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JULY 22, 2004

The wrath of God is ended in Christ. We know this to be true, however strong arguments against the end of the wrath of God exist because of humanly perceived injustice or lack of wrath against those who willfully flaunt the mercy of God by openly committing atrocities against his neighbor in the form of rape, sodomy, murder, molestations, fornications, extortions, oppressions, thefts and every sort of evil malice that one can conceive. It is argued by many that there would be no justice at all if a man commits these things and does not pay for his malicious act (even after the death of the corporeal body). 

What kind of payment can be extracted? What is the full measure of pain and suffering that can pay for a life of sin? Men have created a hell of eternal torment in there thinking and religion to deal with this open question in their mind about what is just punishment for wickedness. They have rejected the Word of Truth concerning the complete work of Christ and imagined a lie.

They hold to a way of thinking that produces murder in their hearts. Instead of forgiveness, which is the ministry of Christ, they seek vengeance. This is a monumental folly.

In mankind’s limited scope there lies two fundamental problems with his argument for wrath, measure and culpability. The problem of measure is that only God knows the depth of sin in men and the pain caused in those in which the sinful act is inflicted upon. So only God can know all the circumstances and the far-reaching consequences of any sinful act of malice. Neither the sinner nor the one being sinned against can know the cause or the consequence of the individual act. For a perfect example of the paradox of cause and effect in sin, read the full account of Joseph and his brothers in Genesis.

Then, of course, there is the problem of culpability. All has sinned (against someone) and falls short of the glory of God’. Therefore men can in no wise have any say at all in the justice (or perceived injustice) of God because all men are culpable in all acts of sin. He may say that he does not rape, but does he steal? Another can say I am no murderer, but does he spread slander and gossip, which leads to murder? Jesus Christ pointed this out very clearly. There are no innocent men (“He who is without sin cast the first stone…”).

We can therefore conclude that men have no say in the justice of God. However they still think they can understand the justice of God through vague and humanly skewed interpretation of the scriptures. Again this is folly. Even though men have no concept of measure and they remain culpable in sin, they stubbornly insist on judging the justice of God. However their own thoughts and opinions about justice prove them incapable of judgment. Men believe that after ‘ sinners’ pass from this life (those who committed any atrocious acts) they will be cast into some kind of hell in which they will be tortured without mercy for all eternity. There is no basis to this in scriptures yet this is an almost universal perception in the Christian Doctrine. This is a lurid fantasy produced by a skewed reading of the scriptures to satisfy an unrighteous judgment of God’s justice.

According to the Law of Moses, which we know is a shadow of the eternal Law of Christ; there is no provision whatsoever for endless torture. And the one punishment that had an element of torture, beatings, was limited to 39 lashes. The beating was not endless but limited. Therefore by God’s own Law punishment is limited and never eternal. In fact, the harshest penalty of any law anywhere is death. After that there is not much more you can do. Since death is the harshest and most supreme punishment then the Law must be fully met in death.

Therefore through the argument that sinners are going to be cast into a hell and tortured eternally, we may conclude that the doctrine of the traditional church must have been changed from the earlier doctrines of the Apostles. Why do I say this? If Jesus Christ is the payment for the sin of man then Jesus must be suffering eternally in hell according to the doctrine of the present body of belief. Why? The substitution work of Christ, which is the backbone of their doctrine, demands a substitution worker. If Christ died for my sins and I deserved an eternal hell, then Christ is in the eternal hell as my substitute and I am out of trouble. This of course is not what they say but it is certainly what they believe by logical extension. They don’t realize what they believe. There is a tremendous confusion in this teaching and it skews every doctrine out of joint until a weird form of religion appears that does not draw sinners but repulses them from the True Word.

A substitute for a penalty must equal the perpetrators penalty. If the penalty is death then only death is required or accepted. But this is not what is believed in the religious man’s mind. In his thinking and belief system God chases the man even after the grave and beats his soul mercilessly. Then throws it in a fire where there is gnashing of teeth for all eternity. If that is true then that is where Christ must be according to their doctrine as the substitute worker. This produces a twisting of Christ in their minds. They do not think through their beliefs, but instead misread scriptures to produce a misread concept of God and His justice.

Therefore the result of this doctrine is a life built on the dread and fear of the God of Wrath who is bent on punishment of the wicked and a forced compliance to the Law of Love through fear of endless torture and punishment. We know this is not true by the evidence that Christ is not in hell (at least not the hell of their imagination). And since He is not in hell then hell cannot exist (at least not in the perception of the modern Christian) because that is where Christ is required to be according to substitution doctrine.

The righteous and just requirement of the Law (Death) was fully met in Christ as demonstrated on the cross. Three days and nights in the ground was sufficient proof of that death. The resurrected Christ is raised in the hearts of the believer and the Sons of God are manifested in the creation as eternal light and life in the earth. Christ is the Spirit who entered into death in order to gain a new Kingdom with a new rule and a new priesthood. Christ was buried in the (Dark) heart of man where He grows from seed to mature fruit tree producing righteous fruit for the kingdom of God. Christ is raised not from a historical Garden Tomb, but raised from the darkened heart of man into the glorious Son of God within the form of the man. Therefore we can only conclude that the ‘death’ that Christ came to free mankind from is actually a present state of being in which they find themselves in bondage to. Death is a separation from a conscious awareness of the Truth in Christ. The hell, or the abode of the dead, is in the mind of the dead, and it is a place of torment where the dead are punished. It is here that God ordains torments in order for them to come to the freedom and liberty in Christ through repentance. Again this is perceived as being a present reality. All punishment of God is executed in order to bring repentance not an endless torture. If all fails, then the man that is unrepentant is killed from the presence of the living and forgotten. His memory only exists in the hell of mans mind.

However if the torment is productive the man turns from his life identified in sin and turns to God his source and Father. His old life is placed into the crucifixion of Christ, and He (the New Creature) is raised from among the dead (darkness of his mind) into the glorious new life (lived in a new mind) of Christ. From that mind he begins to live in a new identity, which came through the new generation. The new identity is the same as the One he gained it from, Christ the Lord. Therefore he is given the power to become Christ, the Son of God. This power is in the Word of God which is the Gospel of Christ according to Spirit, not dead letter. You see, we do not believe that ‘I am the son of God’ because it is written in a book. No we are the sons of God because of the Spirit within us cries Abba, Father. It is the Spirit of Truth that witnesses within us that we are the Children of God. The book is a confirming witness and testimony of that Truth. Man does not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. We are the Word of God and our life is found in Him.

Let us be who we are in Christ Jesus and put an end to the lies.

Isaiah 11 1 ¶ And a Shoot goes out from the stump of Jesse, and a Branch will bear fruit out of his roots. 2] And the Spirit of Jehovah shall rest on Him; the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and power, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of Jehovah. 3] And He is made to breathe in the fear of Jehovah. But He shall not judge by the sight of His eyes, nor decide by the hearing of His ears. 4] But He shall judge the poor in righteousness, and shall decide rightly for the meek of the earth. And He shall strike the earth with the rod of His mouth, and He shall cause the wicked to die with the breath of His lip. 5] And righteousness shall be the encircler of His loins, and faithfulness the encircler of His reins. 6] And the wolf shall live with the lamb; and the leopard shall lie with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little boy shall lead them.



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