AUGUST 11, 1999

ELUL [August/September]


ELUL 1, = August 11, 1999 (sunset)









We are rapidly approaching a very critical time, as we countdown to the 7th millennium. Which will begin September 11, 1999 (Tishri 1) at sunset on God’s Calendar. Each month begins at the new moon.

The information you are about to read could be very important for your survival, and functioning at your highest level in the new millennium.

ELUL (August/September)

This is the 6th month on the Hebrew Sacred Calendar. In Hebrew Elul means, Nothingness, Good for Nothing; Gleaning. In Aramaic it means, Searching. Take notice of the number 6, which is the number of man, being creating on the 6th day.

The meanings are prophetic messages regarding mankind without the knowledge of God. He is searching, and finding nothing, he is good for nothing in his unredemptive state. He is destined to face the Judgment of the 7th month, Tishri. “Vanity of vanities... all is emptiness.” Ecc.12:8

Elul is the month of Return, Repentance, and Forgiveness. It is a month of intense introspection, defining goals, and getting closer to God. This is the Preparation Month for JUDGEMENT DAY, which begins September 11, 1999 at sunset (Tishri 1). For the past 3500 years this month has been observed as such, during this time God judges the earth.


After God spoke the Torah (Law) at Sinai, Moses was called up to received the 10 Commandments written of tables of stone. By the time he returned 40 days later the Israelites were worshipping the Golden Calf. Moses broke the tables of stone, and 3000 men were destroyed. Because of Moses intercession the nation was spared.

Moses was summoned up the second time for 40 days and nights beginning Elul 1. He returned with the new tables of stone on Tishri 10 (Day of Atonement). 40 days of Repentance and Intercession had past, and God showed mercy. Exodus 32-34

This is one of the main reasons why the 6th month is a very important month. The Talmud also states the God created earth on Tishri 1, (7th month) this is why it is also called the Day of Judgment (Yom Teruah) Feast of Trumpets and Rosh Hashanah.

ELUL 1, = August 11, 1999 (sunset)

God’s days goes from sunset to sunset. This year Elul 1 falls on our Calendar day August 11, 1999. As stated in previous writings, this was also the day that ancient Israel burned the Red Heifer and sprinkled her ashes. This began the 40 day period of Repentance, soul searching and forgiving others.

The Shofar (Ram’s Horn) will be blown daily throughout this period as an alarm, to remind the people not to fall into temptation. “Shall the trumpet be blown in the city and the people be not afraid.” Amos 3:6

In ancient times the king would leave the palace and go into the fields. It was a time where the ordinary person could approach the king, making his request known. This was symbolic of the King of the Universe, during this season He is closer. His ears are open to the cries of His people, anxious to give mercy even to the lowest human being.

It also symbolized a set time that God descends to inspect, and examine every person’s heart more closely. The first 30 days would determine what decisions (judgments) would be made Tishri 1. Elul 1 (August 11,‘99) – Tishri 1 (Sept. 11,’99) Judgment Day. This would then be followed by 10 days of further repentance, fastings, and introspection. This period will end this year on Tishri 10 (Sept. 20, ‘99) Yom Kippur-The Day of Atonement. These judgments affects every aspect of human life. “And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men had built.” Genesis 11:5

Psalms 27 is read morning and evening starting Elul 1. The emphasis is on verses 4-5. “One thing have I desired of the Lord, and that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty, and inquire in his temple. For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion; in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock. ”

Let your desire be this One thing during this season. That you may be found hidden in God. This is one of the most crucial times in the history of mankind.

Elul in Hebrew is also an acronym for “I am my beloved, and my beloved is mine.” Songs of Solomon 6:3 This yet reiterated the ideal of drawing closer to God as a virgin bride does her groom.

Elul also falls under the 6th Zodiac Sign, Virgo, the Virgin. In Hebrew she is called Bethulah. She is also symbolic of the Bride of Christ. This speaks of purity, modesty, one that is detailed, a perfectionist; one who analyzes. These are the characteristic of a virgin, this should be our mindset especially during this season.

