“By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation, he had this testimony, that He pleased God.Hebrews 11:5

“I am sure it would be a most sweet-scented sacrifice to God if there could be any found that were thus so largely and well disposed in mind, so that a sequestration and dedication of devout spirits might be maintained for fulfilling the will of God here on earth as it is in heaven, echoing the saints in the upper world in loving, praising and admiring, paying all homage and temple worship in God, to God and to the Lamb.

I have been, and still am, of the same mind that if such an holy convocation could be brought together in perfect accord and oneness of spirit, a great witness would be given of it and mighty things would succeed upon it. But woe, and alas (and may therefore a wailing be taken up), that the pure spring of life in souls hath been stifled and choked by the earth.

I have made it my sorrowful observation how deeply buried in the earthly life the greater part of creation is in their several ranks and degrees. The higher order in this world hath all advantage by fullness of all desirable things that this world can afford, and therefore have opportunity to attend the high and heavenly calling since they can subsist and live without the toil and labor which others are necessarily employed in.”

Therefore let the great and rich ones of this temporal state know, it is incumbent upon them, and God expects no less, that they principally honor God with their substance, and seeing God hath given them such liberty and command of their own time, to highly prize it and make sure to themselves the Pearl of the Kingdom. In doing so, that treasure may go along with them into the heavenly world when they must leave all that belongs to the outward.”

I spoke more about the distribution of finances that have been placed in abundance in the hands of some, than I really wanted to, so I will pass over it in this issue. You may draw your own conclusions from Jane’s statements.

“Now I have a word given me also, for the lower ranks, that indeed may have a more lawful plea for want of time and liberty, being engaged in business that must give a livelihood, and therefore they cannot be so much at leisure to wait the motions of the heavens.

To this, the Spirit of Christ gives this caution and counsel – “Take heed lest the cares for the bodily part do not eat out the life and spirit, and so bereave it of all that is spiritual food and clothing for the soul, and so being put by and excluded from commencing the heavenly vocation and calling, lose all benefit of conversation in heavenly places.”

Therefore be watchful and suffer not the outward to jostle out the inward. Put but one grain of faith into thy stock of outward things and eye God therein, and the blessing of increase shall come on thee, for the just shall live both spiritually and temporally by His faith.

We have instances of what the spirit of faith hath produced when God hath been confided in. It hath produced a thousand-fold more than all the study of the head and labor of the hands. And as this Lily of Faith shall get up (grow), and free itself from the twisting strings of sense which hath bound it, Solomon, in all his glory shall not be compared unto this sprouting Lily-Day of the heirs of faith.

They who shall be born into this faith need not be thoughtful for any temporal thing, for all blessings will be brought in abundance. Therefore labor not so much for that perishing mammon, but rather for that white stone of pure faith that fed many thousands with bread.

Remembering the Lord’s doctrine – “Take no thought what to eat or drink or wherewith to be clothed.” The Lord knew that by the Spirit and power of faith, there should be a support and supply of all necessary things.

But it may be said, “This kind of faith is yet but very rarely in anyone sprung up. Well, grant it to be so for the present, yet it is a truth there is such a faith that hath been and shall most surely be revived again in them who are willing to die to all that which hath choked and stifled and bound this Lily of Faith down.”

This, as she says, is for those who, like so many of us, do not have in their possession the means to strictly forego the necessary cares of this life that we might give ourselves only to what may be called Mary’s vocation. That is, waiting only upon the Lord. Instead, many find themselves involved with Martha’s vocation, i.e., with the legitimate obligations to family and, if no family, to getting the means to keep body and soul together, as it is said, until the soul is married.

Here, Jane, like the Lord Jesus, makes allowance for the fact of such cares but does not allow their excessive intrusion upon spiritual concerns. It is an area too easily and too lightly passed over by too many. That seed which was sown among thorns (cares of this life Luke 8:14) was choked back by the undue cares of this life so that it did not bring forth fruit to perfection. We are not told that it brought forth no fruit. This implies that it did produce some fruit, but such fruit did not come to perfection.

Therefore, let those whose eyes have been fixed upon Mt. Zion, give all care and attention to getting out from the tangle of the twisting briar of the cares of this life, giving, as Jane says, but one grain of faith to the outward life while keeping the eye of faith upon God. We will find, as we do this, that this one grain of faith, kept under the eye of God, will prosper and produce more than all the industry and diligence we gave before.

