We’ve entered a new era with the celebration of the beginning of the 7th millennium on September 11, 1999 (Yom Teruah). We have also experienced 2 major “Energy Shifts”, one happened August 11, 1999, the other one was September 11, 1999. In our previous publications we made mention of these things, giving prophetic signs which did come to pass, accompanied with astronomical events.


The following paragraphs will not be filled with the positive prophecies you may have become accustom to reading in these publications.

“Surely the Lord will do nothing, but he reveals his secret unto his servants, the prophets…The Lord has spoken; who can but prophesy.” Amos 3:7-8


Because human language is so limited in describing things of the Spirit, I chose the phrase “Energy Shifts”, or as some would say Shifts in Spirit. This is the best way I can describe what has taken place on the planet. August 11, 1999 (Elul 1) marked the last energy shift of the previous 6000 years of human history. This shift caused a release of negative energies in the earth, or as some would say, the demonic.


I saw in a vision an old locker room, it was very musty, and filled with dust. One walked through this locker room with keys, opening lockers as he walked by. Out of these lockers came forth hideous creatures, distorted, and some animal like. They came out with great speed as if on a mission. I heard the one walking with the keys say, “these spirits have been reserved to be released at this time”.

Some of them had words written on them describing their purpose. I saw the words HATE, WAR, DESTRUCTION, MURDER, and many other words, as they charged out of the lockers to fulfill their assignments.

The one walking with the keys said that these cannot be bound, and their assignments can not be broken. They had been reserved for this specific time, and must fulfill their destiny.

As the vision continued I saw some of the things that would soon happen as a result of this release (energy shift). Some of the things were stated in the August publication with dates.

One of the things the Spirit said was that something would happen on August 11, 1999. He said to watch the news and listen to what they say, and didn’t say.

On August 11, 1999 Buford Furrow, the white supremacist said, “this is a wake-up call to kill the Jews…”. The day prior he had gone on a shooting rampage in a Jewish Center for Children wounding several. And he had killed a Filipino Postal Worker. He had ties with Hate Groups around the world.

Immediately after hearing that, the Spirit said, “this is the spirit of Hate being release.”

(We know that there have been Hate Groups all along-but we are about to see a new level of Hate Crimes).

I saw small groups targeting neighborhoods of Blacks, Jews, and other people of color causing damage and death. Then I saw copy cat types of crimes like this on both coasts. Then I saw larger groups marching into towns, cities, and neighborhood. I saw fires more than a city block long caused by the White supremacists, rioting, much damage to property, and many dead.

** We will soon start to see Heavy Artillery, Bombs, and Missiles used against those they hate, minority owned businesses, schools and government installations.

It seems to turn into Race Wars, and for a while the police could not control it. The fear and sadness could be felt. These Race Wars were not limited to the United States, there seem to have been a concerted effort because they started happening in other countries.

There will be a major event in the media that will led to this. The excuse will be retaliation in the beginning. But it will soon get out of control and develop into a war-like situation because the minorities shall fight back.

I feel that during the next 6 months we shall begin to get a sample of things to come.

This is part of a vision given July 1999, when a spirit of Hate was released. “Because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall grow cold.”

It is important to examine our hearts and make sure there is no hate or prejudice toward anyone (race, religion, or lifestyle). Spirits are attracted to like kind. Negativity attracts more negativity. Cover yourself with the love of God, let that be your protection. And pray that we may be hidden in him during this great and terrible day. Perfected loved covers a multitude of faults and cast out all kinds of fears. Allow the Spirit of God to become your garment of protection.


Father, I renounce all hatred and pride. Anything that is within me that would cause me to feel superior to my fellow man, please take it away. Let there be nothing within me that these evil spirits can use.

I refuse to pre-judge anyone because of their Race, Religious Beliefs, or Lifestyle. I choose to love all, and become a minister of reconciliation. In Jesus Name. Thank you Amen.


The material world in which our physical self respond to is only an expression of the spirit world. “That which has been, it is that which shall beand there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecc. 1

The Apocalypse records an increase of evil spirited activity during the time of the transition. As we move from the day of man to the day of the LORD, the spirit world will become more real and evident. Rev. 16:18

To those that are Overcomers, the battle is already won. It Is Finished!! However, the majority of creation doesn’t realize that. They will continue to fight for an Identity, caught up in race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, and status. It is the superior thinking (pride) that will energize the spirit of Hate.

The spirit world is a world of energy created by thought. Thought is the most powerful force in the universe. One of the definitions for Logos is Thought. “In the beginning was Thought (Word Logos)…and Thought was God…and was made flesh and dwelt among us. John 1


Since 1998 we had alerted others about the astronomical signs that would bear record of the changes taking place on earth. August 11, 1999 we experienced the last Solar Eclipse of the millennium. Darkness covered the planet from England to India. This was also accompanied by a most unusual event. The planets and constellations formed a Grand Fixed Cross, with earth dead center.

This was one of the heavenly signs bearing witness of the negative energies (spirits) being released in the earth. However, exactly one month later there was another “Energy Shift”, and this was a positive one.

September 11, 1999, there was another unusual astronomical event; the New Moon was birth in the constellation of Virgo. This was a message of hope. The New Moon represents the Messiah, the Man-Child that will set things right. Revelation 12


Since 1998 we have been announcing the birthing of the Man-Child, which took place September 11, 1999. So where is the Man-Child, the ministry that’s been birthed in the earth?

“And she brought forth a man-child, who was to rule (shepherd, pastor, nourished) the nations with a rod of iron (revealed word that will bring correction, judgment and stability); her child was caught up unto God and his throne.” Revelation 12:5

You are being caught up to the Throne, summoned by the reality of your experience. The Father has extended the golden scepter, it’s okay to enter. In this experience your fears and anxieties are dissolved. Although hell is breaking lose all around, there seem to be a greater sustaining peace. It will be as if you are so removed from people and things. The fighting and striving is gone, no matter how hard you try to resurrect it. You really know deep in your spirit that everything is all right.


The Man-Child is being caught up to God and his throne. This is not a place or being outer space, rather its inner space.

This is the experience where your divine nature is fully realized and expressed. Only then can the throne (authority) of that God consciousness be revealed.

This Throne Room experience is the Holy of Holies, Feast of Tabernacles, Fullness. Only an experience from this dimension will allow you to survive and overcome the next 7 years.

It is from this lofty position that the Woman in the Wilderness (Organized Religion) will be fed (introduced to the deeper things of God). And the nations (denominations) will be shepherd with a Rod that will bring Correction and Comfort.


“A false balance is an abomination, but a just weight is his delight”. Where sin, evil, and hatred abound, the grace, good, and love will much more abound.

As the 2 major Shifts in Spirit have occurred, we may rest assured that God is in control. We are about to see blood shed and uprisings in this country and around the world as never before. But we will also about to see a Move of God like never before. It will be birth through much heartache, blood shed, prayer, repentance, and tears; but it will come. God Bless You,


ENERGY SHIFTS [John Lewis]          1


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