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A continuing treatise from Jon R. Calvin...


This article is a “Make Sense to Me Theological Perspective” and is developed from my Acceptance that it was Our Father’s Designed Plan to have on Earth “A Competitive Population” so that His Image Man Adam (with a fore brain) could image God as an overcomer. David said, “The Earth is the LORD’s [YHVH’s] and the fullness thereof. (Psalms 24:1)


Preamble using a baseball analogy: A batter’s assigned goal is get on base; then to score by advancing to all the bases and to get back home safely. According to the “Abner Doubleday Rule Book,” getting on first base is a necessary step in playing by the rules. A basic rule in our Christian Rule Book is to be aware that our life started as a living cell and that our purpose is to give visible expression to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven, in our Earth body. The Christ Spirit within connects us to The Kingdom of Heaven; but we must become aware that the frequency of our human brain, designed by God, operates on a lower and slower frequency than the Spiritual mind of Christ. We must discover that the Holy Spirit is sent to make the adjustment to Christ’s mind frequency by the power of ‘Let.’


The Holy Teacher (Coach) makes us aware that our ‘Soul’ function is to realize that God is our Christ Consciousness. The Soul is the feminine part of every person. Christ is as our Bridegroom and is our Spiritual connection to God’s Kingdom. In Covenant Oneness with Christ, our Soul is equipped to operate on the same frequency as our Father’s Kingdom. Our Soul is the mechanism of ‘salvation’ when we embrace Christ first as our betrothed Fiancé, then our Bridegroom, and finally our Husband. I realized that “Christ in us” was initially impregnated into us by His Sperma Word at the time of conception. His Resurrection history began to be developed “in us” first as an embryo, and then Christ “in us” continued to grow “as us” as a fetus, until Christ “in us” was finally delivered as a human baby. His Plan has always been to progressively mature His Son’s Presence “as us”; until our Presence is as He is in this world (1st John 4:17). 


We, as Christ’s Spiritual ‘Bride-wife,’ give Him authority to rule in life, learn to think His thoughts, see as He Sees and speak as Him. Our ‘natural’ human brain operates in the Earth time frequency, but in Christ we are anointed to ascend to the higher frequency of Father’s Kingdom, which is Grace. Our married Spirit Life with Christ activates in us the higher Faith frequency, giving us the ability to ‘See the invisible things’ even before His Truth is made visible. Faith in operation gives our soul authority to rule above the Earth’s time frequency. Are we Seeing the same thing? Chronos or chronological time will give way to a time of Kairos in which every event is ordered by Divine Appointment. The clock and calendar will be replaced (in our consciousness) by seeing everything by Divine Appointment.


It is also profitable for us to know that our New Covenant Scriptural Rule Book reveals that we were born ‘above’ as Spirit, of God’s Spirit in Christ, before we were born into an Earth body. Our first Spiritual birth above, with God, is given Scriptural ‘precedent’ or authority over who we are in the flesh. Since the Cross, our Father has only seen us as His Spiritual Son.


The Apostle Paul, in his heavenly vision, was shown that God’s Kingdom is Righteousness, Peace and Joy. And after the Enlightenment of the Apostle Peter, he said; “We partake of God’s Divine Nature through the knowledge of HIM. (2nd Peter 1:3) Faith requires revealed knowledge.


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In this “SEE” article, I want to ask you to take ‘an aside’ with me, or if you will... ‘an important side bar’ from my focus on our articles concerning the Kabed Liver. I wish to share with you an insight given to me in a totally unexpected, very lucid dream. It was after midnight when I became aware that I was dreaming at the cellular Quantum level. ‘I was in the Spirit of sub-atomic Quanta.’ The word Quanta is plural for Quantum, or our corporate nature ‘We Quanta.’ In other words I was made aware, in my dream, that I was and we ALL once were in the dimension of ‘least things’ BEFORE we were given a physical body.


In my dream I didn’t see Jesus, but I did hear His voice. As you are aware, once we have heard His voice in our Spirit, we can never forget His ‘sound.’ Hearing Him is our most satisfying experience. Jesus was saying; “When you were least in the Kingdom of Heaven, you were at your greatest.” Upon awakening I was immediately aware of something I had never put together before. I was led to question when we all were ‘least.’ And I concluded that we were all ‘least’ when we were the invisible speck at our conception.


The invisible Sub-Atomic, Autonomic Quantum Systems of the Kingdom of Heaven were switched ‘On’ in the Secret Place of our Mother’s womb, at the very instant of ‘our big bang’ Conception. That event was our individual Genesis. The Hebrew word Barasheath, is translated ‘in the beginning,’ and indicates ‘being a dwelling place for the Corporate head.’


At our conception The Word of God took on a very personal and individual message, which revealed why we were lowered into a biological body. The body is a visible frequency designed by our Father(s) (Elohim); a unique place on Earth, where Spirit can become visible.


Our physical conception was the beginning of our individual developmental journey, specifically detailed in The Creator’s blueprint of a human cell. He structured our identity as a single autonomic, self-replicating cell. At that point (our first base) we were at our ‘least size’ and became an experiential part of the Universes’ Greatest Miracle, God becoming a man. We were important; but we were not given any input to the process. That is a clue to allowing God to be all and in all.


Now... If you will (in your ‘Ark Angel Cherubim imagination’... Yes, you do have one), go back to your introduction to time, at your conception. Remember yourself as a single cell and return to your invisible, tiny speck spirit self and freeze that scene.


