APRIL 25, 2002



“”And the sons of the prophets said unto Elisha, Look, the place where we live is too small for us.” 2 Kings 6:1

This is the cry of many people today that have been in organized and disorganized religion. There is a realization that there is more than the structured limited rehashed sermons on the elementary things of Christ. The mental and spiritual states where we have lived in times past is too small. It is time to expand our thinking, and to grow.

In this short writing I want to challenge your thinking and belief system for the purposes of at least considering, “God may just be bigger than we have allowed Him to be, and there may be some things about the universe we don’t really know”.

Those of you that have followed this ministry over the years and recently can bear witness to the accuracy of the prophetic words on the national and international levels. We have spoken from time to time giving dates and seasons of events that would be happening, and we have seen the fulfillment of these things. “He tells the number of the stars; and calls them all by their names”. Psalms 147:4 “And I will show WONDERS in the heavens and in the earth; blood, and fire and pillars of smoke.” Joel 2:30 “Look up your redemption is near.”

As I contemplated writing this letter I heard the Spirit say, “A Cycle of Sightings”. We have moved further into a cycle of unique astronomical sightings since 1996. Also, there will be other unidentified objects that will be appearing in the skies to not only a few, many will see them and film them. Newspapers headlines will read, “UFO’s” “ET”. From the summer 2002-2006 there will be an increase number of strange objects (wonders) in the heavens worldwide. {Many Christians will think these are demons, they are not}. We began prophesying about this cycle in 1999 and posted it on our Prophecy/Vision Page.

It will appear as though a portal has opened, the scenes, stunning photos and video will be like something out of a science fiction movie. For a while the governments shall try to play down, but the proof will prove that they are not from what we know of as this world. Hysteria and excitement are the two words that I feel.

We will not attempt to share in this writing why at this time in history these sightings are taking place. However, they will serve as a wake-up call to most Christians that God and His plans are much bigger than previously expected.


The heavens are shouting messages that could be perceived as gloom by some but Hope and Anticipation by others. This alignment and massing of planets in the western skies will not happen again for 20 years. This unique alignment of the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Saturn will come together in Taurus on April 29th. Jupiter will be seen above the Full Moon in Gemini. 

This massing of planets will be seen until the middle of May. During the week of this planetary massing the Comet Utsunomiya will be in the head of Taurus, May 3rd-10th. Mars and Saturn will come into conjunction on May 4th. Venus and Saturn conjunction in the head of Taurus on May 7th, and the Comet Utsunomiya will be in the Bull’s eye (Aldebaran) Aldebaran mean, the Follower in Arabic. It is called that because it seems to follow the Pleiades. In Hebrew the star that makes up the Eye of the Bull is called, the Eye of God. 

There is a chance that 2 Comets will be seen in the sky at the same time, which has never happened before. The second Comet, Ikeya-Zhang will come closest to Earth on April 29th. “Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars (constellations).”


Without going into much detail of the meanings of these things, I will only mention a few things of concern that Intercessors should be praying about.

First of all, whenever there is activity in the Zodiac sign of Taurus-take notice. Why? From ancient times it has been known that, just as all people are born when the Sun is in a certain Zodiac signs, so are nations. The ancient Zodiac sign for Israel was Pisces, the Fishes; later it was adopted by the Christians. The symbol of the Fish is still used today; however, most Christians ignorantly protest that they have nothing to do with Astrology. {The Hebrew word for Astrology means, divider of the heavens and interpretation of it. Deuteronomy 4:19 clearly says God is the divider (Astrologer) and that we are not to worship them}.

The nation of Israel was re-born in May 1948; therefore, its Zodiac sign has now changed to Taurus. This is why when reading the prophets and wisdom books in the Bible, many times they allude to this regarding the fulfillment of end time prophecy. {Amos 5:8, Job 38:31, Rev.1:11-16,19:15 etc}. God has used the nation of Israel as a prophetic sign throughout the ages.

* Comets going through Taurus with unique massings and alignments of the planets as they are coming together speaks of Judgment, the Sword of Orion coming to Israel. I am not speaking of the country being blown off the planet. However, there will be mass destruction with extremely high casualties (Palestinians and Israelis).

* As the Sword of Orion is released to bring justice and balance to that region, so will it come to all the world.

* Pray for Mercy regarding Major Coastal Earthquakes: East and West Coast (California) USA. South Pacific/Indian Ocean especially near Indonesia and South America.

* There will be an Extended Hurricane season and out of season hurricanes. I see many Tornadoes touching down simultaneously causing great destruction, cutting paths right up into Canada. Winds near 300 miles per hour over the next few years. I sense many being lost at sea on more than one occasion, huge ships -Atlantic Ocean and maybe another sea also.

* I see parts of the Midwest being soaked, boats floating down what used to be streets, Flooding. I can see water up to roof tops, don’t know where this will be. Pray specifically for the Louisiana area.

* I heard the Spirit saying, Heat! Heat! Heat! Heat Waves breaking all records world wide, triple digits—parts of cities and government shut down because of Heat. Drought in parts of the north East Coast.

* Around the end of June or by July the media will be announcing an “infectious scare”. (That may sound strange, but that’s the way I heard itlike a virus/plague. People around the country getting sick (I don’t feel it is caused by terrorism, don’t know – almost like some type of outbreak).

* The alignment in Taurus during the Full Moon further signifies Judgment (correction) coming, many times in the forms of extreme weather pattern. Orion, the warrior is a constellation of Taurus thus signifying more violence and bloodshed on the planet over the next few years through War (nuclear weapons being exploded).

Eridanus, another constellation in Taurus means, the river of the Judge.

Thank God for Auriga, the other constellation that signifies Mercy, Protection, Peace and Safety for the elect. Seek the Lord that you may be hid in the secret place as the Sword comes to the nations and our personal lives.

* The Economy will take another dive toward the end of summer, but those who know Source will not be affected. Great Economic disaster is coming to the world system, but Great Prosperity to those that are faithful and consistent. Keep in mind, we are revealing these things to bring awareness, not fear. Intercession protects us from maximum impact. God will do nothing except he reveals it first to his servants, the prophets (seers). Bring these things before your Prayer Group.

We are not seeking to magnify that which appears negative; we only serve as a “Prophetic Voice” to those that have ears to hear. All of these Earth changes are necessary to bring mankind to the end of his day, so that the day of the LORD can fully manifest.

Keep yourself in the love of God,


CYCLE OF SIGHTINGS [John Lewis]          1


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