Elul is the month before the Autumn High Feast Days, (Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles) that are about to be fulfilled through Messiah (Jesus) and His Body.

The numeric value of Elul is 13, the number of rebellion, the state of mankind. But it also represents the 13 principle of Divine Mercies for mankind.


Elul 1 or August 11, 1999 is not only being noticed by practicing Jews, or the few enlightened Christians. Many of the major religions realize this day is very significant to mankind. New Agers, Eastern Religions, Aztecs, Astrologers, Astronomers, and others are all watching. The information I am about to share is very crucial, and you must hear it by the Spirit.


On August 11, 1999- Elul 1, our planet will experience the last Solar Eclipse exactly one month before the new millennium begins (Sept. 11, 1999) – Tishri 1. It is not by accident that it is falling on the same day the period of Repentance, judgments, and all of the history mentioned earlier happens.

This Eclipse will be viewed by 1/6 of the population on the planet. It will be visible from England to India, most of Europe and the Middle East will experience darkness. Over Jerusalem it will be seen the same hours Jesus (Yahshua) was crucified 2000 ago, when there was a similar Eclipse. The Eclipse will last from just after 12 noon to 3:00 pm, (6th -9th hour). The next Total Solar Eclipse wont be seen over Jerusalem again till the year 2006. Matthew 27:45-46

The Bible encourages us to watch for signs in the heavens, the sun turned into darkness (Total Solar Eclipse), the moon into blood (Total Lunar Eclipse), and the stars (Constellations, Zodiac signs).


On August 11, 1999 – Elul 1, the planets will assemble in Zodiac Signs to form the shape of the cross. This is something very unusual that has Astronomers, Astrologers and Spiritual people alike very concerned. It is called a Grand Fixed Cross because the planets are positioning themselves in fixed Zodiac Signs, meaning these Signs have not changed since God created them.

The earth will be suspended dead center of this most unusual event. This Cosmic Crucifixion hasn’t happened before. It will appear as if the planet is being crucified. This will happen during the time of the Solar Eclipse as darkness moves over the earth. And to make this even more interesting it will be Rosh Chodesh, the New Moon.

The Sun, and Moon will be in Leo (Lion of Judah). Directly opposite Uranus will be in Aquarius (the Man-Reuben). Then on the right Saturn will be in Taurus (the Bull-Ox -Ephraim). On the left Mars will be in Scorpio (Eagle/Scorpion-Dan).

The above 4 Zodiac Signs are 90 degrees apart on the Ecliptic Line, the path of the sun. These are the 4 beast surrounding the throne, Lion, Man, Ox and Eagle. Revelation 4 In the very center is a constellation of stars called Cepheus, which means the Branch, the King.

On August 11, 1999 – Elul 1 the planet earth will enter the very center, the Throne Room, the place of Judgment and Mercy while the 4 beast -Cherubim look on declaring the Holiness of God.






(Mars)——————————————– (Saturn)




{Visualize Earth in the center, between Scorpio and Taurus}

Yahshua (Jesus) was crucified 2000 years ago during a Total Eclipse of the Sun, hanging between two thieves. Planet Earth will be crucified in space during the Eclipse, hanging between the two planetary thieves of Saturn and Mars. Both of these planets have negative connotations. Saturn has always been symbolic of Satan, and Mars represents War and all of it’s affects. Mark 15:27

They parted His garment into 4 pieces. The planet earth is divided into 4 elements (water, air, fire, earth), 4 directions, seasons, and so on. John 19:23

From the 6th to the 9th hour (12 noon to 3:pm Jerusalem time August 12, 1999), in North America it will be August 11; there will be a cry and groan release from the planet and all creation. Darkness and Light will united once more, signifying the fulfillment of an age, and the beginning of a new age. The earth will then release a sign, “It Is Finished”. This may be felt as an earthquake or some other natural event.

