DREAM – VISIONS 12-12-02

“Citizens of planet Earth you are standing on the precipice of the age of great transition. Behind you is the history and fulfillment of many words spoken by the ancient Seers, Sages and Wisdom People of all cultures. Both positive and negative experiences have been necessary to bring about this stage of human evolution to be expressed at this time. The robes of glory and shame have been the clothing of humanity, the shouts of joy and pain has been the expressions on the countenances.

For more than 6000 years the present expression of Adam has toiled and brought forth wars, famines, disasters, and religions of hate. But he has also brought forth peace, prosperity, hope and a love for true spirituality. Herein, is the great paradox that has been manifested from the duality of the human experience.

As you stand on the precipice of transformation, will you shrink back into mass consciousness that have chosen to remain in the darkened world of illusions? Will you allow fear to grip your heart as you stand on the ledge of unimaginable realities? Will you say that it is impossible, dangerous, uncharted, and lonely? Or, will you faint by the wayside, refusing to overcome the temporal to become a part of the timeless hosts?

The ancient ones from the other side are longing and peering through the realm of time; they are even stepping through the portals of dimensionality to assist with the great transition. They have come to cheer you on, to give you the push that will cause you to plunge into the vastness of who you really are. They are the great cloud of witnesses, the unseen presence you feel from time to time, the shadows and lights that you catch out of the corner of your eyes. Yes, they are the images in your dreams and visions, even materializations that appear as physical beings and disappear. They are eager to assist, knowing that they cannot achieve their goal unless their human counterpart makes the transition.

Soon both worlds will merge as one; the seen and the unseen. The gulf that has existed will cease to exist in the consciousness of humanity. Mortals will walk as immortals and the immortals will be visible to the mortals. But before this can fully manifest, extreme earth changes and upheavals are necessary.

Time, as you know it, is rapidly being filled up. Both positive and negative energies are being totaled and what has been sown, will be reaped. All of creation is groaning and laboring to give birth to a new creation. If one were to compare Earth’s frequency to musical notes, the chord/resonance would be in E-minor. It is a sound of sadness to some and a sound of rejoicing to others.

As a woman writhes with the pain of child bearing, so shall it be with the planet Earth, and as a woman rejoices at the birth so shall it also be. The year 2003 shall be the beginning of the labor pains and contractions that will help produce the great transition. It shall also begin a time of great joy and prosperity for those that align themselves with truth. Out of the bitter will come forth sweet and out of the eater will come forth meat. Only those that are wise and fearless will shine and absorb the darkness and change it to light. Will you step off into the unknown to make it known? Can you see that which is concealed in the revealed? Are you able to turn your pain into pleasure, hopelessness into rejoicing?

If you can keep in step with the dance of paradoxes, and what appears as limitations, then this great transition will only serve as a spring board into the unlimited.”


In mid November 2002, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to begin to do a series of teachings on “Prosperity”. During the many years of ministries I have shunned from teaching on that subject or even putting an emphasis on giving (tithing/offerings). This was partially due to “fear of man”, not wanting a reason for people to think evil of me. [I have come to realize that I cannot control what people think, nor do I care].

The Holy Spirit said, “Tell the people that they are moving into a cycle of prosperity, and that as the world system crumbles, wealth and prosperity will be transferred to the righteous”. Then He said to tell the people, “Go Get Your Stuff”. Immediately after I released the prophetic words and began teaching, the miracles started to happen.

In our small group God began to move mightily. Business people started getting phenomenal accounts in one day. Another brother was blessed with a business and a Mercedes; job opportunities, unexpected monies, court cases were reversed and dropped. The testimonies came pouring in day after day during the 5 weeks of teaching and prophesying, and are yet coming.

During this time God has also brought to pass the move He spoke to me several years ago, please take note of the new address.

“And they prospered through the prophesying of Haggai the prophet and Zechariah the son of Iddo”. Ezra 6:14

“Hear me, O Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem: Believe in the LORD your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.” 2 Chronicles 20:20 THE SEED

As I pondered on the miracles and how fast everything was happening, the Holy Spirit brought to my mind how every seed must produce after its kind. The Words of God are seed; when planted in fertile, prepared hearts it must produce.

