JANUARY 26, 2009

It is His faith, and not ours that is pure and without fault; that always is heard by the Father; and of course, there is no ours, for we are dead unto self and alive unto Him.  He is here, and He is all authority, moving by anointed presence.

It is His body that is without pain; His presence that is whole; His life that is risen, and we are alive in Him; alive, well and whole.  His guidance in faith prevails. We are not separate; thus our risen glory.

The Kingdom of God has always been, and is alive and well right now, confirmed by Jesus Himself when He said. “The Kingdom of God is within you.”  Compounded we are, made one new man. 

Now, how about salvation?  You know Him when He appears; burning in your being; quickening your steps and assuring you all is well.  No man can take away the knowing that is yours, no matter what his credentials.  (So called).  What is salvation?  It is the Presence of The One come within; the power of the fullness of life.  It is the free gift purchased at the Cross, and unveiled to each and every man in his own order.  Man can never take away that which burns inside, even though man’s knowledge can be a great potential enemy.  Much book learning can be a great deficit, especially when it is preached from the former side of the Cross.

From the Cross until even today, we walk under full pardon, sometimes groping through the fog, but other times riding the wind of Glory.  All of our time is deposited unto knowing who we are in Him, and He is a sure Savior, never to fail; always to be on time.

We shall reckon we are alive forevermore in Him, without fail.  Yet, it sure helps to know Him as He Is; fully alive, full of faith, strong and wise; ready to always respond to our questioning true hearts.

When He said, “I have come to seek and to save that which was lost”, He surely meant it.  He did not fail in His quest to restore all back to the Father which is perfection.  You are His own, even if you do not yet know.

Now this is peace: That we are secure in His bosom never to be frightened again; never to be left out or degraded; never to be looked down upon by religious organizations or personalities; never to be alone again.

We are full heirs; not partial heirs; recipients of all that Father Is; reconciled to the household of Fullness.  We are drawn because He is lifted; open eyed to see greater and greater glory in ourselves and our fellow men.  We are captured by a high, high price (Payment); bound by so great a love that none shall be lost.  It is true we each have a foreordained destiny that has an equal reward. Let His will be done in this earth and in this heaven.



Abiding love










DISCERNMENT [Jim-Melba Crofford] 1-26-09          1


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