The Cross is a symbol of Suffering, Death, also of Redemption and Life.


August 11, 1999 – Elul 1, there will be a 2nd Cross formed in the heavens by the planets, at the exact same time of the Grand Fixed Cross.

This is the TAU Cross. Tau or Tav is the 22nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It has the shape of a “T” with high spiritual meanings which we’ve shared in previous writings.

The number 22 denotes Light. Tau represents Triumph over death to the overcomer. It represents being passed over, and coming into immortality. This was revealed in the ancient Ankh cross of the Egyptians. The “T” cross with the circle on top; representing immortality.

While the Grand Fixed Cross is crucifying the planet, as the 4 Creatures of the Apocalypse forming the Celestial Sphinx look on another sign is given.

Neptune, Mercury, and Jupiter forms the “T” Cross with earth. {Visualize it a side ways T, slanted to the left, earth in the center making a circle on top of the T. Neptune connects with Mercury in a horizontal slant, earth connects with Jupiter in a vertical slant}.


Neptune ————— (earth in center)


These three planets have positive connotations, the Messenger, King-Priest Melchizedek and the Father. So now we see 2 types of people being Crossed on the planet.

1) The vast majority that have refused to crucify the works of the flesh, materialism, hatred, religious pride and greed. They will be strongly affected by the negative energies of the 2 planetary thieves on the right hand and left hand.

The thieves will rob health, wealth, family, and life. All that man has trusted in will be shaken and brought down.

2) The minority that have died daily, crucifying the works of the flesh and desiring to walk in the Spirit. They will be strongly affected by the positive energies, moving on to the Order of Melchizedek.

This is the experience that makes you fireproof as the Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace, and unsinkable, as you pass through the water. Death will be overcome when there is no more of you to die.

August 11, 1999 – Elul 1 is the preparation for the beginning of these expressions which will become more evident after Tishri 1 Sept. 11, 1999.


Around the middle of May a new Comet was discovered. They named it Comet Lee. Some astronomers and alarmist created a lot of hype and fear regarding this Comet.

Amazingly Comet Lee will also be a part of this very crucial time during Elul. Some astronomers feel that it will pass very close to earth around Elul 1, August 11, 1999, and will continue to be close till early 2000. Some had even predicted a direct hit, don’t hold your breath.

It is said by others that it will come only as close as 77 million miles to the earth.

The heavens are shouting to get our attention with amazing signs on specific dates that have strong prophetic meanings. Those that have ears to hear will hear. The foolish will ignore and be likened unto the 5 virgins that didn’t have enough oil (insight, revelation-knowledge) to go to the next level.


This probe was launched by NASA November 15, 1997 on a 5 year mission to explore Saturn. The name comes from an Italian French Astronomer, Jean Dominique Cassini who discovered 4 of Saturn’s moons in 1675.

Saturn has 18 moons, in Hebrew thought and other ancient civilizations Saturn has always been symbolic of Satan. I find it further fascinating that it has 18 (6+6+6) moons.

August 17, 1999- Elul 8, Cassini the probe to Saturn will do a Fly-by. It will go by faster than the speed of a meteor, 400 miles about the planet.

Cassini is carrying 72 pounds of PLUTONIUM DIOXIDE 238. This is the most toxic substance known to mankind. In case there is an accident, we in N. America, Europe, China wont be affected immediately. The governments of the world made sure that only the people of Africa would receive maximum impact, this would be one way to eliminate countless million at an instance. People would be literally vaporized, the lingering affects would destroy future generations. The governments of the world don’t seem to mind. (In Africa it will be August 18,1999)


We have been preparing for this season for about 1 year. Prompted by the spirit of prophecy, revelation knowledge and research, I strongly urge you to join us in spirit.

