JANUARY 31, 2013


The message of oneness is gaining widespread acceptance in the spiritual community these days. I know those who truly love and want the reality of God in their lives desire to experience oneness.


The reason I titled this the experience of oneness is because the knowledge of oneness is a wonderful thing but the experience of it will bless you beyond measure one you begin to live a life of oneness.


One of the best examples we have of oneness is the sharing Jesus did in John Chapter 15. John 15:4-5. 


Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.  I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.


We need to picture the source as the vine and we as the branches. The branch and the vine are not two separate entities. As we picture this we must expand our vision to see that all humanity are branches of the vine. I know this is not a popular thought among most Christians, but we all came from the source of life which we call God. Nothing came into being without being a branch of the divine. However if we do not bear fruit we become as a dried up branch and are thrown into the fire of purification to be purged of our carnality.


All of humanity as branches of the source will begin to live from oneness when the veils are removed from our eyes. When we realize that what we do to harm another or think negative towards another it is just like a boomerang it comes right back to us.


Another example of oneness is knowing that we are the body of Christ. As a body when one part of your body is hurting your whole body feels the pain.


Rom 12:5 So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.


Eph 4:25 Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor: for we are members one of another.


As this knowledge and experience sweeps the spiritual community it will be the end of all fighting and hatefulness among us. We will truly learn to love as Jesus and become a light in the darkness of carnality and divisive religious thought.



FEBRUARY 1, 2013


One of the strangest things to me is that everybody among the Christians believe in the same God. They believe they have the same Father.  They all believe they were created by God.  They have all accepted Jesus as their savior; yet look at all the division among us. That is because we have never properly been taught as children of God how to follow and listen to the anointing that abides within us.  It is the carnal religious teachings that keep us divided.


Just about everything we are taught in the religious system will keep us in bondage and captivity to a religious thought. That is why when we hear someone say something we believe is wrong we will be told to stay away from that person.


We are not human beings. When we have the realization that we are not human beings, we are spiritual beings, we than realize what 1 Corinthians 6:17 says, “He that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.” There are not two spirits. You say, well man has a spirit and then God has a spirit. Yes but there is only one spirit. This knowledge has been lost for I don’t know how many years that man’s spirit and God’s spirit are one. We don’t have a realization of that until the spirit in us is quickened and regenerated. 


Once our spirit is regenerated, there is no distinction and no separation between the spirit of man and the Spirit of God.  They are in union and function as one.  What that means is, if you have an unveiling to the reality of the spirit within you, then you begin to live and function, not from your carnal thinking, but from your spiritual identity and your spiritual nature.  You discover that there really is no separation between God and man. God and man are one entity, not two. Now I didn’t say God and your carnal mind, because that is where the problem comes in.


The only way that we will ever experience absolute oneness with God and one another is that God must bring us to the place where we are willing to let go of our carnal thinking, because our carnal thinking is the only thing that separates us from everything that God is, because everything that God is, all of His loveliness, all of His power, all of His authority, all of His compassion, everything that God is, is now resident within us, and we are one with God and one another.



FEBRUARY 2, 2013


We are a spiritual being on this earth.  What happens in religion is that we are taught a lot of wonderful things, but we are not taught the truth of our inner being. Because of that most Christians do not have Jesus in reality.  Now when I say, “in reality”, I mean they have Jesus but not in reality. They love him and worship him but his life in them is very limited because of all the carnal teachings.


Rev 1:8 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.


Now most Christians all understand the God who was, is the man Jesus.  And they know the God who is to come because they are looking for Jesus to come again, but they totally miss the God who is. The God who is now present in this time is one who has awakened to their spiritual identity as a member of the Body of Christ and realize that as he is so are we in this world. They are the God who is.  The religious mind hates this message because they say, “Now wait a minute.  Here you are going around this earth telling everyone that you are God.  There is a song Bob and Charlotte Torango wrote many years ago.  You will recognize the song if you know their music;


“I’m raising up in my house again, bringing salvation without sin.  I’m tearing down that carnal man in every temple where he stands.  I’m raising up with a brand new word, in a voice you have never heard.  I’m raising up in my house again.”


That is what God is doing today.  He is unveiling our eyes to the reality of His essence and His being within us.  When that happens then to tear down your carnal thinking will be next.  No matter how religious you have been, no matter how indoctrinated you have been, what ever religion you have been in; the very moment the veils begin to come off of your eyes to the reality of the indwelling Christ within you, you begin then to experience the God who is, (Jesus in us) and that is what we call, “the God of the now”.


John 17:21-23: That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. 22 And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one: 23 I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me.



FEBRUARY 4, 2013


Our religious mind will tell us God is in heaven and we are on earth so we pray to God as though the source is outside of us. When we understand that God, the source of all that is, is within us, we then as Jesus did, do only what we see and hear our Father do.


Our teachers did the best they knew how but they taught us what they had been taught in the religious schools. Even some of the songs we sing put God outside of us. We used to sing, “Reach out and touch the Lord as he goes by.” We should be singing “Turn to the spirit within.” We used to pray for the spirit to fall on us not realizing it needed to rise up within us. We used to pray for Jesus to come when all the time we had access to him within us. Religion more than anything has caused us to seek a God outside of us which causes a separation from the source in our mind.


In our carnal thinking, God is God and we are just human doing the best we can to gain heaven. In reality, at Calvary, the carnal man, the old man, everything negative in the universe was taken into death, and God has raised all of creation into the new creation, and has forgiven all the debts, and all the sin, and all the transgressions.  So what we are today, we are literally God’s son on this earth manifesting His life, His nature, and His abilities. 


We are actually experiencing what Jesus told His disciples that they would experience.  But you see today, if you have the typical mind-set of waiting for Jesus to come back, then it tells me that you do not know the God who is.  Jesus told His disciples, “It is necessary for you that I go away, because when I go away, the comforter will come to you.  And when He, the spirit of truth, comes to you, He will teach you all things.” 



FEBRUARY 5, 2013


1 Corinthians 2:14 says this: “The natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto Him.” 


Well I never knew what that verse meant until God began to speak to me some of these things that was foolish to my natural mind.  For instance, this is a truth that is foolishness especially to the religious mind; the magnitude of Calvary’s victory says that when Jesus died, and this is theologically sound as anything that you will ever hear when Jesus died on that cross that was the end of the old creation. 


Looking at what our body is manifesting can keep us locked in a carnal mind.  And that is why I love what is said about Abraham.  Abraham is called, “the father of faith”, because God came to Abraham, and his situation was just as impossible as our situation.


God said to Abraham, “You are going to have a son,” and that was an impossible thing for Abraham at his and Sarah’s age. We know what the scriptures say, “Abraham believed God”. “Abraham considered not his own body as good as dead, but he considered Him faithful who had promised.”  That is how we get rid of our carnal mind, because until we are willing to stop all of the thinking that goes contrary to what we know to be the truth, we will always be confused beings.


Another scripture, Galatians 3:13 says this: “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law.”  Well what does that mean?  What was the curse of the law?  It was poverty; it was sickness, disease, and death.  If Christ has redeemed us from poverty, sickness and death, why are most all the Christians in the world financially poor, sick and a lot of them dying?  I have to place myself in that category because I am not yet walking in the fullness of what I know is the truth. Even though we may not be where we know we can be, that is where we have to be like Abraham, not considering the frailties in our bodies, if your body is manifesting something that it shouldn’t because we know God is faithful.


Regardless of what my body tells me, regardless of how my mind lies to me – and it still does that; I have grown enough in spiritual identity, and function enough in the spiritual realm, that now I can look at that, and it doesn’t disturb me; it doesn’t discourage me; I don’t have thoughts like, “Well, I’m never going to make it”, or perhaps I’ve done something to make God angry. Like Abraham we can all rejoice knowing God is faithful and his life in us will perfect that which concerns us.



FEBRUARY 6, 2013


We are just as much a son of God as Jesus is. He was the first born among many brethren.”  And what did Jesus say?  “I am come that you might have life.”  When He said “life”, He used the word, “zoe”.  There are three different words for “life” in the original language.  One is “psuche”, which is your carnal soulish life, and human thinking; the other is “bios” which is your physical life; but the word, “zoe”, is the highest form of life, and that is God’s life. 


Most Christians are taught which is well and good, that Jesus came to forgive you your sins.  That is a wonderful revelation, but if that is all you experience you will never get beyond the baby stage.  “I just know I am forgiven.  I know God loves me, and I know I am going to heaven when I die.” 


Most people never get beyond that stage. That is a wonderful place to begin.  If you are not a good person and you have a lot of bad traits, it will drive you nuts because you have such a conflict in your being because your spiritual nature is crying out for holiness and cleanness.  And your spiritual identity is crying out to be molded and to flow into all areas of your life.


 What is the life that Jesus came to make us realize we have?  That life is the life that is lived in the kingdom of God.  What is the kingdom of God?  The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. 


All of this carnal thinking has to fall at our feet, because almost all of our religious teachers speak with a double tongue.  They will tell you that Jesus has redeemed you; Jesus saved you; Jesus is your healer.  Then in the same mouth will teach another message how that God sometimes will put sickness and disease on you to teach you something.  Well you have to recognize right away, that is not life.  God did not come to make you obey him by making you sick. Jesus came to give you life.  Well what is life?  Life is abundance.  You see; someone who is sick and weak and frail cannot enjoy life to its fullest extent.  Now I will qualify that by saying this: unless you are living out of the spiritual identity, then no matter what you go through, nothing can rob the peace, the joy, the satisfaction that you have, because I have been through these things. 