This should be a mighty encouragement to those who cannot deliver themselves from the demands of such cares as yet, for such an act of putting that one grain of faith into the outward life, raises the outward life from the natural realm to the spiritual and makes all increase to come forth through the faith of Christ rather than through the industry of flesh. It makes one’s entire life a spiritual venture rather than a mixture of spirit and flesh. It makes the life a Spirit-fed, Spirit-led affair rather than one of always having to deal with the twisting briar of care which is forever winding its way about the Lily, choking back the rising life of Christ in us.

The life of the cares of this world is ever so subtle. Paul says, “But I would have you without carefulness. He that is married careth for the things that belong to the Lord: But he that is married careth for the things that are of the world, how he may please his wife… the unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit: but she that is married careth for the things of the world, how she may please her husband. I Corinthians 7:32-34 Please notice that Paul does not say that it should be this way, or that it even has to be this way. He simply implies, that’s the way it is normally. How often have we seen those who are unequally yoked giving all attention to trying to walk together and not making any progress to speak of.

I have seen those who seemed to be soaring in the heavenlies concerning spiritual things while their mate, earth-bound, clung to them and would not let them go. The earth-bound was seldom ever lifted at all, and often the spiritual one was dragged down from his place in spiritual things.

What is one to do in a case where the decision to marry unevenly has already been made, perhaps even before either knew the Lord? Obviously, there are instances when the Lord has brought about an equanimity between those who had previously been unequally yoked. A difficult answer is that either the marriage relationship may be preserved to the detriment of the spiritual relationship with the Lord (and we have often seen this calamity), or the spiritual relationship may be preserved to the impairment of the marriage. This does not have to be the result, but it must be acknowledged that it sometimes is.

Each case is different and must be dealt with accordingly. But the above is a general rule because, “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword… And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household” Matt. 10:34-39, is not simply a catchy phrase. It is a sure way of proving what value we place on the Lord and our relationship with Him.

“Now to proceed on to the second rule for direction of such spiritually-minded souls as do desire to be well acquainted with a life in God and therein to rest.

As the first rule was to discharge and quit all unnecessary clogs and weights exteriorly, so is it done also here, but more interiorly. This is done by taking all care to clear away from the heart and mind the scum that boileth from corruptible nature, from whence a multiplicity of imaginations are generated so that no stop can be put to them except as the spring of the Holy Ghost doth open and drown that chaffy dust which defiles the temple body.

Now this skill the soul must learn, that as fast as the puddled-matter of this kind do arise in the mind, so immediately dowse and bathe thyself in the springing pool (of the Holy Ghost), wherefrom the water of life doth bubble up. That is our healing, and it is as near us as the other contrary source. And thus we may keep our hearts all pure and clearer reserved to be the most holy sanctuary for the priestly spirit to minister in and to make ready a holy separated place for God and Christ to manifest themselves in us.

Upon this account was the Holy Ghost promised and also given, to prepare and make straight the crooked ways internally, for Christ to take up His spiritual humanity in a pure mind. As John the Baptist went before to prepare, and declare Him to be the Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world, that by John’s ministry a reformation and repentance unto life might be given. But all this was short of the Spirit’s ministry (as John confessed) which is now come to be revealed. Christ being glorified in a body all spiritual, He cannot come to join Himself with any soul but where this Holy Spirit abides beforehand, to refine and purge the floor of the heart.

This is the office of the Spirit. Now hence do we see ourselves bound to treat this Holy Messenger kindly. It is an infinitely valuable Gift. Oh, therefore prize Him at a high rate, for by Him and through Him we have all knowledge and intelligence from our Father’s house and all of that heavenly family. We should never know anything of that state of life which is after death but as this good Friend, the Holy Unction, makes out from the treasury of God’s manifold Wisdom. Therefore, who would not, for so great a benefit keep their minds all vacant and pure, for such a Comforter to abide with them, who can tell us of things that are yet to come as the time present, and this He doeth and will do still for those that love and delight in His company.

I must say, and leave it for a living testimony, that had it not been for this precious sealing gift of this Holy Spirit, I must have spent my days in gloominess and sadness, in sorrow and misery. But by the received Gift of this Spirit, my age of time hath been passed away with much peace, pleasure and joy, though often thronged in upon by this world’s annoyances which could never depress me while I could but keep the Spirit with me. For He had always more new things to bring out of His store to quiet and pacify that which at any time was ruffled and so much disquieted in me.”

