Recently, I spoke the truth of hell not being eternal to a person bound by traditional Christian beliefs.  This led to this person’s church elders contacting me and basically telling me they love me, but I am no longer welcome in their church building.  No problem.  I would rather be outside religious walls than in them, anyway.  But, when discussing this with my friend Jay, he pointed out something very interesting to me.  Jay made the point that all one has to attack is the false doctrine of an eternal hell, and the religious feel threatened in all their beliefs.  And truly, all their beliefs are threatened if they cease to believe in an eternal hell.  Why?  As Jay so wisely pointed out, their entire traditional Christian doctrines are founded on this false teaching, which evokes fear.  It is fear of not pleasing God and suffering for an eternity.  Hence, their entire teachings are fear-based and not of love.  Fear is not of God, but man-made.  God is love.

Now, all I pointed out to this person who is bound by religion, was that the word “hell” is not in their Bible (in the original greek or hebrew), and neither are the words “forever” and “eternal.”  The word mistranslated “forever” or “eternal” is the greek word “aion,” which means for a set period of time – meaning it has an end.  The words mistranslated as “hell” mean grave (sheol and hades) or a trash dump outside of Jerusalem (gehenna). 

Why was I such a threat to the whole church that the elders would meet and then call me?  Was it out of love for me, believing me to be lost?  No, it was all motivated by fear – fear of losing control of their club (church) in the name of Christ.  If they loved like they say they do, then they would show it in action.  Instead they showed they are walking in fear (afraid of me) by telling me I am no longer welcome to visit them.  Closed minds are always bound closed by fear.

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Traditional Christian Teachings Are Based Upon Fear

Copyright 2003

“They bind the minds and souls of men with ropes of fear, and then tell them they are free… saved.”

– L. C.

Fear is learned…created.  Religion is fear and therefore is also a creation of man.
















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