NOVEMBER 12, 2006

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Just a diversion today.

2 scientists with two different philosophies have impacted the health of the entire world today.

Professor Louis Pasteur – believed in ‘External Attack’. That our bodies are ‘sterile’ and get contaminated from ‘without’ by organisms that do not interchange form.

Professor Antoine Bechamp (a contemporary of Pasteur) -believed in ‘Internal Breakdown’. That there is no ‘one cause’ for disease. That our bodies are made up of tiny micro-organisms (he called them microzymas), that when in a state of imbalance, change into various deadly strains (Pleomorphism of organisms) and can be released from us to others.

Medicine went the way of Pasteur – the easy way out: take this and be well. It was also much more profitable, as we see in our billion-dollar Pharmaceutical industries.

But today we are battling degenerative diseases, resistance to antibiotics, worsening genetic disorders, increased mental breakdown. We did not heed the call of Bechamp. Some in the health field are beginning to realise this once again.

But I think, it was necessary in the ‘great scheme of things’ for this to be so.

When God created us, I believe the germs were built-in to live harmoniously with us. All living things generate germs. But at the time of the fall, degeneration started; but ever so slowly as our bodies began to fight against us.

I think Bechamp was right.

The cold virus does not just exist in the atmosphere [Viruses: bits of genes that have gone haywire!]. We generate them, and it’s transmission becomes a vicious cycle.

It’s worse in winter because our bodies are more out of balance in the cold because of a variety of factors e.g., nutrition, sunlight etc. The most vulnerable (who are the most out of balance) suffer more than any of us in this regard, because of a reduced immunity.

Someone (I can’t remember the name right now) said something that goes like this:

“The next time you ‘catch’ a cold, it may not just be because of the cold virus. It may be you’ve been worried about that test, that interview; a response to an argument that disorganises your internal harmony. Leading to a reduction in your immunity, transforming harmless organisms into devastating ones.”

Read ‘The Blood and its 3rd element’ if your interested http://www.metropolisink.com/bechamp/blood/index.htm

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