Are there two resurrections? The scriptures say there is a second. The word resurrection is not mentioned. The resurrection, Paul says, is planted. Where? - In corruption. You plant seed, and Jesus is called the promised seed, as are the children of the kingdom. If the kingdom has not come, there are no children of the kingdom. The word is the seed and Jesus is the word made flesh. He is quoted as saying, “I am the resurrection.” What is your idea of the resurrection? So what of the second mentioned in John Chapter 5? This is the resurrection into Judgment.  John, in the same chapter, tells us, all judgment has been given to the son. So this activity is also found in Christ Jesus. He is the light that judges all things, and all will be gathered into him. We must no longer see him in the limitation - as a man in one body.John.3-16 God so loved his world that he sent his word in the Christ, a word of both life and judgment and offering from himself to man. If received as the word of God, one would not perish. He did not come to condemn, but to save. The word is spirit and there is no way that Christ can be in you except as the word.Vs.19 This is the judgment - light has come into the world and men loved the darkness. The world is condemned already.  


Now is the day (light) of salvation. Mercy and truth have arrived and man has no option other than the word in Christ Jesus. This word brings a conscious awakening from death to life. You are awakened and raised a new creature in Christ (truth). This is the beginning of a newness of life. You start from here. There is no other way. 

You are a child of God - he has no flesh children - you are spirit. Now you can grow up in Christ the son. You cannot grow into Christ, the true vine. You now grow out of him. 


The flesh is the tabernacle you live in. You do not accept the flesh as you, for Christ is your life. You now are being raised out of everything you were. You do not try to be a better person. 


You now have the faith of Christ, which word will wash you from unbelief. If you were able to wash the old man, he would be no different. This is also true in Christ.  The washing of regeneration will only reveal the son. We are not to continue to deal with sin, unbelief is now our only enemy. Sin is taken care of and it can only return as a lie. Has God said? He did send the spirit of truth to bear witness that we now are a son of God. He did send the spirit of his son into our (new) heart, crying Abba Father. 


Jesus did tell us to pray to our father, as one. We now pray as one in the son to the father. This relationship is the only possible way for anyone to be a true witness to the finished work of God. It is from this sense of reality, we can address those who do not see the identity in the cross… that the old man (image) is done away and we are also raised together in Christ, as new in the body of the son. 


Forgiveness is only preparation, not the newness of life. The man of sin has his end in Christ (truth). Through the offense of one - death reigns. Through the obedience of one - we reign in life. The only reason the religious are so concerned over sin, is they do not believe in the finished work of God in Christ. Jesus testified a number of times to the fact he came and finished what his father sent him to do. The work has provided total salvation for anyone. We now have the words of this witness and the word itself contains the energy to repent and receive. Man--you are without excuse. 


The report of Jesus being raised out of the grave seems to be a stumbling block. This was not a witness only of what happened to the man Jesus. The son of God had no need of this. He declared he was the life and the resurrection before the cross. This was all done in an identity with man, that we could be one with him. This is why Paul bears witness that we not only are one in his death and more so - one in his being raised from the dead. 


The newness of life in Christ is the one and only true basis to hear the spirit. If we fail to bring word in this faith, we report of justification only and not life. Without the issue of life and the end of the old man, there can only be a witness of hope of self. This is what we repent of. 


When Jesus healed - no one saw the faith that brought the visible. Faith has to do with the unseen. These truths are never going to be made evident in this creation. God is operating in the realm of the invisible. The sons of God can never be seen by mortal man. 


The word of testimony is man's limitation. Eternal, and unseen is all that can be one with God. 1 Cor.15:17 If Christ is not raised, your faith is in vain, and you are yet in your sins. So many believe in Christ being raised from the dead. Why then are they yet in their sins? Jesus did identify with man. They do not identify with his life.































































THE DEAD RAISED? [Lloyd Ellefson] 3-26-06          2

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