There is such an awakening taken place in these days. You hear oneness being talked about everywhere you look except in fundamental Christianity. Science, Quantum Physics and all spiritual speakers are talking about oneness. We are beginning to enter a new age of awareness of our oneness. Once we understand oneness we can never be divided again.



FEBRUARY 7, 2013


One you begin to walk in the reality of the kingdom you learn to turn within to your spirit for you guidance and answers. I am not saying you shouldn’t go to someone else for advice. However the most important thing is to have the witness within.


For example, I was diagnosed with a cancer a few of years ago, so I am not just speaking out of “head knowledge”, but I know how you react when you are faced with death.  If you are living from a spiritual consciousness, you know right away that cancer does not come from God.  The only thing I did was to open myself to the spirit to see what I should do about it.  “Do you want me to go to a doctor?” 


Some people are against doctors.  They think we should live by faith, and we should never go to a doctor. I would never let any kind of a teaching solidify my thinking, so that I am not open to another way.  So I always go to the Father and I say, “How do you want me to handle this?”  And if He would have said, “Go to the doctor”, I’d go to the doctor.  If He’d said, “Go to a holistic person”, I would have gone to a holistic person.  If He would have said and now this is where a lot of people would miss it He might have said to me, “Go to the New Age people, because that is where you find out all about the holistic health, and all the good formulas and the way that you can through nutrition overcome cancer. 


The most important thing in your life is to develop that relationship so that you can trust your own heart, because God has given you a heart that is after Him.  God has put His Spirit within you. God’s Spirit is not some kind of a nebulous, ethereal substance that is like the wind.  It is used like the wind because the presence of God is omnipresent; it is everywhere.  A spirit is a whole being, a being that has not ever been separated and alienated from God.  That is who you are.  Your spirit has never been separated and alienated from God.  Your true nature, your true identity has never known sin, has never been touched by sin, has never been touched by the fall.  What has happened to us is that when we entered into this realm, we have taken on the consciousness of this mass humanity, and this carnal mind, and we have been taught that we are human; we have been taught that we were born in original sin; we have been taught that all of these things, and so we just naturally believed them, and because we believed them they have become a part of our experience.


Isa 52:1-2 Awake, awake; put on thy strength, O Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city: for henceforth there shall no more come into thee the uncircumcised and the unclean. 2 Shake thyself from the dust; arise, and sit down, O Jerusalem: loose thyself from the bands of thy neck, O captive daughter of Zion.



FEBRUARY 8, 2013


If we do not understand the spiritual side of life we will never come out of our carnal thinking. Every time your body manifests something that is contrary to truth, every time you fall into what we would call, “a sin” or “a habit” and you identify with that, immediately your carnal mind will take over and condemn you. “Well I failed again”, or “I did it again”, or “I’m never going to change”, or “I’m never going to make it”.  That is the carnal mind. 


I’m not yet experiencing the fullness of life, but His resurrection life is functioning in me. In resurrection life, your feelings and your fears can’t get to you.  If they do it will be so momentary because you learn how to turn to the spiritual being within you, and you immediately rise above the situation. 


When I began to discover my spiritual nature, and I began to identify with that, even though it had not yet become my experience, I knew every time my temper flared up and I did something from anger I knew the truth.  I would simply just turn to the Father and I’d say, “Father I know this is not my nature any longer.  I know you have given me your life.”


Whenever anything comes up where I get upset at all, or I’m not thinking right, within a very short time I can go into my spirit, and all of that is dissipated.  That is what Jesus meant when He said, “I am come that you might have life.”  That is the kind of life; that is the “zoe” life.  That is the life that works from the inside out.  We cannot change our outward man.  The only way we can change our natural man, is if we are a strong willed person.  If you are a naturally strong willed person, then you can change your outward man, but that doesn’t make you any godlier; it just makes you a better person.  That doesn’t give you the experience of life that Jesus came to give us. We have the life that He came to give us but we need to become aware of it.


Phil 2:5 5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:



FEBRUARY 9, 2013


Luke chapter 9 and verse 23, “Jesus said to them, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me.”  Well what does it mean, “to come after me”?  To really come after Him is to really have that desire in your being to be as He is.  “You mean you are telling me that I can be as He is?”  Well, that is what the scriptures say.  “As He is, so are we in this world.”  Not as He was, not as He will be when He comes back, not as we will be in the New Jerusalem, or when we die, but we are as He is right now in this present moment.  So that is what it is to come after Jesus. In our heart we long to have that experience, to be able to express Him as though it were He speaking through us. 


Well He said, “If you come after me, you have to lose your life.”  Now I know all of us who are Bible students, we know that that word, “life” is “psuche”.  “If you will come after me, you have to be wiling to give up your, “psuche” life, which is your soulish carnal life.  What it is your natural thinking, the way you naturally think.  Now years ago, I got into this “psuche” teaching upon the “psuche” series.  And this whole series of tapes was on denying yourself.  And so for probably 3 or 4 years I was heavily into this teaching, and so I was trying to deal with my smoking; I was trying to deny my lust; I was trying through human reasoning trying to take the carnal man and make something better out of him. 


If you succeed in that, you are still not in the place where you can receive God’s life, because God is not after making your humanity better.  God wants to destroy the antichrist.  And the antichrist is that image of your self that sits in this temple thinking it is in rule and in control.  To deny your self means to deny carnal thoughts that you have. 


Paul said in Philippians. “Casting down imaginations.” An imagination is an image.  And it is an image of anything whatsoever that is not according to godliness. Casting down imaginations, that word also means “reasonings”.  Well what are reasonings?  “Well, the doctor just told me I cancer, so I must have cancer”, and all. Isn’t that a big order?  We must cast down reasonings and every thought that comes against the knowledge of God.  Well the reason most Christians don’t do that is we haven’t had the proper knowledge of God.  If you do not know in experience, not just in knowledge, but if you do know in experience that you are a spiritual being, and that you can learn to live and walk above every circumstance in this world, it is very difficult for you to cast down those reasonings and those thoughts. 



FEBRUARY 11, 2013


I use the word, “experience” because if all we have is a doctrine, it may sound wonderful but doctrine is not going to change our life.  Most of us have had all of the teachings and doctrines of the kingdom of God for two thousand years. 


We have changed some. There has been some improvement; there has been some enlightenment and revelation, but if we don’t get any more experience than what we have been getting in the last two thousand years, we are going nowhere further than we’ve already been. 


Partly where the problem has come in with us is we have never really had a revelation of being one spirit.  The understanding that we have is that we are human beings and we have been born again, we have been filled with the Holy Ghost, some speak in tongues, but most have never had the experience of oneness.


Oh we have had fleeting moments.  All of us from time to time have experienced spiritual oneness.  Jesus said two thousand years ago, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”  The kingdom of heaven is a realm where God dwells. It is a state of higher consciousness. It is not a place that we go to when we die.  If it was just a place we go to when we die, then I could understand of this talk that we hear, “Well someday we will leave this old veil of tears and we will leave this old sick body behind, and we will pass from this life and will go to heaven.”


Not a one of us have to go anywhere to experience heaven. Since the kingdom of heaven is within us, the first thing we need to understand is what it is like is to live there.  We run to and fro, here and there, to this prophet and that prophet and preachers to hear something of the kingdom of Heaven, when all of the time the kingdom of Heaven is closer than the person sitting next to you. The reason that we do not experience living in the kingdom of Heaven is because of unbelief.  We live a life mostly of unbelief because that is what we have been taught even in the kingdom realm.  We have been taught a lot of ignorance.  If you believe that God is doing something to you perhaps making you sick for a purpose, you have no choice but to believe that it is there for a purpose. So why run to a Doctor to try and get rid of it? To teach people that God makes you sick is ignorance.



FEBRUARY 12, 2013


Some say, “God gives you a disease or a cancer, perhaps, to teach you something.” I heard one person who was high in our government say, who was a Christian, “It is sometimes God’s good pleasure to give you a sickness, a cancer, tuberculosis, or a disease, because it will teach you something, and it will help transform you into the kingdom of God.” If that was true I should be totally glorified by now because I have been ill most of my life since a child.


What I have learned through suffering and disease is that there is nothing in this earth that you cannot live above, when it comes to circumstances. There isn’t a pain in your body, there isn’t a cancer, there isn’t a disease, and there isn’t another person that can stop you from experiencing the joy of being one in the spirit.


The more you experience oneness in the spirit, the more you rise above the circumstances of this physical life. At the present time we are living in two worlds, the heavenly realm and the earthly realm. As our consciousness is raised we learn to live between these two worlds. As we focus on our spiritual being we find that we influence the physical realm.


We know that God dwells in us but we still have this carnal mind that needs to be renewed. It is the carnal mind that will tell you God is trying to teach you something by making you sick.  In the kingdom of heaven there is no lack; there is no sickness, no disease and no God who would put anything on you that was not good. 


We are walking around with all these wrong beliefs because we have been fed so many wrong doctrines. Most of us have been under teachers that have taught us ignorance. That is why we must experience the anointing that abides within us. 


I experienced God for the first time in 1969, and it was absolutely wonderful! It has taken me years to finally come to the realization that I am a son of God on this earth.  We have the same spirit in us as Jesus has. The same Spirit lives, moves and operates in God’s people.  And again, the reason we don’t live there, and walk there is the carnal mind.



