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As our planet, everything on it and the universe continues to progress toward complete awaken state, we are remembering ages of forgotten wisdom. The sages, prophets, healers and ancients earnestly looked forward to this period in which I would like to term “universal evolution”. A time when the mighty spinning wheels of energy within man, earth and the universe will all become synchronized. Thus, forcing man, the planet and universe to evolve and express a purer form of energy. Not only did those on this side of what we call reality look forward to this, but those in the invisible realms longed for it.


There was an ancient Prophet called Abraham from the country of Iraq who was later called a Hebrew because he crossed the Euphrates River (the other side) with the belief and revelation of the One SOURCE called God. He was looking for something that could not be seen with the literal eyes; however, it did and does exist beyond the physical plane. “He looked for a city with foundations whose builder and architect was God”. The city was not a literal city with skyscraper building on a piece of property, or some place on another planet, rather it was the reality of a spiritual experience manifested on the physical plane. The foundations does not speak of stone or cement, rather it means to lay down one’s life.

Abraham was looking for others who had heard the call from Spirit within to share a corporate experience, people who had laid down their lower self life, the life of illusions to find the higher Self life of reality. He and his ancestors wandered through many lands, experienced many wars and bloodshed in hope of reaching and occupying the “Promised Land”. To this very day there is that turmoil, searching, and expression of every ungodly negative emotion over a piece of dirt (real estate) called Israel.

Other prophets, sages and wisdom people from various cultures and times were looking for the same thing and claimed various areas around the globe to be the so called “promised land” or it was given another name. Here are a few of the other places that are considered “sacred”. Mecca, the Himalayas, Salt Lake City- Utah, Mt. Shasta, Giza – Egypt, Vatican, Peru and many other places around the world. What is it about these places? Why are people drawn to them and are willing to die for these lands? Is the Creator, Supreme Being, Super Consciousness, Infinite Intelligence really interested in real estate on planet Earth? NO! “Heaven is my throne, earth is my footstool”. “The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof and all they that live in it”.

Due to the lowering of the human consciousness, genetic manipulation and the illusions of the outer dimension everything has been turned inside out. The uncontaminated energy force that the ancients operated in somehow became contaminated, and the search for the Promised Land went outward instead of inward.

The “Promised Land” is not in Israel, Mecca, Tibet, Egypt, Utah or Peru. Those people are yet fighting for something of the temporal realm, but the true “Promised Land” exists in the timeless realm. You can not get there by booking a flight, sailing a boat, driving in a vehicle or riding a camel; it is only through realizing and accepting the finished work of Christ. However, the above named places are high energy centers on the physical plane that can quicken the life force within when it is absorbed properly.

I Am the “Promised Land”, the holy land. I have the promise that this physical expression shall be changed at the cellular level. Corruption putting on incorruption, mortality putting on immortality. At that point All of my personal Israel (body, soul and spirit) shall be saved (transformed).


{Herein is a parable. The land that is called the Middle East is an allegory that holds the keys to unlocking the unlimited energy and potential in us all. Once we understand the energy center that’s out of balance, we can correct it.}

The physical body is the individualized expression of planet Earth and the universe. The human body is composed of energy (spirit) vibrating on various frequencies depending on our thought life and the thoughts we may or may not be bombarded with from outside. It has been known and proven by the ancients that there are 7 major energy centers in the physical body. In Sanskrit language they are called “chakras” or spinning wheels of energy, they are also called vortexes, receivers or transmitters. In the Bible they are referred to as the 7- Spirits (energies) of God, 7-eyes or flames. Modern science calls them the “endocrine glands-system”, they are all the same just called by different names, depending on the time and culture you live in.

These 7-major energy centers can be manipulated and opened to enhance physical health, heighten spirituality, balance emotions and many other positive things. This can be achieved through drugs, holistic or spiritual practices. On the other hand when these spinning wheels of energy are not vibrating at the frequencies they should, the body, emotions and life itself becomes distorted and out of balance.


Since we are made from the earth and it is proven spiritually and scientifically that we are mostly energy and have major energy centers, it would be logical and even obvious to recognize that planet Earth has major energy centers also.

The conflict in the Middle East is not just about real estate; that region happens to be one of Earth’s Major Chakras. This is why for thousands of years it has been the birthing place for prophets, priests, Christ, sages and many religions. It is the place of temples, churches, mosques, synagogues, pyramids, and altars.

However, the deception, manipulation, hate, greed and other negative thoughts have affected the energy center of that region. That gland of earth’s endocrine system is out of balance and is vibrating at a lower frequency, thus producing Palestinian homicide bombers, Israeli assassins and incursions, terrorism, and global political deception.


Based on the known history of that region I would liken its energy center to the 5th Chakra.

