No pessimist ever discovered the

secrets of the stars or sailed to an uncharted

land or opened a new heaven to the

horizon of the spirit

                                                    Helen Keller

Many times when I speak about divine principles of the Bible to people who consider themselves spiritual, the veil comeS down and I discern they are thinking; “Here comes another one of those critical Bible thumping Christians and I am not interested in the fearbased dogma they spew out.”  On the other hand if I try to talk about spiritual writings other than the Bible with those who consider themselves Christians, I see a look of fear cross their face and I know I have lost them, as well.  The dilemma is we’ve been programmed by a realm designed to bring division instead of unity!  A mindset which hinges on the precept; “I am right and because you are coming from another way, a way I don’t fully understand, you must be wrong!”

Fear and misconceptions have separated man down through the ages. Just as languages have estranged our understanding of others; to a large degree vocabulary has done the same.  We can express identical principles with different terminology and not discern the divine thread running through each phrase.

Recently I have been studying the Tao Te Ching, a Chinese book of wisdom thousands of years old.   It contains 81 principles of life derived from 5,000 Chinese characters and has been interpreted by many scholars down through the centuries.  The Tao’s divine principles are recognized for their ability to bring man into balance, joy, and boundless consciousness.  The exact known author of the Tao is very sketchy.  Some legends say it was authored by Lao-tzu, a Chinese prophet, and others believe it to be the work of many authors.  It is unimportant because whoever wrote the Tao was obviously divinely inspired.  The Tao has survived thousands of years and with the exception of the Bible, is the most translated book on our planet.

With all that said, my goal is to compare the divine principles of the Tao with those of the Bible.  It is my hope this enlightenment will enable us to see a timeless thread running throughout many spiritual messages given to mankind.   Even though these messages have come through men of different spiritual ages, ethnicities, and traditions, if our eyes are opened we are able to discern this thread.  There has always been one message, just expressed seemingly in diverse ways.  

Let’s start our journey by interpreting the word Tao which means, “The Way.”  Christ of the Bible was called the Logos, translated from original Greek meaning; “the word or divine expression of God.”  Christ as the divine expression of God incarnate was also referred to as “The Way.”  In the scripture where Christ said, “I am the way…” the translation from Aramaic was not referring to just a personage but the divine I Am as the way.   The Way in both the Tao and Bible has always been the invisible spirit within humanity calling us to realize our eternal oneness as a God Being.

The Tao like the Bible reveals divine principles which sometimes seem to be totally contrary to the ways of the world.  When these divine truths become awakened within our being they have the power to change our lives! They enable us to perceive past the limited sphere of matter and into the infinite realm of spirit.

Consider these similarities:

The Tao encourages us to live without judgment and in perfect oneness – The Bible warns us not to judge for the judgment we measure out will boomerang right back to us. Christ explained the way to apprehend perfection is by realizing our oneness when he said; “I in them and thou in me, that they may be perfect in one.”

The Tao suggests we listen more – The Bible admonishes us to “Be quick to listen and slow to speak.”

The Tao invites our wisdom to combine opposites and live in unity – The Bible states “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways” and also partaking from a tree of good and evil (duality) can only produce death.

The divine principle of “God all and in all” is a Biblical key dissolving separation.  The question today is this, are we majoring on our differences or searching for divine threads?   When our heart is open we are able to see the same spiritual principles running through both writings?

The Tao and Bible each teach and encourage us to connect with the divine spark within (Kingdom of God) and manifest it through our lives.  Institutional religions on the other hand, have enforced external observances of all kinds as the way to God.  As a divine race created in the very image of God, we are opening to the timeless threads of truth which have always been leading us to our authentic self.   These threads encourage the consciousness of man to rise above the limitation of the physical plane of matter. Through these threads of wisdom we are awakening to our purpose as creators of a new humanity and the possibility of living from boundless reality.

Both the Tao and Christ encourage us to live from our divine center rather than a world center.  They teach the physical realm is based on acquiring and achieving things and is caught up in the trap of just surviving but never arriving at its destination.  Christ said in “the world” (physical realm) we would encounter tribulation (all sorts of diversity, problems, and sorrows) but he came to demonstrate a way to “overcome the world.”  The world plane disregards our infinite nature.  It limits our awareness of The Way which both the Tao and Bible bring to light.

Living a selfless life of giving and not elevating ones self is encouraged in both writings.  The Tao puts it this way in the 7th Verse:  “For this reason the sage puts himself last and ends up ahead… Serve the needs of others, and all your own needs will be fulfilled.  Through selfless action, fulfillment is attained.”  Listen to the Bible take on these same principles: “The first shall be last and the last shall be first. God so loved the world he gave….  The greatest among you shall be your servant.”  It also states Christ came to serve and not be served, and laid down his life for others. Both demonstrate the principles of giving and immortality going hand and hand!

Serving others brings the rhythm of our energy into perfect harmony with the Source energy of God.  When our intention is to live from our Tao or Christ center of infinite supply, we no longer must strive.  We realize we are able to live from a boundless reality!  

What freedom it is to acknowledge these divine threads throughout the Tao and Bible.  This awakening illuminates a new sense of oneness in our consciousness.  It opens new horizons as we embark on a deeper search for the divine thread in all things.   We become aware that God has always been speaking and it has been woven into the very fabric of all life!

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DIVINE THREAD FLOWING THROUGH— [Mary Lou Houllis] 9-7-08           1


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