JULY 15, 2012


If there is one thing Ryan Bruce, who is the CEO of the company that publishes Brad Cullen’s Books and takes care of this website, and I agree upon it is that there are many ways to get from point A to point B and we try to consistently point out that what works for us may not be appropriate for others. 

When we talk about points that are designated as “A” and “B” we are referring to those things in the physical realm which we can see clearly with our physical eyes. Let’s settle there for a moment.

The challenge is with what we cannot see with our physical eyes …healing from “beyond” physical or “natural” resources is just such a challenge. Some people prefer to call this the “The 4th Dimension,” (the title of a forthcoming Brad Cullen book) others refer to it as “The Kingdom of God” or a “parallel existence” or some just encapsulate it into the term “spiritual.” 

What precipitated this direction, this morning, is my reflecting upon the events of recent days. My laptop crashed and I lost all the programs and hundreds of e-mail addresses, as well, that were on it.

Of the several e-mails that came in and were stored during the two days my laptop was “down” (I still had use of the other computer, a pc, in our living room), on the webmail program we use, the disparity was rather amazing between the many testifying about great strides in physical, emotional and spiritual growth and healing they had received as a result of Spiritual Healing Source materials and the two who refused to acknowledge or believe in the possibility that they could be healed.

The former numbered almost one hundred. One hundred-to-two isn’t a bad “success” ratio, so why not concentrate on those? Instead, I suffer from the same malady suffered by so many who write about and offer themselves in the work of helping people break through into healing power for others and spiritual healing for themselves …that is, leaving the 99 who are “okay” to chase after the one who is “lost.” In using the metaphor of a “lost sheep” I am referring ONLY to someone who is obviously and admittedly “broken” physically and is hanging over a cliff …again, metaphorically and not in the broader sense that some religious people label as “lost.”

When Ryan offered, almost thirty months ago, to sponsor a website to host articles, by yours truly, we agreed that the primary purpose would be to share truths about ways to access the SOURCE of everything, including, but not limited for physical healing, “supernaturally,” and that we would not denigrate anyone else’s beliefs.

Because I have remained troubled by the above referenced “two” who remain outside the fold of those receiving healing I awakened this morning asking my access question which I should have asked days ago (but I hereby confess that I didn’t) and have, therefore, been stuck allowing feelings that, on the face of the facts, are simply ridiculous.

This morning, I finally asked, “What Now?” …and almost immediately began to be overcome by the presence and power of SPIRIT to do what I am meant to do …REFLECT THE LIGHT and not muddle around in darkness!

I have shared many times my favorite line of all times from a movie, which is: “It is okay to do what you want to do, until it is time to do what you are meant to do.” Well, folks …NOW IS THAT TIME!

“Go back to simplicity” were the words I heard around 5:00 a.m. – and I didn’t understand until just now …a couple hours later. The word refers to the title of a brief article I wrote two years ago! I’m supposed to repeat it here and NOW!


What’s it to you, anyway?

If you’ve wandered around on our website …and caught the different array of articles, different pictures and differing opinions and/or listened to Ryan Bruce and I wax eloquently, (click on the “Podcast” tab on the top menu bar) albeit sometimes argumentatively, one could ask, reasonably, how I dare write on the topic of keeping anything simple? I mean, Ryan and I both have proven to be a couple of complicated cats and the website reflects that.

The simple truth is that what I really care about, passionately, is healing power and spiritual healing for YOU. Yes, you can have healing power that you wield on behalf of others and you can have spiritual healing for you.

All you have to do is want it badly enough to be willing to do something simple to get it. I mean, that is fairly simple, isn’t it?

Looks simple, right?

We’re currently doing an interview podcast series via telephone. Ryan is on the western seaboard of North America and I am on eastern end of things. What’s that have to do with anything; and how does it indicate simplicity?

The subject of the series is “Seven Secrets” which I wrote. What has been exciting for me, during the process, is how Ryan and I both are constantly brought to new insights simply through our dialogue and something else that is far simpler.

