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A continuing treatise from Jon R. Calvin...




Preface: Jeremiah 31:29-35 paraphrased by crj...“Behold the Day will come, when the Lord’s Covenant People will discover that in Christ they are a new man   set free from their family genetic connections; and they will discover that in and AS Christ they are personally responsible for what they believe, which affects their physical experience. In that Day, I will make a new Covenant with my People, saith the Lord. In that Designated Day, individuals will come into the awareness that Christ the Lord is Who our Father intended every Christ Believer to become. “That designated Day becomes a Day of Responsibility: The Believer will have ascended from the consciousness that ‘Christ the Messiah is a separate individual’ — onto the consciousness that “Christ in you is your hope of Glory [Kabed]” — onto the consciousness that ‘Christ is your Life’ — on to the understanding that Christ is... Who I Am.”



A note in a bottle...

“The next frontier to be explored is inner space” — Albert Einstein


This Einstein view of ‘inner’ space is Quantum (Spirit) Holy Ground; we’re standing on Holy Ground. This Inner Space is where Our Father God’s Kingdom is. It is where He lives, with Christ His Son. It is where all ‘wholiness’ lives, in Oneness; with us and in us and as us. It is how they (Father and Son) express their Life, AS the corporate and individual man. It is where Heaven is; Today and at this moment. Father’s Gift of His Grace ‘faith’ allows us to stand consciously, on Holy Ground; NOW.


We, who have this insight, are the ‘dead in Christ.’ (All of us were born mortal and ‘dead’ to our “by grace through faith” union-oneness with Him.) The Apostle Paul wrote about us In 1st Thes. 4:15-16, “...the dead in Christ shall rise first.” We are those who “by Grace through Faith” have been first raised and have ‘Seen’ that we are consciously ascending to the ‘origin’ of our Life ‘in Christ.’ By The Spirit we are privileged to SEE the Glory of the seven multi-dimensional levels in the Life of Christ — already pre-programmed and hidden in our KABED LIVER. For Real!


Paul’s reference to those who have “fallen asleep” (1st Thes. 4:15) are those who make up the “surrounding cloud of witnesses” spoken of in Hebrews 11:40, and 12:1. They have been ‘one’ with us, as the ‘cloud ministry’ all along. We each have our own portal connection to our ‘in Christ cloud.’ They are witnesses ‘proclaiming on our behalf’ in The Revelation 5:12 paraphrased, “Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb [the little Arnion] that was slain (along with and ‘in’ Jesus Christ, [the mature Amnos Lamb], buried with Him and Raised with Him) receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honour, and glory, and blessing.” The two Lambs (the Amnos and corporate Arnion), on Earth and in Heaven are One and the same Lamb.


It is written that “we which are alive [and] remain until the coming [into manifestation] of the Lord shall not prevent [better rendered as precede] them which are asleep. (1Thessalonians 4:15) The pre-programmed Kingdom Laws of Life, in God’s Christed ones, are engrafted within our Kabed Liver. Those Laws of Life function through highly charged ‘portals’ connected to the “Cloud Company by the ‘Silver Cord’ to convert and equip all believers ‘in Christ’ (both on Earth or in the Cloud) to experience the ever increasing spiritual levels of The Kingdom Life of Love. There is ‘only’ One Son Company, all in Oneness, on earth or in heaven.


I have just returned to South Carolina from a trip to Calgary Alberta, Canada. I was introduced to a highly charged (Anointed) group of eight people, who sponsored my trip. They are confidently practicing and manifesting the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven as a present tense, NOW Reality. They have discovered that what is within can also be that which is without. Their approach to business is a new paradigm. They glorify our Father’s revealed Covenant Commitment; “As He is, so are we in this world. (1st John 4:17)


I became acquainted with two families I had never met; the Johansson’s and the Anderson’s, who are confirming within their families and business life that the Kingdom of Heaven is here and is NOW. They had studied the WeQuanta Tabernacle, Crystal River and Crystal Sea series of discussions, and they have developed a ‘Spiritual View’ beyond the author’s perspective. We concluded together and agreed: we all have the Father’s Life Presence within; we also have the Christ anointing within; and by faith, we also are (and always have been) ‘in’ Christ’s anointed Plan. We also have the mystery of Father’s present tense ‘NOW’ Kingdom within. We agreed that where the Creator Father and the corporate Creator Son and their Kingdom are; that must be Heaven. Heaven is not a place, where we go. Heaven is a quality of Life to be experienced by Grace believers, through the acts of our Faith, based on this very revelation. Selah (think about this).


