Love, Joy and Peace to all of you! 

In the following few writings I would like to share with you what I have learned about the importance of emotions. How they let us know the direction our lives are taking either toward a greater God-consciousness, or away from it. I have been teaching this at the Fellowship and it has really been an eye-opener for all of us!  It is my belief these principles are able to change your life and bring you into an environment of greater transformation.  So here is the first writing…May it Bless you!



MARCH 31, 2007


The whole Bible reveals the evolution of the consciousness of man.  It begins with the mind of God.  A mind in perfect peace, joy, and harmony..a mind which sees only, “All is very good.”  It then takes us on a journey of separation and descent, which brings all of creation with it for 4,000 years. 

Jesus Christ came into this realm of time and space to begin the ascension of man’s consciousness back to oneness with God.  Through Jesus Christ we are shown the influences and power a mind in perfect harmony with God can have on all creation! 

I believe our emotions have been given us as tools to help us in our ascension process. They let us know if we are in vibrational harmony with God and His thoughts.  It says in Hebrews that we labor to enter His rest.  “Rest” being in total alignment with God’s mind and thoughts. What a dichotomy, we must work to enter rest!  I have come to understand, the labor is pulling every thought captive to Christ so we may ascend, as He ascended, to a place of perfect harmony with the mind of God!

Have you ever wondered why we were created with emotions and what spiritual part they were designed to play in our lives?  Every person on the planet experiences emotions. From the time of birth we see emotions directing and guiding our lives.  Emotions are part of us, so we must understand why we have them and what God’s purpose was in creating man with these feelings we call emotions.

Too many times we have been taught that emotions must be controlled or surpressed while the truth is, emotions are there as our guides back to alignment with God!  The statement we have all heard, “Follow your bliss” is so true.  When you follow the emotions which produce true bliss, you are on the path back to God.  The Bible says it so clearly, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God” and then defines that kingdom as righteous, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.  All of these are high energy emotions which are inside each of us just waiting to be recognized and tuned into!

In Job 9, Job is taken up into a “whirlwind experience.”  The whirlwind is a picture of being sweep up into God and His mind.  He is being shown the foundation of the earth and brought into remembrance of where he was and what transpired.  Verse 7 says, “When the morning stars sang together and the sons of God shouted for joy.”  From this we see the creation was founded on the high energy emotion of joy!

With the descent of Adams‘ consciousness in Genesis, the first negative low energy emotion comes into the earth.  It says Adam became afraid and perceived himself to be naked.  This mind which had lost it’s joy, took all of mankind on a journey of low energy emotions, which slowly began to create a world reflecting both that mind and those emotions.

Today we are able to see the interior mind and thoughts of the majority of mankind by what they are creating in the earth. The wars, diseases, competitions, struggles and catastrophes of all kinds reveal the mind of man.   All of these point to misalignment with the mind of God and are the cause of disempowering emotions.

Emotions let us know, moment by moment, whether we are aligned or misaligned with the mind of God.  Our emotions are the tools divinely given to help us ascend back into vibrational harmony with God.  How you are feeling at any given moment is letting you know whether you are ascending or descending… returning to your true god-self, or continuing in the mire of clay.

Next time I will go into more detail about how emotions play an important part in our transformation and how we have the power to transform low energy emotions into higher energy and thus, change our vibration into harmony with God!


It’s a beautiful spring morning in Florida!  The birds are singing and the sun is shining.  What a wonderful life we have been given!  Just as I began to write this morning, a cardinal perched on a branch right outside my window and looked in as if to say, “Yes, you are right to feel this overwhelming joy for this is the time of the reconciling of ALL.”

Today my heart is bursting with gratitude for being alive and having such a wonderful extended family around the world!  I want you to know, you are one of the people I am grateful for today!  We have had a divine encounter you and I.  I honor this connection and know there is a greater dimension of meaning than we can see with our physical eyes.  God is connecting, by the Spirit, and bringing us into a Oneness, no matter the distance between us!  How Glorious it is to be alive at this time of such a global awakening to the beauty of all creation!