FEBRUARY 13, 2013


Our tongue can be a great hindrance to experience not only oneness but all spiritual truth. Proverbs talks much about the tongue.  Absolute truth says “you are healed!” We say?  “Yes Lord, we believe you.”  But you will tell your neighbor you are sick.  You will tell your neighbor you have got all problems and diseases.  And although that may be true in this physical realm, it is not THE truth


We need to learn to speak God words. The very words that Jesus himself would speak will literally flow out of the deepest recesses of our being.  Today, more than anything else, we need the simple belief in the ability of God that dwells within us is able to do anything and will do anything to bring us into the fullness of what He has planned for us. 


In the book of Jeremiah the 29th chapter and 11th verse, the Lord speaks through Jeremiah and He says this: “I know the thoughts I have toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of good and not evil, to bring you to an expected end.”  God never created anything that would not one day fully glorify and magnify His essence on this earth. 


If we could believe that, we would quickly find ourselves, day by day, as Paul described it, being transformed from one degree of glory to another, not a transformation of this “old man”, or this old self or this carnal mind.  That thing will never be transformed, but it will fall at our feet.  And the Christ of God will begin to rise up and function out of our Christ mind. 


When we begin to function out of the mind of Christ, we will not say what is not true, even thought we experience it, we won’t say it.  The more we speak forth that which we want and speak those things that are not as though they are, we will begin to experience them. So much of the time we speak about what we don’t want. We speak about our pains and our illnesses.  Our words are the most powerful things in the universe.  They really are, even if you don’t realize it.  Your words, as Proverbs says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”  When you speak from the natural or carnal mind, you give power to that which you don’t want.  But if you begin to speak that which you know is true, and you begin to speak that that you want rather than what you experience, you will begin to experience what you want.  



FEBRUARY 14, 2013


We know that God dwells in us.  May we all have the veils removed to experience all that he is in us. We used to sing a song, “He gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by.”  That is really true, but you know where He gets sweeter? IN US! 


For years I’ve experienced the sweetness and the loveliness. I know how wonderful He is, and I love Jesus.  He, by the power of His Spirit, dwells within me!  So He gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by, not in the heavens, but in me! 


There is nothing like the experience of being one with Him.  Did He not pray that in John 17?  “Oh Father, I pray that just as you and I are one, that they would be one, that they would realize that as much as you love me, you love them, and that they would realize that as you are in me, I am in you, and I am in them and you are in them, and they are in us, and we are all one”.  That is the experience and that is what our hearts have longed for over the years. 


Jesus is our example, not so much one to look at in an outward way as the man of Galilee. He certainly is the best example who ever lived, but today He is becoming the example within a people, so that we can say as the apostle Paul said, “It is not I, it is not me, because the ego, that person who was separated and alienated from God, that person who couldn’t find healing, and couldn’t do the right thing, that person who is always longing to do right and does wrong, that is not me!  I no longer live, but it is Christ, it is the very essence of His being, it is the fullness of all that He is, is now coming alive in His body.” 


We have a great future!  But you see, you can only have it if you can believe it.  I know a preacher one time, he use to say, “If you believe it, you receive it.”  Well see, we don’t really understand really what “belief” is because we believe a lot of things that we don’t receive.  Why is that? – Because we are double minded.  We believe it, but we don’t say it.  “You know brother, if I say that I’m healed when I have pain in my body that would be a lie.”  No, you are lying against the truth by agreeing with the untruth.  The truth is – you know there is truth and then there is TRUTH.  There is what I call, “absolute truth”.  Absolute truth is every thing that Jesus did on the cross, His death, His burial and His resurrection is absolute truth that when He died, I died. When He was buried, I was buried, and when He resurrected from among the dead, I resurrected from among the dead.  So why don’t we talk like that?  We still talk like dead people.  We all believe it, so let’s begin to walk in it.  Death and life are in the power of our tongue, because the universe was created by the word, the mouth of God. (I am preaching to myself here.) 



FEBRUARY 16, 2013


Whenever God speaks, whatever He speaks is going to happen.  There are a people today beginning to remember. In Genesis chapter 1, God created spiritual beings, men and women in His likeness and in His image.  That has never changed.  What has changed is Adam’s perception of himself when he began to eat from that wrong tree.  We were created a spiritual being, not a human being.  In Genesis chapter 2, it says God made a man.  Well what is the difference?  One was created, and one was made.  The created man, the spiritual man, the image of God, the essence of God, the being of God; there was a body made for him, and God breathed that spiritual man into that body of clay.


Man lost awareness of where he came from, so he the rest of his life tried to regain what he lost by choosing the good over the evil.  Now I’ve said this for years, the very moment that we begin to choose the good over the evil, we have lost our awareness of being a spiritual being.  A spiritual being never considers good and evil as a way back to God.  A spiritual person only does the will of the Father.


There is a verse in the Old Testament that says there will come a day when God will remove the veil that has been cast over all nations.  Do you know what that veil is?  That veil is your humanity.  That veil that has been put over you is that man that was made in Genesis chapter 2, who lost his identity.  He no longer knew that he was in the image of God.  He thought that to regain what he had lost, that he had to learn to live a life choosing the good over the evil.  That is where religion began.  If you really have the experience of oneness, you would never be a religious person. 


There are a lot of things, when you begin to really have an unveiling of that spiritual being that you are; there are a lot of things that you will no longer need that you have held onto for years.  In my case it was many, many years that I did everything in my power to choose the good over the evil, to be a good Christian and I didn’t make it that way.  I never was quite able to do that.  But when I began to realize the truth and the difference between the man created in Genesis 1 and the man made in Genesis chapter 2, and I began to realize that all of my life, even as a Christian, for many years I was still living out of the mind-set of the man who was made, and not the man who was created.



FEBRUARY 22, 2013


God created us a spiritual being in Genesis chapter 1.  We have begun to see what God is raising up in these days is the Melchizedek priesthood.  The Melchizedek priesthood has no beginning of days or end of life.  Get your Strong’s and look up the word, “created”.  One of the meanings for the word “created” is “cut down”.  I say it this way: we are just chips off the old block.  God cut Himself down and all of us have the essence, the nature, the character and all of God is, that is who we are. Because of being lowered into this physical world we forget who we are and where we came from. (I really do not have the words to adequately express this.)


Most of us have heard the teaching of the seed.  So we know that a seed when it is planted in the ground, before it can bring forth life, it must die.  Someday everyone will realize this.  We came from the very essence of spirit, the heavenly realm. We were a seed that fell into this earth, and died to all that we were. We do not need to die we need to awaken to his life within us and begin to live as Christ on this earth.


Entering into the birth canal is a dying to all that we knew as a heavenly being. Then we are taught by religion for years that we have to die.  So we try to kill this “old man”, this old nature, we try to deny it its lust and all manner of sin.


 We try to deny that thing, and all the time it has never had a real existence except the life that we give it by our belief in it. We are so powerful, because we are spiritual beings.  And because we are spiritual beings, in the image of God, whatever we believe in our hearts, we will speak out of our mouth, and that will create for us what we have today.  So the more you speak out of your mouth your unbelief, your sickness, your disease, your inability to walk godly; it just solidifies that natural man.  Most of my prayer these days is, “God, open the eyes of our understanding”, because once we begin to experience being a spiritual being we will begin to change and manifest as a son of God.



FEBRUARY 23, 2013


We believe intellectually everything that Jesus said, “He that believes on me, the works that I do, shall he do”.  It has bothered me for years that we seem to be so unable to do more.  The more you begin to walk in the experience of oneness, the more those things will begin to happen around you.  The greatest outpouring and the greatest move of God that is ever been known to man is happening now as people all over the earth and from every religion are waking up to the reality of oneness. 


The veils are beginning to be removed from our eyes. We have had some mighty moves of God, through men like Oral Roberts, William Branham and others. I’ve studied all of what is considered the great men of God.  They were great men of God but most of them lacked spiritual maturity. William Branham was known as the most accurate prophet since Elijah. However, when he preached he said women who cut their hair were going to hell and many other things.


They were mighty gifted men of God.  And the whole Christian world has been fooled because they thought that gifted men were spiritual men.  What is taking place today is an unveiling.  God is pulling back the veil that has been cast over our eyes.  It is so real that you will be able to stand with full assurance of faith and say that I am not just a human being.  I have never been just a human being I am a divine human being, walking by experience into the realms of the kingdom of Heaven where there is no more death; there is no more sickness; there is no more disease.  Some try to deny their humanity but being divinely human is the only way to experience the kingdom of heaven.


Your spirit will reveal the truth to you.  Your head might be saying, “NO WAY,” but see, that is the problem.  We listen to our head rather than our heart.  Some preachers today will tell you “Oh brother, you had better be careful.  You know what the scriptures say.  The heart is deceitfully wicked, and the heart will deceive you so quickly.”  If you have been born again, you have a new heart, because the scriptures say that when you are born again, “I am going to take out that stony heart and I am going to give you a heart of flesh.  Then I am going to put my spirit in you, and cause you to walk in my statutes.”  For years I thought I had a wicked heart that would deceive me. Now I realize that is not true. We have a heart that seeks after God.



FEBRUARY 25 2013


Most every Christian that has done any scriptural study at all would know that the scriptures teach us that we are one with God.  Yet if you look at the situation over the last two thousand years, we have had a tremendous amount of information and we have grown a great extent in knowledge, but we have very little experience. 


