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BY:  JON R. CALVIN – JULY 26, 2010


The Crystal Sea/See #10: Seeing Christ as Spirit is...Seeing the Invisible Kingdom


To the “Knothole Gang”... Here is a peek into the most exciting life changing “continually unfolding” information the Mind of Christ has been leading us into. (The term “knothole” is reminiscent of the 30’s when children peeked through “knotholes” in wooden fences to see activities inside the baseball fields.)


A subtitle for this article could be: “The Purpose of The Transfiguration” – Introducing Christian Believers to Your Personal Invisible Kingdom of Heaven, available now and at hand.

A note in a bottle…

God is Spirit, Absolutely. That means HE is invisible, Absolutely.


He Loves this world, this Earth dimension, because it is structured to allow

Spirit Life to become visible through visible man. He is unconditional LOVE,

absolutely. We must know that HIS Spiritually designed Love is communicated

only with His Spirit SON, who also has His same Love Nature. God’s Christ Son

Presence is present as our life now in our Spiritual Cloud Body. Our physical

body is connected to the Christ Presence in our Cloud Aurora by a Silver Cord.

The Silver Cord (Ec. 12:6) could also be rendered as a “redemption frequency,”

which is functional in the silicon fluid in our brain. Christ has always been our

Spirit Life, with us in our Cloud, but not in us. Jesus said to His Disciples;

“The Spirit of Truth has been with you; but He will be in you. (JRC paraphrase,

John 14:17) Our Spirit Father only sees us as Christ. He is our Life in our

Spirit Body. Our Soul consciousness is in our Cloud connection; Father’s Plan

has been for our invisible Christ Cloud Presence to unite us with Him and become

One in us, to the saving of our Soul. These articles are written about how Spirit

becomes flesh; how the Transfiguration of Jesus (Yes-us) reveals the complete Plan.

What a Plan!: “The Marriage of the Natural World and the Quantum Dimensions”


Preface (A Look Back to January, 2010):

Something changed. It started with what seemed like a dream. I was made aware that in the Spirit realm we all have the same name (the word “name” actually means “nature”). Our True Identity IS CHRIST. It is real for every believer; our Life “is hid with Christ in God” before we descended into this three dimensional physical realm (Eph. 1:3, Col 3:3).


The Spirit realm is our true citizenship. There really is a Spiritual Body and as far as God our Father is concerned, we all are connected to Him, IN CHRIST. Crossing over is not going to another place. Crossing over is ascending to the SON Level of Spiritual consciousness, where everyone’s name IS CHRIST. “Come up higher.” This is real, stay with me. Your peace may depend on it.


For the Transfiguration, Jesus invited three of His Disciples to observe “THE INVISIBLE CHRIST PART’ of His Life. Heretofore they had only seen Him as flesh. That day, THEY SAW HIM IN THE SPIRIT, The Spirit of Christ manifested as Jesus, Who was the body of Christ. And, He was in INTERACTIVE CONVERSATION with Moses and Elijah. They were alive, in His Cloud Kingdom right there and ‘AT HAND.’ They were advising HIM concerning upcoming events in His life. Jesus had taught His followers that the invisible Kingdom was always ‘at hand’ – it was then and is every moment. It was time for those three Disciples to be witnesses of a never changing Spiritual FACT. It is still true today.


––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– The Cloud –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


I’m sure you have read in the Gospel accounts of the Transfiguration by Matthew, Mark and Luke that “a Cloud covered the mountain.” The Cloud is a symbolic clue to a very important hidden Spiritual Truth. It reveals a personal insight into how The Kingdom of Heaven is “NOW” operating in our Life. So let’s take a short historical journey.


We first see the Cloud after The Flood in Noah’s day. It was key to the rainbow symbol of God’s Covenant with man. Before it rained, the atmosphere was so heavy with moisture that there would not have been a cloud. But after the flood, with the Sun at a person’s back, they could see a rainbow in the cloud. God said that the bow would remind Him of His Covenant with man. I need to introduce here that God is Spirit and can only be in Covenant with man’s Spirit. Spirit and flesh are enemies. God said, “And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that [is] upon the earth.” (Genesis 9:16) The thing is; God had to be seeing the bow from man’s perspective. A cloud is actually made up of raindrops. A raindrop has the same curvature as our eyeball. When we see a rainbow, we are actually seeing the ultraviolet rays of the sun as they are reflecting off the back of a raindrop. When God saw the bow in the Cloud, He could have only seen it through the eyes of Noah. You’ll have to think about that because it reveals that God was IN man all the time. According to the Book of Jasher, Abraham spent the first fifty years of his life living with Noah and Shem where he was instructed in the Covenant relationship between God and man.