Here, we are told not only the methods by which an entrance into a higher spiritual realm may be made, but why such methods should be employed. We are told what the Bible everywhere teaches, that we are to keep our minds pure and for the Lord, that we are to cast down imaginations and that we are to bring every thought into captivity to Christ. As soon as imaginations begin to present themselves in our mind, we are to cast them down, not by warring against them, but by turning to the Truth within instead.

How much time has been wasted worrying about things which never came to pass? How often have we fretted about things we imagined would be thus and thus only to find, when the time came, it was no such thing? Most of the things we worry about don’t exist anywhere other than our imaginations. How often have we entertained in the secret chambers of our mind, shameful things which, if known to others, would embarrass us to no end? One of the great bars to the supersensitive life of the Spirit is our tendency to entertain lying imaginations.

“Then said He unto me, Son of man, hast thou seen what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every man in the chambers of his imagery (imagination)? For they say, ‘The Lord seeth us not; the Lord has forsaken the earth’ Ezekiel 8:12. What were these abominations spoken of by the Lord here? What awful things could these men have been indulging in that God would have called, abominable?

They were burning incense as they stood before the images they beheld in secret. Those must have been some terrible images, don’t you think? You may be surprised to know that you and I have done it often. We have, in our imaginations, enthroned self, ego, as we imagined some thing, giving ourselves the hero role, of course, as Hannah Hurnard says. This is burning incense to the god of self and it is abominable!

It has been suggested by many who are spiritually-minded that every thought we entertain is seen not only by the Lord, but they are also open to all those in the spiritual realm. If nothing else, that is a very sobering thought. Others are seeing everything I think? Jesus had no trouble seeing the thoughts of others even while on earth. He also said that merely thinking hatred in one’s heart is the same as murder. That is, the thought is viewed as being equal to the act itself. All those things we have done (thought) in secret are, in fact, being shouted from the housetops.

Christ is not, and cannot be, compartmentalized. There are no areas of our lives that are off-limits just because we declare them to be so. He so loves us that He is jealous over us and requires all of us so that we may have access to all of Him. So Jane tells us that there is a skill, which must be learned by the soul through persistent practice. That is, when thoughts arise in the mind, which are in any way negative or distractive or antagonistic to Christ, we are to immediately turn to Christ, the Holy Spirit within.

She says that He (our Remedy) is as near to us as these encroaching thoughts and therefore the solution need not be put off, but we may be constantly kept and reserved as clean and pure for the Priestly ministration of the Holy Spirit within. This refining and purging of the floor of the heart is needed in order for that union to take place, which we so look for.

Most of us, by this time, have realized just how great and wonderful this gift of the Holy Spirit really has been to us. I shrivel in embarrassment over some of the ways I ignorantly treated Him in the beginning of my walk with Him. But thank God, He did not come and take up His abode with us to be thus easily dissuaded from continuing on to the end with us.

“This I have only made mention of to provoke such or as many as may read this treatise and seriously ponder it in the true Spirit. They will know from whence this is written and prize it greatly and will wisely make provision for this same bright, enlightening Star to spring out from their hearts. This will then prepare the way for Christ the King to reign until He hath put down all that can be called sin. It was to this end that the Holy Ghost was given and is still being giving, but in various measures and degrees. Some receive one portion, others double and triple, according as a dedication and preparation of soul is found and where most stillness and privacy for a divine contemplative life is fixed. There this Holy Guest will frequently visit, whereby it doth well inform and acquaint the devout soul with what is happening and transacting in the heavenly country and royal city which the majesty of God doth enlighten with His glory.

The discourse which the Spirit may keep with us about this upper world’s affairs, will mightily hold us and lift up our minds so that we shall fear to let them (our minds) down into this defiling world, lest it should raise a cloud of separation between the heavens and us. As sorrowful as this is, yet it hath often been known. Therefore watch and pray and cease not to keep upon your guard always.

For as there was an outward personal going up to the visible Jerusalem to eat the Feast of the Passover, which was a type of that great Day of the Feast which is now kept in the New Jerusalem above, where the Lord Christ in His spiritual humanity doth appear, keeping up the solemnity of that spiritual feast with the body of His saints there and sometimes doth admit of pure Spirits that yet in the body of visible flesh are to come up to view the stately order and government of that feast and to taste thereof. This is the true eating of the supper of the Lamb and drinking the royal wine of the New Testament with Christ in His Kingdom, which puts an end to all symbolical ceremonies.