Look at the situation among God’s people.  How could you believe that you are one with God, with the same life, the same nature, the same character and abilities, and then stand against a brother or sister who believes different? 


The scriptures clearly reveal to us that we are to cover one another, not to necessarily agree with one another, but to cover one another.  So what we need in these days probably more than anything else is exactly what God is doing.  He is opening the eyes of the blind. We have all been blind in some respect in our spiritual seeing.  I think what we need is a brain flush.  


If we could flush out all the wrong teachings that we have been taught about God, and then begin to listen to the message that is coming forth in these days, we would be quickly transformed into the image that we know that God has called us to be. 


Religion, more than anything else in this whole world, has been a hindrance to true spirituality.  Now I wouldn’t say that religion isn’t good, because it is.  Without religion, who knows what kind of chaos our earth would be in?  Those who are living out of a carnal mind must have the laws, the rules and the regulations, or our country would be in chaos.  So religion has done tremendous things for us in teaching us morality, teaching us how to be a good human being.  However that has absolutely nothing to do with true spirituality.  God has never ever been after taking a bunch of carnal, worldly people, and making them better.  That is not the purpose of the gospel.  About oneness, I’ll read this, and I know if you are a Bible student, this is going to be a repeat of what you’ve heard before.  But listen to it, and when I read this out of John chapter 17, this should be our experience!  And like I say, we have taken the scriptures over the years, and we’ve memorized them, and we’ve believed them, but it is strictly an intellectual knowledge with very little experience.


Jesus prayed in John 17:20-23  Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word; 21 That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. 22 And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one: 23 I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me. 



FEBRUARY 26, 2013


That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.


There are many thousands of Christians in the world today, all in their own little sects, groups, divisions, denominations and home groups.  Yet the world has never been convinced that Jesus was the Son of God because we have had knowledge of oneness without practicality and without experience.


You see we have been taught in religion, no matter what denomination that you have been raised in; we are taught, “Unless you agree with my interpretation and the way I look at scripture, then we can’t be one.”  We can’t even walk together.”  They use scripture like, “How can two walk together except they be agreed?”  Well that is true.  Look at the situation out there.  They are not agreed, none of them.  The reason they are not agreed is they are not walking in LOVE. When you are walking in love you can disagree and still fellowship with one another.


There is a true revelation that is coming forth in these days on oneness that is opening the eyes of the blind. The most carnal, the most degraded people in the world; when they hear the truth and the revelation of God’s love, and the oneness that is coming forth among His people, it is like a magnet that will draw them to the truth


Those who love God, who truly love God and are not just intellectual Christians, but those who truly love God and have His essence coming forth from them, they are magnets that draw people not to an individual, but they stir up a hunger in people to know and understand God.


“I in them and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them as you have loved me.” If we really had an understanding that the Father loves us as much as He loved Jesus that in its self, the experience of His unconditional love, would set us free from every bondage that we are in. 


We have to stop settling for knowledge, because just the knowledge of that will still leave you in bondage.  You can know God loves you like He does Jesus and you will still be in bondage if you do not experience that love.  It is not what we know; it is what we have experienced of Him that will release us from captivity. 


“Father, I will that they also whom you have given me be with me where I am.”  Well, your traditional churches teach you that He is praying that when you die, you will go to heaven, but where is He today?  “That where I am you may be”, He is the fullness of all that God is, and Jesus lived and moved and had His being in the Father. He prays here that we would have that same experience as He had, of living in the presence and being of His Father.



FEBRUARY 27, 2013


Jesus said, “I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory, which you have given me.  For you loved me before the foundation of the world.” He says earlier in verse 22, “The glory which you have given me, I have given to them.”  Now how many messages have you heard from preachers who said, “Oh you better be careful.  Don’t take the glory.”  I understand what they mean.  But Jesus clearly and specifically said that the same glory that He had, He gave to His disciples.  Well what is the glory of God?   The glory of God is simply the expression and the manifestation of God. 


Wherever God is expressed, there is His glory.  “I have declared unto them your name, and will declare it, that the love where with you have loved me may be in them. That is the key.  Love is the theme of the Christian walk. As we walk in love we walk in oneness. 


You’ve heard the cliché that you can’t see the forest for the trees.  Well there is so much in the scriptures that you would call the forest.   But if you do not know and understand the love of God, you have missed the whole thing, because the love of God, the compassion of God sees only one thing in this whole universe.  That is the essence of His being in you.  Oh, if we could only see that.  You mean God doesn’t look at my sin?  No not at all.  If we had the time, I have hours of teaching I’ve done on the righteousness of God.  The scriptures clearly reveal to us that God no longer holds us accountable for our sin.  He no longer looks at our sin.  As far as the east is from the west He has removed our sin, so why would God look at it? 


What keeps us in bondage is because we do look at it.  When you have the revelation of the magnitude of Calvary’s victory, you will no longer look at whatever is wrong in your life, you begin to look beyond that, and you begin to focus and center your whole being on the Christ within, and you begin to live out of the Christ, the new creation man that lives within you.  When that man begins to awaken in you, you will live the abundant life.


We all know that we are new creations in Christ, but yet we still live in the old mindset.  However when that new man begins to awaken on the inside of us, is when we begin to experience the unconditional love of God. When we experience that, we realize that everything in our life that is ungodly or disobedient we realize that the magnitude of Calvary’s victory has forgiven it all.



FEBRUARY 28, 2013


When you really begin to enjoy forgiveness and know that there is nothing you can do to stop God from fulfilling His plan and purpose in your life; when you begin to really have an understanding that the seed in you is pre-programmed, predestinated to reproduce God on this earth, then you stop looking at the “wrong” and you focus on the seed, the presence, the essence, the new creation man or woman that you are.  That is the one who is one with God. 


The reason why we haven’t experience it is because we’ve focused too much on the intellectual side, trying to clean up the outer man, and trying to do all of these things to make ourselves right, when if we had a revelation of the new creation, we would begin to understand that we are alright, and there is nothing we need to add to, or take away from who we are.  We are complete in Him!  


That is what the apostle Paul meant when he told the Ephesians, “You are complete in Him.” Yet before we have that understanding, we are always trying to complete this old creation man, this man who really is an unreality.  One of the very first things that has to fall by the wayside for us to begin to experience the oneness of God, is we have to get out of this carnal mind, out of the way it thinks, out of its religious training, and all of the things that we’ve been taught.


The whole carnal mind has to fall at our feet, because the teaching of scripture is when Jesus died, you died.  When Jesus died on the cross, He took every act of disobedience, every thing negative in this whole universe, this whole creation that we look at through the five senses that we live from, that is what went to the cross.  And when Jesus rose from the dead, He did not bring anything of the old creation out of death.  But He raised all creation, including you, me and everyone in the universe who died in Christ, and seated us together in heavenly places in Christ. 



MARCH 1, 2013


Our minds need to be renewed so that we operate from the mind of Christ. Your carnal mind will prove to you, by your experience, that the truth is a lie.  Some people say, “Well brother, if I say I am well when I am sick, I am lying”, when the opposite it true.  When you say you are sick, you are actually lying against the truth of the revelation of what God teaches. One of the things Paul taught Timothy is, “Don’t lie against the truth.” The scripture says “Let the weak say I am strong.” Any time that you say or speak anything that is contrary to the truth, you are lying against the truth.


Eph 4:22-25 That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; 23 And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; 24 And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness. 25 Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor: for we are members one of another.


Until we somehow, get enough revelation and experience to be able to believe these simple truths, we will still always be in bondage, and will be tied to this carnal mind. The scriptures clearly reveal that when Jesus died, He put an end to the old creation; it included sin, sickness, death, and disease.  Everything of the old creation ended at the cross.  That is the simple teaching of the scripture.  Yet we look all around us, and we look, perhaps some of us, at our own bodies and what do we see.  We see death working; sickness working and we see it in us, and all around us. 


This took me a while to really understand.  But whenever you try to change your physical body in any way, you don’t understand the truth of God.  We don’t need to change this physical body; we need a renewed mind.  And the renewed mind recognizes that sin, sickness, death and disease were already dealt with. Of course I’m not here to tell you that we shouldn’t go to doctors.  No, that is not the message.  But the message is to clearly have that quality time in the quiet, and in the presence of God, to receive the revelation that we need to be able to begin to walk in these truths.  We all know the truth intellectually and it is wonderful to have the proper knowledge, but I hunger for more of the experience. Our inner man is being strengthened every day and we are being called to walk in the fullness of the kingdom.



MARCH 2, 2013


How can we say sickness is not real when it is manifesting in you and just about everybody else, especially in these days? I am very well acquainted with sickness since childhood. It is very real in the carnal realm.


However, you have to hear what the Spirit is saying.  Have you ever been in the desert?  Carol and I lived in the desert for thirty years.  And on a hot dry day, you can be walking or driving through the desert with a great thirst perhaps, and you can look out maybe a hundred feet in the desert and see a lake.  It is impossible, unless you’ve experienced this, to believe that lake is not there.  It is there!  And if you are thirsty, you are going to drive towards it.  That is what we call, “an illusion, a mirage”.  Yet if you understand, after you live in the desert, and you experience this a couple of times, you know that is a mirage and you pay no attention to it because you know what it is. 


