For the DIRECTION of the SOUL


Roger said he is seeing the Kairos and Kronos lining up – better way to see it – I’m seeing the aligning of the planets.  It is everything coming supernaturally in divine order.  Somehow he sees this also as a coming together of the Good and Evil.  Religion vs. Relationship – Knowledge vs. Ignorance – Truth vs. Illusion – Flesh vs. Spirit – Darkness vs Light. 

I see it represented by the circle – never ending – all part of the whole.  ETERNITY – the WILL, PLAN, and PURPOSE of GOD manifested in some sort of visible form – SIGNS IN THE SKYS. 

Two words Sunny has used so often – COMPARISON – PERCEPTION

To acknowledge something is to bring it to surface.  To apply it is to have recognition of a teachable spirit.  The depths and heights are governed by God… not man’s opinion or man’s direction. To be led by the Spirit is beyond the carnal mind and the direction of the Holy Ghost, which is the Comforter, bringing you to the place of rest and assurity. 

It is at-one-ment with the Father…  BEing and DOing His Purpose and Plan. 
































ELEMENTS of the SPIRIT for the DIRECTION of the SOUL [Roger Dale Coffman, Sr.]         1


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