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I have been carrying this writing in my spirit for quite some time now, and it has been weighing heavily on my heart for months. I have tried to get out of writing it since its inception and have not been able to shake it off. The reason for my hesitation is that I don’t relish confrontation, but I am convinced that I must speak out on some ideas being broadcast throughout the kingdom circles that are destructive and deceptive, in my opinion. For this reason, I want to express my distress with these statements of ideology that completely miss the mark of truth and could lead many into a pit of confusion.

I do not profess to have all the truth and I do not view myself as having any advantage over fellow believers, but I do have a responsibility to speak truth as I feel the Father has revealed it to me by His word and by His spirit of revelation. I pray that all that read this writing will read it with that premise in mind and in the knowledge that I love the Body of Christ with a true love and only want to see it grow and flourish in the earth under the direction of the Father of lights.

Having said that, let me be frank regarding my concerns. I have been ministering the truths of the kingdom of God for over 30 years now and have seen a lot of good things and have also seen a lot of bad things in the midst of this word over those years. The kingdom message has always been a lightning rod for the vain and profane to show their wares, coming into the midst of the true sons of God to take advantage of the grace that permeates our message. Despite the best efforts of the fleshly carnal mind of men, truth prevailed and the word of God continued to be spoken, with the antics of carnal men providing valuable teaching sessions for those that knew the true sound of truth.

I can remember the times, when I was a young minister of this revelation that I would be in attendance at a kingdom convention on the west coast and would be enthralled with all that I was hearing and seeing in the meetings. At this time, I was a babe in this word, just glad to be in the midst of such a time in God. At this time, I was taken under the wings of some of the great ministry of this revelation, and would be dragged along with them after the services to eat and discuss what was taking place in the meetings. I was always amazed to hear the old heads talking about what was said and done; things that I had thought were done and said in harmony and unity, only to find out what was really meant by the ones that ministered them. I was shocked! What I thought were harmless words and actions, were really attempts to promote doctrines and ideologies that were full of error and falsehood. It was during this time that I started to get my eyes open to the ways of men, and to begin to understand that some men are not satisfied with doing evil things in their own name, but that some would do evil in the name of God and would willfully deceive the people of God from the pulpit itself, even speaking in tongues one minute and telling lies the next minute.

These men would prophecy in the name of Jesus; work gifts of discernment and heal the sick, and all the while twist and corrupt the scriptures to lead others into darkness. When I thought that some of these false prophets were just speaking about the love of God, sometimes they were actually meaning a love that was of the flesh, a physical intercourse that they justified as an act of love. Many marriages have been torn apart by the message of “free-love,” which has been preached by many different titles, all of which come to the conclusion that we are free to participate in a physical act of intimacy with those that the spirit of the Lord would reveal to us as our true “counterparts” in the kingdom. Over the years, my wife and I have counseled many couples that have been deceived into this belief, their lives becoming a living hell and their homes torn apart by false apostles speaking ungodly doctrines in the name of the Lord and in the name of the kingdom message. Some of these ministers started to preach that the kingdom of God could not be entered into by the women unless they partook of the “seed” that was in the ministry, meaning the sperm of the man, in an act of intercourse. Many went into this deception, only to learn that it was only a carnal act, without any truth in it whatsoever, a sinful act that was preached in the name of God as truth.

Where does this kind of thinking come from and how do people fall for such stupidity? The truth is, there are some people that will believe anything, as long as it is preached from the pulpit. Some people can’t believe that ministry could be that corrupt, that ungodly, as to actually use the name of God for their own fleshly lusts, but they have and they always will, until corruption takes on incorruption. Some that preached this “truth,” justified it through a message of “pre-existence,” meaning that we had lives that we lived out before the worlds were made in Genesis. They went on to say that in those pre-existing lives, we had soul mates, kindred spirits that lived with us as man and wife. The deception goes on to say that any of those that have come to the message of sonship must now seek their spiritual soul mate, and be joined to them again in the flesh. This opened the door to many couples that were having the usual problems in marriage, making them believe that their lives would be wonderful if they could only find their true partner, which usually ended in illicit affairs and a messy divorce, only to be left alone when the minister of this fallacy went on to the next city to make new “converts.” Unbelievable that normal men and women would fall for such a scam, isn’t it? But it has been happening in the Body of Christ since the days of Paul the Apostle and continues even today.

There are many so-called kingdom ministry today that teach we cannot be deceived, that God will not allow us to go into deception, but I know that to be untrue and naïve. Deception is alive and well in the Body today, especially in the kingdom ranks. In fact, the kingdom message is being purposely diluted by men and women of deception in an effort to preach deception with impunity. Across the country kingdom groups are opening themselves up to such falsehoods and erroneous teachings in an attempt to be pictured as “spiritual and revelatory.” I have come to believe that much of this poisonous deception is being delivered with much cunning and purposeful design.

Usually, you can categorize the ministry that is teaching error in varying degrees of conscious deception. From those that are your typical airhead, space cadet, believe anything types, that preach Christ like some sales people sell cars,  (promise them anything as long as you make the sell) to those that are ravenous wolves preying upon the flock of God. Others file in somewhere between these two extremes. Ego is behind almost all deception, the worship of self over God. Only those that think of themselves as being God over their world can consciously deceive people about their relationship with their heavenly Father. Some only are repeating what others have said on a tape or written on the internet or on paper. They are religious mimics, not having enough dedication to get their own revelation from the spirit of God, they get themselves on the mailing lists of all the kingdom preachers and repeat what is said or written as though God came down personally and discussed this word with them face to face. The truth is, they have never seen God, or heard His voice, but they minister the leftovers from someone else’s experience. These don’t bother me in the least. They are as superficial as a Hollywood B-Movie Starlet, an open book that a fool could discern, not taken seriously by anyone.

But, there are others that are smart enough to dress in sheep’s clothing, to disguise themselves to get close enough to the lambs to go for the kill. These are flies in the ointment, spots in the feast, lurking under the covering of kingdom talk, speaking about Christ and the cross, and the resurrection, peppering their messages with selective scriptures, all the while inserting disconcerting statements meant only to speak to the weak lambs of the flock, using buzz words of Love, Grace, Incorruptible, Freedom to lull the watchmen asleep.

All deceivers are con men and all con men are schooled in the art of psychological warfare. They are always the most loving of all people, showering their prey with affection and shallow concern. They go to great lengths to have you take them into your confidence, becoming your entrusted friend, your mentor and personal guru. I have known many over these last 30 years and all of them were well thought of by their victims before they showed their true self. Some are after your money, others are after your virtue, but most of them are out to control you, to bring you under their will until they can manipulate you and turn you away from Jesus Christ and toward their own way of thinking.

One of the greatest tools these false teachers use to deceive the sons of God is the concept of freedom. In fact, this phrase will be heard over and over again in their teachings, and nothing is emphasized more than this phrase, “I Am Free!” Of course, this is a statement based upon a scriptural truth, that we are made free by Jesus Christ, but what are we free from? In their perverted message of freedom, we are free from all responsibility, free from worship, free from prayer, free from righteous acts, free from judgment, free from morality, and on and on. The message of false freedom is meant to lead us into the concept of being the God of our own life. If it feels good, do it. This false freedom removes all consequence from any action undertaken and especially gives them liberty from serving the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the foundation for all other deceptions to have full access to the heart of the child of God. The false teachers say that you are free to believe anything you want, that there is no more right and there is no more wrong. Heaven help those that get snared in this delusion, as it will lead them into paths they would never dream they would go down in their right minds.

Much has been written in the kingdom circles about the account in Genesis that deals with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In fact, most false teachers don’t believe in the scriptures anymore and only use them to make certain points about their false teaching. I heard one man in a Conference re-write the whole first chapter of Genesis, saying that God revealed to him that his interpretation of it was the way God meant to write it. Well, it served his purpose, to make up his own account of Genesis that totally contradicted the biblical one and to portray himself as a “deep” kingdom teacher. He ended up stating that there was absolutely no difference between himself and Jesus Christ, which at the surface seemed bad enough, but by the time he was finished with his message, I think he really thought there was a difference, that being he was actually a little higher than Jesus Christ! Such boldness, without shame or fear of being in error concerning the holiness and hallowedness of our precious Lord comes from a spirit of delusion that has taken over the mind of the propagators of such garbage. When you believe that there is no such thing as good or evil, you are opening yourself up to anything that is false and untrue. As much as we need to know the goodness of God, we also must be able to discern the evil of men.

I know it has become popular to state that we need to be able to see God in every man, and although I am constantly straining to see that seed of life that has been sown into the hearts of all men and do see it by the spirit, I am not going to blind myself to the evil that men do. Just because I can see a tiny spark of good in all men does not dictate that I am to turn a blind eye to a bonfire of evil in those same men. God has given us the gift of discernment to be able to tell the light from the darkness and to know that we are walking in the light of His love and not the darkness of our carnal mind. But, for some, their whole purpose is to do away with the discernment of good and evil, providing a covering for evil to come into our midst and continue to corrupt the hearts of mankind. Judgment in the scriptures speaks of discernment, the ability to separate one thing from another. In the new age, cosmic terminology that some are trying their best to insinuate into our consciousness, there is no more judgment, no more distinction to be made, because everything is God, every voice that speaks is God’s voice, every message is truth, no matter how ungodly it may seem, just be free to eat of any of the words of men and it will be good for you. My heart is extremely troubled over how many of the dear saints of God are falling head over heels in love with this message of total freedom.

If you think you cannot be deceived, you are already deceived. I know men and women that at one time thought they couldn’t be deceived either, and now they are as far from God as one can get. One man, who at one time was a wonderful kingdom minister with a great gift of speaking and writing, also felt he could not be deceived and started to get involved with concepts of I AM and pre-existence and the belief that there is no difference between good and evil. He went down that path until now, right at this present time, he is an avowed atheist and as enthusiastic as he was in preaching a “kingdom word” he is just as enthusiastic in promoting atheism. He is the head of a chapter of atheists in the Midwest area of the United States and has a web site and an email list that he uses to shout to the world that there is no God! Another man, who also at one time was a tremendous minister of the kingdom truths is now living and ministering a perverted message. This man, who I will not name, wrote a popular chorus that is sung in most kingdom circles: “The cells of my body, speak forth a new life, every atom radiates, His glorious light, so rejoice O earth, at the sound of my voice, I’m a new man walking, I’ve never walked before.” This man went down the same path of freedom to walk anywhere he wanted to go, and that path took him to the belief that he is God Almighty. It was told me by good friends of mine that attended one of this man’s meetings that his wife played the piano and sang in the nude and he stood in front of the people and called God and Jesus Christ every filthy name one could imagine, and then exalted in his freedom to do so. He has been known to share a bed with his wife and another man and has appeared on the TV show, “60 Minutes,” where he proclaimed that he was a manifested son of God and was physically immortal. All of these believed they could not be deceived.