It is there and it is visible. You would think it is tangible, but you can’t get there because the more you drive towards it, the further away it gets.  That is a very, very good example of the old creation. It looks so real. We feel its pain.  We experience the habits and all of the stuff in our life perhaps that we feel is keeping us from enjoying the richness of the kingdom of God and it is all just a part of our belief system. 


Until we really have that understanding, we will always be trying to deal with, and rearrange the illusion.  Well there is not much hope there, because even if through some type of prayer or gifts of the Spirit that you get healed, I can almost guarantee you that you are going to break out some where else.  And I’ve had a lot of experience in healing and deliverance years ago; I was in that type of ministry.  I have seen people delivered and healed of cancer.  I can’t tell you; one person in particular, I have seen healed at least four or five times.  And eventually, they still died of cancer.  You see; we have been dealing for two thousand years, in the illusion, and rearranging the illusion.  But that is all we have been doing.



MARCH 4, 2013


There is no one who can teach you how to walk in the kingdom of God. The best we can do is give an illustration, or share the experience that we each have and that can encourage all of us. The understanding that is coming forth today is much more than just intellectual knowledge.  This information will change your life because the ministry that is coming forth in these days is not just knowledge.  You cannot understand with the natural mind spiritual truth. 


No one will be able to receive and walk in this message without taking the time to sit in the quiet or however you experience God. We need to spend time, especially in the quiet, to just let God reveal truth to us. Everywhere I go, I share this over and over and over again: you have an anointing.  And your anointing is the only teacher that will ever convince you of the truth. 


Teachers and ministers can stir you up.  But the Spirit within you is the only one who will really bring you into all the truth.  Nobody else can do it.  “The anointing that you’ve received abides in you, and you have no need that any man teach you.  For that same anointing will teach you all things; and it is the truth and it won’t lie to you.” 


Before we can begin to experience oneness we must first know the truth about God. He is the father of all. We all came out of God and we are all on a journey discovering our true nature and identity. We are a most awesome, magnificent light being that has been covered over by our natural mind, but the veils are being removed. The seed if God is in every man and the plan of God for you is in the seed.


It is a magnificent thing when we really touch the oneness. When we are caught up in the spirit we feel like David who said he could run through a troop and jump over a wall. The problem is that most of the time when we experience the spirit we fall back into the carnal mind. 



MARCH 5, 2013


Most of the time we still give in and bow down to that which our mind tells us, rather than what the Spirit of God would tell us.  That is why a lot of times when people hear me speak they’ll say, there is something in me; there is a stirring in me that I want to believe what you say because it sounds so good, but it goes against everything I’ve been taught.”


That is what we have to deal with.  We need to realize that our anointing, our spirit will never lie to us, and we have to learn to trust that anointing, that is within us. Our mind will lie to us; but that that inner voice and that inner guidance system will not ever lie to you.


We have to learn to be comfortable with what we hear from the deepest recesses of our being, even if it goes against your mind and what you’ve been taught.  We all come out of religion by following that inner anointing that is within us.


No one will ever change without a revelation, without a knowing, without something within them awakening them to the truth of God’s Word.  It will never happen without that anointing within you.  We all believe what we believe because that is what we’ve been taught.  And that is why some are Baptist because they believe what they are taught.  A Lutheran will always be a Lutheran.  A Pentecostal will always be a Pentecostal.


In practicality religion is no different than any other socialistic or any other type of government because what ever you have been taught as a child by your parents and your peers and your teachers and your government; whatever you have been taught as a child, you will believe.  And there isn’t anybody who is going to change you.  There is only one thing that will ever change you, and that is to have a revelation, not of the God in the heavens, but the God within. 


The only thing that will ever bring change to your life is revelation.  A big problem is that all of us, because we are so hungry, we get caught up into religion of all kinds.  And when you get caught up in religion, and it doesn’t matter what religion it is, it doesn’t matter what denomination it is; whatever religion you get caught up in, there are walls built around you.  You may have had a wonderful regeneration experience, and you may know beyond a shadow of a doubt because His Spirit bears witness with your spirit that you are a child of God.  If you never learn to follow your heart you will always follow man and be in bondage.



MARCH 7, 2013


It is the most wonderful thing to experience the revelation of God’s unconditional all-encompassing love that includes everyone!  


Do you think God cares if you think His name is Buddha?  You really think He cares?  If you have a heart that is reaching out for God, He is going to meet you no matter what you think.  You may be kneeling before a statue of Buddha with a heart crying out for God, and He is going to meet you right where you are. 


There is a lot of bigotry in the Christian religion. Most Christians really believe that God has only given the Christian religion the truth, and everybody else has been receiving all of their information from devils, doctrines of demons and angels of light.  “And we Christians, we’ve got the truth.”  It is because, again, we’ve had an intellectual understanding of God. 


Do you think God really cares if you are right or wrong in your beliefs?  That is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  When I meet a Buddhist, and I have in the past, or any other religion; I wouldn’t think of trying to tell them they are serving a false God, because if they really have that hunger for God, the Spirit of God in them will lead them out of religion just like he did us.


There is so much teaching in Christianity about a false love.  People say I have “greasy grace” and “sloppy agape. I will give you so much greasy grace you will slide right into the kingdom of God. I will love you regardless of your condition, just a Jesus would.


 fGod’s grace is so greasy that He turns absolutely away from your error, and He concentrates on His seed in you.  And He knows better than you do the value of that seed. Maybe I’ll share just a little bit about that seed.  Genesis chapter 1, without going into a lot of detail, you were created a spiritual being. God brought forth spiritual beings in Genesis chapter 1. In Genesis chapter 2, it says He formed man. We were created as spiritual beings.  And we left the state of being spiritual beings in that place everybody calls heaven, which is just another realm beyond our physical vision.  We came into this physical world and we came here with a purpose. 


The scripture that says, “Except the seed fall into the ground and die,” you are a seed of God, and you fell into this ground and you died to all that you knew before.  You do not need to die to the flesh you need to discover the truth of your being and then you will begin to live the abundant life that Jesus came to give.



MARCH 8, 2013


Hebrews says, “Wherefore in all things it behooved him to be made like unto his brethren” Heb 2:17 If you understand Jesus and why he came to earth, you will understand yourself.” 


You see, by those days the whole Jewish system, had no comprehension of this unconditional love of God.  Jesus came to reveal to them, the true nature of the father. They though that God required a death and blood for them to be forgiven when their own scripture said. Ps 40:6 “Sacrifice and offering thou didst not desire; mine ears hast thou opened: burnt offering and sin offering hast thou not required.”


This is repeated in The New Testament. Heb 10:5-6 “Wherefore when he cometh into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not, but a body hast thou prepared me: In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had no pleasure.”


God never required a blood sacrifice for sin. Blood sacrifice is a pagan doctrine. Why would God require the death of anything or anyone to forgive us? There are some things written in the scriptures that just have been misinterpreted. Religion teaches that God created a place where if you do not obey him he will torment you forever in a fire pit. Religion teaches that if you do not receive Jesus you will also burn for all eternity. We say things like that and then wonder why people reject religion.


I have said for years that most people have not rejected God; they have rejected the false image of God that Christianity has given them. He is presented as one who is angry, vengeful and judgmental. He loves you but will throw you in a never ending torcher chamber if you are not good. That presents God as one who is worse than Hitler. Religion has taken the wonderful loving compassionate God and made him into an image of a man.


Religion teaches that God causes natural disasters to bring judgment and punishment on man. God does not punish, he forgives and restores. Religion teaches that God is mean He kills babies and murders children and whole cites.  That is a concept of God that was picked up from paganism.  It is the pagans who burn their children, and sacrifice their children.  Num 31:17-18 17 Now therefore, kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who is not a virgin.  18 But all the young girls who have not known man by lying with him keep alive for yourselves. AMP That is right out of the Old Testament. You can keep the women for yourselves. That my friends is not my God.



MARCH 11, 2013


Jesus revealed the true nature of his Father.  Just look at Jesus, and watch what he does watch the compassion and the love that he has for the people.  You will then understand the Father, because you see; Jesus would say, “my Father and I, we are one.  Everything that my Father is, all of His essence and His being, all of His compassion is who I am.  And that is who you are.”  See, that is why that prayer came forth in John 17. “That they may know that the same oneness that is in me is in them.  I am in them; (Jesus said) they are in me, and we are all in you.”  And we are just one big happy expression of our Father. 


Jesus told His disciples “The works that I do, shall you do.”  Well how could that be?  It can’t be until we begin to walk in the experience of this prayer in John chapter 17, until we are willing at least, to go before God in His presence and say, “God, is this carnal mind really the problem?  In reality, are sin, sickness, death, and disease really been put away?  If it is an illusion, why is it so powerful?  Why are sickness and disease so powerful if they were all dealt with at the cross?”


We were created in the image of God.  We have the voice of God.  We have the creative ability of God.  Therefore, whatever you believe in your heart and you speak out of your mouth; will create for you your experience of tomorrow.  A lot of people worry about the future. Your future is determined today.  We all know that there is no such thing as living in the future or the past; there is only now. 


If you don’t like your life now, or you are concerned about what your future might be, you must begin to live now in the kingdom of God, and that will determine your future.  If you do not like your life now start telling another story. Tell the story about yourself that is true according to what you know the truth is.  That is what the word, “repent” means in the Bible.  We have to change our minds about who we are!  Once our mind is renewed we will begin to speak the truth instead of the lie. My mind is being renewed, but I still have a lot of stuff there that needs to be cleaned out.  I am not here to tell you I am walking in the fullness of this message. However I have had a tremendous change in my life by speaking the truth. YOUR CONFESSION IS YOUR POSSESSION.



