“Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.”  (Romans 11:5)



All men shall have to admit that when grace comes to us, there is no qualification on our part whereby we merit such grace, for grace is never given on merit or human worthiness. Grace is given because there is a need for it, and because God loves to meet our needs. If there were works to first be done to qualify, then it would no more be grace. It is well said that ‘the barrenness of Sarah’s womb was her greatest asset,” for this great need became the arena wherein God could manifest His grace, and give her a son.


While the vast majority of mankind are held in darkness and death until that future date of His purpose, there is at present time a remnant being called “to come out from among them,” (II Cor. 6:17), as a firstfruits of that new creation species through whom He shall ultimately reveal His grace to all men. It is a sovereign act of God – He calls and chooses, makes known His grace unto us. Then, having received His grace, we are put to the test to see if we shall respond in obedience to this grace, and walk worthy of His calling. We are warned not to do “despite” unto the grace of God. And it was Paul who wrote, “I do not frustrate the grace of God. (Gal. 2:21) He did not despise, belittle, disannul that grace so freely given to him, but yielded himself to its full inworking, so he could, also, say, “By the grace of God I am what I am: and His grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I laboured more abundantly that they all: yet not I, but the grace of God was with me.” (Corinthians 15:10)



The wonders and glories of this inworking grace is that we might become His vessels of mercy, so “that in the ages to come He might shew the riches of His grace in His kindness toward us through Christ Jesus. (Eph. 2:7) His display vessels, to manifest to all creation the grace, which shall also be given to all, though it be “every man in his own order.” (I Corinthians 15:23)






















ELECTION of GRACE [Ray Prinzing]          1

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