JULY 29, 2007

Fresh Manna

The words, “Earth shall keep her jubilee,” have been going through my mind since the early hours of the morning. They are from the old hymn “Jesus Saves.” I can recall singing it with enthusiasm, as a child, but with no knowledge of what the words meant. It would seem that the oft repeated phrase, “Jesus Saves,” caused me, and most of us, to miss the prophetic impact of so many of the lines. May I suggest that you find an old hymn book, or search on line for this song.

What a glorious truth, EARTH SHALL KEEP HER JUBILEE! A date with destiny! In these days of gloom and fear of global warming, rest assured that it is GOD and not man who is in control. Many of us will remember the fearful days when it was believed that the Communists were going to use atomic bombs against the West, and we against them. My! Did the prophets of gloom make a lot of money selling their fear raising books with horror stories. Well, enough of that.

JUBILEE! What a powerful word that is! We know the principle of Jubilee in the Scriptures. The debts would be erased, the captives set free, and folks could return to their land inheritance. Let me tell you, “This is my Fathers world!” There will surely come a time for the saints to arise and take control of it.

Presently the earth is moaning and groaning as a woman in travail, in labor, just as Romans 8:22 says, “For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pangs of childbirth -“ The verse ends with, “together UNTIL NOW.” Just what does that mean? Does it not give the expectancy that something was already beginning to happen back when Paul penned these words? I believe it does. We are in a state of process. At times God moves very quickly, other times, and how our flesh hates them, God will move at a very slow pace, but HE IS MOVING. Consider, “When the fullness of time was come God sent his son.” The very second that Adam and Eve sinned is when I would have sent the Son. However, our Fathers ways are not our ways.

Romans 8:23 speaks of the “adoption as sons, the REDEMPTION of our body,” This is a glorious hope that is positive expectation, of change that we have. It is certain that change is going on. When one renovates their house, it can be messy and destructive. Unless you know the master plan and have faith in the workers, it is enough to make you want to try and piece it all back together again, which really cant be done. The expectancy of the completed work is ahead, and how good it is when fully completed.

It matters not how much this earth may roll and roll, what matters is that God is in control. The day will come when the sons of God will arise to possess the kingdom, and the saints to rule.

The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ; and He will reign forever and ever.” Revelation 11:15 “The Lord and HIS CHRIST,” which we are, is an encouraging word. And, we will reign together with him, Christ Jesus the head of the body.

Notice that in Gods point of view, it is already so, and, it cannot be otherwise! EARTH SHALL KEEP HER JUBILEE! Yes, even the speck of earth that each of us physically is, WILL KEEP OUR JUBILEE! The time of full reconciliation and restoration will come! Amen!






EARTH SHALL KEEP HER JUBILEE [Kenneth Greatorex] 7-29-07          1


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