AUGUST 16, 2008

The Gift of Divine Seeing comes as a part of the last resurrection being experienced; the awakening. It is a whole new way of seeing Life; This same Life of the risen Jesus Christ.

The haughty and proud have been abased to be humble and real before the Throne of God, and now we see Reality Himself (The Body of Jesus Christ walking the earth). Holy Vision; The Truth of Our Father having appeared in earth.

Mortality has truly put on immortality as the quickening comes to pure eyes.  This is the given free new walk of life purchased by the Blood of The Lamb.  Each man in his own order awakens to be certain, sure, and final; to lay aside all judgment and to possess the rightful and free gift of seeing everyone whole. 

“Yes, I have overturned and overturned within, that they might have my own testimony that all is well and all is Divine with nothing left out.  This is Who I Am in man; My new Heaven and Earth.”

It has been man’s way to find fault, even most minute faults, even in his closest friends, as he makes comparisons in everything.  Good, better, best or even bad or worse; the occupation of man.  

This mindset magnifies and establishes mortality; the fallen state of man.  It is the source of all hurt and the world’s unreal appearance. “I judge no man, but if I judge, my judgment is true”. True seeing is knowing resurrection life for all.

So, one might suggest that they cannot help what they see.  However let them see with a single eye; looking neither to the left or right, but straight ahead beholding only the Light that is in every man that comes into the world.  Let them see as Father sees through the single eye freeing the whole.  This is the mission of the Holy Ghost, to reveal the resurrected Savior in all men; to exalt the name of Jesus above and within creation.

The constant thought and mind of seeing good, better, best, and good and evil has become a prevailing spirit confessing not that Jesus Christ is come in creation. This mind is cancelled at the Cross and revealed as anti-Christ.  Therefore men fall on their knees to acknowledge the mind of Christ, and are drawn to judge no more.

This is the new day.  Hallelujah!

Blessings in Jesus,











DIVINE VISION [Jim-Melba Crofford] 8-16-08          1


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