DECEMBER 21, 2009

Finally, we have awakened to our first love to realize, this is who we are.  Born again is not such a mystery after all, as Father has caused us to see that the sunrise of salvation is the altogether brilliant day that  is now come and has always been.  Preparations made.  Table set.  Now being served the dessert of eternal gladness.  Fullness of joy is who we are, and not only that, but we are earth moving peace and everlasting mercy and grace.  We have awakened to the fact that who we are is what we have always been, with the ability and absolute necessity to be these wonders to all men and all creation.  We are here, Peace Himself, Mercy Himself, and Grace Himself.  Oh, that we all may find ourselves in the same creation and dispensation.  His manifest Presence Is Who He Is in radiant love and vibrant newness.  We have come to give our all to whomsoever will.

These are not just words dear one, but The Word Of God to all who can hear.  This is the day.  This is salvation revealed.  No complication here.  It is so simple that even a little child may receive it.  High and mighty does not register in this new world, as the Lamb Nature bows to the Father uncovering The Holiness that has always been, to shine forth from the top of Golgotha;  to shine forth from the tomb which we were , in times past,  acknowledging within.  

There is no other way up, but the way is down to the bended knee of acknowledgement of what was freely given at the Cross.  To start all over is a privilege; going back to the first love where the Lamb conquered the lion and sweet death erased all carnality.  We found the new (to us) same forever, Holy Man, Jesus risen as all in all.

As one passes by, and moves along the lighted pathway, he exudes the wonder of peace and liberty, since everything is seen through the righteousness of God’s own Presence; looking only to the glory that centers within and expands to all creation.  This is Grace, and Grace is all one needs. Grace automatically becomes the infinite covering.

To sweep the earth is our calling, just sweeping along as the love we are.  Heaven is seen clearly now, and The Son of The Most high displays Himself in perfection.

Boldly, Grace stands forth, without fear or lack or pre-determined destiny. Grace is satisfied that He is The King of Glory, and dwells in the feathers of eternal life.  He has all to give of the fullness.  This is you, my graceful heir of God.

He has gathered all the residue and ashes of humanity, and made us One new man.  He guides us in eternal Peace for that is Who He Is. Hallelujah!  Born Again!  Christmas

Jim & Darling Melba      












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