FEBRUARY 14, 2006

Come for a single purpose; that’s why we are here; to know Him in resurrection life. That we recognize Him in everything He Is, in all that He has prepared, and in every way He does appear. That we recognize His Being within, and know His voice. That we move in the river of His Presence. (“I have come to reveal The Father”)

Come to know infinite Grace, love without exception, no condemnation or faulting of the earth plain. That we dwell in the heavenlies beholding only the face of the ever living One, not observing anything out of order. That peace is our morning through evening through morning, and joy is the path that we walk.

We are the benefactors of The Kingdom Himself, being seated at The Captain’s Table; groomed as Heir of Salvation, dweller of the new heaven and earth.

It is our pleasure to dip into The Great Well of Divinity; a swim in radiant glory. This is our purpose.

We do not take away from His Glory, for we know He is all in all. He is all wisdom and all Presence. We journey away in His Chariot of righteousness as The One We Are. It is a sweet, sweet rapture that we witness; born again into the hands of comfort.

This Son hears His Word from our own lips as we realize we see through His eyes. Our pleasure is His Mind. We are not ashamed.

All praise and honor to The Risen One.



FATHER/SON RELATIONSHIP [Jim-Melba Crofford] 2-14-06          1


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