Blessing, joy and glory we may pronounce to all which are called and invited to come up to feed upon this Pascal Lamb. They will never care nor desire to go out here to take up in lower administrations, for this is the sum and substance of all, to feed upon the quintessential body and pure blood of the grape, that as often as it presseth itself out, it filleth again for a continual emptying forth, so that none that is come up here may thirst any more.

This is the true Feast of Tabernacles which I have here described to you, for no one can go up here without putting on his Tabernacle-Body, which is the flaming heart of the Holy Ghost.

But now methinks I hear some say at the reading of this, ‘Oh! You have mentioned a high and lofty state which is as a new thing that hath not been declared, that in this present life there should be found any to ascend to the New-Jerusalem, to feast and worship God there.’ ‘This,’ you will say, ‘belongs to the Enochian Life, but that age of the world is not yet come so as to know a translated state.’

We grant that it is not common, only peculiar to some that in Enoch’s Spirit they are raised to walk with God and so are taken up in the Spirit wholly. But we may hope this day of the Spirit is coming on whereby it shall be known more universally, in the which “angelical spirits” shall ascend and that divine principle shall open that now hath been so long shut up. Then you will know a new state of living that you never knew before, for it will turn the love of all mortal things out of the heart’s-door. This will in very deed be known.

Jane is quite obviously here speaking about the gift of the Holy Spirit and how it is yet available to any prepared to receive it out of God’s bounty. She goes on to speak of some of the purpose for which the Holy Spirit is given to us. There has somehow come about a certain lightness and superficiality concerning this precious, this awesome Holy Spirit which I believe found entrance during the “Charismatic Movement.” The scriptures give HIM a most prominent place throughout.

Certain ones, in an effort to bring forth new and fresh revelation and at the same time combat the error of trinity-ism, that is, three persons (three Gods) in the God-head, have come up with the error of two in the God-head. Well, you have to admit, is novel.

When investigating matters of this sort, my rule is, the thing I must put forth the least reach to come to, that is the thing, which seems to me closest to the truth. I find myself reaching much too far to believe the God-head is made up of two, and that the Holy Spirit is but an emanating power generated out from God. I do believe that the Holy Spirit is the generating power, which issues from God and that God does nothing but by this power, the Holy Spirit, but He is also God in His oneness with God.

Is there scriptural grounds for believing the Holy Spirit is God? Peter said, “Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost . . . thou has not lie unto men, but unto God. Acts 5:3-4

Mary was said to have been found with child of the Holy Ghost. The angel who visited Joseph said to him, “Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. Matthew 1:18 and 20

“And the angel answered and said unto her, ‘The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.‘” Luke 1:35 (I think what often gets missed in these statements is the fact of the absolute oneness of the Godhead.)

Finally, there are quite a few references to the Holy Spirit, using the pronoun, “He.” The Greek word that pronoun is taken from is, EKEINOS. It literally means, “That person.” This is as far as I will take this subject since I recognize that the God-head is a subject that is not clearly addressed in scripture. I do not, however, believe there are three Gods, nor can I even say there are three persons in the God-head. It seems enough to me to merely quote the scripture here. “There are three (not, three persons or three Gods, just three) that bare record in heaven, the Father, the Word (Son) and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.I John 5:7

Why do I get into such a topic as the God-head? I believe that it is extremely important that we realize that the Holy Spirit is God and that we do not rob Him of His God-head rights, but that we honor and reverence Him who has come to take up His abode in us in order to take in hand the responsibility of cleansing the temple of God.

She goes on to say that, as there was a personal literal going up to a physical city of Jerusalem to keep a literal physical feast in olden days, even so, by this Holy Spirit there is a spiritual going up to that city which hath foundations. Such communion, she says, enables one to walk more and more in the higher realms of the Spirit only. There, in this upper region, we are permitted to partake of the feast with such drinking of the royal wine and such eating of the supper of the Lamb as to put an end to all outward ceremonies.

This is called the Feast of Tabernacles by Jane, and in order to keep it truly, there must be given what she describes as “His tabernacle body.” She says that this body is the flaming heart of the Holy Spirit. We have in the past spoken at length of this tabernacle body without which one cannot ascend the ladder of ascension for union with God and ultimately glorification (Please refer to the book, Ascension Angels. If you do not have it, you may order it from the address of this publication). It is that spiritual body, or the body of the Holy Spirit, the tabernacle of God.

Jane admits that such ascensions as she here speaks of are not (especially in her day) common but peculiar. She goes on to say what is now beginning to be taught; that the day is coming on in which such a thing as this ascension shall not be counted as so abnormal but shall become universally accepted and experienced as certain “angelical spirits” (ascension angels) ascend and bring heaven down to earth.