My new found internet friends had arranged with United Air Lines to fly me to Canada as a ‘first class’ passenger. When I told them that I had never flown ‘first class’ I asked, “How do you act in first class?” I was told to “act as if you own the airplane.” As we prepared to take off, the Stewardess began giving the ‘In Case of Emergency Instructions.’ When I pulled out the airplane information folder, lo and behold... The model name of the airplane was the CRJ 700, my own initials! Was that not a confirmation? It was a convincing, first-class quantum leap for me. (I learned later that CRJ stands for Canadian Regional Jet.)


While having breakfast with the Johansson’s the first morning there, the telephone rang. It was a ‘spiritual friend’ they had known from the past; but had not seen him for years. I listened over the speaker as their friend reported that while he was driving down the highway, he had a vision of a cloud settling over the Johansson’s house. He knew nothing about the Johansson’s having ‘company.’ He prophesied that the cloud he saw signified that “they were in for an exceptional outpouring of spiritual blessings over the weekend.” He knew nothing about Rudy Jones, or my interest in and commitment to the ‘Cloud’ as a representation of the Presence of the Kingdom of Heaven. Wow, wow, wow. His prophesy proved to be accurate for all of us.


I learned from this intimate group that the Kingdom of Heaven is a ‘real’ provable reality, and that the laws of Spirit Life do not operate where human Ego rules; but God’s Kingdom rules where “I can do nothing of myself; it is our Father who does the work.” I observed that Father’s Kingdom operates where we are all One, and where our Father is not a respecter of any person having greater favor. I learned from them about surrender and commitment and about Spirit guided meditation happening in the imagination. I learned from them that the Kingdom is a Today reality. Thank you.


Before I left for Canada, I had a phone call from our friends Ray and Shelia Knight, in British Columbia. They had learned from reading the first century writings of Silvanius (later known as Silas, Paul’s friend) that “the heart of man is in the liver.” It was another confirmation that our heart is in the liver. It is an old, lost insight.


I would like to quote the following from my friend Mike Nazaar’s research:


“The liver is the only organ in the human body that can re-generate itself. Up to 85% of the liver can be cut away, and within 30 days, it will grow back to 100% wholly complete. This act of regeneration can be associated with resurrection. The liver is the only body organ with ‘live’ in its name and is connected to the double nuclei located only in the ‘live’r cell. The Bible says: “If that same Spirit, that raised up Jesus from the dead, lives in you then your body shall also be quickened” (meaning to produce life, beget or bear living young, to cause to live, make alive, give life, etc.)”


(The especially unique) “Liver cells (called ‘hepatocytes’) come together to form “hexagonal” shaped units, called hexagonal HL lobules that contain ‘portals.’ The portals are situated at the corners of each HL (Hexagonal lobules) and are situated at angles ‘19.5’ degrees above and below the horizontal axis (latitude). The angle turns out to be of critical importance in hyper-dimensional physics.” (This ‘angle’ information is important when we understand the illustrated connection between our uniquely designed Liver microcosm’s potential of ascension, contrasted to the angle of NASA’s macrocosm launches of rocket vehicles into outer space. crj)


Continuing Mike’s research: “The hexagonal shaped cellular units making up the liver is of special interest to those who understand the interlocking double tetrahedron (represented in the hexagonal Star of David, in 3D. The star of David is considered to be the shape of the ‘merkaba’ (portal chariot) in which one goes to higher spiritual dimensions of ‘heavenly consciousness.”


“One of the liver’s functions is to filter out of the oxygen carrying blood, dead red blood cells. A red blood cell, once released from the bone marrow (where they are manufactured) live only an average of 120 days and must be replaced.” Hmmm.


“All cells have ‘gates’ (portals) on the outer membrane (a watery ‘skin’ like cover surrounding each cell). The gates allow “charged particles” called ‘ions’ to come into and out of the cell. An ion unit is a ‘protein’ that controls the diameter of the opening through the cell membrane. Ions disperse electrical (energy) currents. The gates are like a customs officer that allows certain ‘people or cars or boats’ to cross to the other side.”