I want to retrace with you, the magnitude of the many facets of our micro-scopic history stored for the development of our cellular life. At this single cell level hear the Spirit of Christ saying; “Be ye therefore Perfect.” As we observed (in about eight days earth time, or eight thousand years Spirit time) it will help us understand the developmental process of our “In Christ” perfect cell.


Christ’s Spiritual Life and Resurrection included our physical family genetic history. The Christ Cell was copied exactly, over and over about 50 to 100 trillion times, until we became the individual biological a-spect of the Life of Christ. The description of how our first cell is copied to build us a body is borrowed from Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book “The Biology of Belief,” which explains the “Field.” The Field is the first level of a Quantum frequency, which is beyond the human brain’s ability to understand spiritual matters. 


A note in a bottle...

In Strong’s, the Hebrew word for ‘Egypt’ is #4679, ‘matswr’, which means ‘limit.’


Israel’s symbolic journey out of Egypt is our road map out of the limits of our physical, carnal, brain. The nimbus cloud that guided Israel and was also connected to the Ark of the Covenant between the Cherubin, symbolizes for us the Quantum Field of Faith. The Field is a higher frequency than the carnal brain, and it kicks in when we come to the end of what we can do.


Dr. Lipton’s research is based on his 17-year tenure professorship at the University of Wisconsin. He understood the complexity of the Quantum history of the human cell, as beginning with immune system. He shows that the “Creator” concealed the overcoming aspect of God’s Nature through His Plan that the good bacteria would be more powerful than the bad bacteria. The important immune system was carefully developed by the introduction of algae, protozoa, yeast, virus, amoeba, etc. Ultimately, Adam was introduced as a continuance of the overcoming challenge, however our Bible history accounts that Adam experienced a separation when he absented himself from God’s Nature of God’s Covenant Righteousness, Peace and Joy. The separation introduced STRESS into our nervous system of our Perfect Cell, which interrupted the work of our immune system.


The Epistles clearly report that while the Apostle Paul was in the third Heaven, he learned that at the time we became a fully developed single cell, we were already “In Christ” before the foundation of ‘our’ world. Also according to our record Book, our true ‘Spiritual’ citizenship was already registered in Heaven. We were at our ‘Greatest and Least State’ at our beginning – not by works – but according to His secret Grace frequency, i.e. “The Field.”


I wish to remind you, that I heard Jesus in my dream say; “When you were least in the Kingdom of Heaven, you were at your greatest.” Also; have not thought about being perfect “In Christ” at conception; but I remind you that Faith comes by hearing. Hear ye the Word of this Revelation.


We were not sent into the visible realm alone, we were accompanied by two spiritual Cherubim, who represented our Creative Imaginations. The Ark (in The Tabernacle) symbolizes the spiritual meeting place between the Spirit self and the human self. I was shown that the spiritual Cherubim are represented in our anatomy by our shoulder blades. The invisible space between the wings of the Cherubim is the place of communication between the Spiritual and the biological. “And there will I meet with you, and I will commune [communicate] with you. (Exodus 25: 21, 22) All the symbolic activity is now stored sub-consciously in our memory bank. You can count on it! Don’t doubt it just because you haven’t heard or used it yet.


However, when we were born in our flesh body, the flesh consciousness separated us from God’s Grace Gifts of Righteousness, Peace and Joy; we experienced STRESS. Stress is the absence of Peace and is the root cause of all physical infirmities, creating blockages in the movement of Energy. Einstein’s formula (E= MC/2) changed our understanding of energy. Spirit is wave energy. Einstein found that energy is equal to a particle, when the speed of light is squared. STRESS is a resistance and interferes with and creates blockages in our Nervous System’s ability to move spirit life energy; causing detours and blockages, which starve certain cells in our bodies. It is only by Grace through Faith that STRESS blockages are removed. I recommend Dr. Alexander Loyd’s Book “The Healing Code” for detailed information.


Solomon reported that at birth we were given a Quantum Spiritual Silver Cord, replacing our mother’s physical umbilical cord, in order to equip us for spiritual Salvation. Silver always represented Salvation. Every item in the Tabernacle is given to teach us about our Spirit man and how Spirit life is transformed into physical activity. The Cherubim above the Mercy Seat illustrated where the invisible spiritual Silver Cord is joined to our Christ-Soul, symbolized by Heaven’s Spiritual Cloud. The mystery of the Spiritual watery nimbus cloud guiding Israel’s journey, illustrates the ‘Portal’ connection of our Spirit to the “The Field.”


The activity in that ‘least dimension’ of human cellular activity was later characterized by Jesus as a “City set on a hill.” In that ‘least’ invisible cellular dimension, I was and we were pre-programmed to be a functional part of the Universal, forever expanding Spirit world of God’s Kingdom; creating a ‘New Creation Frequency.’ Do you See what I See?


Bottom Line; When we Family members understand that when we were ‘least’ we were part of our Father’s greatest creativity; and when we let God be God; and when we let God both will and do His good pleasure; we will discover that He included in our single cell, the overcoming power and the glory of being part of the Resurrected last Adam. 


The knowledge of our spiritual regeneration is completed when we invite the Holy Spirit to copy and multiply the Perfect Christ Cell, to remove us from the consciousness of religion’s requirements, and to identify us as a Christ Be-ing.


So much for ‘my dream prophesy’... 









































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