JULY 24, 2012

The question I am so often asked is almost always answered in the same way from the same SOURCE. The question is, “How can I know I am in the will of God?” I never answer that question until I ask our SPIRIT-PARENT, “What now?”

The answer I get is most often (not always and that is why I have learned to always ask) answered with the instruction to tell the person to release whatever it is they think they want, by declaring to the universe at large, “I want the desires and purposes of our SPIRIT-PARENT for my better good, no matter what the cost!”

Keep saying it emphatically (demanding and commanding …it is your right and privilege as a child of God) while “knocking UNTIL you know, with absolute clarity, what is “God’s perfect will” in any particular situation.

The “cost” is simply letting go of every preconception and goal I think that is important even when it seems “good” because I have rationalized it as being “good.” Everything is on the table including what I received yesterday, because today is a brand new day, and what I “received” yesterday was yesterday’s “manna.”

We remember, from the story in Exodus, when the Children of Israel received this perfect food substance, manna, they were instructed not to store it because it would rot overnight and become loaded with maggots! Yuck!!!

Several people have written about their own personal health challenges in the last few days. The answer I received for many of them has been that they have a conflict.

If anyone wants a Bible reference as to why their “praying” for anything doesn’t get results, one of Jesus’ step brothers, James, nails it …CONFLICT with a capital “C!”

I received the word “congruence” for one woman and gave my definition of the word as “harmonious togetherness” (a state which she obviously does NOT currently enjoy). The absence of congruence is conflict – being double-minded, according to James – and I just have to point out that it is quite clear, in the original language, the word that has been translated into English as “double-minded” not only refers to two opposing thoughts, but also can mean two opposing spirits creating the conflict. Want chapter and verse? Write me.

That most translators, starting with the KJV boys, rendered the word (here in English characters) dia-krinos as “doubt” is unfortunate, because it has created a misconception taught by many religious teachers. The above referenced woman for whom I received the word “congruence” …made the point to me that she thinks her challenges emanate from some subconscious fear thoughts that don’t line up with what she consciously desires …from what she said, I’d have to agree.

That is certainly one way of looking at it – and which means many of us need to look at ways to RE-PROGRAM our subconscious minds. There are practical ways of doing that and which we have hinted at on this website and some which we’ve even spelled out in detail.

If you think you might be helped by some hints about reprogramming the subconscious by getting into an exchange with either Ryan Bruce (CEO of the publishing company, Spiritual Healing Source) or me or both, about some specifics as they relate to your particular situation just write:

ryan@spiritualhealingsource.com or brad@spiritualhealingsource.com



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