scope; I didn’t know great the scope of it was…. the knowingness of our being…. the knowingness of our being…. the knowingness of who we are. So then… so then we’ve answered one part of the question of the Cross! We’ve answered how it meant the legal definition of sin on Mt. Calvary and we’ve also eluded from that, that the idea of sin really doesn’t need fixing. It’s something that was needed for the journey of separation to exist.


So then, what is the greater meaning of the cross? I often said that there is more to the Cross. Now the Cross of Jesus was HIS way of experiencing YOUR life. He wanted to experience YOU… that’s why He came. He came in obedience to the Light ….of a greater purpose that was conceived from the foundation of the world…. that you’re apart of but His desire was…. He wanted to be like you. You’re always told that you’re supposed to be like Him. Right? But it was His desire to be like you. It’s written…. it says: “He did not clothe Himself with the nature of angels but clothed Himself with?…..The seed of Abraham!”


What do you mean? You mean He didn’t like the seed of somebody else? Did He like the seed of Abraham better, no…. that’s not what He’s talking about. The reason He wanted to clothe with the seed of the children of Abraham because the children of Abraham came here to experience the Cross. They came here to experience Mt. Sinai as part of ….the Cross.


Not everybody came into humanity and into physicalness for that purpose…. others have came for other…..perhaps greater…I don’t know…. it’s not a matter of greater or less. It’s a matter of obedience to your purpose, why you came. You don’t need to know why somebody else came.


You don’t need to even judge why they came….why they came. Whatever purpose they came on the planet for was undoubtedly wonderful, some of its not, some of its good I’m sure, whatever. But your purpose is what you need to understand. It won’t help you to understand another’s. You need to understand your purpose.


So if you came with Him… and that’s my basic….basic assumption about all of us….it’s that we came with Him, we came with this man Jesus. We didn’t come with Him only 2,000 years ago we came with Him from the foundation of the world to create the experience of the Cross together. And He says:…. “Now ….here they are locked in time and space, subject to sin not understanding sin and yet I need to show them what they are experiencing. They are experiencing the cross but they don’t know…The thing they came for they’ve forgotten and they needed to forget, but it’s time to awaken them ….from sleep, the sleep of not knowing ….the sleep of not understanding the journey….the sleep of understanding their physicalness. Their physical bodies that they resist so much. They create sickness and ill health in their bodies because they don’t understand. They hate their own bodies….because they don’t understand. It’s time for me to come and show them. He said…. because he wanted to be like them, He took upon himself the seed of Abraham! Hallelujah, that’s you. He took upon himself your seed, your propensities, your likeness, He took on a physical body like you and had feelings like you but more than that He took it upon Himself in a way so that He could mirror it back to you. He wanted to SHOW you, what you were experiencing that couldn’t understand. You were experiencing at an emotional, psychological level that he pictured to you in a physical level. If you want to show somebody a picture you don’t go up a realm you step down a realm. He is showing you something in the physical that happened to you in the spirit, so that you could understand.


Now what is that? That’s crucifixion, you were crucified from the foundation of the world. How did you experience crucifixion? Crucifixion means limitation, it means death, so you experienced limitation and death, and He acted it out for you. You’re hung on a wooden cross, your cross isn’t wooden but you know what wood typifies, wood typifies humanity. The ark was made out of wood….overlaid with?…..Gold, gold typifies divinity, your divinity, wood typifies your humanity, wood is humanity. He was crucified on humanity…. you were…. you have to read the symbols. Like a sign along the roadside! Right? Hey…. read my lips, I’m saying something! You’re not hearing me! Right?


So there is a symbology in the scriptures. Does that mean there wasn’t a Cross, a wood Cross? Of course there was a wooden cross, that’s what makes it all effective. (Yeah!…Hallelujah!) There was a man that died and rose again, that’s what makes it real but that wasn’t only the purpose, and the purpose was your understanding. The grave wasn’t a hole that He was dropped in; the grave was the hole that you were in! Right? When….so the symbology of the cross that Jesus came to portray is all about your reality. So you need to know where the grave is, you need to know where the dead body is that got into the grave, you to know where the resurrection takes place and you need to know where the Cross is that He got crucified and you need to know what the nails are that He got crucified with, and you need to know what the thorns are that pricked His head and the beating on His back and the wounds on His back.