If I preach healing seed, people get healed. If I preach overcoming seed, people will overcome. If I preach prosperity seed, people will prosper. Every seed must produce after it kind. If an apple seed is planted, oranges or bananas trees will not come up. Since that is a law that God established, why do people think that by sowing spiritual seed (praying, reading/study, etc) money/material things will come?

Through nature, the cosmos, and life, we are given a most powerful principle. It is the Seed. Jesus often used parables referring to the Seed. Everything in life has its origin in this principle.

The Parable of the Sower spoken by Jesus is the most important and powerful of all that He spoke. This is the key that unlocks the mysteries of the Multi-verses and releases true success.

“If you don’t know this parable, then you will not understand all others.” Mark 4:13

The Feast of Tabernacles is the feast of harvest, ingathering. There can be no harvest if no seed has been planted. The wealth of the world system will not be turned over into the hands of the stingy, or those that have not sown bountifully. There are too many “Kingdom/Tabernacle People” that are broke, busted, and disgusted. Release your seed and GO GET YOUR STUFF!

I feel strongly commissioned and anointed by God to Release Prosperity and Wealth to the Body of Christ. One of the functions of the Prophetic office is to do this. (Moses released the wealth of Egypt to the Israelite slaves; Elijah released it to the widow; Elisha in one day turned a severe famine into abundance for a city, also multiplied the widows oil; Jesus fed the multitudes and paid the debts of the disciples).

This is the year of the Lord’s favor that shall be shown to those in Zion; it is there where the Commanded blessings are. However, there must be an exchange, a seed sown. If what you have in your hands does not meet your need, then it must be your seed. As we have accurately prophesied into world events and individuals for nearly two decades, I am so sure of the season/cycle that’s being made available.

“You will arise and have mercy on Zion; for the time to favor her, yes, the set time, has come”. Ps 102:13 “The men of Issachar had understanding of the times and seasons and knew what Israel should do. 1 Chronicles 12:32

On the material plane, this is the set time for possessing, promotions, acquiring wealth, blessings, expansion, ministry/business move (growth/expansion), debt cancellation and abundance. Not only do I know this by revelation knowledge of the scripture, the prophetic voice, but the heavens are also shouting this. “The heavens declare (prophesy)…”

The Sun is in Capricorn, signifying change and transformation. This is the struggle to emerge to the next level. January 20-Feburary 18 the Sun will be in Aquarius, signifying outpouring, the windows of heaven being open. Mercury will go retrograde and Mars will come closer.

For those that have been and are sowing seeds (giving), the abundant outpouring will be more intense and the flow steady to the summer months (in spite of the failing economy and the war that will be in progress).

For those that eat their seed and hold back, the struggle will become more intense. Monies being spent on repairs and other accessory maintenance, creating more frustration.


{Some of you will see properties sell, closed doors opened, buildings/properties made available, favorable legal settlements}.

You are too blessed to be stressed, too anointed to be disappointed. Now prosper in spite of disastrous world events and dance the dance of paradoxes.

{This section below is from a teaching given in December 2002 at the Temple of Light by Cami Kassing}



Cami is a business owner and has been a part of the ministry for several years. She has always contributed of her time, resources and talents. However, during the months of November and December when the Lord begin to speak to us about prosperity, she received a more in-depth revelation on giving.

Cami began to receive a revelation about the seed and sowing seed (giving) with intent. That means expecting and being specific. One morning she called and we begin to pray over the phone and decree increase regarding her business, based on the seed she had sown.

Within 2 hours she received a telephone call and God miraculously gave them 30 new accounts in one day. Praise God!! It is time for the sons and daughters of God to take over the finances of the world.

(Below is an excerpt from a teaching she brought the following meeting).

When a farmer sows a seed, he does not do it without intent. He expects it to produce what was planted. He does not say that he expects nothing in return, it would be stupid of him to waste his time and seed if he expects nothing.