A number of years ago, I was invited to come to minister to a group of so called kingdom believers in Indiana and arrived at the church building in time for what I thought would be a service. I was led to the basement, where we ate a great dinner and I was starting to think it was getting a little late and expressed to my host that maybe we should go upstairs and start the service. My host let me know that they didn’t have services anymore and in fact didn’t have speakers anymore, but they just gathered to eat and talk. He then told me about how they had come to the revelation that we are no longer to be spiritual, but in fact, we were to be natural. Instead of desiring to be in the spirit, that we now desire to be in the flesh. It was about this time that I started to look for the exit, as I didn’t really feel led to be around when they started to get in the flesh. They used to be good, solid kingdom believers, moving on in the spirit of the Day, until a “kingdom teacher” came and showed them a more excellent way. I attended another meeting a few years ago where I was invited to minister, a supposed kingdom church, where a well known kingdom teacher that I had heard about but never had met, told the group that he had an experience that convinced him that he was God. He had come close to death in a car wreck, was in the hospital for a long time, and one day he was leaning up against the wall outside his hospital room and saw himself step outside of his body. He asked this apparition, that looked like himself, “Who are you?” and the apparition said, “I am God” and then walked back into his body. From that day on the man was convinced that he was God. In fact, after his message, everyone started addressing each other by name with the name of God at the beginning, such as God Jones, God Smith and so on. Again, I left as soon as possible. I could go on and on with accounts of those that I have personally known that have gone into a strong delusion, completely away from the spirit of God into a world of darkness and imagination.

One of the terms that have come into the midst of the kingdom circles that I have been connected to in the past is the term, “illusion.” As in most phrases that are used in deception, there is an element of truth to the initial concept, but as you follow it through, it ends up in an eastern, new age concept that leaves the scriptural plan of God and leaves you believing in a plan devised by the mind of men. The false teaching of illusion is the belief that this world is nothing more than an illusion, a false imprint on the mind. Nothing that we see outside of ourself is real, bringing us to the conclusion that the only real thing is ourself. The false message of illusion goes into such depravity that it does away with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the need to be cleansed in His blood, and even states that original sin is an illusion. Mis-Identity is a concept that goes hand in hand with the false teaching of illusion. This concept states that we are not really sinful; we just have been programmed to think we are sinful and if we could just awaken to our God-Self, we would cease to be sinful, because sin is a state of mind, not a condition of our nature. This message has been taught and promoted extensively amongst most of the kingdom believers today and some are innocent in this deception, parroting others and repeating this falsehood without really considering the impact of what is being taught, but others are fully aware of what is being said and are actively leading others into error. It is nothing else but the teaching of Hinduism, with a little flavoring of Buddhism and New Age teaching mixed in. In fact, the real difference between what is being said in a lot of false kingdom ministry and what has always been said by some in the past, is that we are hearing a dangerous hybrid message that mixes kingdom phrases with new age phrases. This is not by chance. It is done on purpose by the false teachers to give them an open door into the midst of the true kingdom people and to gain the confidence of the immature and unlearned. These deceivers will use words such as “Jesus, The Christ, The Blood, Judgment, Grace, etc,” but what they really believe those words represent is far from the truth. They believe in Jesus, so they say, but a different Jesus than we may believe in. In their eyes, He is an equal, but not their Lord and Master. Now, they won’t say this openly, nor will they confess this belief when asked about it face to face, but as they minister their revelation, that is what they say.

It is for this reason that I believe we are seeing a strong DELUSION coming out of many of the kingdom teachers. The difference between an illusion and a delusion is that the illusion is how something appears to us, such as a mirage of water in the desert, but the closer you examine it the illusion goes away. This is not so with a delusion, which is an internal deception, a spiritual insanity if you will. Recently, a movie was produced entitled, “A Beautiful Mind” that described a true life story of a brilliant mathematician that had a fairly common mental condition, schizophrenia, in which the person actually sees no difference between real things and imagined things. As the movie is shown, the director purposely leaves the audience in the dark about what is real and what is unreal and it is a shock to find out what the schizophrenic actually was imagining to be real. The problem with delusion is that once given over to it, no one can prove to you that what you are believing is not true. Your mind has convinced itself that it is true and no longer can “discern” between real and false.



Wow. I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of response I received from the article, “Deceptions Of The Mind” The God Complex. Surprised, because I wasn’t aware that this was of such immense concern in the Body of Christ and I wasn’t prepared for the clear cut opinions on both sides of this issue. I have received a vast majority of supportive contact, with a few vigorous opposing contacts, all of which are greatly appreciated and respected. It seems that there isn’t very much middle ground on this topic and that is the way it should be, which gives me great encouragement concerning the state and condition of the general population of kingdom message believers.

In this second installment of this series, I will attempt to cover some details about deception and give you my opinion on why I view certain doctrines and concepts as being deceptive. If I was to pick out a word that was repeated most often in the responses to the first installment, it would be the word, “shocking!” This word was uttered or written consistently from our readers and it was followed by words such as, “disturbing,” “unbelievable,” and such. I do feel badly for the blunt method that I used in writing the previous article, but in order to be heard in a crowded room with a bunch of prattling noise going on, one must raise their voice to be given the proper attention. With this in mind, I purposely did away with courteous speech and scholarly statements and just said it like it was, without frills or any fancy dressing. I did offend some friends, and I regret this, but do not apologize for the message itself, as I am convinced that the Lord laid this article on my heart and I had no recourse in delivering it. I can apologize to one and all for my obvious lack of skills in communicating by the written word what my thoughts and intents are, but that apology would have to include every writing I have done in the past, due to my woeful method of butchering the proper grammatical usage of the English language, and for this, I am guilty as sin.

I did not confer with any other person before writing the prior article, and I stand alone as solely responsible for it’s content. Even my dear wife was not given the opportunity to counsel with me concerning it’s content or subject matter, but has given me her support for sending it out. In other words, I have written this message as an individual, a single man that has heard what I have perceived to be an alarm from the spirit of the Lord to give forth a warning to the Body of Christ concerning deceptive concepts that can be destructive to the believer. The bottom line that I would like you to know about the motive behind this series, is that I am only one person, giving forth my opinion on these matters and by no means am I claiming to be without any form of deception in myself, but am fulfilling my obligation to the Body of Christ to be as honest and forthcoming as possible in what I feel the spirit of the Lord is dealing with me about. If this does not apply to you or if it does not minister to you at this time, then set it down and leave it alone. I assure you, I do not intend to make it my life’s work to sniff out deceptions amongst the kingdom ranks, to be some sort of spiritual Nazi hunter, confronting the enemy wherever he may be found. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I do view this article as a warning to the kingdom ranks, an alarm that has shocked many, but hopefully will help the true lovers of truth to avoid the pitfalls that I believe are making their way into our lives. But, an alarm is only effective when it is given clearly and succinctly, and if given over and over through much repetition, it becomes nothing more than tinkling cymbals and sounding brass. I will not be mentioning this subject again in such a comprehensive manner, since there are many other subjects that are sorely needed to be clarified to the Body of Christ, and after this series is through, I will have obeyed my heart and will go on to other things in the Lord. But, I would have you to know that I believe the deceptions at hand today make up one of the most crucial challenges that has ever been put to the faith that has been so mercifully delivered to us.

It is not my intention, in these writings, to do an expose on what has come to be known as “The New Age Movement.” To me, this movement would not be considered a serious challenge to the kingdom message, as it is readily seen as not being a part of the redemptive plan of God through Jesus Christ. If you do desire to know more about the “new age” doctrine and it’s history, I would suggest that you read an excellent series on this subject authored by Terry Crisp of Good Seed Publications entitled, “Zarah and Pharez.” This can be accessed on the internet at:, or write to Terry at 672 Goodman Rd, Dawson, GA 39842. There are many other sites on the internet that one can access that would define in great detail the New Age Movement and doctrine.

My intention in this series is to warn us of a new kind of deception, one that has aspects of new age thinking and doctrine, but is not strictly new age. In some of the responses I received from the first article, it was mentioned that questions were asked some of the ministry if they were new age and the answer was that they were not new age. Of course, this is entirely true. If you were to ask any of the ministers that name themselves “kingdom” and yet minister new age concepts if they were New Age, the answer would be the same. The fact is, true New Age believers would not accept them as being New Age because they have deviated from that doctrine to include Jesus Christ, so in the strictest sense, they are not new age. The trouble is, if you were to ask the same ministers if they are Christian, the answer would be, “NO!” In truth, they are a hybrid of what we would call “Christian doctrine” and “New Age doctrine.” Not only that, but the deception that is being introduced as “kingdom” is made up of a myriad of “truths,” so that they could actually fit in with just about any type of people. For this type of minister, there cannot be anything considered as not being the truth. Whether you are a Buddhist or a Hindu or a Marxist or a Satanist, it is all truth and it all has equal veracity in God.

It is very interesting to note that everything being propagated today has nothing “new” about it at all. All of the New Age doctrine is a repeat of doctrines that the early church faced in the cities that they ministered to. If you were to read the history of the early church according to Eusibius, the chief historian of this remarkable time period, you would find the same concepts and thoughts that are taught today, with only the descriptive terms changed to give them an appearance of something “new.” I am going to shock some of you with this next statement, but it is true. There has not been an original thought about God since the Apostle Paul was moved upon by the Holy Ghost to frame the worlds with the faith that was passed on to him by the arisen Jesus Christ. As much “revelation” as we are supposed to have received in this enlightened age, none of us have ever come up with a concept about God that has not already been stated in ages gone by. I know that is quite a blow to many egomaniac ministers out there, but that is the simple truth. We come up with new terms to describe those concepts, such as paradigm shift, higher consciousness, corporate man, inclusion, imagery, transcendental meditation, the higher self, and on and on, but they all describe thoughts that have been in the world for millenniums. Humbling, isn’t it? With all our getting, we have yet to get anything truly original from the spirit of God that has not already been stated a long time ago.

