MAY 29, 2008

It’s so easy to say everything is finished in Heaven, but very convenient to say it is yet to be manifested in earth. You could say, therefore that Jesus did not finish it at all? Judging by appearance, this is true, but the Kingdom of God cometh without observation. We shall not judge by appearance.

Now, let us hear this:  Jesus said, “It is finished.”  He is, and always has been the eternal earth dweller and the propitiate One.  He declared we were no longer to know Him after the flesh, nor live unto ourselves, but live unto Him that rose again. 2 Cor. 5:16 Even when He walked the earth, He declared that the Kingdom of God is at hand. We neither know each other after the flesh, but after the free gift of righteousness that He Is. We know all men covered by Grace; The Holiness of The Righteous One.

The Kingdom is forever, beyond observation: born again ones have always walked the earth; some who know, and some who do not know. Blessed are they who know that there is no obstacle between man and resurrection Life. Blessed are they who have received Him As He Is; LIFE NOW without limits.  Blessed is the Name of Jesus Who died and rose again as The Only Begotten.

The Light of Heaven shines upon His Resurrection and Occupation; continuously governing the increase of Himself. If man could see His government, they would automatically feel they had control. That is why it comes without observation.  The Light is descended upon all, and risen from deep within all. Only by the freely given faith of The Son of God shall we walk in the Grace That He Is. His mercy is forever and whether we know it or not, we walk in a finished Kingdom. It behooves us to know, and by His calling, we do know. True Life is invisible, but shines forth as Christ in earth, quickening mortality into immortality.

There is nothing new, for always has been His mercy.I will do a quick work, and cut it short in righteousness.”  This is the revelation of Himself made obvious at the Cross of Redemption. The dead are still being raised, and we are seeing resurrection all around us; The Loving Anointing of His Presence. This anointing still breaks the yoke as always and forever.

Blessings, blessings, blessings; that is What He Is, and we in turn are blessed as we bless one another. The sun does not have to change its course or the moon turn to blood for us to know that the new Heaven and Earth are here. Neither does our visible presence have to pass away for us to recognize our immortality.  There has always been a man standing stalwart and alive. He is The One Man of Eternity; His Own; Perfection descended upon terra firma. It Is He Who always does the will of The Father, known as Grace; The Family of Christ captive in The King. The King Is The Promise fulfilled, and we give up the ghost in Him.

That which men say is to come, has always been, and is here right now.  So, we beam a rapturous smile of Heaven in Earth. We applaud perfect relationship in His Spirit Walk. It’s like a shampoo a-plenty as righteousness bows before His Victory.

Intense LOVE,



ETERNAL EARTH DWELLER [Jim-Melba Crofford] 5-29-08          1


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