Many Believers give without intent and say that they don’t expect anything and that’s partially why many receive little or nothing. The seeds that God puts in our hands are very powerful, whether it is a little or a lot. Here is an example of what happens when only 1 apple seed is planted.

1 Apple seed will produce 1 Apple Tree. Each Apple on that tree will produce at least 5 seeds. If the Apple Tree produces only 20 apples, those 20 apples x 5 seeds will equals 100 apples seeds.

The 100 Apple seeds will now produce 100 Apple Trees, all of this from that 1 seed planted. If the 100 Apple Trees only produce 20 apples each, that is 2,000 apples, which translates into 10,000 seeds. The average life span of a healthy apple tree is 50 years. The power of 1 seed releases unlimited possibilities. The 100-fold return represents the best possible.

As in the natural, so it is in the spirit… when we give expecting, with intent. Every seed MUST bring forth after its kind.

Sow your best seed into the ministry and expect a supernatural harvest.

God Bless,

Cami Kassing



In our effort to be balanced and yet declare the whole counsel of God, we are faced with sounding the alarm. While we enjoy revealing all the wonderful things God is doing, we are reminded that the sword has two edges. Only the skilled swordsmen will survive the dance of paradoxes.

As the instructors’ pleasure and pain, loss and gain choreograph our every move, we are destined to succeed if we listen and learn. In doing so, we become the dance and the dancer, the instructor and the student.

Since the year 1998 we have sounded the alarm about the events that would be happening in the year 2003, and now it is here. We keep you in remembrance of this, lest you become desensitized by the media and fall prey.

*The war will be starting soon, but it won’t be as easy as they make it sound. (After February 18, Sun in Pisces most favorable for the West).

*Israel will launch attacks on Lebanon and Syria, most likely while the war is going on in Iraq.

*Iran will be eventually provoked and drawn in – by summer 2003 the region will be out of control.

*I feel a major earthquake around the Pacific Rim (Japan?) – Volcanic eruption and Flooding.

*There will be an “epidemic of computer viruses” attacking mainframes, hard drives and PC’s. Large and small corporations shall be affected. The word “epidemic” will be used by the media. By summer 2003 it will have reached this stage.

Also I hear the word “recalls”. I feel an above average amount of mechanical and electrical things being affected… appliances, cars, etc. breakdowns… So much so it will make the news. (Pray over your things)

DREAM – VISION 12/12/02

{More Intercessors needed to pray for protection and discernment regarding the vision below}.

Early morning between awake and asleep I was taken to some town/village or maybe small city. The season seemed to be Spring or Summer, and maybe a weekend because I was on the way to a speaking engagement. I was in a van with some other people and I noticed airplanes in formations of 2’s and 3’s. They came out of the clouds very fast and within 300-500 ft seemingly of the buildings/houses. I rushed out of the van to get a closer look.

The airplanes that first appeared as military were now commercial airlines. Several airplanes began to go off course and very low. I watched people run out of houses in fear. I saw the airplanes go out of control and crash one after another. I stood there in amazement and questioned in myself what airline this was. One airplane that was coming directly toward me turned to my right so that I could read Continental Airlines. One airplane crashed near or in a small body of water, maybe a lake. I could see the smoke and debris from where I was standing. I saw parts of other airplanes fall into houses/buildings. There was fire all around, people were crying, my friends were telling me to get back into the van, but I had no fear. (I did not sense terrorism)

Then the military planes started to go out of control and crash. The sky seemed to be filled with crafts. As I opened my eyes to look more closely I literally opened my eyes and came out of the experience and jumped out of the bed and began to pace the floor praying, as part of me was yet in the vision.

I heard the Spirit say, “There will be a series of Commercial and Military air disasters, one right after the other and the lost of many lives. This vision could also mean that the airline industry, as we see it and know it now, will complete fail. Major changes will happen in 2003 especially with Continental Airlines, it might completely go under.

Send ALL correspondence and donations to the new address.

God Bless You,


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