To illustrate this thought, I remember hearing our friend and fellow minister, Stacy Wood, give a glorious thought on the true meaning of the Ten Commandments, which he stated were not commandments as we might suppose, but were actually “promises” which give us a sure word that in the plan of God there will come a day when “Thou shalt not kill and thou shalt not steal, etc.” I thought it was the most original thought on the scriptures that I had ever heard. Sometime later, I was doing some research and since I love to read Andrew Jukes’ writings I started to scan through some of his work, which were written in the mid-1800’s and came across a wonderful writing where Bro. Jukes states the exact same thought as Bro. Stacy brought forth. It astounded me! Especially since Bro. Jukes wrote this before the explosion of the Pentecostal movement, which I had always assumed gave us the move of the spirit and which opened the door to the spirit of revelation. It did open up my eyes to what true revelation is, the revealing of Jesus Christ. It is not about you or I, it is not about higher thoughts or higher consciousness, it is not about knowing some secret formula for a fountain of immortality, it is not about chanting or crystals or frequency healings. It is absolutely and completely about Jesus Christ. There is nothing any higher or deeper than to know Him.

I repeat, there has not been one original thought concerning the plan of God since the Apostle Paul and there will not be a new thought in the future, not in another thousand years will there be anything truly original brought forth that would be an addition to that which has already been stated by past generations. The only “new” thing that we will come into will be the experience of God’s true substance and nature, an encounter with Him in such a way that it will fuse us together with Him in a state and condition of complete oneness. We should not be desiring a “new doctrine,” or a new concept about the sons of God, thinking that if we only could attain a new kind of thought or revelation than that would usher us into a new dimension of existence in God. That is a deception that is continually kept alive by our insatiable desire to find a “new way” into Enchristed Life. Most of the preachers that find their way into the upper echelon of Babylon’s religious kingdom of fame and fortune have arrived there by stating supposedly original thoughts about God. They separate themselves from the pack by incorporating original marketing schemes for their ministry and by mutating the message to come up with a new twist here and a new wrinkle there, but ultimately they are only repeating hashed over processes that have their genesis in the days of the early church and some even earlier.

So it goes, the new Bishop movement in the kingdom ranks is nothing more than a repackaging of the prior movements of shepherding and eldership, with a new wrinkle here and there. The laughing phenomenon that took place in Toronto was nothing more than a recycle of early Pentecost. I met some of the men involved in the Toronto blessing, as it came to be called, and tried to tell them that we experienced the same thing in the little Pentecostal church I was saved in 38 years ago and have even had the experience pop up at various times in the recent past, but they were convinced that it was something “new” and viewed it as the act of God to precede the rapture of the church.

I have heard it said among those that think we are to make a “new” declaration of the “finished work of Calvary” that we have been declaring the same old message for the past 30 years and it is time to declare something “new” and call it “finished.” I find this to be the same misconception as stated above, trying to find something “new” to declare that will somehow unlock the Feast of Tabernacles and release it into the lives of the believers. There are some that feel we need to enter into a mass confession that all is finished and if we can get enough people to declare it together, than it will cause it to take place. I do not see this as being the answer to our situation at all. It will accomplish nothing to try to wrestle these things out of the heavens by our own faith or our own power to confess and possess. The name it and claim it revelation has not worked in 2,000 years and it won’t work today. There is not a preacher alive today that is anointed by the spirit of God to bring forth a new, original concept about some hidden path to glory. There is only one path and one way into the glory of the Father and that is through Jesus Christ. A new “message” or understanding of how to make it there will not bring it about. We are on the right path, right now. We are staying true to the course that was set out for us 2,000 years ago and I for one will not deviate from it. I may see it more plainly than I did in Pentecost or Passover, but it is the same path I have been on since Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me in that little Pentecostal church. All other ways are nothing but rabbit trails that will lead to a dead end and demand you to back track and find the original path that was laid out by Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul.

To some, I am “old order” by stating such a thing. In their eyes, they are “new order,” because they are declaring something “new” and fresh. I am not worried about being “old order,” as I believe in a progressive truth, which has a lineage to it, just as our bodies are made up of our past lineage, so truth has a line drawn through it and is constantly revealing itself throughout the ages, connecting the various points of disclosure by a thread of continuity, from alpha truth to omega truth. I am not preaching another gospel than what Paul preached. Nor am I teaching anything other than what he taught, although I am able to state it with more modern definitions and viewpoints, it is in line with the truth that he received from the arisen Jesus Christ.

The three feasts of the Lord, Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles are related to each other and actually are meant to compliment each other. They are not in competition with each other! Passover has it’s own glory and purpose and nothing can be added to it or taken away from it. Initial regeneration of a man’s heart toward his heavenly Father is one of the greatest experiences that a person can have. All believers must know this feast and experience it’s reality, before they can go on to truly know and experience any other feast. However, once Passover is fully experienced, there is more of the same truth to be revealed or experienced. Passover leads us into Pentecost. Now, Pentecost is not just Pentecost, but it is Passover AND Pentecost, both fused together to form a compound feast. How can one be truly Pentecostal and not still have the ongoing ministry of Passover? The very reason for the gifts of Pentecost, the expression and demonstration of this feast is for the initiation of the unbeliever into the experience of Passover which will open the door for the believer to experience Pentecost. Now, we come to the feast of Tabernacles, which is not just a separate feast with it’s own individual truth, but is a compound feast made up of Passover and Pentecost now incorporated into a corporate feast, with the reconciliation of Passover, fused with the power of Pentecost incorporated into the nature of Tabernacles, which produces a “new man,” a creature of God that embodies all of the feasts into one “feast of all feasts.”

Unless we can start to see with the corporate vision of truth, the compoundment of individual truths into “the truth,” we will continue to seek for the “new” day of the Lord that we think is somewhere in a place in God that we cannot find with our present truth. That dictates that we must look for that place somewhere else than where Jesus or Paul has described to us. A certain amount of kingdom believers think that they are beyond Paul’s message and only use his teachings when they are convenient to use as a distorted proof of their abberant teachings. These are the same people that want us to believe that they are completely finished from all processing or development and that they are God, the I AM. The fact that they declare such things and still live as any other man or woman does in the earth goes a long ways in letting us know that their “truth” is only another rabbit trail that will eventually lead to a dead end if they continue down it’s path.

I want to address the “finished work” message that I believe is a deception working it’s way into the very fabric of the kingdom ranks. Again, this is a phrase that is fairly new, but it is an old concept that has popped up over the long centuries since the early church. I do want to state that not everyone that ministers a “finished work” message truly understands what they are implying, and some are stating a phrase that doesn’t aptly describe what they believe or want to be stated. Of all the “deceptions” that I listed in the first article, this was the one that caused the most concern amongst the ministry that responded to me. Some thought that I didn’t know what the “finished work” message was about, and one even stated that I needed to hear a true Melchizedek priest minister it to get another perspective.

It is true, that there many versions of the “finished work message” and I do need to clarify what I believe concerning this concept. First of all, I do believe in a finished work, although I would not term Calvary as being the place or time for this finished work to have been accomplished, although Calvary certainly was a finished phase of the total plan. I believe the finished work to have been accomplished in God before the foundations of the world were laid. Before anything was made or created, God finished His plan in Himself and then brought forth the creation itself. The very fact that God did not stop at the point of finishing the work in Himself dictates that He will continue to bring that finished work to reality in us and in the world. For some that preach the Finished Work message, they actually see it the same as myself that Jesus did finish His work at Calvary, in Himself. To me, this is a phase of God’s plan that was finished, brought to a close, and brought a fulfillment to the law and the prophets. It was a finish and it was also a BEGINNING. To say that everything in God’s plan was stopped and completed 2,000 years ago is to ask us to enter into a colossal concept of denial. To believe that, we must deny everything around us is actually real, but is only an illusion of our carnal mind that has not awakened to the “finished work at Calvary,” a denial of all of our senses and the world at hand. I don’t believe that Jesus taught us a message of total denial, but rather taught us that we are in an imperfect world that we will overcome by His life. Some literally believe that the finished work means exactly that, we are living in a world of illusion that we will awaken from in the plan of God, and we will see that death doesn’t really exist, we just thought it did, and no one really gets sick, we were just tricked by our carnal mind in thinking so, and we don’t have original sin or even a sin nature, but it is only an imagination of our carnal mind. I don’t believe this lines up with the lineage of truth that I find in the teachings of Jesus or Paul. This is a concept straight out of Eastern philosophy, imbedded in Buddhism and Hinduism. The deception with it is that we are asked to believe this concept as the “path” to being brought into the fullness of God and the reason that other generations did not come into this reality is because they believed “the lie,” that we were sinners saved by grace. This, to me, is ludicrous and attempts to disannul the gift of God’s sacrifice of His Son for our redemption.

As I say, I believe in the true, finished work, and indeed would have no hope left in me to ever come into the reality of being found in my finished state if Jesus Christ did not already produce a finished work in Himself, but that finished work is far from the finished work that I hear preached in most places. He is the Pattern Son, and that pattern is finished and forever perfected without any flaw or imperfection. If anyone knows anything about working with patterns, whether you are a carpenter, a die maker or a seamstress, you know that once the pattern is cut out, that is the guarantee that everything produced from that pattern will retain the image and likeness of the master pattern. Jesus Christ is our pattern and He is producing from that finished pattern a company of sons that will be found in His exact likeness. Glory! That is not subject to failure! I am assured, and you are too and also every man born of a woman, that we will be found in the image and likeness of God, because of the finished work of Jesus Christ. Now, let me say that at this present moment, I am still being cut upon to conform to that finished work of Jesus Christ, and I am still being processed by His operation of grace and salvation to have all of my parts put together again in a corporate form, fused together with Christ to form one, complete, new man. Until that process is complete, I stand in faith and assurance in the finished man, Jesus Christ, who is the author and the finisher of the faith, who has begun this awesome metamorphosis in Himself and will complete it in everyone of God’s children, without fail. If I did not know this, I would be of all men most miserable and without any hope in the world. There is no reason for us to go on some ego trip and say that we are now and always have been finished, and to deny that we are still in need of some serious processing and judgment.

