Great Is The Spread Of Thy Wings, Oh God


AUGUST 21, 2004

Standing tall; The Gathered, Feathered One; does not bow to time or to delay. He is here now, seated in full glory, The Center of Everything; the center and extremity of the Real Creation, where all things are new.

“You have asked to know Me. . . . Please hear this: No matter how hard you try to see Me in a new light, I can never be more than “I AM.”  I AM the Center, ever the Center and the All of you, and always and forever the all that there is. I Am Reality. You have seen Me. You have felt Me, and you know Me. You hear My voice when it comes to you, and often, hear Me when I am not expected.”

“That is why it is said, The Eagle Has Landed. I Am here with you, and in You, even from the foundation of the world.”

“You recognize My Presence, sometimes in astonishment, and often in expectation. You know My love; My moving Spirit. Now that you have ceased to look for a greater, from a distant time or form, and have given your all to Me within you; accepted Me as I Am, you are open to realization. Realization is recognition of Who You Are In Me, or Who I Am, for there is only One.”

“This is happening all across the land. I am being accepted as Life, as I stated. I am the Life. The wonderful awakening could be compared to popcorn popping, where rapidly, each individual, in his own order, comes alive, and is able to see clearly. The time is at hand when many are hearing My voice and are awakened. You, have heard your calling, and have come to realization. You know you are in My House, and are feasting at My own table, now.”

“Your realization has come by My Spirit; Which Is The Shed Blood of Calvary. You have been graciously awakened to My Mind in My chosen order. Peace, be still, for this is My everlasting day.”

This is the day of the Promise, Who Is The Only Begotten. This is the day The Father displays His Son. All honor and Glory goes to He Who is risen.

“Let the earth be still and hear His voice.”

You, dear neighbor, are loved because you are a living radiant Light. You could almost be worshipped, save our worship is for the very Lord Jesus Christ, who died and arose for us, and As Us. However, it is given that we see the Shining Light in One Another. That is why we love each other so dearly.

Here you are, received into Glory by the purchased price, paid by The Lamb of God; made whole and made His righteousness.

Some things are forever, and this forever came at once at the Cross. You came forth all new, when the world ended at that time, and all men, even though they thought they were yet sinners, were reconciled back to Our Father. Forever, you are aware of your heritage, and you are privileged to always observe the increase of The Government of God, The Kingdom, beaming from within you, with ever increasing brilliance.

As it is written, “You are not your own. You are bought with a price.” No man may come to the Father, except he be drawn… so be at peace, for every man will awaken to the good news of the Gospel of The Kingdom in his own order. You, however, may see today through the eyes of the Father, that, “He is The Light that lighteth every man that comes into the world.”

“Before the world was, I AM. You have never been separated from Me, but for such a time, you have thought you were. You know I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

I AM come IN YOU, and I have replaced the one you thought you were!

Praise Jesus,













EAGLE HAS LANDED, THE [JimMelba Crofford]          1


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