We will miss this if we are not willing to look carefully at something; meaning we must put aside our old perceptions and be willing to examine something from an entirely different perspective.

I tend to reject the Evangelical Christian message of “you must be born again” …I do so only because of the behavior of those who proclaim the message. They miss it because they proclaim it from an entirely human perspective. 

These words which our SPIRIT-PARENT spoke through the mouth of Jesus must be absorbed by SPIRIT within us; may I suggest that considering our own individual virgin birth will help us if we allow it rather than resist.

The cognitive (consciously thinking) parts of the brain of these body bags we occupy are not equipped to completely understand our virgin birth. Many (as do I) have narrow glimpses (small slices) of the truth and by attempting to cling to this conscious understanding provided therein we feel the need to argue for that narrow glimpse of truth we can each see individually.

The force of what I AM seeing here is that when we argue for unity, union or “ONENESS” with “God,” by whatever other title or name, as one side or position of the argument; or we argue for a small “i” “SEPARATENESS” from “God,” by whatever other title or name, as the other side or position of the argument, we have missed the absolute freeing “magic” of the PRESENCE, POWER, LIGHT and LOVE of . . .


I was shown this in a vision and have hesitated to use the term because of the religious and anti-religious connotations placed on the term “vision.” I am instructed to use this term to help free us from the bondage of the conscious part of our brain, which we have made into a “God” …in other words I did not “think up” a “visualization.”

The statement I AM given to make here is that: I came to the realization of I AM (within) from a visitation of I AM from the outside. The realization is fully spiritual, that is, it cannot be understood or captured by that part of the brain we refer to as conscious, that is, the cognitive, reasoning part.

This creates a tension among us that needn’t be. A tension that renders us separate when we really are together, but when we make up finite doctrinal statements based on third dimension “reality,” NO MATTER WHICH SIDE OF THE ARGUMENT we choose – we have chosen to be separate …unnecessarily.

By grasping (albeit barely) the vision of BOTH we no longer need to pursue one side or the other. We have entered the peace that comes not from understanding (“as the world gives”) but the PEACE given us through trust in I AM BOTH within and without.

Are you feeling the need to say it differently than I have just expressed it? That’s perfectly and even “rightly” okay with me. However, it does reveal that I have failed to communicate spirit to spirit and which brings us face to face with the limitation imposed by the major component of human communication …LANGUAGE.

Insisting upon expressing it as either “ONE” or “BOTH” creates the challenge. “BOTH” demonstrates the glimpse that there is “another” …but then so does “unity” or the joining of “one” with “another” we cannot come and “reason together” because language and reason are the tools of the 3rd dimension.

It is my hope that the brand new Brad Cullen book The 4th Dimension helps provide a bridge that brings peace rather than more division. Examine, if you will the seeming dichotomy presented by those two words (peace and division).

My introduction in the book seems lightweight along side of the foregoing; and I’m sure Ryan’s introduction on the website will be far more incisive than my meager attempt to communicate a vision that seemed so clear to me when I received it, but becomes fuzzy in the translation thereof.
















































ENTERING the REALM of our VIRGIN BIRTH [Brad Cullen] 09-09-12         1


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