Judgment has become a bad word for some kingdom folk. I was taken to task for my previous article on Deception for being some kind of JUDGE. Judgment is not dead and gone, but is an ongoing method of refinement and purification that will not stop until everything has been changed in heaven and earth. We are not to judge another man and stand between him and God, but we are absolutely admonished to judge every man’s words and actions as to whether they are life or death. Every time I write an article, speak at a meeting or make an audio message tape, I am asking people to judge that which come forth from me. I wouldn’t have it any other way! If one does not want to be judged, then one should not speak or act. It is insane to tell the people of God to accept anything that anyone says as being fit for consumption. Many are sick and weak because they have not discerned (judged) the Body of Christ. Through judgment the Lord is teaching us His ways. Through judgment we are discerning good and evil and loving the one and abhorring the other. Through judgment we are developing an ear for the ring of clarity in truth, and are finally cringing at the screech of error. When we throw out judgment, God is nothing more than a vibration, without form or substance and for many this is what God is to them, a universal essence that they are.

The key to the finished work is simply a need for balance. In fact, balance will bring the whole Day of the Lord into focus and will make sense out of the confusion that comes about when men take “a truth” and make it “absolute truth.” Why don’t we use balance? Because it would take away from our need to stand out from all other competitors. Balance makes us a loaf of bread, instead of a grain of self. If we need anything today, it is to die out to our own aggrandizement. Humility is a lost fruit of the spirit in today’s atmosphere. Balance will humble you, reminding us of the fact that we are only a part of an immense plan that towers over our own self importance. Of all that has come before me and all that will follow after me, I am a vital but essentially small part of the totality of God’s plan of the ages. Balance will teach us that Jesus did put death under His feet, that He did produce a more excellent way for us to follow Him behind the veil, that He did nail to His cross all of the precepts that were written against us, and He did make an open display of His power and authority over those base things when He arose from amongst the dead and brought with Him the keys of the kingdom. Balance will teach us that He is now working that eternal work out in us, His brethren and joint-heirs, and will not leave us in a state of denial, but will lift us into His place of authority and dominion at the right hand of the Father and will empower and glorify us with His glory as ambassadors of His salvation to the ends of the earth.

Preach the finished work, but please preach it and teach it with the balance that is essential for it to become a reality in the hearts of God’s people, and not just another psychic exercise of mind over matter. We must let the people of God know that there are some things that are still being changed, that have received a sentence of death from the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but they must still be evicted and executed by that power that is still being unleashed today. Thrones must still be thrown down in the hearts of men. Healing is still taking place in our midst, men and women are still coming to know the Lord as their Lord and King, the hopeless are still finding hope and the weak are still being made strong, not by coming into some kind of new consciousness, but by partaking of a life-changing flow of the spirit that is still coming out from under the door of the Temple. It won’t take any glitter off the message of the finished work to bring forth the balance of this awesome truth to God’s people. Many of the ministry that have ministered all is finished in them and they are no longer in the time of processing will admit that they are not really finished, that they still get sick in their bodies and they are showing their age as their physical body deteriorates. But, it is said with a wink and a nod, and only when they are pressed by those that question the soundness of their message. At times, when listening to them proclaim such ridiculous statements, I find myself musing, “Gee, I was really hoping for there to be more than this. I mean, after all of the hype about manifested sons of God, and then to be made to believe that what I see before me are the finished products of that great company of God is, to say the least, the biggest disappointment in the history of the world. Maybe my expectations were a tad too high. I thought we would at least be in better physical and emotional shape when we arrived at such a state of maturity in Christ.” I continued to sit in amazement at these meetings of Manifested Sons Of God, listening to them talk about their I Amness and how they were there at the creation of the worlds and brought it all into existence by the living Logos that they were, and I watched as they hacked and coughed in the aisles and one by one went to the bathroom to use the toilet. I can only hope that there is a good septic system in the plan of God, because it looks like we will be using the toilet throughout the eternities to come. I never would have thought that would be the case when we were truly finished, but just add that to my list of disappointments.

Is this what we have come to? Living in such deteriorated states and conditions and then asking everyone around us to ignore the obvious and see us as the great I AM? Why not bring the balance of truth to our midst? We are a spirit, finished and complete, joined to a soul, in need of a marriage and a nature change, living in a body that will be glorified by the outworking of the spirit of life that is resident within us. Until then, we are what we are by the grace of God. In one part, we are weak, and in another part we are strong, we are flesh and we are spirit. Uh oh, don’t want to admit to any of that, it might negate what we want to believe we are. I desire you to be delivered from fear, dear friend, and to be able to see yourself exactly as God has made you, a compound man, made up of many things that are not agreeable as of yet, but are destined to come together in a bond of unbreakable love and unity. What will bring this unity is balance, the lesser being subject to the greater, no more struggle for supremacy of the house, but each part giving way to the whole.

I believe in the finished work, but I believe it is as of right now, finished only in one man, Jesus Christ, our pattern and forerunner, who will bring us to where He is. We are not prolonging the Day, just letting it dictate to us it’s manifestation, and knowing that the Day will declare itself, at the set time and order. Who amongst us could believe strongly enough for such a grand thing? How could God leave it up to us, in our own strength of faith, to make it so? The truth is, He hasn’t. The Day will take care of itself and is right on time. Be still, in all of your wondering and yearning. All is well and the Master is in control. We will be found like Him, glorified with Him and that is not a belief or a doctrine, it is a fact that we can stake our existence upon.   



To begin this 3rd installment of our series on Deceptions Of The Mind, I want to thank each one that has taken the time to write to me concerning their view and opinions on this subject. It has been one of those subjects that has struck a chord in the hearts of the kingdom people and the response has been tremendous. One of the main purposes for this series has been to instigate discussion concerning whether or not we can be deceived and if so, are we to exercise discernment pertaining to those things being ministered to us, or are we to receive all things as being of God and hence being truthful. My viewpoint is that we are to examine those things written and spoken to see if they be true or not. Of course, if you are of the opinion that all things are true, this would be non-applicable to you, and there are many who call themselves “kingdom” that think along those lines. But, for the rest of us that hold truth in such regard as being the most precious of gifts from our heavenly Father, I do offer this writing as a confirmation to you to apply those tools of discernment that the Lord has given you to judge the words of the messenger and see if they are life or death. Of course, we judge the message and not the messenger, leaving the vessel to the Lord to deal with and to reward or correct, according to His will. Again, for those that do not believe that God is correcting or maturing us at this present time, this thought would be foreign and without merit, but for those that believe that they are being processed into a fit representative of the fullness of God in the earth by an ongoing succession of dealings and testings that are being orchestrated by our Father to reveal in us that image and likeness that has been imbedded and placed within us by the design of God, I say to you to carry on, fight the good fight, run the race and cross the

There are certain aspects of the kingdom message that seem to be hot points of difference. Deception is one of them, undoubtedly, but there are others that are equally controversial. To list a few, “are we one with God, and if so, are we God?,” “is Jesus the Christ, or are we all universally the Christ?,” “are the scriptures still viable to our walk today, or are we to look upon them as merely outdated references to past orders?” and many more that we don’t have the time to address in this article. It is interesting that the nominal churches don’t make much fuss about these type of questions outside of their schools of higher education, leaving these questions to be discussed and concluded amongst professors of theology and future scholars and leaders of the religious system. But, we are not so fortunate, seeing as to how we are ministering a message that automatically demands some measure of theological thought, mainly concerning the final outcome of God’s plan of the ages and the consummation of His dealings with creation. We have concluded, without any schooling or tutelage from professors of divinity that God will be all in all. We see no need for a degree of anything to come to that conclusion, since the scriptures state thus with absolute clarity.

1 Cor 15:24-28 24] Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power. 25] For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet. 26] The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. 27] For he hath put all things under his feet. But when he saith, all things are put under him, it is manifest that he is excepted, which did put all things under him. 28] And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him that God may be all in all. (KJV)

Even with such clarity in the scriptures, we know that there are many that call themselves “kingdom” that do not see the final conclusion of salvation to all men, but either believe in eternal damnation or the strange belief that lost souls are condemned to utter annihilation, thus sparing themselves from the awkwardness of being in the presence of the Lord while others are eternally punished. Such is the state of those that label themselves “kingdom,” which has become a boiling pot of such contrasting opinions that one has to wonder how they could all be so common to each other and yet so opposite in many ways. While I believe that God has allowed this variety of opinions to this point, I do believe that we are going to see a line drawn in the midst of us, and we will see the different views start to form walled cities and consolidation of groups will begin to be seen. Alliances are being made, plans are being laid out and there is much realignment beginning to take place, especially amongst those that accept all things as truth! I know it sounds like a contradiction, but the fact is that those that say they accept all beliefs as truth are actually very intolerant of those that have a differing opinion than their own. Those that are claiming they are finished and fully processed and are manifested sons of God are displaying the most glaring evidences of being unfinished, at times spewing the same venomous words at their detractors that can be heard in the camps of the organized church. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be hilarious to see the reaction of these pretenders when put to the test. They all have buttons that can be readily pressed that will reveal the same Adamic reaction that all of creation operates out of on a daily basis. With all their getting, they haven’t apprehended that which they proclaim and the only thing they have are empty words, delusional phrases that they keep repeating, but without the life that should be present at such profound utterances. They live in a kingdom that is ethereal and other-worldly, with no expectations beyond the utterance itself.

The true kingdom of God that Jesus and His apostles taught about is not a kingdom of the mind, a higher intelligence or consciousness, but a dimension that is very real and can be tangible and will be attainable, not just in our mind, but in our spirit, soul and body. As of right now, it is an invisible kingdom, contained within the hearts of men and women, but in the final analysis, it will be seen in the earth and will be a domain that is inhabited by God’s children. When we preach a kingdom that is made up of empty slogans and meaningless statements of psychological divinity, we have left the original purpose of the kingdom coming to earth through Jesus Christ. He started the process of invading this material world with a kingdom that will not pass away, originating in the spirit but destined to take on form and structure through a company of sons that will visit the earth with a heavenly dominion and will take the kingdoms of this world and make them the kingdom of our Lord and Savior. This earthly planet is destined to be filled with the government of Jesus Christ, which will be enforced and enacted by a fully matured, fully developed, fully transfigured, fully restored, fully changed, fully transformed, fully saved, fully redeemed, fully empowered, fully dead, fully alive, fully surrendered, fully united, fully ascended, fully cleansed company of priest-kings. All that they are, is that which the Father has purposed for them to be. If you think you are all that right now, you are delusional and in need of a true renovation of your mind.

