KABED LIVER, Continued


DECEMBER 21, 2011



A continuing treatise from Jon R. Calvin...





Seeing Beyond Mortal Understanding:

Attempting to see beyond the visible realm into the invisible

Micro-Spiritual Quantum Frequencies of Immortality.


Have you realized yet that Faith gives you eyes to see the invisible?


About a year ago my focus was taken captive by the scriptural FACT that the Hebrew word “KABED” had been translated into English as “Glory” and/or “Honor” over 300 times. But the very same word “KABED” was translated “Liver” when describing the Tabernacle Peace Offering Sacrifice. That fact took my curiosity into captivity. Why is God’s Glory and Honor identified with our Liver? Since Faith is a Grace Gift, another search develops here. “...The honor of the “Melchizedek” [is] to search out a matter. (Proverbs 25:2)


In the Tabernacle Pageant, the Golden Altar performs the Role of our Liver as an ‘Altar-nator,’ by being identified in the different dimensions of Holy Place and Most Holy Place. Our LIVER plays a necessary and important role in how we experience our Father’s Gift of Peace. Jesus Christ said to us; “My Peace I give unto you.” His Peace is a Grace Gift and is a necessary element, which elevates us into the operation of The Kingdom of Heaven within us. The Laws of “Righteousness and Peace” are Gifts to us “In Christ.” They are complete and perfect when accepted. These Grace Gifts from Our Father equip us to become part of His Spiritual Government. Our Father has not given us less Righteousness or Peace than anyone in the scriptures, even Jesus. Our Father’s Righteousness and Peace are pre-programmed in the mystery of our KABED Golden Altar.


The discovery of this fact fulfills the prophecy in Jeremiah 31:33; “Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new Covenant with [you] the house of Israel... I will put my law [God’s Gifts of Righteousness, Peace and Joy] in [your] their inward parts.”


We have attempted in earlier Crystal Sea articles to identify the pre-programmed KABED Liver as the “inward parts.” The KABED Liver prepares each of us to actually live in the Father’s Spiritual Kingdom NOW.


Jesus’ assigned purpose was to release us from the Law and reveal that Salvation is by Grace through Faith. I repent for allowing myself to believe that the mixed message of Law and Grace could produce Salvation. Salvation is a Grace Gift, only as an absolute.


The supernatural Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) in our body is a hint of Our Father’s Plan to live His Life in us. The ANS is the physical system of the Spirit Law that is written in the midst of our Heart/Liver. Researching in the medical book “Structure and Function of the Body,” we find that the ANS controls the heart muscles’ contractions, the dilation of the blood vessels, the digestive tract, unconscious breathing, the urinary system, the dilation of the iris in the eye, blinking, the hairs that create goose pimples, and all glands; automatically or autonomically.


Connecting these facts to the prophecy of Jeremiah 31:33, we conclude that it is necessary to know about and to accept God’s Gifts in order to overpower the circumstances of this world, which actually influences our thinking in the natural mind and hinders God’s optimum Plan for the KABED Liver; i.e. to function within us as Righteous, Peace, and Joy. A warfare or struggle develops between our natural mind (in our educated brain), and our Spiritual Mind (in our KABED Liver, which slows the Liver’s frequency). The result of this conflict until now has produced continuing mortality.


When our Liver operates at optimum force (in Righteousness, Peace and Joy), according to Joseph Henry’s Law, it produces 1.8 volts of electrical energy, and causes the marrow in our leg bones to produce adequate stem cells to keep our body youthful and healthy.


Our prayer at this season is that you may find in your Christmas stocking, the Gift of Seeing something that you’ve never seen before (Ephesians 1:18). 






































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