MARCH 27, 2006

Yes, It Is The Face of Pure, Infinite, Unconditional Love. You can see the peace, the joy and the comfort of Life in It. Peace floods the room as He enters with a twinkle in His eye. He is not burdened down with the cares of this world, for as you know, He is not of this world. He Is The Risen Substance; The New World; Resurrection Life. We feel His Love without any conditions, as we see His Face as Each Other.

If a person would ask that he could be with Him, you surely would hear Him say, “You already are, for there is no other place to be in Truth. The old has passed away, and behold you are as I Am, born of a new day. You are the new creature, reconciled to My House. You are the place where I have found to lay My Head. You are My Dwelling Place. I breathe My Life As You.

“Let us reason together as one mind: I Am the resurrection and the life, and so are you. We are the restorer of the breach, and have awakened As One New Man. Being The Way and The Truth and The Life, We shall not be afraid. The twain Is Made One.”

“And so, we go forth bringing eternity in our midst. Our steps are predestined as we find our destiny is here and now. We are fishing for men as One, with a net that is greatly to be admired. There is nothing like being apprehended in this day’s net of Heaven in Earth. We draw them into the mansions of Father of which I have prepared. Men choose to be where I Am when I Am found, because I make all things new. Where I Am, there is no wanting for bread or water, or no wanting for wood, hammer or nail. There is no lack of peace or prosperity. There is no death, but just Life; abundant Life.

Shoe leather is not made from slaughtered cow hides, but you know your shoes are forever.”

Men are gathered, “Lively Stones.” Today, You Are Known, and You Know As You Are Known.”

I have placed My Hand on the face of the earth, having drawn all men unto Myself. It is spoken and it is sure that every man, in his own order, shall behold The Glory of Who I Am In His Own Resurrected Life. I have sent the Ministry of Reconciliation, The Living Holy Ghost, walking as My Own, to fish and find every man. Therefore, all shall know the All and All That I Am, All shall discover, “Today, you may be with Me in Paradise. I have not failed, for I have sent My Word, My Holy Presence. You shall know My Love, and you shall discover that there is no darkness whatsoever in Me. You shall discover the fullness of My Kingdom and The benefits of the new Life that I Am within You.

We Praise The Lord Jesus Christ.



THE FACE of JESUS [Jim-Melba Crofford] 3-27-06           1


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