You need to know His wounds, you need to feel them, know them and know that you have them in you and then most of all you need to let yourself feel His attitude about it all. As a Lamb….that opened not His mouth! Why is He telling you that? Because that’s your sacred code, that’s the code of your release. He’s showing you the code of your release, the being a lamb…..without resistance. Resistance to what, well…what could He have resisted, He could have resisted His crucifixion couldn’t He? And He had a tremendous struggle with it in the Mt. Of Olives He sweat blood….Right? What is that, tear drops mixed with broken little blood vessels in His head because of stress! Right? You say He didn’t experience sin, why do you talk like that! If He experienced stress, why do you say He didn’t experience what you experienced, He experienced everything that you experienced. Why do you make Him different? He’s not different, He is you. He’s different to you in some physical aspects so that He could be symbolically you. He didn’t want to be particularly physical…. He only….so that He could be symbolically you ….so you could look at it and understand who you are and who you are not! That’s why He came…. and that’s what’s not been understood ….all these centuries, we’ve not understood because it wasn’t time but now the time has come the age has turned Pisces has hinged on Aquarius…. the water bearer has come.


The pouring out of His Spirit of understanding and light is on humanity. Humanity will know but you must know first, you must…..know who you are. You must know must know that you were crucified from the beginning. You must know that you were crucified when you took on a physical body with all its limitations, with the fears that prick your head, with the abandonment that you feel…. by the stripes on your back, the rejection of your friends and your house and the disempowerment of the wounds in you hands when you can’t help your own children.


Those are real experiences….and it’s our privilege for the first in the human species… recognize that those experiences were being given to us so we could attain to our true spiritual understanding of who we are. Those are not bad experiences. They are the experiences we need and that’s the attitude He came to give us on that cross He showed us only one attitude, Father let thy will be done not mine. Father I have desired with great passion, have I desired this moment, this is what I came. I came into the world for this cause and for this purpose came I into the world that I might show all of my own how they were crucified on time and space. How they were limited for the great purpose of the Father.


So that they might embrace their Cross even as I do and He said this…. Particularly…. to Carolynne…. He said, “Carry your Cross with dignity as I did” As I did. How do you experience your Cross? ….In the experiences of your life. But anyone of those experiences are not your Cross. Your cross is not because you are married to ….beautiful women that wants every other man in the world….not your Cross. Or your Cross is not that church you’re in won’t let you preach… throws you out…or whatever the reasons are not accepted. No…… the Cross is your very life experience…. which is manifested when you lose a child or when you get divorced or when you have a happy…..moment or when you have great joy, the whole of it your experience not just any part of it. And

if you want some part of it and not another you’ve not come yet to an acceptance of your experience. If you call

some of it good and some of it bad you’re still trapped in the awareness of good and bad that came with the tree of knowledge because it was meant to create the journey but wouldn’t take you into life. It’s the tree of lives that brings you into life.


The understanding that things are integrated and whole, the understanding that we’re talking about, that brings wholeness to your being, helps you understand that you are Light and you are perfection and you’re walking in the great glory of your beginnings. Those understandings can bring wholeness to us and the acceptance. And that’s why the spirit over the last few years has made so aware that we need to own our feelings. We need to own our emotional body, because it’s the key to our acceptance of self. Because that’s how you project yourself in this dimension, through your emotional body. Not your intellectual body, not necessarily you physical body but primarily your emotional body is what you use to project yourself with and if you have condemnation about your emotional body, that some feelings are good and some feelings are bad, well yes… they are good and bad in the results they produce…. but they are good and bad in themselves.


It’s not BAD to be angry. It’s not a good thing to kill somebody because you’re angry. But to FEEL anger is not a bad thing. In fact it’s very redemptive you need to let yourself feel he anger to find out what’s causing the anger. Because the anger is caused by some dissociation in you from reality, from yourself, from your body and the angry is the only way to go there and if you refuse anger, you can’t go there. If you have judgment concerning your emotional body, that’s just a package deal! Right? All the emotions….then you cannot experience your emotional body and so you’re emotional body needs cleansing. It doesn’t need cleansing so you won’t get angry, it needs cleansing so you will accept and allow yourself to experience anger. That’s so different from what we’ve heard. They washed their robes white in the blood of the Lamb and they owned their emotional bodies for the first time….See?


