DECEMBER 27, 2009

With His brilliant awakenings, it is very easy to know He is the brightness of the morning We no longer react to circumstances, being subject to beggarly elements, but find ourselves in active mode.  The Christ mind knows the fellowship and beauty that is always ours to behold in the living space of our Father.  This mind does not stray as the prodigal son did, but has placed the honor to His immortal thoughts.  We see heaven in everything, and move and act as children of the almighty King.  The trumpet has sounded as we move in the comfort of His arms, receiving the place prepared; everything purchased at the Cross.  We wrest captivity of our thoughts, and enjoy the glory and honor of the new creation.

Sons of the most high God have entered the place of eternal rest, knowing every moment is fore-ordained in Him. 

This is not a magic wand, but is a sure footed pathway from glory to glory.

Knowing only one God, it is absolute that there is only one will.  To will is to be.  Father’s will is our will, but also our will is His.  There is no other will just like there is no other god beside Him.  He commands His will, but also hears your will for they are one.  We say, “Thy will be done.”  The bright awakening spoken of here is to recognize that One God is all in all. Through peace, joy and compassion, every atom of creation lives and moves and has its being.

It is done!  Through the oneness of mind and will of Jesus at the Cross. All things are established.  This mind is in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.  Like husband and wife, “What ever you say honey, is right on; ok and perfect to me.  I know we both desire the highest.  We go hand in hand in agreement.

Loving All,

Jim & Darling Melba 
















DRAWN TO PERFECTION [Jim-Melba Crofford] 12-27-09          1


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