I am not expecting to live throughout eternity with a kingdom that is imprisoned within my mind, thinking myself to be something and then denying everything that indicates that I am not that. I do not believe in a kingdom of denial and I don’t think we have been brought into this majestic realm of God-life to dwell on a cloud of good thoughts, strumming our harp of perfection throughout eternity. We have come to earth to accomplish something that will affect the order of everything on earth. I see a kingdom of God that is breaking out upon the earth, crossing over the chasm between the natural and the spiritual and will not stop until everything that has borne the image of the earthly will also bear the image of the heavenly. Everything in earth has a duplicate image in the heavens! Whatever I am in my heavenly image, I will eventually be compounded with in my earthly image. My heaven and my earth will come together in the Lord and a new man will walk in this new earth-heaven state of being.

One of the greatest teachings on this coming salvation and deliverance that is above and beyond anything that Pentecost has demonstrated is found in the following verses.

Matt 16:15-20 15] He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? 16] And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. 17] And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. 18] And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. 19] And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. 20] Then charged he his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ. (KJV)

Notice what verbiage Peter uses when describing Jesus. THE Christ, THE Son of THE living God. You can’t leave Jesus out of the Christ, for He was made both Lord and Christ through His life, death, burial and resurrection. However, we are to be endued with that Life, integrated with it, bonded to it, compounded with it, until we lose our identity that has been and become fashioned into a new compound of God and man, a God-man. Not a God, but a God-man, a compoundment of God and mankind, a holy and sacred union of spirit and earth that yields a truly finished work of redemption, not an intellectual thought of who we are, but a tangible, touchable, visible expression of our Father in the pattern of Jesus our Redeemer and Head. Without Jesus, the man, there would be no Jesus the Christ. But, since He came as man, in the fashion and form of man, He has purchased for us an anointing that we can live and walk and breath by, a life that we can experience through Him. In my opinion, we are not THE Christ, but we are joined to THE Christ and are clothed with THE Christ. Now, I am not a theologian, and I don’t expect that there are many, if any, theologians that are reading this article, so we must be conscious of the lack we minister out from when discussing these type of matters, but neither do I feel the need to become a theologian to state them, since there are hundreds of theologians in the world today that can’t agree with each other on the most basic and fundamental concepts about God, so I will rest in that reality. Many believe themselves to be as much Christ as Jesus was Christ, and I do not think this to be true. Neither do I believe that I am presently a finished product in the measure that Jesus the Christ is at this present time, but I have the utmost confidence that He that has started this good work in us, will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

We have been brought to this dimension, not to settle for what is in the past, but to build upon that which has been accomplished, finished, in Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago. Some will say, “we can’t finish what He finished any better than He did back then.” I agree, but read what Jesus said concerning the work that He had come to earth to perform and finish, a work that was finished in the Father before the foundations of the world.

John 4:34 Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work. (KJV)


John 5:36 But I have greater witness than that of John: for the works which the Father hath given me to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of me, that the Father hath sent me. (KJV)

My position is that, even though the work was finished in the first Son, Jesus Christ, that work must be activated and manifested in all that believe upon Him. Therefore, even Jesus could not just declare the work was finished in the Father in the beginning, but He knew that He must now become that finished work in the earth and that the works that come forth from that finished work would give Him a greater witness than John the Baptist, who was a voice in the wilderness, but could only speak words about Jesus, until Jesus Himself appeared to act those words out. We will act this word out! We will perform the word of God, and will fulfill it in the earth! Thank God that we will not be preaching this word forever, but will eventually become the word in action, performing all that is contained in the scriptures concerning us.

If you are able to do this, then I will accept that you are finished and not subject to any more instructions or corrections in the Father. You may now leave the room and shut the door quietly behind you. For the rest of us, those that remain, we will continue to bolster our confidence in God concerning His ability to complete that which has been started in us. He will not leave your soul in hell, but will bring you forth without the smell of smoke!

Recently, while ministering in a Conference, I heard this word come out of me as the spirit of the Lord spoke to the people that had gathered unto Him. It has helped me to focus upon Him as never before and has given me even more strength to move on in Him. He spoke to my heart that we are entering a most holy place in the Lord, upon the same scale and impact as those times recorded in the scriptures that describe certain times when God appeared in the midst of His people in such a way that the very lives of men were in jeopardy if they moved out of order. When God wanted to talk to Israel out of the mount, the sight was so frightening that the Israelites told Moses to talk to God for them. The Lord told them to not approach the mount and not to let anything living approach the boundaries of it, or else that living thing would die. I was reminded how the Ark of the Covenant was being transported through the land and when it rocked, a man was killed trying to steady it. Even in the early church, when Ananias and Sapphira lied about hidden profits, they fell dead at the feet of the Apostles. Now, relax, I am not saying that any of us will drop dead because of disobedience, but I want us to understand how we must realize what is taking place in our midst and how our relationship and walk in the Lord can move into a new realm as sacred and holy events start to take place.

We are on the edge of a new experience in the Lord for the corporate sons, and we are going to have to be ready for a new dealing of God to be placed upon those that are willing to allow Him to finish this work in their life. This is not the time to become lax and casual about what we are about to enter into in God. We are pressing into a realm of great consequence that has the power to move things, to correct ancient weaknesses, not a passive realm but a realm of pressure and transformation that must be approached with much awareness and caution. It is not the time to bandy about like children with an innocent little toy, but this which we are being caught up into is the same environment in which people of other dispensations encountered dire results from their foolishness. This is the time to focus, to be aware as never before that this place that our feet rest upon is nothing less than the very dwelling place of the most holy God! Flesh is not to be heard nor seen in this place. This is not the time to ramble on psychotically about our Godness, but this is the time for silence and humility. Shoes are to be discarded on this holy ground, tongues are to be harnessed, heads must be bowed, necks bent before the Ancient of Days. We must wait upon the Lord, be not quick to speak or to act, but learn patience in this place, for it is where angels tremble and the heavens are silenced by the impending performance of His will.

We are in a moment that is pregnant with heavenly expectations, bulging with pressure to be released in the earth, a new creation man formed and imprinted with the icon of his Father. It is not a time for childish temperaments, but is a time for steadiness and calm. We must not be casual in handling this Day, for in the midst of the life of it, there is dreadful and unquenchable fire that will test us to see what is wood and hay and stubble and what is gold and silver. It is not a realm of duplicity and double talk, but it is concise and we must hear it the first time and understand its meaning. We must be seasoned, tested and made sure to remain in this place. We cannot afford to be amateurish, bush league, loose tongued, extravagant, reckless, boorish, or flippant concerning it’s purpose and action in our life. Your life is not safe here. If you fear losing your life, this place is not for you. Only a few will remain in this place of immense consequence, and they are those that have relinquished their love of self and have disappeared into God. You can’t find them with your flesh, they are not here, they have arisen, beyond the touch of carnality, into the folds of God’s presence. Be still in this place, as much as you hear the words being spoken to you, you must also feel them, let their weight be felt upon your soul, until you realize this is not what we have known in days gone by, this is something more, something beyond our experience in Him.

For those of you that have stayed in this room, I want you to know that heaven is gathered around you, closing in on us as clouds gathering on a mountain top, condensing in our midst with a palpable presence. All heaven is here, much as when the first man was formed from the dust of the ground, and breathed into by the breath of his Maker, we are being reformed, only this time it is not spirit entering an earthly body, but an earthly body entering spirit. You are in the womb of formation, the furnace of His making, nothing can deliver you out of His hands, He will have His way. Not things above, not things beneath, not principalities, not thrones, not dominions, not things past or things present or things to come, not things under the earth, or things above the earth, you are in the hands of a living God who will not be denied of His intent in you. He has separated you unto Himself and in His jealousy He will not leave you to another. This is not the time to relax; it is the time to spring to your feet, to stand before the Lord in a stance of sacrifice and offering. It is not the time for the boast, to talk trash about yourself; it is the time to mention the name of the Lord and to enter into heart worship. It is not the time to go running hither and yon, but it is the time of confinement and tightness. It is not the time to be loose and free, it is the time to be grounded and established, unshakeable. I don’t hear the word of freedom right now, I hear the word of enslavement to Christ, servants of His will, prisoners of Jesus Christ, locked up, bolted down, strapped into Him.

This is a strait gate, a narrow way that few find; it is not the broad, beaten down path that leads to destruction. I have heard it said many times, all paths lead to God, but I don’t believe that is entirely true. The journey itself will end up in God, but some paths have only one destination and that is destruction, dissimilation, judgment and nakedness. Those paths must be abandoned, back tracked, until we find the path that leads to life. There is only one way to life and there is only one path to God, and that path is to know Jesus Christ as your Savior and Redeemer. It is not the time to run down every rabbit trail that presents itself. It is not the time to run off to hear just anyone talk about God and giggle at their audacity to speak blasphemy. It is the time to behave directly opposite than many are behaving today in the kingdom realm. It may be in the plan for those that aren’t called and chosen to go into the kind of realm that I have just described, but for those of you that I believe I am writing this article for, you that have pulled this out of my spirit by your groaning and travailing to see the pure and undefiled Day of the Lord in your midst, you must not follow these pipers of mirage and delusion, but you must be even more particular about all that you allow into your spirit than at any other time in your walk in God.

You have never been in a place like this in your prior experience in Christ. This is where strong men fail and the haughty are brought down to the earth. We must become picky about what we eat, smell it, examine it, handle it, turn it over and turn it over again, test it and then eat it. Do you think that you might offend God by your caution? Don’t you know that the Lord Himself warned His disciples not to eat of the leaven of the Pharisee’s? Today, if we give such a warning to the kingdom ranks, we are ridiculed as not letting God handle such things and that we do not believe the Lord to be able to keep His own flock. Was Jesus also fearful and unable to trust His Father to keep His followers? I think not, but rather He was wanting them to become as knowledgeable as Himself about such things, that the leaven of the Pharisee’s was not an innocent thing, but there was death in the pot and if you ate of it, you would become sick from it. So, I am telling us all, beware of the dangers of deception and don’t eat anything until you have judged it by the spirit of the Lord.