Let’s cut to the chase for YOU: Instead of trying to learn seven secrets of acquiring healing power for others and spiritual healing for you, I offer you a shortcut. Stop arguing for whatever limitations you’ve accepted from your religious traditions and upbringing as applying to you and do one thing …only ONE simple thing.

Begin believing the truth that nothing is impossible if you believe enough. That thought didn’t originate with me …Jesus said it and you can make it true by simply being willing to begin believing it, today, right NOW.

However, you can also render the thought as having no value whatever by refusing to believe it …still simple enough?

How on earth can you begin to believe that nothing is impossible when you are carrying around enough traditional religious baggage in your mind to start your own church? Step one, is to be willing to give all that junk up, just let it go.

What junk? Everything you have in your mind that keeps you from receiving healing power for others and spiritual healing for YOU right now!

Here’s how. Listen to what Jesus said to Peter and apply it to you. Peter wanted to know something about his fellow disciple, John.

“What’s that to you?” Jesus asked Him, then said, “You just come and follow me.”

How do you apply that for you? Forget anything and everything you have learned from anyone else. Here’s the shortcut to bypass everything and receive everything from Jesus who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Talk to him, right now. Just say: “Jesus, if you are real, take over my life, I want you to be in complete command over every area of my life, right now.”

“Right now,” by the way, means tomorrow and always. Ryan Bruce has referred to this as the “Brad Cullen approach,” I guarantee to you that it is exactly my SOURCE for writing this little article for YOU.

Get past any and all junk; just go directly to Jesus and keep going to Jesus until you realize that he is in you in his healing presence and power.  There it is, utter simplicity and to the utmost.

What if you don’t believe in Jesus? Good heavens, millions of people believe in Jesus and do nothing he said anyone can do if they believe enough. Believing enough simply means wanting healing power and spiritual healing badly enough to go to him. I did, just now, and he told me to write this now for you.

Forget about what I did, what’s that to you anyway? Go directly, go now. I’m going to complicate things just a bit. Who and what you have been told about Jesus really means nothing, what he said was that everything he did and said was not his doing anyway, but his SPIRIT-PARENT doing it and speaking through Him.           

That’s the simple truth. Get it for you. Stop talking and/or arguing about Jesus and just be Jesus, you’ve just been given the formula. USE IT …and really now, isn’t it fairly simple?

My challenge, again, is so what? What difference does it make who or what Jesus was or indeed IS (present tense) if we refuse to heed what he said and perhaps is saying through these words right NOW?

Now then, if this point (that it makes NO DIFFERENCE) is nailed down sufficiently to move on – let’s look at the specifics of who and what those of us who believe whatever about Jesus are supposed to be according to what Jesus said, relative to healing power and spiritual healing and see if we can’t get ready to MOVE in that direction.

Is healing power and spiritual healing the work of the SOURCE (“God,” if you prefer) or is healing power and spiritual healing OUR work?

I can speak with some authority on this topic only because I have seen, personally witnessed, all kinds of diseases and other physical limitations being removed …and was sufficiently involved so that other people wanted to give me the credit for the “supernatural” change in those who’d had asthma, cancer, diabetes, emotional disturbances and a host of other maladies, including unbelief, and which to which I had to say, “I didn’t do it …it wasn’t me” …and yet “I” was the physical instrument through whom the manifestation occurred.

For those who have read Treasure Chest and other books and articles I have written on the topic know that there are all kinds of credible witnesses to these incidents …such as those with the designation, “M.D.” after their names and also know that I consistently have said, and repeat right NOW, that “I” am nothing special… YOU too can do what I have done, because “I” did nothing – and I did nothing in exactly the same way that Jesus did nothing.

But it was the work of Jesus and it was Jesus who said it would be the work of anyone who believes enough. But you will never get to the point of being involved in healing power and spiritual healing if you refuse to believe that it is possible.  The first obstacle to overcome is to see that believing is a choice. You can begin to believe and you can do so right now. Now the question is, will you?

Hopefully that is simple enough.










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