MARCH 12, 2013


There is no person on this earth breathing air who does not have the substance of God within their being.  And that is what we are beginning to awaken to.  And when you realize the substance of God is in every being, you can begin to have the eyes of God that look beyond the carnality of anyone. You may not agree with homosexuality, lesbianism, prostitution, the hate and the envy, but you begin to focus instead, on the being that they are.  Then you don’t try to change them in an outward way.


You simply minister the living and abiding Word of God to the seed that is in them.  It doesn’t even matter if they understand it or not.  You come and hear a Word like this; I don’t care who is sharing the Word.  If you come around people who are sharing the Word, and you just come, even though you can’t understand it, or perhaps you don’t even believe it.  I guarantee you; you will change if you just come and sit and listen to it, because the ministers of today know the power that is in the spoken, living and abiding Word of God.


And as you speak, you are literally speaking, not to the mind; you are speaking to the heart and spirit of those who listen.  And spirit knows truth.  If you sit for a while and hear the message that is coming forth today, and I don’t care who it is coming from, you will be changed, because spirit knows spirit, and deep calls unto deep.


If you have the traditional mind-set you have a hard time when you hear truth because your mind will shut it down.  If you don’t know and learn to listen to the Spirit within, your mind will shut down the truth no matter who is speaking it.  Well this is what Jesus meant when He said, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself.”  Now see; we thought, like I did for years that meant, “Oh, I have got to quit smoking, and I have got to quit this, and I can’t chase women anymore, and I can’t do all of that stuff.”  And we stop doing all of that stuff, and we still aren’t any more like Jesus; we are just better people, which is good.  It is better to be good than it is to be bad. But it has nothing to do with spirituality.



MARCH 13, 2013


“And Jesus said to all, If any person wills to come after me, let him deny himself, disown himself, forget, lose sight of himself and his own interests, refuse and give up himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me, cleave steadfastly to Me, conform wholly to My example of living and, if need be, in dying.  For whoever would preserve his life and save it, will lose it and destroy it, but whoever loses his life for My sake, he will preserve and find it.” 


If you want to know the experience of oneness, you have to totally turn away from what you believe that you are.  You have to totally renounce this concept of being a carnal individual called Gary Sigler that was born at birth and was raised to believe that he was an individual person, with either good traits or bad traits. This whole concept of being an individual human is what Jesus meant.  It wasn’t dealing with these little sins.  It doesn’t work anyway because you deal with one, and another one will pop out.  It is dealing with the whole thing. 


The axe has to be laid to the whole root of the tree and cut off, this concept that you are a human being, alienated and separated from God in any way.  Everything that presents its self to you in your mind that is against the truth of your being must be cast down, and you must know, I am a son of my Father.  As a son of my Father, my essence and my being is all that He is.”  Now, if we get the corporate Body of Christ together with that consciousness; we will change the world. 


We have this crazy idea; the Christian mind says that we are to change this world and that we are to bring the kingdom of God to this world.  Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” What he meant was “My kingdom is not of this age,” because the earth is a wonderful place.  Pray that the kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  Well what is that?  To bring the kingdom of heaven to earth is to walk in the presence, essence and knowing that you are a son of God on this earth.  You are here to manifest God to the world, and to reconcile all of creation back to the Father.



MARCH 14, 2013


Once people begin to experience the love of God in you, then you can begin to unfold to them all of the truths that have changed you.  But if you try to change the person’s conduct, you will not have much success.  As for myself I couldn’t change.  Even though I wanted to, I couldn’t.  I couldn’t even quit smoking.  I smoked for thirteen years trying to quit.  I was never good at trying to be righteousness. 


I wasn’t able to change my outward being, even though in my heart I was crying out for God. I didn’t understand that that my carnal nature was a lie.  But when I discovered the truth, and I began to stand against it, and I began to spend quality time just in meditation and with the Lord, my life began to change. 


All of those things that I fought and were so hard to deal with, I found that they just fell at my feet.  In fact, on July 11th in 1982, I awoke a new man. 


Have I had lots of struggles since then? – You bet!  But I woke up different on July 11, 1982.  The cigarettes were gone.  The day before I smoked like a chu-chu.  Why is that? – Because for years before that I had just sought God every day of my life.  But there came a time when God began to really reveal to me, not through a man, but through my own being; through His voice within me, He began to reveal the truths of the anointing and His substance that was within me.


He began to share with me how that He never looks at my faults; He never looks at my sin.  How could he? He said, “Because I took them away.  They were all buried at Calvary.  And so what I see in you is, I see my life.  Oh, it is way past your mind, but I see in the depths of your being.  I see all that I am just waiting to burst forth within your consciousness.” 


One more thing, some say “If what you say is true, how come so much sickness?  Why do we see it everywhere?” Because again, we are created in the image of God, and we believe in sickness and disease and death more than we believe in the reality of what happened at Calvary.  Whatever you believe is what you are going to say.  Some of you will say today after reading this, “That sounds good, but I just can’t believe it.”  You have already sealed it because what you say is what you believe in your heart, and will bring to you your experience because you were created in His image.  So you can begin to repent, change your mind about who you are, begin to change the way you speak and the way you think, and you will be different tomorrow.  Like I say; your future will be determined by your today.  It is never going to get any better tomorrow until you change how you think today. 





MARCH 15, 2013


Before we can ever experience oneness, the veil has to come off of our eyes.  What is that veil? It is the veil of the flesh. There are times when all of us get into the glory, or get into worship, or the praise where we sense that we are lifted out of this realm of the physical, and we enter into the realm of the spiritual.  But we always come back to the flesh, always.  The flesh is like a magnet.  And so it has been two thousand years since Jesus walked the earth, declaring that the kingdom of heaven is within us.


Most of us are still waiting for something to begin to experience the fullness of that heavenly realm.  I believe the days of waiting are over.  But I think we need a little more help and a little more understanding to be able to break through that veil of flesh.  You know for years I was always trying to enter into that realm.  In fact, most of the teaching that we have had in Pentecost says “We start in the body, and we journey through the soul, and now that we are in Pentecost or in the soulish realm that the next step is the Most Holy Place.”  So if you are like me; for many years, I tried with everything within me to enter in beyond the veil and enter into that Holy Place.


We did seem to make it once in a while.  Whenever you feel like you have broken through the veil, and that you are caught up in the glory or in the worship or you are caught up in the presence of the Lord, it is not that you have broken through the veil; it is that the spirit within you has risen in your consciousness.


What we should experience continually is living behind the veil.  There is no way that we can take this human understanding, and this carnal nature, no matter how badly we want, we cannot take that into the Most Holy Place, because we know that flesh and blood cannot enter that place.


The Christ that is within us is the Most Holy Place.  So rather than work from the carnal realm, from the fleshly realm, from the religious realm of us trying to break through and try to get into the Holy Place, we must realize that that is really where we dwell.  Our true nature, our true identity, the spiritual being that we are, lives and moves and dwells in that Most Holy Place.  So rather than to try to take our flesh in there, we stand in the Most Holy Place, and from that place we speak forth that which will change not only us, but will change the world.



March 2013


It is hard to break through the carnal mind. There are really only two experiences that we have. They are the experience of just being human and the experience of being divinely human. There is such a vast difference between those two. For instance, a human being is what is called corruptible seed. That is why Paul says in 2 Cor. 4:16: For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man vanish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.” As our spiritual consciousness rises within us, our carnal consciousness decreases.


The spiritual man is the incorruptible seed. The problem again is the all in the mind, because we are raised in this physical and carnal realm, thinking that we are human beings trying to gain a state of acceptance by works of righteousness to enter the spiritual realm. This is the carnal mind in operation. 


What we need is the realization that the carnal mind is the veil that is over our eyes. Whenever we are trying to be more holy, or we are trying to please God it proves we are in the wrong mind set. The spiritual nature, the mind of Christ, the incorruptible seed moves and has their being in the essence and nature of God and has no need to please God because they can’t do any thing else.


So there are some guidelines we need to learn as markers, so we will know when we are in the carnal realm and when we are in the spiritual realm. You cannot learn how to be spiritual because when you are trying to be spiritual, it proves again you are in the carnal mind as a human being, trying to improve yourself. So we don’t learn to be spiritual; you can’t teach people to be spiritual – look how much teaching you have had in two thousand years. I wish it were possible to teach people how to be spiritual. I’ve had years of Bible teaching from some of the very best. However, all the knowledge in the world you can gain about being spiritual does not make one wit spiritual. Teaching can’t do it.  What does do it is when we simply spend time in the presence of God to have him unveil us to the reality of our being. The moment we begin to experience being a spiritual being, then all the “try” comes out of our nature. Not that you will never try again, but eventually you will more and more, day by day live from the Christ mind.



MARCH 18, 2013


We have what we call a human mind, a carnal nature, and we have a spiritual mind, which is the mind of Christ.  The mind of Christ is not something you try to attain to, or not something you try to get because Paul said, we all have the mind of Christ.  In fact Paul said that the church is Christ and that Christ is all and in all. 


When you begin to understand your spiritual nature, it gives you a totally different outlook on those around you.  If you really see your spiritual nature, then you will really recognize that every one around you, every one you contact, every one who crosses your path ever day of your life, is just as much a spiritual being as you are.  They are literally God, come in this flesh. 


