MAY 27, 2008

Does God ever wake you up in the middle of the night with an important message?  Well, He seems to take delight in doing that with me and I sure don’t mind… because there’s just nothing more exciting than hearing from God, no matter what hour.  He never sleeps or slumbers, according to the Bible, and I really do have just cause to believe it. 

Well, all that to say… that one night I was awakened by Father around 3:00 am and the topic on His heart had to do with “Filling the desires of my own heart.”  He told me that He was going to give me some desires that He could fulfill… because I had not been asking for anything.  My first thought was:  “Oh, great!  This way I’ll know, for sure, that I’ll be asking for the very best thing possible, if it is His idea!” 

I was reminded of this event again tonight when Rick, our wonderful webmaster with the beautiful heart, called to check on some details concerning the Lighthouse Library website.  In the course of our conversation, I related the above event to him, only to have him share with me that He well remembered a time when he knew, beyond any doubt, that Father had placed a specific desire in his heart… because what he found himself desiring… was just about the last thing on his mind.  He suddenly had a desire to take a ride in a helicopter.  This event would have occurred sometime around the middle of August, 2001

At this time in Rick’s career, he was employed by a large oil company.  As it happened, there was some kind of major computer malfunction on one of the off shore drilling rigs and Rick was appointed to fly out to the rig on a helicopter and make the necessary repair.  There was only one problem, the morning that this flight was scheduled, happened to be 9-11-01.  As you can well imagine, suddenly all flights were cancelled and major security was focused in the air space over the United States

It was another full week, before flight restrictions were lifted, and this helicopter flight was re-scheduled and Rick found himself in the midst of the fulfillment of ‘his desire.’  But this desire had been placed within him for a far greater purpose than getting a computer glitch corrected.  There was a military pilot with some heavy weights on his shoulders that morning and the Christ in Rick manifested the words of love through Rick’s words – to answer all the pilots questions, heal his hurts, and give him great peace in his own life… and all this in the midst of fulfilling Rick’s God-given desire!

Isn’t it exciting having the Christ in-dwelling your very being and taking you to just the exact place where He is most needed in someone’s life?  Rick knows all about that.  You, too, can have those kinds of exciting experiences… being on the sideline, watching Christ mend a broken heart or heal a lifetime of emotional wounds while you get to enjoy a helicopter ride… or a taxi drive in New York, City… or a Magic Mountain ride in Disneyworld… or wherever the power of Christ is needed on the planet! 

Where do you purchase a ticket for such a ride?  Well, just spend some seriously quiet time alone with your Heavenly Father and allow Him to fill you full of desires that will work into His Plans and Purposes!  His yoke is easy… His burden is light!  Laughter is the highest form of prayer!  “Except you come as a little child…” Live, Love, Laugh and Be Happy… on your Journey into God’s heart!









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