Too many saints act like they are living in a spiritual all-you-can-eat buffet in the kingdom, where everything that is put on the table is fit for consumption, but it just is not so. I have found that even when someone knows that something can hurt them, they live in the delusion that they will be the one exception to that rule. Right now, for example, even after all of the initial warnings of how casual sex can transmit such life ending diseases as AIDS and oral and genital herpes, and many other life changing atrocities, you can see cars lining up on the streets where prostitutes sell their bodies, going from one car to another to have intimate contact with the car’s occupants, without even taking the time to wash themselves, and everyone of the men in the waiting cars are absolutely sure that they are the one exception to catching any diseases. They actually believe that a miracle will happen for them to escape such harm. Even so, there are many in the kingdom ranks that will tell you that they cannot be deceived, that they don’t see any harm in participating in sessions of witchcraft, séances, channeling, tarot cards, crystals, etc., each one believing that they are the exception to the rule. In the first article in this series, I listed a shocking list of conditions that people just like you and me found themselves in by thinking exactly this same way. Some of you couldn’t believe that anyone could get involved in such outrageous activities, and yet they have and they do right today. Yet, many wrote to me that regardless of all of this evidence, they still believed that they could partake of anything and it would not harm them, for they were manifested sons. I might as well wave goodbye to you right now and tell you that I will see you in the next resurrection, because you are not the exception to the rule, you are flesh and blood just like the rest of us and that road will lead to destruction. I used to be one of the directors of a popular drug program in Detroit, Michigan and saw the end result of such foolishness, strong and proud men and women, thinking they would use the drug and the drug wouldn’t use them, reduced to skin and bones, the walking dead, all because they thought they were the exception. I am not trying to scare you, although I would if I thought it would help you, but I am merely telling you that caution will serve you well in this realm of consequence.

You are no longer walking in the innocence of past orders, wide eyed and gangly legged, trying your wings out. You are being called into the throne, dear one!! This isn’t the playground where children are expected to be children; this is power and dominion, life and death, a creative force that must be wielded with accuracy and professional craftsmanship. Some revel in the fact that they are no longer under law and have become a lawless son. I am reminded of a time when traveling throughout the USA in the ministry, I had purchased a CB Radio, (before we all started using cell phones!), so I could keep up with traffic reports. I remember listening to the truckers calling out to each other, with reports of where the police cars were located so the truckers wouldn’t get speeding tickets. Usually, it went sort of like, “Hey good buddy, give me a smoky report. How’s your back door looking?” Then the reply, “Yeah, good buddy, push the pedal to the medal, I haven’t seen a bear in the woods for 30 miles!” One day, I heard it said a little different by a wise old trucker, who when called upon to give a police location report stated, “Yeah, good buddy, you are clear and free from all police protection for the next 40 miles. Use extreme caution and stay safe!” One set of people see the police and the law as something to try to skirt around and avoid, so they can be free to bend the rules as they see fit, but another set of people see the police as a protective force, looking out for their safety. There has been many a person that has had a flat tire on a deserted patch of highway that would be thrilled to see the law in their midst again, but for most people the law only serves as a convenience at times of need.

So it is, in this time of historical transition in the Day of the Lord, we are without the safety net of the scholars and theologians of Babylon. How much more should we be even more cautious, seeing that there are not many amongst us that are able and strong? This is not the time to hand our inheritance over to a bunch of amateurish theologians who flippantly deal with eternal principles like they were selling cotton candy. The only credential most of these “deep” teachers have is the purchase of a Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, something that many believe qualifies them as a Greek scholar! We show more caution in buying a used car then we do in buying the truth. At least when buying the car, we will kick the tires a little bit, look under the hood, make sure the steering wheel is in place and all four wheels are holding air. But, let someone start making the rounds of the kingdom groups telling everyone they are God, Jesus is an after thought, they have an immortal body and God couldn’t kill them if He wanted to, all of which I have actually heard said or read it in a writing, and people will swallow that deception hook, line, sinker and pole, without even a hint of wondering if it could possibly be untrue. They have casual faith, and in such a time of mass deception, the end will be a season of destruction, until the Lord calls them back to the path. Like the prodigal son, they will eventually come to their right mind, but there will be hell to pay until that happens. By the way, I don’t recall the prodigal just continuing along his way after his mind cleared, but the scriptures state that he RETURNED back to his father’s house. All paths do not lead onward, some are dead ends.

Let us not be paralyzed with fear of being deceived, but let us be alert to the dangers also. If you and I were in a fenced yard, and someone yelled, “SNAKE! it would be up to us to use our judgment to decide whether we wanted to stay in that yard or not. Some people would leave at first warning, but others would stay but keep their eyes open to the fact that they shouldn’t be walking in high grass at that moment. Let us trust God, but also use our God-given sense to use caution when warned. I do not hesitate to tell you, right now, that I see a snake in our midst. What you do about that warning is between you and the Lord and I am not going to try to drag you out of that yard. My only purpose is to give the warning and let God be God in the midst of His people. I feel that we are in need of some serious inventory concerning what we see in the Lord. My prayer for you is that you will see clearly the path before you and that you will not blindly follow someone else that declares they are on the right path.

Know the Lord’s voice in your own being, first. Before you follow anyone else, come to know the nature of God by communicating with Him in your own being. So many say to me, “I don’t know the voice of the Lord and I can’t tell what is life or death.” For a long time, I had to rely on my wife to hear the Lord for crucial decisions in our life. Although I could minister under the anointing and get so lost in the spirit that I could hear the Lord speak to me while ministering to His people, when I needed to hear His voice outside of the time of being caught up in the ministry, I had a lack in doing so. I just was not able to hear a clear instruction that I could be confident that was from the Lord and not my own mind and Charlotte has always had an ear to hear the Lord. Over the many years that we have been together and walked together in the Lord, I started to become more and more hungry to hear the Lord for myself and started to spend more time listening for that certain word in me that I could identify as the voice of the Lord. Eventually, I became aware of the sound of His voice, the clarity of it, and His voice took on a distinction to my ear that I have come to know as the voice of my Beloved, a voice that I would follow to the ends of the world. I pray that you also will take the time, and have the patience to learn your Father’s voice, until you can depend upon it and have confidence in it. It will eventually come to be that you will start to know something beyond the mere voice, and you will start to come to know the nature behind the voice, and once you learn the nature of God, you will always be able to measure everything else up to that divine signature, to see if it is counterfeit or real. How do men tell the counterfeit from the real in monetary terms? They hold it up to the light! May you do the same with truth. God bless.

April 20, 2004



Rev 12:1-5 1] And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: 2] And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. 3] And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. 4] And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. 5] And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne. (KJV)

This is a great time to be alive in God! It is a truly wondrous period in the timeline of God’s plan for the ages. Remarkable changes are taking place in the heavens and the earth and we are witnessing a great cleansing of the heavens and the earth carried out by a predetermined and destined order of God, birthed out of the Church and caught up into the throne of God to be incorporated within a company of sealed, transformed, and transfigured sons of God. What a great honor to be chosen by God to be a participant in the most glorious event in all the annuls of time, the unveiling of the Lord Jesus Christ in His saints!

As has been aptly demonstrated by many writers of present truth, especially the current study by J Preston Eby, “From the Candlestick To The Throne,” the book of Revelation is the account of the unveiling of Jesus Christ that is taking place right now within earthen vessels of believers. All of the events, characters and symbols are descriptive of actual happenings taking place in the hearts of believers.

So, when we read in the 12th chapter of the 2 wonders in heaven, the woman and the dragon, and the birth that delivers a man child unto God, then we must understand that all of these elemental characters are first and foremost to be recognized as a part of our being. We all have the woman, we all have the dragon and we all have the man child contained within our entity and there is being acted out in our lives this great event of birth, war, separation, judgment, dominion, power and rule.

Personally, I see the great red dragon as the seat of power upon which the carnal, religious mind sits and operates from. I don’t see it as being a spirit of the air around us or as something that is entirely set apart from the events that are surrounding us in the heavenly places of God’s dealings in our lives, but I do see it as being very much a part of God’s workings in us and in all of mankind.

Throughout the history of the world, from the offerings of Cain and Abel on through the present day we live in, man has portrayed an inherent religious nature. The Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary describes the word “religion” as meaning: “supernatural constraint; sanction; religious practice. To restrain, tie back. The state of a religious person. The service and worship of God or the supernatural. Commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance. A personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs and practices. Scrupulous conformity, conscientiousness. A cause, principle, or a system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.” The dictionary also describes these other words that are relative to the word, “religion.” Religionist – A person adhering to a religion; a religious zealot. ReligioseReligious, excessively, obtrusively and sentimentally. Finally, I would like to give the definition to the word, “religious” from the dictionary. “Relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity. Example: a religious person, or a religious attitude. Of, relating to, or devoted to religious beliefs or observations. Scrupulously and conscientiously faithful. Fervent. Zealous.”

For some, especially those of the kingdom persuasion, if you were to mention the words religion or religious, they would immediately describe an image of religious institutions such as the Catholic Church or the Baptist denomination or perhaps the Buddhist religion. But, the definitions of the words religion and religious do not mean something exclusive to these types of religious institutions, but it relates more to the personal attitude of the actual person, rather than strictly the institutions themselves. Today, many kingdom teachers are vehemently waging a war on the word, “Christian,” and are presently asking their listeners to turn their back on everything that has to do with Christianity. For some, they give much more credence and respect to other religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism and even the concepts of the most unlikely religion of them all, The New Age Movement. Yes, the word religion is not a word that is exclusive to the belief in Jesus Christ, although many of these ministers would have everyone think it is.

As we can see from the definitions above, being religious does not even have to be about God at all. In fact, the following statement would be entirely proper given the above definitions. “The man religiously practiced not being religious.” Atheists are religiously devoted and given over to the thought that there is no God. In fact, Atheism would qualify as a religion, by the definition of the word religion. Atheists are just as religiously set in their ways as the Rev. Jerry Falwell or Pope John Paul are set in their ways. I am always meeting kingdom believers that are religiously practicing not being religious! Some are more faithful to their cause than some holiness Pentecostal people I have known. Just as some self righteous saints would never be caught going into an establishment that sold liquor, there are those religiously non-religious kingdom folks that wouldn’t darken a church door or stand behind a pulpit. Either way, it is a religious mind set at work, and it robs all of the participants of being able to let God be God.