Elul 1 (August 11, 1999) is a Fast Date. The Holy Spirit is calling us to Fasting and Repentance. Fast simply means STOP EATING. Allow the Spirit to lead you, whether it be a 24 hr Fast or skipping a few meals. You might also want to abstain from entertainment (TV, shopping, excessive socializing, etc.) except for the news.

Pray for the world, our nation, family, others, yourself, and me. Read Isaiah 58, Psalms 27, Matthew 6, I Corinthians 13. In the evening especially spend time Meditating on I Cor. 13, experience God’s Love and send it around the planet.

Elul 8- (August 17, 1999) another Fast Date. Repeat what you did on Elul 1. This time not only Meditate of Love, Divine Protection also. See the Blood of Jesus (Yahshua) covering the planet, Africa, your family and personal surroundings. See it as a Divine Shield of Light.

Tishri 1-10- (September 11-20, 1999) Feast of Trumpets/Atonement other Fast Days. This is a time of Travail, the ManChild will be birthed. This is also the day when God’s Presence is released in Judgments. It must began at the house of God, there is no escape rapture. The Trumpets will sound in the spirit of man to awaken him to another level of consciousness. Those that are listening will begin to experience a heighten spirituality, and an acceleration of Spirit-anointing. This will be necessary for the years ahead.

Read and Meditate on Isaiah 66 and Revelation 12, they prophesy about the signs that will be seen in the heavens (Star Constellation). Check out our sites “Birthing of the Man-Child” and “Signs in the Heavens”


The information below is to be taken into consideration with much watching and prayer.

August 11 – Elul 1 Something will happen that will affect everyone on the planet. Watch your news, listen to what they say, as well as what they don’t say. Decisions will be made in Elul (August-September) that will affect the next 7 years majority. {Expect something to be revealed about the New World Order in August or early September}.

August 11 – September 20, 1999 we might expect to see Earthquake activity around Europe and the Mid-East. I am sensing a Volcano might erupt just before or shortly after these dates, possibly on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

As the earth is crucified, the Garment of the 4 Elements shall be unleashed. We will see an increase of Earthquakes over the next 3 years. New faults will be discovered and created. Big Earthquakes in areas that were not considered Earthquake Zone.

We will double and triple the amount of Hurricanes and Tornadoes beginning this year 1999. Strong winds with Hurricane force, but not Hurricanes will blast into many cities. Winds around 200 mphs and upward with little or no warnings.

Many Flash Floods, and unprecedented Rain and Snow Falls worldwide and mudslides. Flood waters down the streets of major cities, even washing away large buildings.

Firestorms shall become a common word in our vocabulary,-I see headlines in big letters FIRESTORMS. Our Fire Dept and the world’s will become totally helpless as the strong winds feed the flames. In some areas it will appear as fire is falling out of the heavens.

The Heat Waves shall continue to intensify, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands. Military, FEMA and others forces will be called in to assist throughout the country (USA) during the next few years. Electricity and Water will be affected by this.

Yahshua (Jesus) was in the grave 3 days and nights after the Crucifixion. The crucified planet shall go through a 3 year period of Drastic Change. This change will cause extreme weather manifestation, and devastation till early 2002. After which things will begin to be more predictable. Although weather patterns will remain sort of strange till around 2006.

The planet is only expressing the turmoil and chaos in man, and the process it’s taking for cleansing and healing. Everything will become balanced.

{If you are yet expecting a Secret Rapture, you should be gone by Sept. 11, 1999; otherwise you’ll have to Overcome like the rest of us. The only way out is physical death. You must see the tribulation as Great, God is Great}.

The world will be awakened to a consciousness of Christ and will turn to him with true repentance. In spite of all the destruction and devastation going on-this is a time of great revival.

There will be an acceleration of Spirit-things will happen very fast. Prayer request, healings, miracles. This will be a time of transference of wealth into the hands of the righteous.

Remember the “T” Cross, you’re Triumphant. Seek God. Revival is in our land.

Praying For You,


ELUL 1 [John Lewis]          1


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