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HEAR the WORD of the LORD

Welcome to Celestial News Network before there was CNN. Most are familiar with CNN (Cable News Network-Ted Turner) that report the “daily events” around the world. We are CNN (Celestial News Network) we report the news “before it happens” around the world and give you an opportunity to change it, lessen the impact or use it to benefit the ALL.

There will be signs in the heavens, “and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be shaken”. Matt. 24:29 “Look up your redemption draws near”. Luke 21:29

Jesus and the prophets of the Bible would not have repeatedly mentioned astronomical and astrological events had they not expected their followers to be looking for them and perhaps able to understand them. The ancient text written thousands of years ago were written for a people today that would have evolved in consciousness to the point of being able to begin to decipher the mysteries of the universe.

Some would foolishly argue and deny that there are astrological references in the Bible but agree it does speak of astronomical events. The science of astronomy is only a product of its parent, Divine Astrology. Before humans studied the heavens (heavenly bodies, chemical aspects of matter in space = Astronomy), humans were studying (the effect of energy in space, planets, comets; in relation to humans, the planet, the future and life in general = Astrology).

2000 years ago during Jesus’ Olivet Discourse of prophecies regarding the future in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21, He uses astrology. He gives out a long list of prophecies that would happen especially affecting the state of Israel, but also the world in our generation. Then he specifically says, “In those days (when things would be fulfilled) the sun will be darkened (unusual long solar eclipses), the moon turned to blood (unusual blood-red lunar eclipses), stars falling from heaven (amazing meteor showers), powers of heavens shaken (stratosphere quakes) and the sign of the Son of Man appearing (Venus Transit)…”. So now we understand that Jesus was skilled in the science of the heavens. He clearly told us the astrological events that would be happening and the effects of them. However, due to translation, ancient terminology, ignorance and man-made religion using “fear” to control, we might not have understood this before now.

Since 1996 there have been unusual Blood-Red Total Lunar Eclipses appearing over Israel during specific high feast days. We experienced the longest Total Solar Eclipse of our time on March 29, 2006, another one like that wont happen for another 144 years. Venus transit the Sun in 2004 and will again in 2012. Stratosphere quakes is a relative new scientific term for, the “powers of the heavens being shaken”. Now we are soon to experience a Meteor Shower where our planet Earth will pass through dust trail from a Comet 2000 years ago, it will appear as if the stars are falling from heaven. 2000 years ago a Comet that was recently named Kiess broke apart while orbiting the Sun. This is possibly one of the clues that alerted the Wise Men (magi-divine royal astrologers) that Messiah was about to be born between the years 4-2 BCE.


What is a meteor shower? It is an astronomical event in which hundreds or thousands of dust-sized meteoroids enter the Earth’s atmosphere and almost immediately burn up, creating a short-lived glowing streak in the night sky. These particles form a lingering trail, called a meteor stream. On any given night under a clear sky one might spot a meteor or two. However, there are some meteor showers that happen once in a lifetime or every several thousand year that are declaring specific strong prophetic messages for those that understand sign language.

2000 years ago the stargazers were watching the night skies and suddenly they saw streaks of light as if the stars were falling from heaven, 400 to 1000 or more meteors showered the skies per hour. The keen astrologers took notice that this shower was in the constellation of Auriga (the Shepherd, Charioteer) a sub-constellation of Taurus consisting of 66 stars. This was an important announcement that would affect the world on every level. “The heavens declare (prophesy, foretell) the glory of God”. Psalms 19:1

The ancient constellation of Auriga is depicted as a man holding a she-goat in his arms close to his heart. Hmmmm. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Haven’t you seen the pictures of Jesus the Good Shepherd holding a lamb in His arms close to his heart? I am sure that some of you have that picture hanging on your wall. What you can not see in the constellation is that he appears to be on a chariot, Auriga means the Shepherd. There are no coincidences.



Late August 31, early morning hours of September 1, 2007 this astronomical event called, the Aurigids (because it stems from Auriga) will be played out in the heavens again. Some wise men and women are watching and taking notice of what the heavens are declaring. There will be 400 – 1000 meteors falling within one hour during this two hour shower. It will be seen in the western hemisphere (Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, western USA to Mexico around 4:30 am PST the morning of September 1, 2007. Nothing happens on earth until the heavens declare it.