Did you ‘get’ what Mike found in his research? We have within our body an organ that can regenerate and reconstruct itself; in 30 Days. That is resurrection Power.


The meaning of the Hebrew word ‘Hebrew’ means “to cross over.” Abraham was the first person called a Hebrew. As the Father of our faith, Abraham represents a family of believers who cross from dependence on the Ego ruled (educated by mortals) left brain to another consciousness. I remind you from our previous study that we found that we move from our awareness of our Cloud connection (which represented the invisible Kingdom of Heaven to Israel, onto the entrained liver function, and the single eye of the Oneness that is developed when the left brain becomes one complete insight when joined with the right brain. We leave the awareness of the limited existence of mortality and go on to embrace ‘eternal Spirit life’ – from flesh consciousness or awareness to Spirit identity – we move from ‘solid’ particle matter to the Spiritual wave atomic quantum foundation. That is maturing in Spirit, where ‘going on’ is also ‘returning to beginning.’


Jesus taught that the Spirit is renewed day by day. Have you recognized that the slowed down frequency of the ‘flesh conscious body’ is a drain on the Spirit’s Life, which is “United with Christ” in the Soul found in the invisible Aurorah Kingdom? God designed the brain to need sleep each day so the Spirit Soul can be recharged (renewed), day by day. Wow! What a plan. Please do not think that this is over your head. What we are discussing is already programmed in the cells of your Liver. There is nothing new for you. It will be beneficial to embrace the foundational view that spiritual learning is actually remembering what we already know. 


Moses told us, “The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” Some of my friends have raised a good question: If God is all and over all and in all, why is there so much innocent suffering, uncontrolled natural trauma, war and evil in the world? That is a ‘good’ leading question; thank you.


Why was it necessary that God use Portals to communicate to man? Let’s consider some things we already know. ‘The LORD God, The most High’s most dominant aspect of character, is Love.’ HIS Kingdom must operate in Love. He is absolute, unconditional Love, plus He is “no respecter of persons.” The very nature of ‘Love’ requires that His Earth influence be withheld until He is wanted and sought. “If you seek Him” is a prerequisite. God’s Love/Law relationship requires that He be introduced by someone who knows Him. “How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?” (Romans 10:14) Because God is Love, Love requires an invitation or mutual agreement. If this protocol is not validated, God cannot experience the physical dimension. The absence of His Order is replaced by disorder. The Old Testament revealed that God’s Love relationship could only be experienced by mankind through an established righteous, personal covenant. A Portal was established by the One’s who were identified as righteous and knew God. They were the remnant few.


A short history of Spiritual Portals...


The personal foundation for understanding the ‘Act of Faith,’ necessary for us to move into the awareness of our ONEness with Christ, is to recognize where and what that ‘ROCK’ that represents CHRIST IN US really is, and how ‘IT’ works in this world.


“That [spiritual] ROCK that followed them [Israel] was Christ. (lst Corinthians 10:4) It is most important to be also aware that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us. It speaks of the invisible ‘quantum dimension,’ which is too small to see or test with physical scientific equipment. It is very important to be aware that ‘The Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven’ operates on a different and higher frequency than our sense-connected brain. Please see the scripture 1st Corinthians 2:14, which establishes that in order for a natural man to ‘hear God,’ a ‘frequency adjusting’ Portal is required.


Although Abraham is called the ‘Father’ of OUR faith, there were earlier Scriptural records of acts of Faith prior to Abraham, which ended with Noah. But, Abraham introduced a new level of Spiritual communication.


Abraham is used to introduce a Faith people to Portals. Portal Faith begins with Abraham and Sarah. We begin our discussion of Portal communication with Genesis 15:5. Read it for yourself; I will reduce years of study to paraphrase the scripture: “He [El Shaddai God (the female, breasty one), translated in our Bible ‘God Almighty’] told Abraham to go outside his tent and look toward Heaven and see if he could ‘interpret the message in the stars’ and establish a record of what he understood.”


As a reference point, I want to remind you also that several generations after Abraham, King David recorded in Psalms 19:1; “The heavens declare the glory of God.” Also it is recorded in the Book of Job chapter 38:31; “Canst thou bind [tie together] the sweet influences of Pleiades...?” The Constellation Pleiades is made up of ‘seven’ groups of Stars. Abraham responded to God’s instruction by digging ‘seven’ wells at Beer Sheba. Secular history reports that the seven wells represented the seven positions of the stars in Pleiades.