On Sunday afternoon, many from our Fellowship attended a movie I want to be sure and share with you.  The name was “The Peaceful Warrior.”  It only had a three day showing in our area, so I encourage you to get on the Web and check when it will be in a theater close to you.  It is an inspiring and wonderful movie about the real purpose of our lives.  Hope you are able to see it!

How many of you feel good when you experience the emotion of hate?  How about jealousy, anger, or resentment?  These emotions are all very low energy and are signals to us we are not in vibrational harmony with the mind of God.  God said in Genesis, Chapter one, He looked at all He had created and “It was very good.”  The word “good” in the original Hebrew means; cheerful, to announce glad news, or tell good tidings.  The dictionary defines the word “good” as follows; virtuous, honorable, worthy, generous, loving, kind, pleasant, etc.  Each of these emotions carries a very high vibration.  

In Part One I also pointed out that at the foundation of the world, the morning stars sang and the sons of God shouted for joy!  Joy, being the high vibration of the Kingdom of God.  So from these verses we can certainly see, that all of creation was founded with high energy emotions.  I also pointed out that negative emotions, or low vibrations, originated in the mind of Adam.  Adam being in a state of separation from the mind of God began to feel ashamed, naked, and hid himself.

Jesus Christ came to bring us back into alignment with our original purpose as a God-Being  to bring us back into high energy vibrations and into harmony with the mind of God. The Word tells us that “in His presence is fullness of joy,” and that “the joy of the Lord is our strength.”  These verses let us know that empowerment comes with connecting to high vibrational emotions!

At all times we are between Joy and Dis-empowerment.  Our emotions are thermometers which let us know in which direction we are moving, momentbymoment.  Experiencing the high vibrations of Joy, Love, and Peace let us know we are moving towards God, and the emotions of hate, anger, resentment, Judgment, etc. prompt us that we are moving away from God, and into a place of disempowerment.  We must also know that whatever emotion we are vibrating out, attracts a matching signal back.

Many of you have seen the movie “The Secret” which explains the Law of Attraction.  The principle of this movie is Biblical and illustrates, what we focus on we manifest!  Two examples of this principle can be seen through the lives of Jacob and Abram.

When Jacob wanted to leave his father-in-law, Laban, he said he would only take the spotted and speckled livestock because there were fewer of them.  He then took poplar branches and put stakes in them until white spots appeared on them.  He put them in the watering troughs where the cattle would be drinking morning and evening.  It says, “Jacob laid the rods before the eyes of the cattle in the gutters…” knowing full well what they focused on they would manifest!  He knew the secret!  They produced spotted offspring’s and Jacob left with great wealth, which Laban would have never offered him. 

Another example is when Abram and Lot had to separate the land they shared, because they had become so rich there was not room for all their goods and livestock.  Lot, being a shrewed businessman, chose the best land for himself. He took the well watered plain of Jordan, while giving Abram the hilly land of Canaan.  It would seem that Abram’s generosity, by letting Lot choose his portion first, got the best of him, but God showed him a secret principle which turned everything around. He told him, “Lift up now your eyes, look to the north, south, east and west and all the land you seeI’ll give to you and your seed.” In other words, “Abram, get your focus off what you don’t have and look up to a higher dimension, because once you see it, it’s yours!”

I bring these examples in to illustrate a principle. It is the very same with our emotions. Our emotions let us know where our thoughts are and what we are focusing on. If we are feeling peaceful, happy, and joyful we are focusing on thoughts that have aligned us with higher energy emotions.  When we are feeling badly, full of resentment, anger, and judgment we can know our thoughts have aligned us with lower energy emotions.  When in these low vibrational emotions, remember what God told Abram so many years ago…”Lift up your vision,” for what you focus on you will manifest.  Make a U-turn and begin choosing thoughts of love, joy, peace, and forgiveness and your emotions will follow!

Abundant Joy, 





























EMOTIONS – OUR GUIDES, Parts 1-2 [Mary Lou Houllis] 3-31-07          1


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