OCTOBER 8, 2001

Monday, 10/8/01   8=new day

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

I just returned home from 2 weeks in Fla. While I was there, Father woke me up, 3 mornings in a row, at 4:45 AM. I am sharing with you what He said and led me to do.

The first morning, Father led me to read the Book of Esther. The second morning, Father began showing me things that pertain to His manifesting Sons, from the Book of Esther. The third morning, Father spoke to my heart what He wanted me to do, with what He has shown me, from the Book of Esther. On this third morning, He spoke to my heart, “I AM sending forth an Esther Company in the earthen land and in the Spirit.”

I will give to you, what He showed me and allow the Holy Spirit to show you what He will.

I saw that Esther was “adopted”, by Mordecai, when she was young. (Esther 2:7) I saw that as Mordecai had instructed Esther, that she spoke of who she was, ONLY when Mordecai had instructed her to speak. (2:10, 3:13-17, 5:1-8, 7:1-6). Mordecai AND Esther KNEW who Esther was, but kept it silent UNTIL the time was right. I see Mordecai, representing the Holy Spirit and Esther, representing the Manifested Sons of God, here.

As war was about to come upon the land of the KING, it was Esther who went to the KING, she was directed by Mordecai and saved Esther’s and Mordecai’s people – the CHOSEN people of God. Father showed me, that as many of His people today, have their focus on the “threatened” war, that America, and the world are involved in, in the Spirit, there is a war “among His people”. The tribulation that many of His people are looking for is actually, between His people. The war, the tribulation is against those who He has called to manifest Christ on this earth. This remnant is NOW to come into persecution, physical harm, and even to the death of their lives.

Father showed me that the genocide, the biological warfare and the armed killing is, in fact, groups of His own children, warring against His Remnant.

As Esther is a shadow of the saving of the natural Jews, in the Old Testament, He is bringing forth a Company of Esther that is for the saving of His Remnant. The Remnant, coming together in UNITY of His Word, His Nature and His Pattern, will actually be, the saving of His Remnant!

As we see the decree that was send out, for the killing of the Jews, was send out BY MAN, and by the method of MAN, (3:7-15): because Mordecai would not BOW DOWN to MAN, (3:1-6). Father showed me that this is a shadow of the condition of His People today. They have turned from the Holy Spirit, and have exhaulted MAN to replace the Holy Spirit, and the Truth of Father’s Word. But, Father’s Remnant has refused to bow down to any, EXCEPT THE HOLY SPIRIT AND FATHER’S TRUTH. Just as in the natural, the Middle East (East=the rising of the Son), the True Word has become polluted, as they march forth in Father’s Name.

Now, we see that as Mordecai instructs Esther, she puts on her ROYAL attire, and not ONLY believes the words that she is instructed, but, SPEAKS THOSE WORDS WITH THE ROYAL AUTHORITY THAT SHE HAS BEEN GIVEN BY HER KING!! (7:1-6) The enemy (Satan, death, and bondage), has been afraid for some time now. Because he has known what the Word has had to say about his demise, and he has just been waiting and dreading the time when The Manifesting Sons would take hold of it’s truth!)

By Esther’s obedience in USING WHAT WAS GIVEN TO HER BY THE KING, THE ENEMY OF ESTHER AND MORDECAI, THE ENEMY CAUSED not ONLY his own destruction, but also, the destruction of his 10 sons.(7:7-10, 9:13) There are those of Father’s Remnant that have come into the knowledge, the belief, and the REALITY, that the enemy (Satan and his principalities), have been destroyed in our lives. Many of us have been posting the decree of this truth, His Sons have slain the belief that has been a lie that has made death a false reality, and caused the belief in this lie to cause death to hold us in bondage. (9:1)

NOW, the King, because of Esther’s reliance and dependence, on Mordecai’s Words, IS NOW, THIS DAY sent out, in the King’s Authority, spoken by the ONE next to the King, and being sent in HASTE and BEING PRESSED ON to those who are of the King’s Lands. (9:9-14)

I could go on and on about what Father showed me in the Book of Esther. But, the real reason of the showing

of Esther is for this reason and cause:

Father is calling forth those who are manifesting His Son, to take what we’ve been given by HIM, and take control of all that is NOW happening in the world. We are to supercede all of the President’s actions, threats, and intentions. We are to come together, those who have received this Truth of Father about His Remnant, and to speak in His Authority, which IS NOW ours, and call forth that which is not:  PEACE, LOVE, and THE PATTERN, Who we are to follow. TO ALL THE WORLD, NOT JUST TO America, WE ARE THAT REMNANT!  WE ARE THE ESTHER COMPANY!  WE ARE TO MARCH FORTH NOW, AS AND IN THE SPIRIT OF OUR PATTERN, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, AS HIS CHRISTS ON EARTH, AND BRING FORTH FATHER’S WILL!


Let us join in one accord, in the Spirit of our Pattern, and allow Him to tell us what we are to take dominion over, and to do it the way that He directs us to. Let us allow Father to be seen through us.

Father gave me the names of those that this is to go out to. I am sending this to you, in obedience. Please allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to share this with who He says. He did tell me that this will be WORLDWIDE!

In His Love,

Christ Manifest In You Daily


ESTHER COMPANY [Linda Keith]          1


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