1). Metaphysically speaking the Throat Chakra,

2). Medically speaking it would be the Thyroid Gland.

3). Biblically speaking, the Spirit of Might (power). Isaiah 11:2

It is out from that region we were given the Torah, Gospels, Koran and many other mystical writings. The powers of the spoken word, creative expression in speech, writings and wisdom have come from this region.

This has been the region that has been the voice box to humanity and drawn attention to it self for the past 6000 years. The power of life and death is in the tongue, thus we have seen humanity raised to higher dimensions of life through the power of the spoken word and the nations have been blest. The planet has experienced the supernatural and heighten spirituality.

By the same tongue and written words (Torah, Gospels-Bible, Koran) we have seen and are seeing the destruction of societies, a public modern holocaust in the name of a God that I know not, nor want to know. When the throat chakra is closed or out of balance, communication is distorted and the truth is hard to be found. Most of the rhetoric coming from that region and our president today should not be believed. “Not a word from their mouth can be trusted; their heart is filled with destruction. Their throat is an open grave; with their tongue they speak deceit”. Psalms 5:9 (NIV)

“Their throats are open graves; their tongues practice deceit. The poison of vipers is on their lips. Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness. Their feet are swift to shed blood; ruin and misery mark their ways, and the way of peace they do not know. There is no fear of God before their eyes.” Romans 3:13-18 (NIV)

As the Middle East is manifesting problems in the Throat Chakra – lack of, and miscommunication through negative speech and lies that’s causing destruction and death, so is most of humanity. The tongue has lit the fires of hell and many are destroying each other through words. Gossip and lies are rampant among so called spiritual people. But what’s even more surprising is people’s willingness to believe negative reports and spread them without verification.


If it is true that through positive speech and thought we affect the energy on the planet and in the body, it is also true that through negative speech it is affected. When the Thyroid Gland (Middle East) is not functioning properly the whole body (planet) is throw off balance and the other glands (energy centers) are affected. Lack of the essential trace element called iodine will stunt the growth, hinder the metabolism and cause goiter (deformity).

There is a need for the planet to Dine with the “I”AM, out of this commUNION, communication can be restored with each other. The symbol for Iodine is “I”. If the throat chakra is not vibrating properly, the lower “I” of the egO will manifest in speech and action. The lack of dining with the “I” AM will hinder spiritual and emotional development, as well as affect the ability to metabolize or transform experiences into positive speech and energy.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me”. Rev. 3:20 (NKJ)

It takes a conscious effort to open and balance this energy center, it takes the spirit of might (power) manifesting through the spoken word. Therefore it will take a conscious effort to diffuse the accumulated negative energy in the Middle East.


There are 3- types of energy fields on Earth and in humans. Humans are made up of 99.999% energy and less than 1% matter, yet we seem to be dominated by the exaggerated 1% of matter.

The Earth and your body are filled with vortexes. Vortexes are swirling masses of concentrated energy, they are portals to receive, activate or transmit. The major vortexes are called, chakras, endocrine glands, and spirits of God.

1). Electric Energy- Your electrical system stimulates, energizes and activates areas of your beings/bodies that needs activation.

This stems from your electric body or etheric body, which the Bible calls your house from heaven or spirit man. This is the genesis of your being manifested as pure energy and is a part of the All, it is the All Power Source.

This is also the spirit of Earth, the perfect planet that exists on a higher frequency. This is the Garden of Eden, Heaven yet hidden from the out of balanced energies on the planet, but revealed to those that choose to see.

2). Magnetic Energy- Your magnetic energy attracts other energies to you, whatever you have called for are the energies that manifest as experiences and people that are in your life now, and are only there because you have attracted them. You attracted them by thoughts, fears, faith, speech or action.

If you don’t like what’s in your life presently, stop sending out that energy that created it. Every seed in energy form must produce after its kind. If you like it, keep sending out that energy and it will intensify. “Whatsoever a person sows they also reap”. “As a man think in his heart so is he”. This vortex mostly manifest in the soul/mind dimension.

This is the heartbeat and soul of the planet that expresses it’s emotions through the elements and nature. This is the vortex that expresses the calm or turbulence in humans through weather related events and what is called “acts of God”.

3). Electro Magnetic Energy – Your electro magnetic energy field around your physical body activates and attracts like energy.

When the 7 major vortexes (charkas, spirits of God, endocrine glands) are swirling and vibrating at optimum frequency the physical body will become less dense. This is the when the inner becomes the outer and the outer becomes the inner. At this point the physical body can no longer experience disease, age or die; it is quickened by the Holy Ghost that same Spirit that quickened Jesus mortal body. Then your genetic earth suit is no longer limited, it can trance-figure at will.

