Your Jesus of Nazareth body now. However, they do agree You are everywhere present, and especially Present in our hearts. But, what do You say?

“I am The Center and The Whole of You, The Great Light that extends forever, lighting every man and every would be particle of darkness throughout the new and only real creation. I am as radiant as your faith will receive, and that is what you have come to recognize through the redemption, now risen as My Only Begotten. I am the Now of all that concerns you, The Very Answer to every tugging beat of your heart. I have made you My Own; One Spirit, One Body, One Mind, and One Heart, and have come as The Truth of Who You Are.

Notice the wide open road that you travel without detour. Notice I always answer before you call. Notice I am peace, joy, and righteousness; Just Pure Love and Mercy. Notice everything works together for your good.

Notice The Perfect Law of Liberty, The Atonement. This is the purchased Life of Fullness; The Law of The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus.

You first have come to know, It Is Now, because I am Now. Secondly, you know there is no sin or separation, for all has been paid at a very high cost by Jesus. Thirdly, You are absolutely free from anything that is not peace, joy, and Light, for there is no darkness at all in this resurrected life we now live as One. And I will add as a fourth, The Atonement has made up all the difference in My Word and Your hearing. There is not one moment’s difference between the two. “

And so, we see face to face, apprehended One to Another, bound and carried into the Eternals. You have yielded, have laid down your life at The Cross, and have received Me. You are able to confess, “It is not I, But Christ that lives.

Your confession from your mouth and even from your thought is, “I shall not want or know lack. I shall not fear. I shall not predict doom, and shall never complain. I shall not find fault, but see only the Light of Saving Grace. I am in the Presence of Pure Council, health in the navel, and plenteous supply.

“You are not looking to the future, for Heaven is here; “Jesus Christ in Me“, The Holy Free Gift of His Now Manifest everlasting Presence. You are not afraid to say He is come in My Flesh. “

Like little children, we have entered joyfully and victoriously into our Father’s home. We are submerged in the fullness of His Salvation, It Being no longer possible to neglect.

No earth teaching can deliver us from Home, for we are already known, The exactness of our Father in Christ.

It is our joy to tell of the wonder of it, and to describe a world where there is no shadow of turning. In this world, we have discovered that all men are free and made alive by the wonderful Blood of The Lamb.

So much more that should be written!

Praise Him,



FATHER [Jim-Melba Crofford]          1


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