That “upper world,” as she refers to it, is a part of our inheritance and of a much higher quality of existence than this lower one and yet there are those among us, in the kingdom message, who object even to visits to this higher realm of spirit. We must leave earth in our minds before we can leave it in spirit, and leave it we must. For there is a tragic woe about to be uttered to those who are yet earth-bound, to those who are still at home in the physical, earthy, outer realm of this world. “Woe, to the inhabiters of the earth!”

Oh, how we need to see the genesis of that age that shall be ushered in by a new human race called “the sons of God!” Then shall there be a new way of life introduced to mankind in reality. Then shall the time of the Lily be come and the time when that for which all the lapsed creation has moaned and groaned for these six long days now. Then shall controversies be laid aside as the Goodness of God toward all His creation is at last revealed. Then shall it be said, “Lo, this is our God; we have waited for Him, and He will save us: this is the Lord; we have waited for Him, we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation.Isaiah 25:9

Seeing we have thus far proceeded in opening this divine mystery, we shall not stop here but go on to reveal and communicate the way shown to me to those desiring to be fellow-travelers with me to this Holy City, the New Jerusalem. It was revealed to me not only by vision, as in times past, but now the Spirit hath moved itself in another degree to bring forth vision into an essential fruition, which confirms that scripture, “They shall go from strength, each one appearing before God in Zion”Ps.84:7. In my book, “Divine Revelations,” you may see what I had by way of vision and printed in 1683.

Now this I find is to be taken in a two-fold sense as to that part which is to appear before God in Zion. The first is while yet in the body of corporeity. The second is, when stepped out of the body so as no more to return again to it. Now hence I (yet not I), but the Spirit of my Jesus, shall lead you on to the first part, knowing well the way. I have made an assessment thereof by the measuring line in the hand of an angel unaccountable to any but the travelers thereto.

Some headings and propositions I shall list in order hereunto that our fellow-travelers may not fail to find sure footing:

1. Preparation or qualification requisite for such intended travelers.

2. Kind or manner of way.

3. The several stages or rests by the way.

4. Upon arrival to this City of God.

5. The welcome and entertainment the travelers meet with there from all the great assembly of Mount Zion (the court of God).

By this time, most of us have come to realize that when the song says, “. . . and the half has not been told,” it is true. There has understandably been so little truth in Babylon to tell, those who have begun their return from captivity feel most fortunate to have heard any truth at all there aright, without the ever present leaven of error. For those who may wonder what I mean, let me give one prime example;

It is the well-propagated and far-flung error that all inspiration of the Spirit ceased as soon as the written Word of God was completed.

What that statement is meant to convey is that it is alright, even expected, that we not depend upon the Holy Spirit to reveal anything to us that He has not already on record as saying in another generation. This error is so widespread and prevalent that I dare say that there are many even among the ranks of the kingdom message who unconsciously hold to the erroneous idea that if a message is extra-Biblical or in addition to the Bible, then it cannot possibly be from God.

Who decided when God had finished speaking and was not allowed to bring forth any new and fresh words of revelation? This idea is not a new one. The Pharisees felt this way about the new things Jesus, the Word of God, came speaking at the close of that age. The result was, they entirely missed the new thing God would do in their midst, though that word was attended with signs, wonders and miracles.

I very strongly and very definitely believe in the inspired Word of God and that it is indeed a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our pathway. But I do not therefore seek to take from God His right to speak a word to me that is new, that He has not revealed hitherto. If we were to do that, how could we reconcile that with the fact that God has always had some Word which He chose not to reveal in other ages and times? The mystery of Christ was not made known unto men in other ages. (Ephesians 3:5) For that reason, many Jews today still consider Jesus to be irrelevant to what God is saying and doing. They were men of the letter and not of the Spirit.

So far as we know, He never spoke a Word to those living in Noah’s day about the fact that one day there would be an experience made available to God’s people called the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Many today still say that even that is extra-Biblical. We have no record of God revealing through His Word that there would come a time when much of His spiritual activity would take place in a country (the U.S.) then unknown to the entire then civilized-world.

I firmly believe that visions, dreams and personal words should align themselves with the Word of God, thereby giving us a spiritual point of reference, but that does not mean that because you and I see something revealed in Scripture, everyone does.