So then…. what…. There’s a couple more things about the cross…. so I can complete this because it so beautiful to me and not often can I say it like I am saying it today because I can feel it today. Sometimes you can say it and you don’t feel it. But when He was lowered in the grave, He only went there because you are already in that grave. Now the grave for you is not a hole in the ground. The grave for you is a perception of self…. that’s created in the mind, that’s your grave. Your grave existed in your mind, in your thinking processes, in the thought forms that you’ve accepted as being about yourself that really are not true, it’s a grave in which you’ve buried yourself, in which you died. Well guess what, if you died you must have been alive before you died. How were you alive? You’re alive as an eternal God-Seed of Light!


You’re a Light being that took on a certain mind of death, you willingly went to the grave…. to the cross…. and died. And you died in your consciousness and became a physical being, a physical, emotional being. And it says that a deep sleep came upon the Adam or the man, that’s what happened to you but you don’t know it so He’s acting it out for you. He says…. but guess what…. just as surely as I went into the grave and was resurrected so will you be resurrected from that mind condition in you that doesn’t acknowledge the truth. You CAN rise from that death in your mind and begin to embrace the original reality and the greater knowing of who you are…. yes resurrection is possible for you.


And then where is that grave? Where is the body? Mind is the death….. He that is carnally minded is dead….death is carnal-mindedness. Carnal mindedness is not a bad thing…. excuse me….sorry…. that’s got such a nasty religious connotation. Carnal mindedness…..minds the things of physical as though they are the only reality. When you mind the things of the physical realm…..the three dimensional… if they are they only reality than you are trapped in three dimensional consciousness and that’s in the mind…that’s death that’s in the mind.


Now where does the mind express it’s self? The mind expresses it’s self in the physical body! Right? The body…the mind has no way of expressing it’s self except through the body….. it makes the body do what it thinks. You can be sure that if any body is doing something…he’s thought about it or is thinking about it and is creating those actions. So the body expresses the mind, so the body is the grave in which the mind is buried Death and the Grave, and that’s why Jesus said…. made this pronouncement ….after the resurrection, appearing to John on the isle of Patmos…. He said: “And I have the keys of Death and of Hell” ….meaning … “I have the keys of Death and the Grave.” “Hell” simply means “Grave”, not meaning a hot place, it means “the grave.” “I have the keys of Death and the Grave”… the body and the mind. I have the keys for them. Why would you need a keyBecause you’re trapped…. in your conscious thinking…. You’re trapped in a certain understanding about your Mind-Body connection. And He said I have come to release you by my journey on the Cross ….by what I showed on the cross….manifested…..if you will look and believe. Believe what? Believe that I died? Believe that I rose again? No! Believe that what I’m showing you is YOU… that’s the belief! He that believeth on me, what are you supposed to believe on? Believe that He is YOU….that’s what you’re supposed to believe! Not believe that He is something other than you. Believe that He’s YOU…. believe He’s acting out your reality! Whoa!


Such a person can never be trapped in separation. He that believeth on me…. will never remain trapped in separation….cannot be. He that believeth on me ….though he be dead…. yet shall he live and he that liveth and believeth shall never die. Well you can think He’s talking about the physical grave and I believe it is, I believe in immortality as a reality….I think people don’t have to die…. I believe all that good stuff but it’s not what He came for…..because He Himself…. died…. tasted of death. He didn’t come to put away death as not being a reality! He came so that you could experience death…. know what it is ….and rise through it into immortality and know it and that immortality …that knowing…. lies in you and it has to do primarily with the acceptance of your physical body and your journey. That’s how real it is! Hallelujah!


Thank you, it’s wonderful. I believe that’s what the Cross is about, I believe the cross is the experience of the collective body of people from the foundation of the world taking on the Word becoming flesh and expressing certain realities and truth in this dimension that are for the deliverance of the whole cosmos, that’s the cross of Christ. (Hallelujah) Hallelujah! And it can only be understood…. by looking at the cross of Jesus, that’s His exclusiveness that’s His uniqueness. Why is Jesus so unique? It’s because He’s the only one that came to do that. Nobody else has done that…. nobody else acted out what He did on Calvary so you could understand your journey. It had nothing to with superiority or inferiority….it had nothing to do with one religion over another, it had nothing to do with all of that! It just has to do with truth from the Father. That’s what’s so beautiful about it. When it has an attitude of elitism or superiority in you, then you’ve already gone off the track. No it’s not what it is all about, it’s about love, that’s what it’s about. The Cross of Christ is about Love. It’s the most magnificent…awesome mystery of the ages and guess what…. you are the enactment of it, that’s what’s so beautiful. Thank you!

























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