Heb 9-8 The Holy Spirit signifies to all, the way into the holiest is not available while the first tabernacle is still standing. This is still standing in the heart of man. The work of God is:  believing on Him that God sent. This is not limited to believing. The bible account is not sufficient. The words of Jesus are spirit and life. (John 6:63) The flesh (mind) gets no benefit. The letter kills; the spirit gives life. What does the letter kill? It places the spirit of the word in dead letter. The letter testifies of a spiritual word needful to man. One must read, hear and believe to enter the life in the spirit. The soulish man of the flesh has no ear to hear, no heart to believe. So the gospel begins with recognition of death. The dead hear nothing. Therefore Paul tells us that nothing avails, except a new creature. Not circumcision or the lack of it matters… only a new creation. (Gal 6:13-16) The cross of Christ crucifies the world to us and us to the world. This makes one wonder. Why all the effort to change this world in religious circles?  


Peter tells us that Christ was in the prophets. How? It has to be as the word of God. How then is Christ in us? When Israel killed the prophets they were rejecting the word of God. When the message of the gospel comes as a true witness of it, to reject it is to put to death the lord’s Christ. In the creation, God said, “let there be light.” This word was not Hebrew, Greek or English. There was no such thing as a language at that time. That word is eternal and comes to us in Christ. Many self-pronounced prophets still speak – saying, “thus saith the lord, or the lord thy God says unto thee.” The Old Testament prophets spoke that way. Jesus never spoke as a second person in His message. Jesus’ testimony is the spirit of prophesy, not the letter. His parables are a testament of a spiritual kingdom, a kingdom this world cannot see, a kingdom only received and entered by birth in spirit… a spirit the world cannot receive… a kingdom approached only through judgment of flesh and birth by the word of God. Judgment comes to the flesh as a precursor to liberty into spirit. The flesh mind is a consciousness of vanity, futility, and ignorance. When the spirit of truth is received it brings authority over delusion and displaces ignorance with knowledge… even the authority to confess to being Sons of God. 




Ps:133 The precious ointment Upon the head (Aarons) flows to the beard, down the garments, the whole body. So it is with the Christ - Jesus our high priest. The one anointing is shared in the whole body. Religion offers anointed oil, books, radio programs and many other claims that have no foundation in truth. The anointing is a teacher. It will bring you into all truth and is no lie. Nothing in this world can do that. It will not promote one over another in favor of equality in grace. Jesus received this from the God, his Father. He is the source of all anointing now. (Acts 3:33) Jesus came saying the spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he has anointed me. (Luke 4:18-20) This was to release the captives.  What captives? That they may recover out of the snare of the devil, who has taken them captive at his will (2 Tim2:26). To give sight to the blind, that they may see beyond the veil of the flesh. Then Jesus told them this scripture from Isaiah was fulfilled in their ears. Knowing that they could not perceive the true meaning, for the spirit did not reach them. Now this has been fulfilled in hearing the spirit. Yet the lack of hearing, the captivity, and the blindness is the major problem in the religions of today, bar none.








ENTRANCE THRU DEATH WITH POWER [Lloyd Ellefson] 6-1-04         1

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