What may we say concerning the entire New Testament? That it is not of God, because those men and that nation through whom we have received the Old Testament said that God no longer spoke to men as in the days of old and therefore it was not of God? No, the New Testament is a Word in addition to the only Bible men once had; the Old Testament. No man or woman whom God ever used in the deliverance of Israel was a person of the letter, but of Spirit.

It seems safe to me to say that we have not arrived at our present spiritual position through a letter-mentality, but through being led by the Spirit. It must therefore also be said that we shall not finish this God-quest upon which we have set out by slavishly adhering to a dead-letter word, even though it is from God. We must be people primarily of the Spirit, which has given us our birth, if we are to finish our course.

My whole point is this; we do not receive our direction and guidance from a dead-letter word. We are to be led and guided by the Lord who is our Shepherd (Now the Lord is that Spirit! II Cor. 3:17). We are to be led into all truth by the Spirit, and it is equally as necessary to receive inspiration for the unveiling of new and fresh truth as it was necessary to receive inspiration for the writing of the Scriptures in the first place.


First then, it is to be considered what this traveler must be. He is not a gross tangible body, but a spirit that must thus take up Enoch’s walks, separated and translated from a terrestrial life to a celestial. This is our spiritual-traveler’s first alteration (an earthly creature turned into a spiritual).

It is quite obvious that we are not speaking here of a natural walk, nor are we speaking here of something which may be accomplished without divine enablement and assistance. We are speaking here of a supernatural walk with God. That requires certain alterations. It requires a change in all our tastes, in what we enjoy and what we do not enjoy, in what we do and do not do, in short, in what we are and are not. Such is not an undertaking for which the man of dust qualifies.

If we but understood the lengths to which God must go to deliver us from ourselves we would be amazed. There must be nothing left of the soulish, sensual man to cloud, dim and bind down the life of Christ within which looks for the dominion. For this to prevail, all that would oppose it in the sensual, soulish life must be brought into the dust and there perish. That life and enjoyment which was once shared in the earthly life is laid down and given up. Even this much cannot be accomplished without our identification with Christ’s death on the cross that is made real by the operation of the spirit of faith.

It has been often said and seldom truly believed that no lust can enter the Holy of Holies. All finding its origin in the man of dust must be put off in the Holy Place. We are not to suppose, when we set out in this work, that our natural man will appreciate our neglect of him. He most certainly will not! He will mope and bemoan his cause. He will decry and strenuously condemn this neglect of him as a most unworthy manner of living and will, if not attended to, eventually expire. This shall make way for full qualification for entrance into the Mount Zion kingdom.

Let me say here, this Mount Zion world is not the highest world to which we are to aspire or that has been prepared for us. In one of Jane’s writings which we are presently working on, “The Wonders of God’s Creation as Manifested in The Eight Worlds,” she makes very clear what the various worlds are, who qualifies for entrance there, and their counter-parts which exist in the lower parts. Suffice it to say that in the writing on the eight worlds, she reveals that there are four upper worlds consisting of 1. Paradise, 2. Mount Zion, 3. New Jerusalem, and 4. The Still Eternity of God. I cannot go into this here. We will make this writing available as soon as we are able.


And now we come to enter upon the way, which seems, at first onset, as the valley of Baca that opens the floodgate of tears. The soul is now enveloped with the light of the Spirit which discovers to it an inward and outward deformity, caused by the root of sin springing up in nature, effecting a diminishing of its first angelical image. This produces a mourning and sorrow that is not to be repented of.

And while in this beginning-way, the soul will have many enemies to encounter and temptations from within and without. These increased assaults will come in order for the soul to rend away from and leave the walks of this present evil world and betake itself to this new and living way. But let our fellow-travelers not be discouraged, but gird up and go forward. This day’s journey will have its end though it may go heavily on this first day.

The second day will be more lightsome and refreshing if the soul but holds out this probation and wrestle it out as Jacob did. Then the angels of God will meet the weary traveler and accompany him throughout his way.

There are seven angels (or they may be called seven Spirits) that are appointed to be the guard of the traveling soul while in this dangerous way. I shall name them, as I have found them a fortitude of strength in all my journey to this very day. In so doing it may encourage the undertakers of this pattern to keep precisely to this perfect way.

The first of these seven qualifying Spirits and Powers for a guard is holy, passive-patience. This is an absolute necessary companion in this way. There shall be no holding out without the endowment of a patient mind that will hold out against all contradictions and whatever may offer to pull it down from this high and heavenly walk.

The second is deep or meek humility, keeping low and humble, for that secures the traveler. For God has great regard for a soul that walks softly and steadily.