To me, it is really funny to hear such ministry belittle anyone that would call themselves a Christian, as though that is more religious than someone that religiously avoids the term. The truth is that the religious mind is in every one of us and we all have operated under its spell. It is an inherent condition in man, a religious mind that demands his devotion to serve something other than the true image of God. Cain was a very religious man trying to earn God’s respect; the Tower of Babel was built out of a religious mind set, wanting to build a tower that would “reach to heaven.” See what I mean? Men have an inherent mind set to show impudence to God. That is why the purveyors of deception always bring God into their agenda. It isn’t enough to sell ocean front property in Arizona to the naïve, every con man eventually wants to give due devotion to the religious practice of trying to misrepresent God Himself.

Most of the wars fought in the history of the world, if not all of them, have been waged out of a religious motivation, and it is not exclusive to Christianity. The Middle East is a prime example of how the Great Red Dragon of the religious mind can drive people insane. This region of the world is not only the very throne of the religious mind, it is the habitation of the most violent and warring peoples in the world. The Red Dragon that resides in all men has wreaked destruction on all of the generations that have lived on this planet. From the great lecture halls of Athens to the temples of Buddha to the Hindu temples to the secret rooms of the Vatican to the heart of the city of Jerusalem, the Dragon has been devouring the children of the true Mother Church, disguising itself as the True Cause for every religious system in the world. Every group of people that have taken upon themselves an agenda to promote their religious concepts and practices have done so thinking that they had a responsibility to exert their viewpoint upon others. Greed, power, lust, destruction, and prejudice have all been disguised by the Red Dragon as virtues of religious piety. Even today, there are many deceivers that are on a full scale agenda to strip everyone of their present concepts of God, in order to drape their “higher truths” over the minds of the victims of their assault. Everyone of them feel justified in doing so by the same standards of the most religious warmongers the world has ever known.

For some, there is no such thing as eternal truth, but they see truth as the next “new thing” being postulated by some religious zealot. For that person, truth is an ever changing concept, constantly changing forms according to the latest “revelation” being dreamed up by the Red Dragon, but for others, including myself, we see truth as a Person, unchangeable and immutable. Truth for us is not a thought pattern or an exercise of vain imaginations, but we see truth as Jesus Christ, the Person, not as an idea birthed by a “higher consciousness.” For us, truth is only being revealed, not changed. As truth is being revealed, our vision of truth is being clarified and what we once saw as trees, we now see as men, and although our interpretation has been clarified, that which we are interpreting remains the same, regardless of how we are able to conceive of it. A religious minded man will seek truth in everything, whichever feeds his lower, soulish nature, and he will draw from the landscape of plural “truths” and use them as they benefit his own desires. Whereas the true seeker of The Truth does not come to their own conclusions, but they seek to know Him as He IS, not as they desire Him to be. In the past, some people have reached such proportions of notoriety that men began to create a false image of the person themselves, and created a Legend of the person. This happened quite a bit in the American West in the 19th century. Legendary outlaws like Billy the Kid and the Dalton Gang were made out to be such men of legendary prowess and stature that when people saw them in person, they were dismayed at their actual presence, something far less than the legends described. But, for us, we are not following men’s legends about God, but we have come to know the Truth, and we have a daily walk with Jesus Christ, experiencing Him in a living relationship of Lord and King, and we don’t need exaggerated concepts about Him to feed our religious Dragon, but we have come to know that He is beyond all legendary descriptions, and He is beyond all the titillating phrases that people dream up about His presence and substance, for He is simply and profoundly, our life.

So, in my opinion, man is seen to be inherently religious concerning everything in his life that demands his devotion, whether it is in an institutional system of religion, or an avowed non-conformist, we are all bound to this religious Dragon. But, something has begun to change in heaven! Whereas in times past the Dragon has been free to do his dragon thing in the minds of men, we have recently had a door opened up in heaven that will bring the reign of the Dragon to an end. The one single element that will bring this to pass is the birth of the Manchild Order.

If we were to look at this event in the 12th chapter of Revelation, we would see that all of this that transpires is located in the heavens, not in the depths of darkness and despair, and the Dragon is as much a part of heaven at this  point as the Woman is. The Woman is a powerful figure, not the beaten down, religious church order of today, which so many seem to make her out to be, but she is the True Church, the overcoming church, clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, a posture of great power and position. She is crowned with twelve stars and she is impregnated with a word, an order of such magnitude and destiny that the Dragon has taken notice of it and is positioning himself to devour the child as soon as it is born. Notice, by saying that the Dragon wants to “devour” the child, I do not mean that it wants to destroy the child, but it wants to incorporate that child into itself, to ingest it and to “dragonize” it. The Dragon relies upon the ability to take truths about God and redefine them. Erroneously, some think that the Dragon is out to “destroy truth” to hold it back from being birthed, but that is not it’s intention. The Dragon itself is religious! It loves to take the truth and camouflage it, to disguise it and give the truth a Dragon identity. The Dragon needs truth in order to live and be viable. The Dragon takes concepts of truth, ingests them and then changes them into the Lie. Without truthful concepts there would be no lies, for therein lies the power of the Dragon, to deceive and corrupt truthful things.

Notice, the Dragon is not concerned about the Woman herself. In fact, the Dragon needs the Woman to give birth to conceptual truths of God so the Dragon can feed it’s religious nature and so it has done since it’s inception. I do not believe that this is the first time the Dragon has positioned himself in front of the Woman to devour her offspring. In fact, if the truth be told, every order birthed by the Woman has ended up in the belly of the Dragon, a religious mindset that drags every truth of God into the murky depths of the religious, carnal mind. Every great move through the ages has eventually succumbed to the Dragon’s power, from the glory of the early church which ended up under the religious-political rule of Constantine on down through the corridors of Catholicism and Popery, on down through Martin Luther and the subsequent branching off of the many aspects of Protestantism and Denominationalism all the way through the present time of this century with the outpouring of the Pentecostal movement and the Latter Rain and sons of God movements, all have eventually gone away from the original spontaneous glory into a stagnation of religious mindsets. It is an inherent condition of man, to bring the things of the spirit into a manageable, logical, religious mindset that can be structured into precepts and concepts that are relatable to our finite mind.

As a result, there have been numerous moments of heavenly births by the Woman, but they have all come short of the fullness that is contained in Father God. So, the Dragon has been here before, has been positioned before the woman before and is expecting to devour the child the moment it is birthed from the woman, but this birth will be different from anything else the Woman has ever birthed. This is not conceptualized truth, nor is it representative truth, nor is it type and shadow truth. This is a birth of The Truth, which has nothing to do with the religious, carnal mind of men, but is the offspring of the loins of God, Present Truth, Unchanging Truth, Irresistible Truth, Life-Giving Truth. It is not going to be given to the Dragon like all the other truthful concepts have been given, and allowed to be devoured according to the plan of God. It will not be used as Israel was, given to the law to show the need for grace, nor is it to be used like the early church, to be an earnest of something that was to come in the ages ahead as a full possession, but this child is to be untouched by the Dragon. That is why the Dragon is so wroth, so full of rage at being cheated of it’s usual due, devouring this most precious of all births, because the Dragon has always before been given the things of God to corrupt them and make them his own, but not so with this birth. This child is marked with a destiny of change and disruption, because after it is caught up, all hell breaks loose in heaven and earth and nothing will ever be the same again!

The Manchild is not the Woman, although it is OF the Woman. This is not a church order that is being birthed by the Church, but it does come out of the womb of the Church, so it is OF the Church and BY the Church, but it is not coming forth to continue the work of the Church. It has a specific purpose, a very defined and focused destiny attached to it and there has never been anything like it in heaven or earth. The Manchild is gender specific, MALE, and it bears all the genetic characteristics of any male species. The Woman is feminine, gender specific as female, and she RECEIVES the word of God. The Manchild GIVES the word of God. The Woman adapts to the will of God, the Manchild establishes the will of God. The Woman maintains the order that God has set before her, the Manchild changes the present order and instigates a new order.  The Woman keeps the house in order, feeds, clothes and instructs all in the house, and she keeps the house secure and safe. She operates out of a posture of defense, building walls of safety, avoiding the enemy, staying in the light. The Manchild operates outside of the house, seeking out the enemy, stalking death, pulling down strongholds, invading the enemy gates, overthrowing thrones and dominions. The Woman is a bearer of seed and a nurturer of that seed. The Manchild is a pro-creative order, and he makes war against all other strange seeds. The Manchild is a predator, a Lion of Truth, territorial, dominating.

The Manchild contains another genetic ingredient that the Woman lacks. In natural biological terms, it is called the “Y Chromosome,” which determines in all natural creatures whether the creature is female or male. Without this chromosome, the creature will be female, which is the base gender for all creatures. But, when the Y Chromosome is added, there are certain genetic changes that take place in the creature that give the male creature different perspectives and attitudes, even different genetic drives.

In every female, there are both male and female hormones, but there is more estrogen at work in the female than testosterone. When the Y Chromosome is present, that is reversed and the male hormone, testosterone, begins to produce in abundance and this hormone begins to make changes in the physical and emotional state of the creature. Whereas the female creature would be given physical attributes to help her bear children and nurse them to maturity, the male creature is given physical attributes to assure his ability to procreate himself. That is a very specific and important difference that we must be able to see and apply to the Woman Church and the Manchild Order. The Woman is only concerned about her ability to RECEIVE seed and bring it to birth. For her, the seed is only secondary to her ability to bear that seed to full term. For the Manchild, it is all about the SEED, the genetic drive to see that SEED reproduced without any mixture.

The Manchild is not intended to be a “feel good” order, one that everyone is going to be thrilled to see and to come to know. The Manchild is not going to be the type of order that tries to find middle ground that everyone can feel comfortable at. It does not intend to call for a “group hug” and it’s message isn’t, “Can’t we just all get along?,” but it is an order of establishment and restoration, back to the original intent of the Father for creation. For those that teach there is no further judgment for the sons to be instructed by, and for those that teach that there is no such thing as good and evil, the Manchild Order will not be a welcome sight. He is all about judgment, setting things right, shining the light upon the darkness, cutting off the house of flesh, setting the captives free, conquering, overcoming and he is all about righteousness.

