What are you afraid of?

“For The Thing I Have Greatly Feared Has Come Upon Me…”

Well now, why did I awaken with these words this morning? Some people might recognize the source as being from a book some scholars say is the oldest one in the Bible, Job. Some people, some scholars, hmmmm that implies that there are others that don’t agree. Is this point worth pursuing, Daddy? If so, what now?

Well, the answer I’m getting is “yes.” If you ask our SPIRIT-PARENT and get that the point isn’t worth pursuing, you may as well not bother reading this piece. However, I’m instructed to write it and here goes:

Job, which some of these same scholars peg at having been written between six and seven thousand years ago and which, again, some (not all), say that Job predates Moses who, thus, couldn’t have possibly written it (and, as I hope to prove), so what?

If the scholars who insist upon the authorship of Job being other than Moses …and they make quite convincing arguments that this is a fact, then much of the commentary about Job based on the premise that Moses is the one who wrote it wouldn’t seem valid, would it? Seems like a valid question, is it? If so, what now, Daddy?

The point being that, if the quote purportedly out of the mouth of Job, can stand by itself as a truth, that is, based on no little evidence, that the title at the top of this article is an undeniable fact, then why worry about its origin? Why is it even necessary to quote? This is particularly so when we see that there are those who make the argument that when we “greatly fear” anything, that is, focus on the thing we fear, it tends to come into our reality – negative faith, some might call it.

It has been several years since I have seriously read or discussed Job, so why did I wake up with these words ringing in my ear, Daddy? Is this from You? Ah yes, I am assured …the question I should have asked in the first place.

Should I delete all the foregoing references to Job? I’m getting no. If you ask and get something different then, again, why read any further?

I immediately recalled a conversation I had with a woman yesterday, who was on her way to a doctor …she’d had recent diagnostic tests and was quite fearful that she has early warning signs of having cancer.

An amusing (to me) part of her conversation was her saying that she knows I repeat a “mantra” (her word) several times a day about getting better and stronger and younger every day; “I prefer,” said she, to grow old gracefully.”

I didn’t feel led to say anything to her, but oh how I would have liked to say, had I thought of it at the time: “This is growing old gracefully? Living in fear and spending all your time focusing on a constant terror of getting cancer? But I didn’t, again, because I wasn’t led to do that.

Here’s something worth considering: The book of Job, as with so much of the Bible, is intriguing because there are enough different slants on what different scholars have on all the different meanings contained in the many different lessons these different scholars say is contained therein; this makes Job one of those topics about which somebody could reasonably say that you can make it say whatever you want it to say – because all these different scholars and their varied and often opposing views seem to do exactly that.

What I am saying, which obviously doesn’t necessarily make it true for you, is that when we greatly fear anything it does, with scientific fact to back it up, tend to come into our “reality.”

A more recent quote is coming to mind, written from an author more recently-about nineteen hundred years ago- said that fear comes from a spirit and that spirit is not God, for God gives us the mind of our SPIRIT-PARENT.

In a recent podcast Ryan stated fairly clearly that he believes that what I have termed “enemy agents” don’t necessarily come from Satan. Ryan didn’t argue the reality of enemy agents; he just made the statement that we don’t know where they come from.

I don’t feel the need to argue the point. Ryan admits to their reality because he, as I, has seen them manifest. It is in this kind of discussion that I generally drag out some credible eye-witness testimony, to prove the existence of such, but let’s just leave it at the point that Brad Cullen and his publisher Ryan Bruce agree on this point: They are real regardless of where they come from and should actually be called, because the latter we just don’t know.

Having said all that, let’s go back to fear and that, if you want to use the Bible as your source, you can drag out a quote that the enemy agent called fear isn’t given by God, but is actually one of these enemy agents.

Any reasonable person understands that some fears are also reasonable responses to very real dangers. The point of all this long winded, rambling diatribe is the same point made over and over on this website: Go directly to the SOURCE. If we are experiencing fears, or for that matter, exuberant joys …don’t let them be the determining factor of what we do, let them be the triggering mechanisms to take it to our SPIRIT-PARENT to ask, what now?

I had an e-mail the other day from a woman who pointed out that she was “directed by the Lord to go to a doctor” in the pursuit of overcoming a medical problem and through the doctor she had what almost must be considered a “miracle.” I fully agree. Her first response wasn’t to go to the doctor, however; her first response was to ask our SPIRIT-PARENT how to respond.

That is faith and from the same author of 1900 years ago that we referenced above, “When we act apart from faith, we sin” …the actual definition of the term “sin” means missing God.

All that for this: Go directly to the SOURCE …do it now. That’s where this article came from and, of course, it may just be for me.














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