The third qualification is a lively hope, which is as an eye within the soul carrying a view of the heavenly Zion, which mightily strengthens and bears it up.

Fourth, a super-celestial wisdom that directs, manages and governs the soul as to the fittest times and seasons for journeying on. That is, when to stop and when to move forward, as the case may require.

The fifth is the Spirit of faith. This is a most excellent companion that carrieth through all difficulties because it is the evidence of objects and things in the heavens not visibly seen. It is wings that makes the soul fly so high that nothing of the crawling earthworms can reach to molest or hurt it.

The sixth divine power that attends the traveler is the live coal of flaming love that so vehemently longs to arrive at the visional fruition of God and Christ with all the glorified train of blessed and perfect spirits. This love-gale is so mighty and strong that it makes the soul pull up and run swiftly in this race.

Seventh, that which doth most complete this holy guard is impregnable strength and power. For, if God did not take care to fortify the traveling soul with His own invincible strength, there would be no possibility of ever reaching the mark of the New-Jerusalem-State. But Christ, the Lord, takes good care and will not omit to provide munitions strength for accomplishing this heavenly journey. For Christ, the Lord longs to see the soul-traveler safely landed in His own bosom of love more than the soul desires to appear before Him. So by this mutual love-agreement, the everlasting knot of marriage union will be tied once the soul has arrived there.

I suppose I need say very little about the Valley of Baca, or the Valley of Tears, to which many have by now been introduced and through which many have by now been led. It is a testimony to the great, almost abyssal depths to which man fell that it requires a supernatural illumination of the Spirit of God in order to make us sensible to our true degeneration from what was once so angelical and sweet. Once the Spirit of God begins to reveal Christ in us, He also begins to reveal our true selves to ourselves and this, when fully comprehended, must reduce one to tears and work within a tenderness and a humility favorable to traveling this way.

It is, I believe, this initial work of the Spirit upon which so much is later to be built. In fact, it seems that such a breaking and work of repentance is demanded in order for the guarding spirits to draw nigh with their protection and guidance. I will not spend time on the various guarding spirits since Jane does that adequately herself.


Now then, by this time you have seen what company will support the soul in its travels, but the Chief of all is Christ in Spirit, Who walks in this holy qualified soul as in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks.

The third proposition is what stages or rests may be allowed the weary traveler to take up in for a while. There are three such stages, or rests.

This second day’s journey is more easy and refreshing than the first day’s outset. The walks give a sweet smell of the evangelical promises, giving assurance by the atoning blood of the covenant that all guilt of sin is obliterated, whereby the soul is encouraged and comforted.

But from this it passes on to a second rest, which is the record and sealing of the Spirit (baptism in Spirit). That which was from the general (literal) promises is not to be stayed in. Christ according to flesh withdraws and will be no more known in that figure, but in the All-filling Power and Presence of Spirit. By this experience the soul shall know Him in herself as He becomes salvation to her experientially.

No outward application of Christ is of such a benefit as a inward Christ Who pours in His saving Name as ointment which performs the cure of the lapsed state of the soul. An inward disease must have an inward and inborn medicine, which can penetrate the inward parts so that all may be made whole.

This is the intended redemption by Christ and nothing less will set the soul right again so as to give it boldness to come to appear before that great assembly of perfect Spirits in Mount Zion’s Kingdom.

Before going on to the third and Paradisical rest still to be mentioned by Jane, let me say that she is speaking metaphorically and is not to be taken by any as in a literal sense. That is, this rest or these stages of rests which she mentions may be better understood as varying degrees of one rest.

I know of no other thing so sorely needed by so many of God’s precious saints as His rest. Yet, at the same time, I am witnessing, as never before, a real admittance into that rest by many with whom I am personally associated. I have watched (have experienced it myself) the terrible struggle on the part of some for entrance into it.

There is a place into which God brings us where the “wars of David” have ceased and the rearing of Solomon’s Temple of Wisdom begins to take place in us. It seems that we have the tendency to strive and struggle and try and labor in our strength in order to be able to stand before God, approved.

But all our struggles, all our efforts and laborings do not bring us into a peace or rest; rather we have found ourselves again and again in a place, which could be called nothing other than John Bunyon’s, “slough of despair.” Often, this is precisely what we have needed. As T. A. Sparks calls it, “one great despair.” It has often been that right here in this place where things seem so bad that they could not possibly get any worse, that we have tired of looking at our mess, our life, our progress or lack of it, and have finally, finally looked away from it all to Jesus!