The Manchild is a catalyst for war, separation, division, cleansing, purifying, kingdom dominion. He does not expect to have the Dragon throw his arm around him and work out a compromise so that the people don’t sense some kind of conflict amongst the two forces. No, the Manchild is all about conflict with the Dragon, and is not here to give him any space of operation. His birth foretells the demise of the Dragon’s reign, and no longer will the Woman and her seed be subject to the Dragon’s voracious appetite of deceit and deception of the Truth. The Manchild is here to re-establish the original mission statement of the Father that He is a jealous God and He is the Supreme Authority and Creator of heaven and earth, and His seed is the only seed that will live in the hearts of men. The Manchild is birthed to bring that reality to pass, first in heaven and then in earth, until in all things, and through all things, the one true nature of all things comes from the seed of God. God, all in all.

Now, I realize that many people are pacifists when it comes to the kingdom of God, and the thought of disruption, discord, battles in the heavens, cleansings by fire, washing in the blood of the Lamb, and other cataclysmic events are taboo for them to even ponder. They have convinced themselves that God is only LOVE, and they interpret that to mean that God is incapable of being displeased with the behavior of His children and correcting them in any way, but He actually accepts them just as they are and He has no further expectations out of them. As one homosexual kingdom teacher once said, “If God didn’t intend for me to be this way, He wouldn’t have created me as such.”

In other words, don’t correct anything, just ignore it and hope it goes away. Reminds one of the famous three monkey’s that are known the world over as “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” but this type of conscious prevention against evil does nothing to solve the problem of evil, unless you want to go around with your hands over your eyes, ears and mouth. In fact, there is a factual account of the seven types of Pharisees, birthed out of the strict edict of how to avoid doing evil. The following is the listing of these actual types of Pharisees trying to avoid sin and evil, typified according to the Talmud.  

“The Pharisees, according to the Talmud, were of seven kinds: (1) the Shechemite Pharisee, who simply kept the law for what he could profit thereby, as Shechem submitted to circumcision to obtain Dinah <Gen. 34:19>; (2) the Humbling Pharisee, who to appear humble always hung down his head; (3) the Bleeding Pharisee, who in order not to see a woman walked with his eyes closed, and thus often met with wounds; (4) the Mortar Pharisee, who wore a mortar-shaped cap to cover his eyes that he might not see any impurities or indecencies; (5) the What-am-I-yet-to-do Pharisee, who, not knowing much about the law, as soon as he had done one thing, asked, “What is my duty now? and I will do it” (cf. <Mark 10:17-22>); (6) the Pharisee from Fear, who kept the law because he was afraid of future judgment; (7) the Pharisee from Love, who obeyed the Lord because he loved Him with all his heart (Delitzsch, Jesus und Hillel).

(from New Unger’s Bible Dictionary)

(originally published by Moody Press of Chicago, Illinois.  Copyright (C) 1988.)

Notice, that even the Pharisees could serve God with a pure heart and out of love, but for the most part, they served Him in a defensive manner, avoiding the appearance of sin and evil and separating themselves from all other people that did not follow the teachings of the law after the order of the Pharisees. I am sure that you can even today see the similarities between certain types of Pharisees and people that you may know personally serving God out of such short sighted aspirations. My favorite is the “Bleeding Pharisee! To be sure, most of these archetypes are readily recognized amongst the lawful, organized religious systems, but I also see it as a type of those that think as long as evil is not recognized, then evil doesn’t exist. In my view, this type of thinking is on the same order as those that think their denial of the existence of God would mean that God would go away. The fact is, none of these forces need us to believe they exist in order to be viable, as they exist on their own merits, whether it be good or evil. What we have come to in our dispensation of the Day of the Lord, is the hour to be able to deal with the very force of death and to see it put under the feet of the overcomers.

The Manchild is the order that will fulfill that destiny. When it is birthed, its purpose for being birthed is clearly stated, “Who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron.” Oh yes, this is not your gushing bride order, but this is the warrior order of God, an order that will possess the land, drive out the enemy, and establish the throne and dominion of Father God. It does not compromise, call in an arbriator, seek middle ground of agreement, barter a deal, and try to get everyone to feel alright about themselves. The Manchild Order is being birthed today to bring us to our right minds, to change our nature and our earthly existence and to establish in us the heart of our true Heavenly Father.

The Dragon is immediately confronted after the birth of the Manchild. Not by the Manchild itself, but the birth of the Manchild releases the angelic host to confront the Dragon and initiate a war upon it and the dragonian angels with it. Now, one must qualify what is meant by the word, “war,” here. It is not a long, drawn out battle, where the Dragon is raging against the heavenly host and Michael and his angels are barely hanging on, and then, at the last second before being defeated, the good angels win out and though bloodied and scarred, they hoist up the victory flag. No, actually it is short and decisive, with no sense of struggle at all.

Rev 12:7-9 7] And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, 8] And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. 9] And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. (KJV)

This account is so void of any drama or any sense of the possibility that things could have gone any other way for Michael and his angels that we have to ask ourselves why this did not take place sooner. The answer would be that God used the Dragon for His own purpose, and for that period of time that the Dragon held sway in heaven, God allowed deception to reign in the minds of men, but only UNTIL, until the pending birth of the order that would bring heaven into divine order, and all other dominions and thrones and powers would have to come under the ultimate rule of the Manchild’s rod of iron. Today, I believe we are in the beginning phases of an order of God that is unlike any other order the world has ever known, and it is being established in the first fruits first, and then it will be established in increasing dimensions throughout the realm of the Woman and then to the nations and finally to all creation. 

We must not understate the importance of the rule of the Manchild, one that is likened unto a “rod of iron.” This means His rule is one of unflinching determination and one that will beat down all resistance. This tremendous order does not come to us with an olive branch, or a willow branch, something supple and gentle. It’s rod is of unbending iron, a determination of will, not to be resisted by any other rule or authority.

The Manchild Order is not going to be concerned about being involved in a popularity contest. It is not out to make friends, to network with other orders, or to make people comfortable. It is endowed with a single eye, a singularity of vision and purpose, unlike any other order that has come before it. Mixture is not in it’s makeup. It is not about blending with other orders, but it is about separation and division. I know that for many people in this Kingdom word this seems to be an extreme definition of what they have had pictured in their minds concerning the last, defining order of God that has been foretold for many generations, but this is why I am writing this letter to you, so you may understand that we are about to meet a different order than any other order we have been involved in before.

Thank God for those orders that have worked the wonderful grace and love of the Father and have been able to hold the Body together in times of great stress and persecution. I praise God for the wonderful and necessary work of the Mother Church, which has given of itself to the Body and nurtured it throughout the ages. But, we have now come to the predetermined part of the Plan of God for there to be definite changes in the heavens and the earth. The time of birth is upon us. We can no longer remain in the womb of the Mother, but we must now come to the birth, the miraculous event that presses that which the Woman contained within her body for a season, out from her, into the atmosphere to be a fulfillment of all the Mother represented. The Manchild must come forth now, for he is destined to be the deliverer of the Woman and her seed. In order to do so, he must be redefined as something other than the Woman, although he has come FROM the Woman.

Deception has reigned in the minds of mankind for millenniums, but in this present day, the Lord is ready to bring an end to all religious deceptions and it is now time for the Truth to stand upon Mt Zion, embodied within a company of sons that has no equal. It is the time for the Kingdom of God to be fully manifested and demonstrated in a people, and they that have been qualified for this high honor are those that have come out of great persecution and testing and purification.

Rev 7:2-4 2] And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, 3] Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. 4] And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.

Rev 7:9-17 9] After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands; 10] And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb. 11] And all the angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders and the four beasts, and fell before the throne on their faces, and worshipped God, 12] Saying, Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen. 13] And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? And whence came they? 14] And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. 15] Therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple: and he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them. 16] They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat. 17] For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. (KJV)

Oh, yes, dear ones, these are those that stand before the throne of God and serve Him day and night, and those that are sealed in their foreheads are those that have come out of all the tribes of Israel, from all orders and all realms. God is separating out to Himself a people that will be one in spirit, purpose, mind, will and desire. They are the army of Joel, the saviors called forth from Mt Zion to cut off the house of Esau, the firstfruits, the elect, the remnant, those that have been called first, but manifested last. They are the priesthood of the coming of the Lord, called after the order of Melchizedek, having lost their life, they only have life in the Lord, they have given up their free will and choice and are servant-sons, going where the wind of the spirit blows, doing only those things the spirit says do, they are totally consumed into the fiery presence of the Lord.

I know it is hard for many to envision what such a company would be like, but I think you should know that this company is not your typical lovey-dovey, feely-touchy, cuddly-wuddly ministry. I doubt if this company of sealed sons would get many doors open to their ministry. In fact, I would think that most Pastors would bar the church door and gather everyone into the church basement if they came to service, because they would have an aura of such power and dominion that most people would feel afraid and nervous around them. They would not make good dinner guests, nor would most people want them to come over for a cup of coffee and a chat. No telling what they might do, or what they might say. They don’t go by the rules of civility and have no social graces about them. They are totally without regard for flesh, and have no measure of grace for things that are dead and corrupt. They could care less about how your day went, or if you were in a good mood or a bad mood, they would not be looking on your outward mask of disguise, but their eyes would burn a hole through you and your heart would be bare and naked before them. In them is the spirit of deliverance and everything that is not of God would be endangered by their presence.

Is this not how the true Old Testament prophet was perceived? Do you know that when a true, Old Testament prophet approached a city, that the whole city was put into an uproar? When the watchman on the walls saw a prophet of God approaching the city, he immediately went to the ruler of the city and announced that the prophet was close to the gates. Most times, the ruler of the city would send out a messenger to the prophet before he actually entered the city with a simple and to the point question. “Are you for us or against us?” In other words, no one really knew the prophet’s intent, whether he came with a blessing or a curse, but all knew for certain that the prophet was coming for one or the other. Are we ready for this kind of messenger to be in our midst again? If not, I am afraid that we will have to get ready nonetheless, for the Day is upon us and we must meet it face to face. Our prayers are being answered in the birth of the Manchild Order!

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DECEPTIONS OF THE MIND, Parts 1-4 [Robert D. Torango]          1


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