1 Pet.1:10-11 the prophets who spoke of the messiah to come, inquired of the person and time the Christ within them spoke of Matt.23;29-34 The scribes and pharisees admitted they were sons of those who killed the prophets. They claimed they would not do the same. Jesus then said - I will send you prophets, wise men, and scribes. Some of them you will kill, crucify, scourge and persecute. Those that came before killed the prophets, but not just because of the man. It was the Christ in them they rejected. This was the word of God in them. 


This began in the beginning, but not because of some bad persons among them. This was all mankind in whom the word of God was put to death. The crucifixion at Calvary was the same death to God's word in the same mankind, from Adam to Jesus… Still in operation. 


To be crucified with Christ, we must be awakened out of death and disown our identity with that man. This man always rejects the word of God. Moses and the prophets bring us to repentance from this man. There is no substitution nor can one circumvent this law of operation of God. Except you repent, you will like wise perish. Jesus is the Word of God and his first message was repent. In ignorance man was led about by the word of an adversary. Adam cannot obey the word of God. (Rom.8-5-6) This means the Messiah was put to death, from the beginning by this man. This man is disposed to the flesh and cannot obey God's word, which is law. Restoration needs a new man, for this soulish man is unable to hear or get meaning from Spirit.


Restoration is to obedience and cannot include a man who cannot hear, much less obey the word of God. Satan has managed to direct this man since he was the first cause of disobedience. Jesus lived under the law for thirty years and had no conflict recorded with man or satan. When he was baptized and received the Spirit he began to minister. In forty-two months he was arrested, judged and killed as a criminal. Now when you and I repent, are baptized, receive the Spirit and begin to minister what happens to us? We now receive the same rejection from the same man. This separation we have with the world and what the unbeliever has with God is death. The crucifixion was spirit to spirit. This is a reality now between the true witness and the old man. 


In Christ, he has an end, but only in Christ. Very few see that this goes on today in the spirit. When our words find death in the old man we are crucified together with him. Many preachers and writers are so devoid of spiritual realization, they relate everything to the external. Sheep who follow them are people like priest. The father, son and holy spirit and the word are one spirit in life. One who hears and lives, is one in this as a son. There is the same rejection in life and crucifixion by this humanity and the world they walk in. Paul said -- I die daily. This was rejection as the Lord's Christ. This was not a futile attempt to die to self. I am crucified together with him, he said. The constant rejection of his witness in Christ's spirit was his identity in crucifixion. The same mankind who rejected and killed Jesus was putting the witness to death in Paul and in this day to those who bear true witness. 


Those ignorant of spirit, do not realize the realm of spirit is the reality of life and death. The flesh is symbolic and is temporal. In Christ dwells the fullness of the Godhead. All are of one, no separation, which is death. Jesus the Christ is the exact image of God the father. The tried and true witness of God. He brought the relationship with God that was for man to receive the true offering. He brought no condemnation, no curse, and no penalty. He had compassion, healing, raised the dead, fed the hungry, and left a promise he would bring the spirit to teach us all things. This good news is the power of God unto salvation. The idea that some other man or group of men will have any greater power of changing man or to change this world is vanity. This would be a denial of the finished work he declared he had accomplished.





CRUCIFIED TOGETHER [Lloyd Ellefson] 6-29-05          1

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