The Cloud next played a very prominent role in the Exodus of Israel from Egypt as they traveled west. The Cloud went before them to guide them and it went behind them as a rear guard to protect them. It was light to the believers and it was darkness to the unbelieving Egyptians. A key factor is this: When Israel completed the building of the Tabernacle, which was the dwelling Place for God’s Spirit, the Cloud ‘covered’ (overshadowed) the ‘skin tent.’ I hope you make your personal connection. We know in our Spirit Soul Awareness, that the Tabernacle was a symbol of our physical body. God’s Presence was in the Cloud that covered the ‘tent’; His Presence is still in the Cloud connecting us to His universe. When Israel crossed the Jordan and entered “the Promised Land”; the Cloud ‘disappeared’ because they had arrived at their carnal level of understanding His Promise. Jesus later came to further elevate our understanding of God’s Promised Purpose which is that we as Resurrected Spirit give Him physical visibility.


Another significance of the cloud was when the Temple of Solomon was completed, the Cloud returned to once again cover the Temple. To emphasize the symbolic type of the Cloud as God’s Presence, the Cloud soon left Solomon’s Temple; because the ‘Promise’ of God’s Presence is experienced by those who believe His Promise which says; “Lo, ‘I Am’ with you always.” I AM signifies the Breath Presence of the Invisible God. (I AM is the HAYAH Breath Covenant God made with Moses, as Moses’ authority. (HAYAH signifies two people breathing the same breath.) God said I will be your words spoken by your ‘breath’ in your mouth. “I will never leave you.” Your body is the Temple of God. Faith is believing the invisible God’s Presence without visible sight. Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD.


The Cloud played a role in Elijah’s experience as a sign of promised rain (1st Kings 18:44). To make a long story short, since our focus now is on the Transfiguration of Jesus, we fast forward to His Story. After the resurrection of Jesus, He ascended into a Cloud, and the angel said to his disciples that when He comes again, He will come in like manner as you have seen him ascend. Actually, as we are living His Life and as we ascend into His position in Sonship Oneness, we manifest His Life as His Body. “For me to live is Christ.” We are now positioned for His Kingdom to come in our earth body.


The Transfiguration was a graphic, convincing sign that the activities of God’s Kingdom are happening regularly, even constantly within our grasp; happening in the Cloud Aurora that covers the mountain of our personal government. “Of the increase of [His] Government and Peace [there shall be] no end/ (Isaiah 9:7)


We have observed in the Transfiguration studies that the ‘Invisible CHRIST LIFE’ was not a one time or one day experience. It is always a progressive journey. It reveals that as God releases us out of the ‘me’ focused Ego driven carnal life, we begin a 3-day journey. The Bible starts our spiritual educational journey with the Blood Covenant with Abraham. Please allow me to interject what I see as an important factor. This revelation can save you what took Abraham’s descendants 4,000 years to learn.


Blood Covenant was initiated when the life blood of a carnal animal was shed. All of mankind enters this dimension in a carnal condition. The central message of the shed blood was that animal instinct life was being taken away from man’s carnal nature to be replaced by a higher level of Life, called Faith. God had no pleasure in the sacrifice of animals. It was for man’s education. Covenant man must understand this Truth. God’s intent is that ‘man’ ‘SEE’ that His Plan offered man the experience of the higher Spirit Life which starts with Faith. Man could never image God’s Love Nature in our carnal “ME” condition. The Transfiguration reveals to us that God’s Plan was/is to release man from the control of his animal nature. God’s 2,000 year school was focused by Moses’ and Elijah’s illustrated levels of Life.


The focus on Moses and Elijah, as we already discussed, illustrated two different levels of our spiritual journey and emphasized that the animal nature was not compatible with Spirit. The four thousand year journey from Adam to Jesus showed that man’s Covenant understanding moved upward toward the pure mature Spirit awareness manifested in Jesus Christ, and is possible for all believers.


The Bible is structured to highlight, after Abraham’s Covenant, three clearly observable and required plateaus of growth. The first plateau was revealed in the ministry of Moses (in Passover), where man is first clearly confronted with his Carnal condition, and shown that his ‘carnal flesh’ was incompatible with God’s Spirit. Elijah, still without personal Spirit awareness, revealed another step (Pentecost). His modus operandi was to illustrate that God’s invisible Kingdom dimension was at hand and intraconnected with the visible world, but at a higher, invisible frequency. In a religious competition, He called down fire from the invisible dimension, demonstrating the connection of the invisible to the visible. We’re here to learn. Is that right Lynette? The third plateau (Tabernacles) was demonstrated by Jesus Christ (The Tabernacle of God) as the visible expression of the invisible God; our Potential in Christ as “Yes-us.”


This introduction is only the beginning of several studies, already written, on the Mystery of The Transfiguration unfolded. We intend to continue on a regular basis.


Until then... Polly, Dianne and I appreciate your continued interest. john r calvin









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