Now part of our problem is that we are just beginning to learn who we really are, and when I say, “Who we are” it has nothing to do with this carnal nature.  Back in Genesis God said “Let us” Who is “us”?  What that word really is “Elohim”.  Elohim said and Elohim is a plural word.  That is where we began.  In fact, in Genesis, it says, “In the beginning”, that word “beginning” is really “first fruits”.


“In the first fruits, Elohim”, that is your beginnings.  We were the ones who – as is said in Job 38:7 7 When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?


That is who we are!   Until God begins to unveil us, and begins to cause a remembrance, or at least a stirring in our hearts, to know that we are the Firstfruits of God we will always be striving.  The reason that we have never fully experienced the oneness of God is that we don’t know who we are.  And when I say, you are the Firstfruits, that does not mean that we are some egotistical ego-minded god on this earth.  In reality there is ONE god in many manifestations. 


A mistake that we’ve made is that we thought that the man Jesus had a last name Christ, like He was the only one, yet Christ is a corporate man.  Christ is a corporate experience, Jesus being the heard and we being the body. The head and the body are one Christ on the earth.



MARCH19, 2013


“As He is, (speaking of Jesus) so are we in the world.” 1John 4:17 Now we would never take away the pre-eminence of Jesus the Christ.  We would never take anything away from Him being the Head of the Body, the supreme ruler of the Body, the Head of the church.  But we have to realize, somehow the Father has to open our eyes to see that we are as He is. 


If we can see that, not just intellectually, but if we can have a revelation of Christ coming forth within us, we will begin to then experience what Jesus prayed for John 17, “That they all may be one, just as I am one with my Father, so that they would be one.”  We were one before we ever came here.  You remember when Jesus said, “Except a grain of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone.”  Now we have attributed that to Jesus.  And that is true. 


Jesus fell into this earth, and He died, and He is certainly producing a wonderful harvest all over the world.  But have you ever considered the fact that you also fell into the earth and died?  Hebrews said Jesus became like unto His brethren.  What does that mean?  It was a few years ago when I saw that verse, and it really opened to me that Jesus because like unto His brethren.  We all came from the same source.  We all fell into this earth as an incorruptible seed of God that we were created to be in Genesis chapter 1. We fell into this earth and died to all that we knew before. 


We were so lost in this dense physical realm that Jesus had to come and be made like unto His brethren to redeem them and point the way back to the Father.  That is really why He came.  He came to say simply, “Look at me.  The fullness of all that God is was in this man.”  Jesus was the fullness of all that God is in a human form.  And His main teaching throughout His whole life was to reveal that the same life that He had, He came to impart to His brethren, to lift them up in their awareness and in their consciousness, to make them realize that they are as He is.  Somehow we need to rid ourselves of this notion of our beginning began with the natural birth.



MARCH 21, 201


We believe, because we haven’t experienced anything else that our human birth was our beginning, a natural birth.  But why did Jesus say that we had to be born again?  The seed that fell into this earth and died had to be re-generated. 


In the beginning we were in God shouting with joy over the creation that was coming forth; However we have all done what Adam and Eve did by learning to live life by choosing the good over the evil; Adam was created in the image of God, but then when Adam partook of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, it says he had children after his image, not after God’s image, but after his image. And Adam lived an hundred and thirty years, and begat a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth:


This whole carnal realm that we live in was not created by God. The age that we live in, the way we think, and the way we work, and the way we buy and sell, our whole human living came out of the carnal realm.  It has nothing to do with “spirit” whatsoever. 


That is why when Jesus came.  He was so different because nothing of the natural realm had any bearing on Him at all.  He could walk on water; He could heal the sick; He could raise the dead; He could still the storm.  Why? – Because He had a revelation of being a son of God. 


Evidently from early childhood on, He knew who He was and where He came from.  And He knew that this whole world system was a system that came out of the carnal mind of man, and He knew that as God on this earth, as the Christ of God, He had far superiority over anything in this carnal realm that was created out of the mind of man. 


We have had a natural birth, but that was not our beginning.  That is why Jesus said, “Call no man your father.”  Because the moment you call a man your father, your relating your experience, your beginnings, with an earthly father.


Heb 12:9 Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live?


For years I did not realize that my spirit was a complete being.  To me, spirit was like the breath or the air, which the scriptures do say; but to me, spirit was something kind of nebulous that wasn’t a complete being.  But then one day as I was contemplating this, I felt the Lord says to me, “You think I don’t have a mind emotion and will?”


The soul comprises the mind, the emotion and the will.  What was revealed to me is that when we are regenerated or born again, what happens to us is that the soul of God begins to awaken on the inside of us.  The mind of Christ, the emotion of God, and the love of God, the total being of who God is begins to be awakened on the inside of us at regeneration.  So you can see how foolish it is for us to take this old human nature and try to make it better. 


I have often shared this, and I use to try this for years before I realized the truth; you can correct every sin that is known; you can do everything that is absolutely right, and still not experience God at all, because, God is not good and evil.  I myself have taught for years on the knowledge of good and evil. 


I think all of us have probably been taught about oneness for a few years.  But we still are not walking very much in the experience of it, because it is not what we know that is our salvation, it is who we are, and a revelation and an unveiling, and a removing of that veil of being just a human being.



MARCH 27, 2013


I’m sure we’ve all experienced to a degree; when the Spirit of Christ begins to rise up in you; you begin to have an experience that is totally outside the human realm.  For instance, there is no way as a human being that you are going to love anybody that despitefully uses you.  You just can’t do it with the carnal nature. However when Christ arises in you, you can say from your heart. “Father forgive them.”


Now if you are a very good person; you can do very good things, and you can be good to people; you can feed the hungry; you can do all those things that religious people do, but as soon as someone turns against you, your reaction from the human realm is resentment, bitterness, anger, and “Why did they do that to me?”  However, at regeneration, there is another life that begins to come forth and it is a continual experiential walk and an unveiling of that life that is within us. 


Paul said years ago, “You are complete in Him.”  And we know that “Him” really is in us.  Yet all the time for years - and many Christians are still doing this; they are still looking outside of themselves for their salvation.  They are trying to memorize the Bible; they are trying to do all the “works”; they go to church every time the doors are open because there is a spirit in man that hungers and thirsts after the reality of God.


We will try to do anything that someone tells us we need to do to get God.  I have shared how all the knowledge in the world about God will not save us, not even a little bit.  Again, it is like oneness.  You can learn all the scriptures on oneness; you can memorize John chapter 17 about the prayer of oneness, and you can be convinced in your mind that you are one with God, and yet never experience it.  You can still be full of anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and live a totally carnal lifestyle.  You can still talk about people and gossip.  You don’t think the very best of every person.  You don’t see the Christ in every person; you see the negative.  And even as a Christian, it is still easier to see and emphasize the negative than it is the positive.  Well why is that?  It is because we have all of this knowledge, but we don’t stand in the truth and in the reality of what we know, and who we know that we are.  We give into the carnal realm.  It is beyond me how we can name the name of Christ; how we can say that we have love towards our brethren, and then call somebody up and say, “I heard a rumor.”  Someone called a few people some time ago and said, “Have you heard what Gary and Carol Sigler did? They went to a New Age conference and everyone laid on the floor naked and meditated. This rumor was spread all over the United States and most of those who did not know us well believed it.


Today there are many lies spread about our president by Christians. We get an email about some horrible thing he did and without knowledge of it being true it will be sent to everyone on our mailing list. May God help us to be what we say we are, “people of the most high God. Let us not expose but cover and pray for those who are acting from a carnal nature.



MARCH 26, 2013


Our spiritual path really began back in the beginning of Genesis.  We were a seed that fell into the earth and died. Everyone came from the glory and fell to this earth and died; and this seed in us, this incorruptible, indestructible life of God fell in the ground and died to all that it had known, so that it can produce and bring forth many sons into glory. 


We have forgotten that, but we are remembering.  God is stirring our memory, and we know that we are not just here by accident, and we are not just old sinners born in original sin. I wrote a book a few years ago on “The Incorruptible Seed” and ask: when we came from glory how could we be born sinners?  How could we be born in original sin after Calvary took place? You were forgiven not when you come to an altar or said, “Jesus I receive you.” You were forgiven before you were born. 


Two thousand years ago, all of the old creation was taken into death, including every sin and every act of disobedience.  Anything that you have ever done in your whole life was covered by that one act of Calvary.  Heb 9:27-28 As it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.


Most people preach, “Oh there is coming a day brother, when you are going to stand before God and be judged.”  That is not what Hebrews means.  It was appointed unto man once to die, and the death of all mankind took place at Calvary. We now have the incorruptible seed of the living God taking on flesh and coming into this world to help people understand their true nature and identity.


We can’t do that as long as we still feel like we are sinners, as long as we still feel condemned in our conscience, as long as we still feel like we haven’t made it, or we can’t make it, how can we help anybody else?  Well we can’t, so we just become Bible teachers, and we just give people a bunch of knowledge that makes them feel good for a while; but when you are all by yourself, or when your husband runs off and leaves you, or when something drastic happens to you, what is the first thing you do?  You say, “God, why did you let that happen?”  That will prove to you that you do not have what you claim you believe.


Our whole understanding of God has to be changed to get out of this human mind-set, the whole thing.  Human consciousness is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  That is what it is.  You judge everything by right and wrong, good and evil.  That is the human consciousness. 