Someone has rightly said, “It is not possible to look at Him and doubt, even as it is not possible to look at ourselves and believe.” Then we saw the storm clouds drift away, and the sunlight of His countenance, which had been ours all along and were only hid by the clouds of our doubtings, shone through. We had come into the Lord’s Day! We were just as we had been all along, but now there was no guilt nor any sense of sin. Our standing was Christ, and the day in which we now walked was one eternal day of constant, uninterrupted assurance of His presence as we rested in Him.

We have learned, have we not, that we can lose this rest simply by taking counsel of the reasoning mind and thereby leaving it? But we have also found that, having lost it we can regain that rest by simply stepping back into it again.


As the traveler passes through this country there are various delightful entertainments, ministering angels and spirits that do meet the soul in this divine principle. In this place are also the “Sharon’s walks,” adorned with the spicy beds which give forth their ravishing odors. 

This sometimes opens in the soul with sweet tastes and refreshing swallows, for the Godhead diffuses Itself through all of that region as so many Spirits that are made vigorous and joyful, knowing nothing but an all-filling sweetness, all calm and still of mind. Here the soul is free from the terrifying cares and eruptions of this world as though being in it, yet forgotten by it. At least this is the case during the time it is beset round about with this light and heavenly Paradise, so that the soul is loath to be disturbed as to the lower descent into mortal things again.

This Paradise here spoken of by Jane is nowhere else but in you and me, as is the Mount Zion Kingdom, the New Jerusalem and Still Eternity of God. As surely as Adam turned from this inward Paradisical life and fell into this outward visible world, in which all of fallen humanity now dwells, so surely does God now have a people who are leaving the empty breast of this outward beast realm of the lie, to once again nurse contentedly at the breast of Wisdom and so partake of that Tree of Life which is in the midst of the Paradise of God.

This is now our inheritance! None need wait until they depart this body to dwell in Paradise. Only the imaginations (cherubs) of man and a flaming sword (the living Word of God) guard the way into Paradise and the Tree of Life. But some are divorcing king reason to walk no more by the light of the sun of reason, or the moon of the senses (not affected by what they see or hear or feel), casting down every starry imagination to walk only by that Light which lights every man coming into the world. Only those who do so shall soon see the sign of the Son of man coming in their new heavens with great power and glory!(Matthew 24:29 and 30) He is not coming in the old heavens.


Now we have summed up the third particular, which is the last move that brings one up to that Mount Zion which is mentioned in Hebrews 12:22. Thus the unwearied soul goes on from strength to strength and is now come to the fourth particular;

That is to the arrival in Zion to appear before God. This is a high and glorious arrival. This is a rest never to be divested of. Now the everlasting gates open to receive the faithful traveler who has endured this probation state.

The welcome and entertainment the travelers meet with from all the great assembly of Mount Zion (the court of God)

It further remains to give you an account (as the fifth particular), of the traveler’s welcome up here. 

The first appearance is the angelical order which stands before the throne. They are commanded to usher in the arrivals, bringing forth the royal robe which is all pure and light, without spot of the fallen night. This royal robe gives the soul a holy boldness to appear in that new world of light in which all becomes manifest and open. Christ, the Kingly Priest, appears to the soul and as a Bridegroom, greets it with such a kind of love-gratulations, as follows:

“My Bride and Spouse, I joy to see thy soul in My righteousness and to see that you have passed through a dangerous, evil, tempting world, and have escaped with that tender life of Mine (in you) by which you are come up here a conqueror. Now, behold and view the glory of My kingdom which the Father has placed Me in and over all principalities, powers and dominions, both in the heights above and in the earth below. I can give to whom I will to possess these with Me, joy for joy and glory for glory with Me, as I have received of My Father, so freely I give to you. This, I give to as many as shall break and get away from an evil world and thus ascend in a pure naked spirit in love’s flame.

“Ask now, Oh Spouse of Mine! What is it that I should further do for you? I give you liberty to ask most free, for you have found favor both with the Father and Me.”

Whereupon the arrived traveler worships and bows before the throne of God and the Lamb.

It requires no great mind to conclude that arrival at such a place in God shall be most rewarding and altogether satisfying. It is that for which our soul thirsts; the place wherein union with God becomes a reality. Let us therefore encourage each other to ascend the ladder of ascension with all due haste.

ENOCHIAN WAY, THE [JANE LEADE] [Larry Hodges]          1


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