“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear.” I John 4:18



Fear is defined as a painful emotion marked by alarm, dread, disquietness. The unknown becomes a fertile ground for fear to thrive. Therefore, in His divine love and mercy, our Lord so often first quieted men of their fears; before He went on to impart to them a new message, to minister to their other needs. He, Who is Love personified, casts out the fear, removes the very cause for it, and brings us into peace and tranquility again.


World conditions were bleak; there had been a pall of darkness upon mankind for ever so long. Oppression stalked the land, and suddenly it was time to announce the birth of the King of kings. The shepherds were out in the fields keeping watch over their flocks by night. Suddenly the messenger appears, but it was so startling, that with their hearts already filled with apprehension, ever the message of the birth of the Savior could be given, fears must be quieted, and so it came, “FEAR NOT…” (Luke 2:10)



The years passed, Christ had ministered to the multitudes and expounded privately to His disciples. Religious pressures mounted in fury against Him until finally the hour climaxed at Calvary. The cross, death and the tomb were vividly stamped upon the minds of His followers. Sorely tested, the faithful few were deeply shaken, and silently slipped about the city, afraid – afraid of what the next events would unfold. The angel was at the tomb with glorious news, a powerful message of hope and life. But how could they receive it, nerves were already tense, and so the word began, “FEAR NOT. (Matthew 28:5) The Christ is risen; He is not here, go and tell that Jesus is alive today!



Paul was on his way to Rome, but it was an exceedingly perilous voyage. Storms waged in their fury, the ship was driven and tossed. It was time for a message of encouragement. God never tests beyond our strength to bear it. And so in the night the angel of the Lord appeared and stood by Paul, “Saying, FEAR NOT.” (Acts 27:24) How beautifully He removes the fear, and imparts of His peace – and the word yet stands for our day, “Fear not!”


















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