Beer Sheba later became a city in Canaan; but before it was a city the name Beer Sheba, meant ‘seven wells.’ The word Beer means ‘well’ and the word Sheba means ‘seven’; Beer-Sheba means seven wells. When Abraham and his Servants dug seven wells; it was a physical act, which identified a geographical place on earth for correct Spiritual Covenant communication. Those wells became Portals, where the ‘frequency’ of ‘God’s Mind of Christ’ was adjusted to communicate with the frequency of man’s brain. Check out what Jesus was able to reveal to the woman of Samaria at Jacob’s Well (Portal), one of Beer Sheba’s seven wells.


Abraham was asked by God to introduce this ‘higher Portal level of thought’ which allows God to intervene in and interact with man. God asked him to offer Isaac, the ‘Son of Promise,’ so that likewise in the fullness of time Christ would come to fulfill His Covenant to Abraham and all Believers.


In this ‘historic act’ Abraham carried his twenty-seven year old son Isaac to Mt. Moriah, to become a sacrifice. The Book of Hebrews 11:17-19, reveals to us that Abraham believed that God would raise Isaac from the dead on the third day. Moriah became an important Portal. The Mountain became the exact place bought by King David to be used for the construction of God’s house, and later Solomon built ‘The Temple of God’ on that very spot. Polly and I, and many of you, have been privileged to visit the Islamic Mosque, called the ‘Dome of the Rock,’ which is still the very site of the ‘Most Holy Place’ in Solomon’s Temple.


The Mosque confirms that the ‘Spiritual ROCK Portal’ is the place within our Spirit that is the Holy of Holies within the true Temple of God. We are spiritually equipped to be His Presence in the present tense to function as Messiah to the cells of our body. Offering our body as a ‘Living Sacrifice’ prepares us to ‘make the way straight’ for Christ to become Who we are.


After Abraham died, his son Isaac was made custodian of the Covenant of the Beer Sheba wells. Jacob, Isaac’s 2nd born son, introduced a paradigm shift, in which the 2nd born son became the ‘Son of Promise.’ Jacob was the 2nd born twin son of Isaac and Rebecca, and became custodian of the birthright. On his way to visit his mother’s Uncle Laban, he slept at a place called Luz (Luz means the place of Almonds in Genesis 28:12). He slept with a rock as his pillow. And in a dream, he saw a ladder which connected man to Heaven. This was our first introduction to our Quantum DNA.


Jacob’s ROCK pillow introduced another level of Portal Communication, which became our insight through which we understand the words of Jesus; “Upon this Rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” The purpose of this Faith journey is to introduce the view that our Kabed Liver is the place where the Kingdom of Heaven operates.


Forthcoming articles will provide scriptural evidence that our Liver is a Spiritual brain, and that it is directly involved in every activity of our physical expression of Life, and the seven wells of Beer Sheba identify the seven spiritual chakras within us.


“A hand-written notice” on the wall of the enormous Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia:



Well! Finally – I SEE; the significance of MOSES to us. Moses, (Mosheh in Hebrew), means “to be drawn or pulled out of the water.” Yes, yes; in God’s Pageant WE are, each and all, Moses. All of us enter this visible Earth dimension Pageant (made mainly of water) by being ‘drawn or pulled out of our Mother’s water.’ Each of us are spiritually connected to the life of Moses. We become identified with him in our own ‘divine appointment’ through “the fiery trials of the burning bush, with the rod of God in our hand, recognizing the “Spiritual responsibility” to SEE the END as the Beginning, and taking hold of the Ego Serpent at the tail end, where it counts. As Moses was assigned to redeem the population of Israel, so are we responsible to redeem the cells of our own body; plus (if you can believe), to see also the ‘cloud of witnesses’ in own genetic family. We must learn to ‘speak TO’ and ‘speak AS’ the “smitten anointed Rock”; not laying again the foundation of ‘repentance’; but by “going on to perfection.”


Note: You can benefit from Mike Nazar’s additional research at:


Wow! The waves of the Crystal Sea are approaching ‘High Tide.’ Polly and Dianne and I are ‘anxiously expecting’ what’s next.















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