The Next Day After Shooting at Wedgwood Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, Texas

Death and violence walk the streets of America today.

And all because we have failed as a nation to pray.

Even those that are willing to call upon the name of our God,

Are punished and ridiculed for their faith in an almighty God.

It started so many years ago when our ancestors came here for liberty.

They were driven out of former homelands by religious severity.

But they, themselves, fell into the practices of human slavery

And this was not a plan from God and they lost even their civility.

Respect has now become a thing of the past in many lives today.

Civil decency – respect for human life – are values passed into antiquity.

Pain and fear have replaced freedom and faith in so many American lives.

Even children grow up today controlled by fear, leaving them no stability.

It’s children from unstable homes that are so easily brainwashed themselves,

Believing that moral values no longer matter; shut off from uplifting communication. 

Lulled into deception by the influence of drugs with no respect for selves,

Their conscience no longer has power over the thoughts of anger and retaliation.

Call me old-fashioned, if you choose, but it’s “back to basics” time in our nation.

We’ve got our priorities out of line and God is calling us back to His Divine Order.

God lovingly demands to hold first place in our lives – not be on probation.

It’s time to repent and give Him the place that will bring us into peace and power.

The “golden rule” is still the basic value on which all else rests.

God created us to love Him and to love our fellow man.

Our failure to take this charge seriously has opened doors to strife and many tests.

But God’s plan is destined to win out. It’s time we agree and join with His Plan.
















DEATH AND VIOLENCE IN AMERICA [Sunny Orly Coffman] 9-16-99 ~ POEM          1


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