MARCH 27, 2013


Coming from the realms of glory to this physical dimension we begin to live by knowledge of good and evil and that is what brought in the human consciousness.  That is when Adam fell from a Christ-consciousness to a carnal-consciousness, and from then on reproduce children after his image and his human likeness.


So here we are, even two thousands years after the most wonderful event in history still telling people they are sinners.  There is no such thing on the earth today as a sinner.  Now you may be sinning, but you are not a sinner.  It may be something you are doing, but it is not who you are.


The moment that we are able to have just a little bit of light penetrate into that darkened consciousness, we  will begin to realize that we are not sinners, and we begin to ascend out of this miry clay of this dense physical consciousness.  We begin to live then as spiritual people on this earth. We are being changed day by day by our consciousness being renewed after the image of the one we came out of.


So again; the human person, the person that is living out of their human consciousness, is living by the knowledge of good and evil, living in the flesh of the carnal mind.  And the carnal mind is so subtle.  I am reminded of what God said back in the very beginning, that that serpent was subtler than anything on the earth.  And if you don’t think that is your carnal mind, you don’t know your carnal mind very well, because the subtlest thing that you will ever come up against is your carnal mind. 


Now I did not say there is not a devil out here.  But I will say that if there is, I can’t find him, and he doesn’t bother me.  He didn’t bother Jesus.  Jesus said, “The evil one comes but he can’t touch me, because he has no place in me.”  God is bringing us into the experience of understanding our spiritual nature, and our true identity, to realize that the evil one has no place in us.  But yet as long as we are still preaching sin, preaching guilt, preaching condemnation especially to God’s people who come to church they will not change unless they get a revelation of who they are and what Christ has done.



MARCH 28, 2013


Most Christians are still taught that they are sinners and alienated from God.  And if they don’t change their ways they will go to a place of eternal torture.   People say to me all the time, “Do you think everybody has been written in the Book of Life?”  “Well what about Revelation that says, ‘Those whose names were not found written in the Book of Life were cast into the Lake of Fire’”?  They are those people who still think they are humans.


Those names have never been written. Your human nature, your human identity has never been written in the Book of Life.  The only thing that happens to the wicked – and when I say, “the wicked”, they are those who are still living out of their human natures, and will be purified by the fire, not destroyed, not tormented and not tortured, but purified, yet so as by fire.


So those who realize that they are spiritual beings begin to have a spiritual consciousness rather than a human consciousness.  No longer do you live by the knowledge of good and evil.  You simply live out of a life that flows from the innermost recesses of your being. 


You begin then to experience what Jesus taught, not just know what He taught.  How many people today know the Sermon on the Mount and can maybe quote passages from the Sermon on the Mount?  “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake.”  We can know all of these things, but when that life in you begins to awaken, you become the Sermon on the Mount. 


When you begin to live in the spirit, you have such a heart for humanity develop within you.  Why do we want to emphasize the negative in anybody?  If we realized the power in words we would speak positive and speak life to others instead of death. Remember Jesus said, John 20:23 23 Whose so ever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whose so ever sins ye retain, they are retained. Whenever we speak negative about someone and are judging them we are retaining their sin. May we all learn to speak Love, light, and life towards others.



MARCH 29, 2013


Many people believe that their prayers will influence God to do something they think He should or will do. That is still a part of the carnal nature.  When we think that by our prayer and our fasting and our commitment that we can pray and get God to do something, it is strictly out of our carnal religious, human nature. The spiritual person knows that God withholds nothing from us. He makes the rain to fall on the just and unjust.


I certainly believe in prayer. The apostle Paul said to pray without ceasing. It is our concept of prayer that needs to be adjusted. We all know that Jesus is our example. When healing flowed from him how many times did he ask his father to heal someone? He did not pray for or heal everyone that was sick. He simply walked in the spirit and did what he knew was the Fathers will and then he spoke the word of healing. Jesus again when he was in the garden and was asking for this cup to be removed he said “Not my will but thine be done.” No matter how bad we want something our heart should always be “Not my will but yours be done.”


I used to lock myself in a room for eight hours every Saturday and I would pray.  And I am not telling you that no good came out of that.  But what I learned is that we get into this religious thing.  We think that if we fast a lot, or we pray enough, that somehow we are going to influence God to do something that we want done.  How could we influence God? If we do not have something it is not God withholding from us. The blockage is always on our side.


There are prayers answered, but let me say it this way: the only prayer that will ever be answered is the prayer that God puts in your heart to pray.  He is not going to answer anything else.  So what do we do?  I can only tell you what I did.  I stopped everything.  And I began to spend all of my time mostly in the quiet and just learned how to worship and fall in love with my father.  Now I can boldly declare that whatever the Father says for me to do, I can do it.  I don’t need any faith; I don’t need to pray about it, because if He says, “Do it”, it is done.  So if I am walking past someone in a wheel chair, and the Father would say to me, “You pray for that one”, I would say, “Get up out of that wheel chair.” 


We love God and we have been religious for years, but we are still living most of the time out of the human consciousness.  That is why our prayers are not effectual most of the time.  I can’t say at all because sometimes we pray and things happen, but I’ll guarantee you, if you look back over your prayer record, most of the time you are not seeing too many results because we are not acting out of the mind of Christ.  We are acting out of a human religious mind. 



APRIL 1, 2013


If we will stop all of our religious activity and just spend time getting to know our spirit and stop reaching outside of ourselves for answers we will have truth revealed to us.


How many people today are waiting for God to come and change this world?  If we are waiting for God outside of us, to come and save us, we are missing it again, because two thousand years ago, He said, “The kingdom of Heaven is IN YOU”.  It is not a place to go to when we die.  If this body would fall over right now, I would be no more in the kingdom of Heaven than I am right now.


The kingdom of heaven is within the Christ consciousness and we have the mind of Christ. That is why the apostle said “Put on the mind of Christ.”  We look with physical eyes a carnal mentality, and we see all the suffering and sin and we see the real wars and rumors of wars, and it locks us into this human thinking when all the time the kingdom of Heaven is within us.


What did Jesus pray?  “Thy kingdom come on earth.”  But yet we think that when He said, “Thy kingdom come on earth” that we should get Christians into politics.  I guarantee you, if every politician, from the president to the congress on down, were Christians, that isn’t going to bring the kingdom here, because Jesus said this very plainly: “My kingdom is not of this world.” The kingdom is not a political system, Yet we keep trying to bring it into this world. 


The kingdom is not of this worldly system, this worldly way of doing things.  And that is why we have missed it.  The fullness of the kingdom is within us.  Thank God, in these days the veils are being removed from our eyes, and there are such wonderful experiences to be had when you begin to walk in the kingdom of Heaven, the kingdom of God within you.


We still don’t treat each other as though we were Christ.  I am going to write something here that Jesus said:  In Matthew 25 “He shall set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left.  Then shall the king say to them, ‘Come ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:  For I was hungry and you gave me meat; I was thirsty, you gave me to drink; I was a stranger, and you took me in, naked and you clothed me; sick and you visited me; in prison, and you came to me.’  Then shall the righteous answer Him saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, thirsty and gave you to drink?  When did we see you a stranger, and took you in?  Or when were you naked and we clothed you?  Or when did we see you sick or in prison, and came to you?’  And the king shall answer and say unto them, ‘Verily I say unto you, in as much as you have done it unto one of the least of one of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.’”


We have known this, and we still treat each other badly.  We still mostly stress the negative in someone instead of the positive.



APRIL 2, 2013


I love what is called the love chapter in the bible because this is how God looks at us and this is how Christ in us looks at others.  Love takes no account of a suffered wrong, and thinks the very best of every person.  This is the character of God in you and me that sees the very best in every person. 


Again I say “The kingdom of Heaven is within you.”  And Jesus simply said this: John 15:7 If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. It took me years to figure out how in the world we abide in Him.  It is simply a matter of abiding in this new-creation consciousness that is being formed within us, and every day of our lives stand against those carnal thoughts, casting down every thought and every imagination that would bring itself against the knowledge and the revelation of God. 


No other way will we ever experience true oneness without this carnality between our ears falling at our feet.  We were told for years, “You have to deny the flesh; you have to die to yourself; when the truth is we are already dead!  We died when we enter this physical realm, and we can’t kill ourselves.  We are dead. Those who talk about killing the flesh do not realize they are already dead. We are walking dead men.  Some of us are even born again, but we are still walking in death because we don’t know that as He is, so are we in this world. The only hope we have is that somehow God will quicken and strengthen our spirit and cause us to arise and begin to put on the mind of Christ.


Carol and I have experienced many things because we heard the voice of the Father, and moved without any possible natural way of doing things.  We just hear the voice and do what He says.  There is such a heart that develops in you from becoming more aware of your spiritual consciousness.  You don’t care for anything except walking in God, pleasing God and bringing the kingdom of Heaven to the earth, not in this world system, but to the earth.  The only way we can do that, is it has to come in our earth.  Once the kingdom of God begins to come in our earth, then we will see it begin to come in the earth of those around us.  Why? Because everywhere we go we will be spreading seeds of the kingdom, and will be causing life to come forth and to be birthed in others.


Matt 5:43-48 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. 44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so? Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.











































EXPERIENCE of ONENESS Parts 1-42 [Gary Sigler] 1-4-2013 ~ BOOK         26

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