Every House Is Built By Man


APRIL 3, 2005

According to Hebrews, chapter three, Moses was to build a house, and what a house it was. It was in- part, the order of the day, inner direction to a faithful servant of God unto fallen man. It was a house of law; death appointed to all that could not obtain, based upon the law of sin and death. It was a house of two worlds, good and evil, to help reveal a false sub-creation, make an in-part journey, built by an in-part servant. It was the best the in-part man, Moses could receive as a perfect servant. He was completely obedient to inner knowing, and that is why he is known as a perfect servant of God. Never to condemn Moses because he was greatly used of our Father.

No wonder the scripture says in Corinthians 3:5, But even unto this day, when Moses is read, the veil is upon their heart.We are no longer in the in-part day appointed to Moses’ generation where an in-part house was built, but in a whole new day of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, according to the same Hebrews: 3, —- Jesus, The man Jesus, The Same One Who Walked The Shores of Galilee on this earth, and also The Same One Who made this earth; This Man Jesus also built a House. Accordingly, This House Is Us, The New Creature, Heaven on Earth. This New Creature Is Standing, Unwavering, Full of Grace and Truth.

Consider this carefully: The House Jesus built Is Us and All Encompassing Us, All That Were Apprehended by one act at the Cross. This House knows no condemnation or separation, none left out, for there is only One Man in earth, risen to The Pinnacle of Glory In The Father. His face is The Only Face of Man in Truth. He Is recognized As The Holy One of The House. He sees every man As He Is.

There Is A Great Light Shining and Love has had its perfect work.

Israel was much at war, and turmoil, never quite obtaining, in Moses’ house. Their self imposed law of this house constantly brought them into condemnation. They chose not to know God for themselves, but rather preferred Moses to be the law to them. They could not find the rule of Reality in the house. Even in their final in-part victory, trouble was ahead. Much death befell the Hebrew way of thinking, for not knowing the new creation that was available.

They lived in a world divided; those who sought after righteousness, and those who knew not righteousness. It was a fragmented world of man’s making; this house that Moses built. Enemies were everywhere.

The House of Jesus is not fragmented. It is a House of Rest, Complete Peace. There are no enemies in this House, for It Is A Whole New Creation, not built with hands. It has only Lively Stones, The One Who Is Fully Alive, and none else. Redemption Is Fulfilled In Him.

Let there Be Light.

They now read only after The Light, having received The Whole Lamb. They have become imprisoned in Mercy and Love Who He Is.

They have no enemy or man to condemn. for There Is Only One New Man in all creation.

Holy, Holy, Holy Is The Lamb.

This writer is inexhaustibly prone, humbled before His Face.

Divine Love Is Here for He Is Here,

EVERY HOUSE IS BUILT BY MAN [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-3-05          1


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