AUGUST 2, 2012

That depends, of course, upon how we look at it!

“Hey Brad!” The voice was quite friendly-sounding on the phone, “I just loved your book, ‘Being Jesus.’”

“Oh really, what did you like about it, since you hated the last one?”

“That’s not true, I just found it hard to understand, but they both made me think in ways I’ve never thought before. ‘Being Jesus’ really made me question my religious beliefs – and now that I have, I’m quite happy with my religion, thank you very much” …the way she said it sounded, ever so slightly, sarcastic.

“Gee, Lena, it sounds like you thought I was trying to get you to change your religion or something.”

“Well, yeah,” she said with a snort, quite perceptible even over the phone.

“That’s interesting, the church you attend is probably the least offensive Evangelical Christian church I know of …in fact, when Ryan Bruce the CEO of the publishing company that published both books, lived here in the area, it is the church he attended.”

“Well, I don’t want to argue about it, I’m just happy where I’m at.”

“I just have to tell you a story, Lena, do you mind?”

“No, go ahead.”

“A couple days ago I received a phone call from an old friend in Portland, Oregon – a guy that is really into a healing ministry and is part of a church there in Portland …he told me it was my best book ever, but a mutual friend of ours had just called him yesterday and told him that he thought ‘Being Jesus’ was condemning – he continued, ‘I asked why, because I told him, I thought it was the most liberating thing Brad had written since he wrote Leapfrog and Treasure Chest.’

“Then he said, ‘I loved those two books, but I thought Brad was saying in this one that if people didn’t believe what Brad believed and involved in doing miracles they were wrong!” He continued, “I urged him to read it again and I’d buy his lunch tomorrow and we’d talk about it …so I thought I’d thought I’d call you and you would find the contrast kind of amusing.”

“So, Lena, I just want you to know that the reactions to ‘Being Jesus’ are all over the map …but I think you are perfect just the way you are, seriously.”

“Well, okay,” she said, still not sounding convinced, “anyway, thanks for the copy I did read it and it did make me think like never before.”

So, back to the question in the title above, put just a little differently: Does how we look at anything change what it actually is? Let’s change my above answer as well. Of course it does! (To the person thinking differently).

As we can already see, not everyone is in love with what I write! One fellow wrote me, “Since you obviously don’t believe the Bible, I guess I shouldn’t think that just because I violently disagree with much of what you say, you don’t think I’m going to Hell because of my beliefs – because, after all, you didn’t believe in Hell either. I do think, though, Mr. Cullen that you should pray that your beliefs should change before they send you to Hell.”

Thankfully, folks, I don’t take my directions for writing anything from “my” audience! I wouldn’t dare write anything!

Since I know everyone is waiting with bated breath for my very next sentence, here ‘tis:

Guide me, DADDY/MOMMY/SPIRIT to look and listen to every thought buried in the subconscious part of the brain of this body-bag I occupy and then guide me to change what limits me and therefore what doesn’t please YOU, because I know YOU only want what is the absolute best for me and only YOU know what that is. I confess: I don’t know squat!

Just because you’ve either heard me tell the following true story before or read it, in some piece or another, will not stop me from repeating it.

A professional astronomer in his 70s, still working at some major observatory in California was putting on a slide presentation of the latest pictures of galaxies sent earthward from the Hubble Space Telescope. Stunning to say the least!

What he said was almost as beautiful as the slides: “Over just the past five years” (I believe I attended this presentation in 2008 or ’09), we’ve learned many things that have made many scientists question not only the ‘Big Bang’ theory, but many other scientific concepts related to the origin of the universe. Many of us now believe in God – I for one was formerly an avowed agnostic; no longer.”

His presentation was punctuated every few slides with a black background with giant white letters which he would read aloud: “WE DON’T KNOW SQUAT!”

What made the story so amazing to me was a parallel to my own personal experience about something. I had the opportunity, after his presentation to talk with him for a few minutes: I basically asked him if he would mind telling me what direction his newly-found belief in God had taken him. He replied: “Not at all …shortly after Hubble was repaired and we began getting other evidence that our finely honed theories about the origin of the universe, might be full of holes – and I was questioning my own agnosticism, I was challenged by a couple of Mormon missionaries to just ask God if I should consider the claims of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints …I had what they referred to as an “inner witness” which led me, ultimately, to join the church.”

I shared with him my own experience of asking the same question and being told “no,” but that I was not supposed to judge Mormonism or any other church (if anyone is interested in the details of my experience, I’ll dig them out …I think I tell the story in The Unrecognized You, Discovered; -What Now- and I’ll send them to you …just send an e-mail).

The point, though, is not what I did that was different from what this astronomer did – because, basically we had the same experience – we both went directly to the SOURCE for our answers and received very specific guidance that doesn’t appear to be the same at all.

Question: After sharing the details of my experience with him, he told me (enthusiastically) that he couldn’t wait to share my story with his wife who was resisting his conversion from agnosticism to Mormonism …we, my dear friends, were excited for each other.

In thinking about that just now; I asked, why were we both so excited? …thrilled is not overstating it. The answer I just got was, “Because you are both secure in My LOVE and LEADING.”

I just met, moments ago with a Roman Catholic – and had the same level of excitement. No argument, no fussing over differences, we both trust the same SOURCE. I have found that to be true with Hindus, Muslims, and others who don’t wear their belief system as a label or a badge. Of course, I do confess not to be quite so excited in the presence of those who insist upon arguing over their perceived differences instead of our ONE-NESS. I AM.


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