What is the message in this? Why is this so important? It is important because Jesus said to “look up” for the signs. Plus, this is the only known case in our lifetime of crossing the dust of a long period comet. Below we will interpret some of the events and give you things to watch for and pray about. (Prayer can change things or lessen the impact).

2000 years ago this meteor shower preceded the birth of the Christ in the constellation of Auriga. It was an announcement of the Good Shepherd coming to replace the evil shepherds (Levitical Priesthood – RELIGION) that had spiritually, emotionally and financially raped and abused the people. It was an announcement that a new age was beginning, the Piscean Age (Church-Religious Age) that would for a time produce Good Shepherds.


**** As Earth passes through the dust of this ancient Comet, this is another witness in the heavens that Religion as we know it is over, coming to a sudden dead end. The tables of the money changers (scammer preachers) and those that sell doves (misuse, abuse of gifts of the Spirit for gain) are about to be turned over PUBLICLY. Many of the elaborate buildings and mega buildings will become empty and the treasures/riches that have been accumulated will be confiscated by the government (that Political faith-based Beast that gave the Whore-Religion her power).

**** I see Public Disgrace and Shame one after the other as the stars fall from heaven. Shepherds, televangelists, household name ministers being shaken over the next several months and years; bankruptcy and empty large buildings. The false blessing that came from the White House that deceived those that appeared to be the elect will realize it was a curse in disguise.

[Pray for your religious leaders that their eyes may be opened, pray for me. We do not wish negative things on anyone. We are only announcing what the heavens are shouting and only a few are hearing and preparing].

**** I see a shower of Compassion, Sensitivity and Enlightenment being poured out to properly Shepherd/Pastor and minister to humanity. This reaches beyond what many call “the church”.

**** I see religious leaders that had given up and said they would not speak anymore on the behalf of the Almighty becoming stirred as the fire of Aurigids challenges them to rise up again.

**** I see new ministries being birthed seemingly overnight doing exploits that will transcend what is termed “Christianity”. They will not seek their own gain, but glorify Him.

September 1, 2007 – Things that will possibly be happening a few days before, a few days after or on that exact day.

**** Stock Market will take another dive and possibly losing 400 or more points in one day and may not quickly recover. Most vulnerable between September- October 2007. (In January Predictions we posted that the Market would break 2006 record but shortly after head toward Economic Collapse).

**** Auriga is a subconstellation of Taurus, the Zodiac Sign House of Money/Materialism, but this meteor shower is taking place while the Sun is in Virgo-tribal sign of Zebulon (dwelling place, house, and security). This says that there will be more shake-up in the Housing Market as it continues to fall apart and things that many felt secure in will be shaken. The Housing and Banking system will never be the same. More discouraging news confirming this soon.

**** Shaking in the Transportation Industry.

**** More Vehicles being Re-called.

**** I see new ideas for success being released. Great wealth and opportunities placed in the hands of those that will properly handle it and dispense it.

**** PHYSICAL MANIFESTATIONS: Thyroid, Neck, Stomach, Intestines. Some may manifest as Food poisoning or some chemical leak and accidents especially around these dates. Watch for a news report.

[Don’t claim them-we are only reporting the news in advance].

**** People with birthdays falling between May10-20 have a greater advantage to tap into this celestial energy, to absorb it and transmute it into many wonderful possibilities that can manifest over the next several months. They can manifest in the areas of success, abundance, opportunities for care giving, healing, and humanitarian acts, etc.

**** Look for the Christ Consciousness as the wise men did and expect a greater expression of it being birthed. Again, this is the announcement of a new age coming and the end of the Piscean Age of Religion.

Other nations directly affected by the influences of the Aurigids that will be making news during this time: Economic and Political shaking of the infrastructure of these nations in particular.

Israel – East Timor – Japan – Austria – Zimbabwe – Holland – Laos – Norway – Cuba – Paraguay – Sierra Leone – Togo –

Look up your redemption draws near and enjoy the shower.


FALLING STARS OF AURIGA [John Lewis] 8-24-07        1


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