How do you experience Spirit

So …just how important is experience? There are those who discount experience completely — saying things such as (just for example), “faith needs to be based on the Word of God” …by which they mean the Christian Bible, “and not on personal experience.”

How about if we allow that “they” may just be partially correct? Which implies that “they” may NOT be correct at all; let’s throw a curve into the mix. What if it is true that the old saying that there is no such thing as absolute truth and that truth is quantifiable only in percentages …that is, it may be 95% true, 5% true or somewhere in the vast expanse in between the two.

How about it doesn’t matter what “they” say and it doesn’t matter what Brad Cullen says? Where, then, are YOU going to get YOUR answers for the most important (to me) issue in life?

If there really is another dimension, an unseen dimension, above and beyond this physical existence; a dimension some refer to as the “spirit realm,” others the “kingdom of God” and yet others “heaven,” or one gaining in popularity, “the other side,” then isn’t it vital that you get your information from a reliable source?

I submit to you that there is only one reliable SOURCE for information about SPIRIT. I admit to you that I did happen to find the introduction to the SOURCE in the Bible, but it took personal experience for me to acquire it. Reading the Bible was merely and only an introduction. The introduction came from the words of Jesus… “The SPIRIT” (he used a variety of terms, including “the helper” and the “Holy Spirit”), “will lead you into all truth.”

To supplant SPIRIT with “the Bible” as the source of truth is a gross perversion and needs to be called that. At the same time I must honestly say, again, that I received this introduction from the Bible. But once introduced, I have found that written works other than the Bible have provided me with deep insights into the spiritual realm as well as the Bible. My challenge to anyone who has ears to hear it is that you will never understand this paragraph until you have personally experienced the phenomenon of visits from the “Helper” and “Guide” into all truth.

Jesus’ primary instruction as to how to go about getting such visits is clothed in metaphor – this “Helper” and “Guide” WHO Jesus likened unto an extremely close friend and an over-indulgent parent – is activated by impudently (a lack of awe and respect) and persistently (not quitting until you have had the experience of a visit) “knocking” and “seeking” for HER/HIM/IT (according to Jesus there is no male or female In the kingdom of SPIRIT).

…You may want to visit www.spiritualhealingsource.com …go to the top menu bar, scroll right and click on “podcast,”  then scroll down to podcast 5 and listen to the personal experience of Ryan Bruce and how he received his visit  …and even dare to try what he did.







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