What is man that thou art mind full of him? Or the son of man whom you visit? God knows are frame, he knows we are dust. Did God make man expendable? Was man made to be vulnerable to some adversary of death? Sin came through this man into the world bringing death. A death that all mankind has become subject to. Did God ever come to rescue this man from this bondage? Was he meant to be an earthy ground for the seed of a new generation? Who is this adversary? 


It seems God had no enemy at the creation of the heavens and earth and the first man. When a flesh body was formed and God's breath made a living soul, an adversary is manifest. Who or what is this enemy? What does it take to be qualified as an enemy of God? The flesh falls far short of this. The flesh returns to the ground from where it was taken. This fulfills the prophecy God gave Adam. The adversary was not made evident until the man Adam was formed, breathed on, put to sleep and divided. Satan then presented his mission to nullify the word of God in the human. 


God’s word is truth. To oppose the word of God would then be the lie. When this lie had its fruit it brought death, but not from Satan. Death came from the promise of God. Eve gave birth to unbelief. Could this be the greatest sin? If the spirit of truth is not operating, there is but one other persuasion - the lie .All things are of God. Did God’s word bring death or satan’s lie? God said - you will die. Satan said you will not die. The death then in man is the truth Christ brought words of truth and life. I have come to give you life. Why? The truth is you are dead. In Adam all die. God controls both death and life. Satan only can work in unbelief. Now we find all mankind in the bonds of death. Which just happens to be the truth. 


The flood did not end the lie or the promise to Abraham - not the Law of Moses - not David as king or the nation of Israel - not even the flesh advent of God's son - not the cross. The resurrection and the giving of the son in spirit is the only way that the release of death comes to man. It is the coming of the spirit of truth. Man is found in a state of death… a proof of God's word. Only the word of God can fulfill what God had intended in this. 


The seed word of God brings forth a new creature. This we now know. Perhaps some can now see what the plan for the Adam man was. Man can now reject his self, vanity and estrangement from God by receiving his son. The only life that will obey him as father and frustrate the efforts of the lie. The adversary is still active in this world. The whole world lies in this wicked one. Jesus did not change this evil rule. It ends only in him. The lie is you will not surely die. The truth we find is quite the opposite. Mankind still believes they are alive and death is future. This is the fruit of the lie in operation. We should begin to see what man is the eyes of God. 


The way God sees man is expressed in the report that Christ Jesus declared. I am the life. Man has no life. The fact is man now carries on the mission of satan. Rejecting the penalty of death. Deluded into reasoning they can exist into heaven or hell or salvation through their idea of death. The light in Christ is the only truth of what death and life is. He has made a pilgrimage thru both. Only when one experiences life will he know the reality of death. (Col. 2:13) and you who were dead in trespass and the uncircumcision of your flesh, God has made alive with him. Paul is saying to the believer-you were dead .His realization came to him from the spirit of truth. Not from Satan. 


This spirit of truth is the deliverance from not only lies, but the father of lies. To know the truth will make you free. (Luke 24:47) Now repentance for the pardon of sins is to be preached to all nations. This pardon is based on repentance and when accepted by God is the release to receive the offering of his son. The penalty of the law has been fulfilled in the son. The lie is undone and the Holy Spirit brings deliverance from all that man was and is. Then man -an image ends-for the truth is now our being... The reality of a new creature in Christ. Many who have forgiveness have again fallen prey to lie. Has God said? Yes he has said-words of death and words of life. Only the word in Christ will bring total release from the adversary of the true word of God.



DEATH IS TRUTH [Lloyd Ellefson] 11-28-04         1

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