The limitations that appear real will no longer be; the laws of gravity and physics do not apply to this reality. This is the expression of the multi-dimensional being you are. Think and it will become, think and you will teleport there, and space or time do not exist in this expression.

At this point the physical earth as you know it will shift into a higher vibratory frequency and the glory of the LORD will literally fill the whole earth as earth vortexes are synchronized. This is planetary transformation, which will also affect our universe, resulting in universal evolution.

The universe, earth and mankind is awakening to a higher state of consciousness, the very frequency of our planet is changing. All the ancient prophets, sages, and wisdom people saw this and foretell of it throughout the world. They longed for and waited for it, although not knowing in full how it could be. Glimpses, premonitions, visions, dreams, and the innate knowingness forced the ancient ones to write, speak and create a day like none other.


Even the angels, and guides from the other side that gave the messages did not fully understand the day that we are awakening to. Peering through the portals of dimensionality they wait for the mingling of both worlds, where the invisible will become visible and the visible become invisible. Yes, they wait for mankind to stop abusing and misusing his energy to destroy. They wait, standing guard holding the portals open, shouting from the other side, “Wake Up”. Anxiously they wait for the 7-Spirits of God, 7-Chakras, the Endocrine Glands to be quickened by the Spirit within, so mankind can again walk where angels tread.

“They all died with the testimony of faith, yet not receiving the promise…God having something better in store that they (the others) can not fully evolve without us”. Hebrews 11:39-40


Our ancient ancestors understood the importance of balancing and cleansing the energy centers on the planet. This was often done through erecting altars, prayer, rituals, chanting, worship, the sacred dances, music, meditation, and drum beating. They were also done in alignment with the movements of the heavens by these sacred acts Earth vortexes remained consistent.

In this writing we have dealt basically with the Throat Chakra. This communication age is only foreshadowing the need for cleansing and restoration of this particular energy center. The Art of Communication has been lost in dogma, rhetoric, false traditional beliefs; however, we are seeing the restoration as we speak the truth in love.

If there is a problem in the area of the Thyroid, Throat, or Mouth maybe we should look a little deeper. Could the root of that be from negative or false speech that hasn’t been reconciled? Could that chakra be reminding you of the importance of Dining with the “I” AM. In Biblical terminology, lack of prayer, worship, intercession or exhorting others.

Make your home an Energy Center. Walk around your property with Intent declare it a vortex from which the supernatural shall flow. Use your prophetic gifting to decree and it shall be established (materialized) Build an altar, sing in tongues often – make sacred noises to raise the vibrations in your surrounding, put on music and trance dance, and often meditate (sending out positive energy). Whatever it takes to excite the energy centers within and without to the point that your words only produce life- do it.

Exercise: Now think of all those you have recently spoken negatively about to others or in your own thoughts. One by one, retract the negative energy you released through anger, stress, frustration and feeling you were treated unjust.

Say, “I cancel all negative wishes, thoughts and assignments I have released consciously and unconsciously. I take the creative power from the words I spoke and don’t allow them to affect them any longer. I choose to forgive and love in spite of how I feel”. {Now place you right hand over your throat, a few inches above the skin}.

Say, “I consciously open this vortex, may the energy/anointing flow out of me to bless the nations, to proclaim truth and be a peacemaker. I command this vortex to be open to communicate properly, and sing the praises of Almighty God.” AMEN!

{Use this letter as a point of contact to activate healing of the thyroid, lymph nodes, vocal cords, neck and tonsils- Just receive according to your faith- In Jesus Name- Begin to worship, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Thank You!}. Share a testimonial when your healing manifests.



Dear Bro. Lewis.

I want to thank you for the wonderful message on “Illusion -vs- Reality”. I have read it several times, and it did an amazing work in me in clarification and enlightenment, now I better understand the illusions. In fact, it set me free to start moving in a whole new flow and realm of the Spirit.

Many thanks and blessings as you continue in this wonderful calling. Donation enclosed.

Granny S.

West Chester, PA



Several of us went over to Pasco, WA where I was invited to conduct a “Youth Rally” at the Russian Church. We experienced a mighty manifestation during the 2-day meeting as the Holy Ghost was poured out.

The young people there are called “Hungry Generation” and they are truly hungry for God. Pray for Vladimir Savchuk, Youth Pastor and the Church there. They have wonderful testimonies of God’s provision. We have also experienced a heightened level of energy and revelation in local meetings.

We will be sharing more about the Feast of Sukkot (October 17-20, 2003) soon, we are expecting to conduct Energy Workshops, using Sound Technology, Tuning Forks and introducing the Rife Machine that has produced many testimonies of Cancer and other incurable diseases being healed. You don’t want to miss this. Gary and Verna Clay will be ministering.


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