Drenched in The Blood of The Lamb and filled to the uttermost with The Spirit of Grace, He Is Untouchable; for He Is All and there is none beside Him, nothing outside of Him. We behold The Risen One, We, The New Creature, melted into His Presence.

He walks on Holy Ground as He makes everything new, each beholding His face. Nothing stands against Him for He has turned night into everlasting day. Confusion is gone; error is done away and everything bows within His Being.

Peace, Joy and Love Is His Name.

There remains no law or exception to Him, for He Is Life and has unveiled Life in It’s Fullness. He is the Law of The Spirit of Life come in His Own, Who You Are. The One Who Is Perfect Is Come; everything in part having been done away. Now we awaken to The Reality of Infinite Grace. Now we see. He Is The Real World, and He yet bows within us, His delight. He has freely made us joint heirs. Even when we were yet sinners in our own minds, He made us equal participators in His resurrection. He has blessed us with eternal awakenings.

Certainly, these are tears of joy, wondrous relief, amazing reality and revelation. The Kingdom of God is within us. We see and pour out Life upon every atom of creation, holding no man to the dust of the earth, but seeing them as He sees them, born from above. Silent joy of laughter resounds within our hearts.

“I love you” is the theme of this awesome day for we see Him, and He sees us everywhere. We are One Whole.

In this One, we know what to do and know when and what to say. We have become the knower of all things, for the library of all knowledge and wisdom has opened It’s Light to us. We discover the Lamb’s Touch is our hand, and it is almost too much. “Taste and see that The Lord Is Good.” He calls us His friends, and we call Him Our Friend.

“Make way for the all new,” as we feel His arising within. Make way for instant peace, joy, direction.

This is the prayer that flows from His Being: “That they may be One, and so it is; that all is returned to The Father, and so it is, that Heaven and Earth may be One; body, soul and Spirit may be One, and so it is; that all men shall now and forever be free, and so it is; that men shall know as they are known, and so it is.

He prayed and then sealed it with His Life, that we shall be forever reconciled with our Father, never again to believe we are separate. We have come to the end, praise God, and have found the all new as Him. When He prays, Our Father always hears His prayer. Thus, now we are ONE, Joint Heirs With Him, seated in Him at the right hand of Glory; all things now under our feet.

In one unified voice, we speak, “Let there be Light,” knowing that “He is The Light that Lighteth every man that comes into the world.” This Glorious Light within is The One Who is forever able to believe. All men are drawn to the Father because they are One as This Light. It is written that no man may be drawn to The Father except through Him, and He is That Light Within. “If I be lifted up, I shall draw all men unto Me.” So, here it is: Let all men see that the Great Light has Come within themselves.”

When we were yet in utter darkness, He gave His Life for us, and in His resurrection we were lifted to Glory as well. Now, we look into Father’s eyes, and see You dear One, high and lifted up – free, glad, and relieved, joyful beyond measure. We see you abounding in Spirit Presence, dancing, A Spirit song; Heaven and Earth proclaiming His new day. You are standing inside the broad portal of worlds without end. You walk on the open road, and know what the hour holds; seeing with Spirit Vision and Intuition. You know Your Word is not vain, and that it brings blessed abundant Life.

Praise Be To Jesus Our Lord. Never can we write all that He Is, for He Is The Beginning and The End.

Not to prophecy, but to know today, that you are free and Present in The Lord, that you have your heart open to receive all good which is God Our Father. You no longer see (good and evil), but see He Who Is Whole and Complete; see He Who loves without measure; see He Who Is Come as You to receive a Great Kingdom of Peace, Joy and Righteousness. You, today are the blessed of Our Father, and are walking in discovery in His Very Garden. You have within you the power to bless every person, tree, flower, and animal you are privileged to touch. Amen


























END IS HERE, PRAISE GOD, THE [Jim-Melba Crofford]          1


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