A word from Elaine Cook regarding the fate of Saddam Hussein …

Hi, Friends!

I feel to share the unusual dealing I had on the last day of December. On the evening of Dec. 30th, we heard on the news that Saddam Hussein had been hung.

Dec. 31st, in the morning, I was typing away on the latest newsletter, concentrating on getting it finished and sent on to the printer in Vernon. My mind was certainly giving no thought to Hussein.

The Lord has my permission to interrupt what I am doing if He wishes to speak something to me. So, as I was typing, I became aware that there was a question about Hussein in my heart. The question had to do with what he would meet with on the other side. When I acknowledged the question, I “saw” in the spirit a scene of a large crowd of people–so large I could not see them all. Then I became aware that the soul of every person whom he had sent to death was standing before him. He could not possibly claim innocence before their faces (as he had tried to do here). I knew he would be facing another judgment.

I heard, “We are accountable for the deeds done in the body.” The Spirit continued: “Though I bore the sin of every man who ever lived, it shall profit a man nothing unless he come to the altar of God and gives himself back to Me. He cannot retain his sin and his independence and expect to receive My mercy and grace. It is a free gift and is given to those who acknowledge their need of Me.

“Many of My children have misunderstood My ways because they have not known My nature. Either they believe that I am a God of all-vengeance or that I am a God of all-mercy. I am neither of these. I am a God who is just and holy. I make provision, in my mercy, for all to come unto Me. But, to those who despise My mercy and count My Blood as an unclean thing, they shall know the judgment of a just and holy God. My judgments are true and righteous altogether. A man shall surely be judged for the deeds done in the flesh that have not been repented of nor covered by My Blood.

“Though it takes millennia, yet the evil man shall know no peace until he repents of his way and gives unto me the life that I gave unto him. Then shall My mercy show forth and My judgments change to those that will cause him to yield up the nature of the adversary whom he had served in this life.

“In Me is found both wrath and mercy sent forth in appointed times to reconcile each sinner unto Myself and to make him the proper child of a king. Ponder My ways and My nature and rejoice at that which I Am!  Jn. 3:20, 21; Psalm 28:4 

                                                                     Love, Elaine









FATE of SADDAM HUSSEIN [Elaine Cook] 12-31-06          1


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