APRIL 5, 1999

Jesus did all that was necessary to send the devil packing,

Yet we still allow him to have power in our life.

Sometimes he comes in the form of a close friend, poking,

And many times he comes through our family, causing strife

If he visited in a red, horned suit with a pitch forked tail,

Discernment wouldn’t be needed to identify old slewfoot,

But he always comes in a religious outer shell.

He’s spouting Bible, bringing “a word” and looking holy to boot.

As we grow in strength and knowledge in the Lord,

The deceptions of the enemy get more and more clever.

Sometimes he comes to you as your neighbor down the road

And occasionally he even works against you with a fever.

But, I’m here to tell you – don’t stand for any of his game.

The power of God is all you need to send the devil packing.

Resist him [don’t listen and don’t get riled].  God’s still the same.

When you resist, he has to leave – it’s his defeat – his stripping.

It’s easy to put the blame on anyone and not accept it yourself.

But you’ve got to believe Jesus’ sacrifice was enough.

Your enemy has been stripped of all his power – he’s on a shelf.

It’s only your thoughts and words that let him strut his stuff!

Stop his attacks.  Get the message loud and clear.

Put a guard on your mouth – all your thoughts under your control.

Starve him out of your life and all those you hold dear.

Give him no space… not even a chance for any foothold.

He’ll use whoever he can to do his dad-blamed dirty work.

If it’s your mother-in-law that is the vehicle causing you strife,

You will have to draw Godly parameters – you cannot shirk.

If necessary, you may even need to get that person out of your life.

There’s a lot of difference between emotional based sympathy

And Holy Spirit led love that shows God’s precious compassion.

One is motivated by unhealed emotions  – sympathy.

The other says “NO” with the love of God – true compassion.

God is speaking much today about a new language – silence.

Many times we give our enemy bullets to use against us.

Much could be avoided by showing silent types of kindness. 

Raising up against another lacks wisdom and breaks trust.

True wisdom is not to try to win a fight.

The silent one’s strategy cannot be given away.

The fool will base his try for victory on sight.

But the silent one listens for God and will never stray.

It’s time we take back all the territory robbed by the devil.

Repent, get your wisdom working and use your authority.

Submit everything to God and listen only to him – not to evil.

Move only on God’s command and watch Him bring victory.

































































DEVIL IS DEFEATED [Sunny Orly Coffman] 4-5-99 ~POEM          1


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